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November Horoscopes 2021

November Horoscopes for Everyone

November starts off with a shift of energy in the quality of physical movement and action. The action oriented planet Mars moves in Scorpio November 1st. Mars has a natural affiliation with the sign Scorpio giving an edge for strategy and focus of your physical energy.

It can also create a collective increase in sex appeal amongst us, or put us in a more sensual mood. Your energy level should get a boost along with your libido. If you have been feeling like your energy is scattered, this shift may help you become more focused.

This month carries a vibe of maintaining the course, as hard as that may be to pull off. There are a lot of planets in zodiacal signs that can be described as inflexible or stubborn at times, hence the idea of staying the course.

The positive of this is stability, groundedness, and reliability. You can push through with a project. Things in general may take a disposition of needing to continue in the direction they are already going.

This is interesting when contemplating the theme of the year represented by the dance tangle of two heavyweight planets, Saturn and Uranus. These guys have been connecting all year, and the last ‘meeting’ will be in December of this year.

Why I find it interesting in November is because as we see this fixed energy trying to maintain course, there is this mix of traditional focus vs. innovation and progress. When we zoom out and look at world affairs, it is easier to understand.

Consider the polarization we are seeing in the world. Not just in the U.S., but there are world events playing out this energy. November may see polarized sides really sinking their heels in the ground maintaining their course. 

This is a month where hard work can pay off by finishing or continuing what you have started. We have an abundance of Scorpio energy beaming down on us. How it shows up for you would depend on the Scorpio part of your chart.

If you don’t know what part of your chart Scorpio falls in, contact me and I will run a natal chart for you. Or you can use this free online calculator.

Some things that are in alignment with Scorpio energy are research, probing deeply into matters, psychological self-development, therapy, coaching, projects requiring focus, analytical work, detective work, and solving mysteries. Scorpios love to get to the bottom of things.

If you can complete or spend quality time continuing something you have been working at, it could have a very satisfying outcome. This is supported by Mercury traveling through Scorpio as well. This energy drive and mental capacities are in sync most of November.

Later in the month the energy lifts to a more easy going vibe when the Sun and Mercury move into the sign Sagittarius and we enter Sag season. This activates the energy of living for experiencing. The joy of doing things, and the excitement and adventure of trying something new.

Things will lighten up and many will be excited to prepare for the holidays. Especially after last year when many did not get to see their loved ones over the holidays. 

The New and Full Moons of November

We have a new moon on November 4th in Scorpio and the full moon is in Taurus on November 18 or 19 depending on where you live. November features a lunar eclipse on the full moon November 18-19. These only happen a few times a year, so it’s a big deal in astrology when they come along.

The lunar eclipse is important to note in advance on your calendar. If you are a Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Leo born around the 18-20th of your birthday month (May, November, February, August), you may feel the effects more strongly. Eclipses always come in pairs, so there will be another one in December. I will share more on that later.

The Taurus and Scorpio continuum activated by this lunar eclipse is about practical groundedness and the depths of the emotional soul. One end is about what you can see, touch, and feel, and the other is about the endlessness and infiniteness of the world.

We could feel a pull between our emotional depths and our practical responsibilities. How we balance these two parts of our lives will be activated by the lunar eclipse.

Happy Birthday Scorpios!

November Horoscopes

These horoscopes will provide the best experience if you read for your rising or ascendant. If you need a copy of your chart to find out what your ascendant is, please contact me.

I am probably a repeating record, but I do want to say as a reminder that these are general horoscopes. If you want a more individualized horoscope based on your birth chart, it’s best to schedule an appointment to look at your chart.


Aries, you can feel more introverted than usual the first few weeks of the month. Take this time to contemplate the balance between values you hold dear, and the values of others. You may create some new ways of managing your finances.

You may be more charming and graceful in your career. To tap into that charm and grace, accept that this month may move slower than you would like, but there are gains that can come out of it if you pace yourself.


You may feel like there is a lot of action going on in your life. This is because your sign is getting a lot of reflection from the opposite sign Scorpio. With a few planets traveling through your opposite sign, it activates Taurus.

