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Peacemaking in the Wild West

My Peacemaking Story

If you are wondering about the title Peacemaking in the wild west, I was thinking about how wild, assertive, and possibly aggressive the energy can be over the next six weeks for the developed western countries. But really, anywhere in the world where humans interact. Put your seatbelt on, this next 6 weeks may feel like a roller coaster.

I was really excited to wake up the other morning and write about this upcoming equinox on September 22, the Mercury retrograde, and the changing of the season. Then I looked at my phone and saw a 1.0. I rubbed my eyes thinking it must be 10.0. We couldn’t possibly receive a 1.0 review in my friend’s small bed and breakfast that I am helping run.

Well, as blurry as my morning eyes were, they did not serve me wrong. A 1.0 review was glaring at me with the nasty words to back it up. I felt that gut wrenching feeling like someone physically hit me. My energy level drained, my shoulders slumped.

I even considered not going on my self-care morning walk. I wanted to sit and wallow in self-pity ruminating on everything wrong about the person who wrote it. I thought about the whole situation. ‘What could I have done differently? It wasn’t my fault! What the heck, we always get nice reviews with high numbers!’

‘Why did this person invent problems that didn’t exist? And why on earth didn’t she contact me if she had a problem?’ These answers I will probably never know. I knew the best way forward was to stay on track with my own self-care.

So I put on my walking gear and mentally pushed myself out the door. I went out and cleared my head by walking around the Roman ruins. The Colosseum reminds me of the courage we muster to live in society with many diverse and opposite opinions.

The Roman forum reminds of the start of democratic government that still remains to this day giving many of us the freedom to express our opinions and disagreements. We even have the right to say things that may or may not be true.

I got to thinking, this experience is exactly the concept behind the story I wanted to write. Maybe the universe was offering me an experiential example of anti-Libran sentiment as inspiration for creative writing. It’s a stretch, but it’s all I could muster to try and lift my mindset.

I was so happy to be out walking and getting some of that electric nervous system upset to move out of my body and into some processing. I started thinking about what archetype I just experienced, and how I could use this experience to learn a lesson.

I was sure that morning, as I am now that I am writing to you, that this was a lesson in objectively seeing another person’s point of view. Even if I don’t agree, or if I think the person is full of bologna.

It was really hard to try and see where this person was coming from. So I decided to give it a try. And that, my friends, is how this blog was inspired to be written for you.

The Energy Shift to Libra is about Others Point of View

As we see a few planets moving into the sign Libra, the energy is shifting like the season is changing. This energy is blowing in the shift from the first 6 personal signs to the next 6 social signs, that start with the zodiac sign Libra.

At this time of the year, we are asked to start considering the others’ point of view. I like to think as an astrologer that I have a bit of an edge on these energy shifts, and timing. I mean, that is one of the reasons I do what I do, and share this information with you.

It’s like, oh yeah, it’s Libra season. It’s time to remind everyone to practice some diplomacy and take a mediator stance. On the equinox, September 22, the Sun will begin its journey through Libra joining planets Mars and Mercury, who are already traveling in Libra.

This is important to note because around a week after the equinox, September 26 or 27 depending on where you live, Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. Adding Mars to the Mercury retrograde mix is important to be aware of up front.

Mars is the planet of action, and when he is in an irritable mood, assertiveness can turn to aggression. When Mercurial communications are cross-wired constantly, our patience runs thin. Mars is going to exacerbate this energy. It’s best to be in the know, and to be prepared.

My situation called for me to be diplomatic, understand the point of view of my guest, and a cordial response. Did I feel like being cordial? No! I felt a great sense of injustice and how unfair it was that another person could say anything, even untrue things, and affect my business.

The Shadow Side of Libra: The Iron Fist

I think one of the hardest things we face as humans in western civilization is objectively considering another person’s point of view. I mean, just look at the politics in the United States and European Union right now. Talk about stalemate.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see some real diplomatic conversations going on at a high level? When Mercury goes retrograde in Libra, it is a calling to do just that. If we struggle to see the other side of the story, we become righteous. Self-righteous. When we become sure that we are right, the other must be wrong.

Typical descriptions of Libra are the peace loving, social butterfly, non confrontational pleasure seeking romantics. Libras carry the cliche ‘iron fist in the velvet glove’ with their charming and innate mediation skills. They are also known for wanting peace at all costs. Sometimes Libra throw off the velvet gloves and we meet the iron fist. Think military general, dictatorship, and bossiness.

When the velvet gloves come off, we are dealing with the iron fist. Anakin Skywalker says it best. If you’re not with me, you’re against me. That’s some real dark side shadow Libra stuff there. And he really did have an iron fist with a leather glove, no velvet there.

Let’s not go to the dark side. Libra is about what’s fair, just, and right. Balancing the scales is highly important. And we have a whole lot of extra Libra time to consider how we extend ourselves into the world socially, and in our closest relationships, thanks to Mercury’s extended stay in Libra in the retrograde cycle.

The awesome thing is that you are in the know about the energy being offered up by the universe, and you can work with it consciously and intentionally. This is a great time for you to work with your archetypal Diplomat.

Maybe you prefer to call on the Mediator, the Peacemaker, or the Counselor. They all play the role of fair and just council. Our polarized world needs the healing and diplomacy of Libra right now, with the velvet gloves on.

Libras know that extreme, fanatic, or polarized sides stick their heels in the mud. They are both stuck, and going nowhere, fast. This is the shadow side of Libra. Peace at all costs ends up costing a lot to the other side.

We have all of October to work on this energy by using diplomacy, compromise, and intentionally considering the other person’s point of view. Even if ‘you know they are wrong.’ Even if they are doing something mean and terrible. First try to understand what is driving their words and actions, what is their motivation, what are their fears?

It is nearly impossible to rectify a situation by aggression and Libra knows this, but Mars doesn’t. Mars is in the mix from now all through October. So brace yourself for others displaying a lack of patience, a short fuse, and an expectation that all Mercurial things will go as usual. You already know Mercury is going retrograde and extra patience is required. Mercurial things probably won’t go as usual, patience will be in short supply, and fuses will be short.

Diplomacy, objectivity, and mediation offer the possibility of both sides finding a solution that they can agree on. Yes, compromise is part of the deal. But the alternate solution of complete victory by one side at the cost of the other is usually short lived.

When one side gets everything they want, and the other side doesn’t, resentment remains. Dissatisfaction goes underground and festers until an opportunity arises to regain control. Let’s help guide ourselves away from these extremes.

How do we do that? Kindness, courtesy, and a whole lotta patience. I am still working on my kind and cordial response to someone who I feel wronged me. But I am trying to see their point of view. I know I will get there. Patience is my mantra for the next six weeks. I hope it is one of yours too. Post it everywhere in case you need a reminder.

By showing you can understand another’s point of view, even if you don’t agree, you can open the door to a resolution. This is not easy at all. But growth usually isn’t. Around the equinox and full moon coming next week there is another intense energy joining the mix coming from Pluto. Power plays are likely to pop up. And it’s not helping that Mars is traveling through Libra at the same time.

Mars’ driving force may disperse, interrupt, or lack the finesse that compromise and diplomacy needs. Mars can actively disrupt the peacemaking process. With Pluto’s intense power struggling, and Mars assertive to aggressive energy at play, diplomacy may become an afterthought. But there Mercury is, slowing us down and asking us to review how we socially interact and intentionally consider other viewpoints.

Mercury is asking us to refine how we communicate with one another. And reflect on how we respect each other’s views, no matter how different they are from our own. Kindness goes a long way. It’s also easy to leave behind when upset. Planning ahead for the Mercury retrograde season will help weather the hardest moments. I think integrity may be the best thing for us to grab onto in times like these.

Dig in deep to identify your true values. Who is it that you want to be, and how do you stay true to that? Do you want to be the person who is able to take a deep breath before responding to a triggering situation? When you look back on how you handled a difficult social situation, what will make you proud of your responses? Do you want to be one who can engage in a conversation that centers around diplomacy and consideration of all viewpoints?

Are you willing to accept the other person’s viewpoint as valid, even if wrong, so you can engage in a conversation? Do you know how to speak your truth in a gentle and kind way? On the flip side, are you willing to stand up for yourself and speak your truth even if it means going against the crowd? Are you a people pleaser who prefers to keep the peace rather than speak your mind? You will be challenged to find your voice in your relationships.

This is no calling to be a doormat, and certainly not to justify extreme behavior. It is a calling to lower the temperature and find a common ground to hold a diplomatic peacekeeping conversation when possible.

Shortly after we move through this seasonal change and Mercury retrograde, we head into the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. A time when people gather with their loved ones, their families of origin, or families of choice. It’s a time to recognize what we are grateful for and a time for giving. Who knows what waits for us in November on the other side of Mercury retrograde season. I hope we all find something to be thankful for that we learned from surviving Mercury retrograde in Libra.

I hope we all experience seeing another person’s point of view that we disagree with. I hope we all contribute to diplomacy, and do our part to compromise. I hope we all use our voice with kindness and role model how to do this for others who struggle with too much self focus, or give away too much of themselves through selflessness.

I hope we all signal in our writing, speaking, and nonverbal communication the power of diplomacy and compromise. And that we do not cross our boundaries of personal integrity when faced with the intensity that can come with Pluto power struggles and aggressive undertones directed outward socially thanks to Mars.

The next six weeks may feel like a harkening to the old wild wild west. If you feel like you have been thrown into a peacemaking mission, well you may be right! You have the freedom of choice for your actions and responses. Will you emulate the archetypes of the Diplomat, Mediator, or Peacemaker? Or the Aggressor, the Destructor, or the Power Seeker?

The best way to proceed through the next six weeks is to pad your schedule and remember you will need more patience. To learn more, read my Mercury Retrograde Survival Skills.

Happy Equinox and many thanks to the stars for the lessons.


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