You may be seeing your characteristics in others, or they are seeing them in you. This is a great opportunity for self- growth if you take the time to look deeper under the surface of what is happening.


You may be bogged down with a lot of detailed work this month. You are good at this stuff and may enjoy getting deep into reports, spreadsheets, and research. Your mind may be activated to sign up for a class or travel.

Excitement and fun with your partner is indicated later in the month when a focus of energy shifts into your relationship zone. A getaway late November could be just what you need.


This is a sensual and fun month for you. Where you find pleasure is highlighted, from sex, to massage, to sport, or artistic pursuits. Spend some time this month doing what you enjoy. If you have kids, spending time with them is highlighted.

If you don’t have kids and want them, do some baby making. Your friends and network may be active at this time, and can bring some unexpected surprises.


Your attention will likely be on your home this month. If you have been wanting to redecorate or do a project, now is the time. If you have needed to look more deeply at a house or real estate project, take some time in November to do this.

At the end of the month, you will be ready to party and have some fun. Just don’t overdo it and become exhausted. Space out your play time with relaxation.


Your ability to research or communicate will be expansive at this time. Your recall ability will soar, and if you have any presentations to make, your communication will be excellent.

Your financial processes may need to be updated in how you manage your affairs between practicality and leisure spending. Your hard work and attention to detail will pay off as you put effort into your daily routines.


There is activity in the area of finances and how you value yourself and your self-esteem. I suggest you make a deep reflection on all of your wonderful qualities. By embracing your best qualities and using them in your daily life, you increase your natural resources.

If you have been wanting to redecorate or make a change to your home, this month is the time to get strategic about it. Maybe it’s a home project requiring building or planning ahead. You will have the eye for design and the determination to get it done.


You are getting a lot of attention in your birthday month. October Scorpio birthdays too. Your sex appeal will be at an all time high. The magnetic quality turns heads and opens ears. You can dazzle this month, enjoy it!

Watch your pocketbook. You may feel inclined to spend more, especially later in the month. There are many attractive things you want. So be choosy and try not to go too far off your budget.


If you have a yoga room, you might just want to spend the month inside in meditation. It is a time where introspection and alone time are more attractive than your usual ‘life of the party’ attitude. It’s okay, we all ebb and flow in the amount of socializing we are in the mood for.

Later this month your sign starts to be the focus of the zodiac as planets move into your sign. So take the time to rest and meditate because you will want to be the life of the party again later in November and December.


A mist of mystique may flow over you in your social life as November unfolds. It’s not that you are different, but that sensual and mystical side of you that usually isn’t visible peeks through.

With your network of friends and colleagues, you can have particularly deep and interesting interactions. Spend extra time with your network of friends that enjoy the spiritual side of life the way you do.


You may be experiencing a forward motion on your projects right now. Keep up the great work. If you have been wanting to become more involved in your spiritual practice, this is a good time to devote to yoga, meditation, or other body-mind activities.

Watch out for spiritual gurus who promise more than they can deliver and trust your own instincts. You have a practicality that keeps one foot on the ground and allows the other to traverse the universe.


Your belief system is fertile ground for your exploration in November. Daydreaming, traveling, or anything mind expanding is calling your name. Let yourself get into the flow and explore the outer limits of your belief system. It could be fun.

You may also get the travel bug. Later in the month, you may have to travel for work. As you explore whatever is enticing you, write it down and journal along the way. You will be happy you did when you have something to reflect back on down the line.

Wrap Up

November has many interesting features and a shift of energy that is about maintaining the course. At the same time there is energy asking us to be strategic as we move our projects forward on a steady course.

In the background there is a polarizing energy pushing us to choose a side. Once we do, it will be hard to negotiate or compromise this month. Don’t worry, the energy will shift again. But do try and further along important projects that you want to keep on track.

This month brings a lunar eclipse, which is an important astrological event. More on that when we get to the full moon in Taurus, November 18-19. The new moon is coming the first week of November in sexy Scorpio. I will write a full blog on both. Stay tuned!

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