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Mercury Retrograde October 2020

Mercury Retrograde October 2020

It’s that time of the year again. Yep Mercury Retrogrades in October 2020. In the USA it starts Tuesday, October 13 at 6:05pm on the West Coast and 9:05pm on the East Coast. In Rome, it starts early Wednesday morning at 3:05am, October 14. I have already seen an increase in the number of things I have dropped lately as Mercury slows down in preparation for his backtracking journey.

Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, November 3. Yes you are right, that is election day in the USA. The universe likes to have a good laugh at our expense every now and then. Extra confusion on an already cranky and cantankerous day.

How Often and How Long does Mercury Retrograde?

This is the 3rd and final Mercury Retrograde of 2020. On average Mercury goes Retrograde 3 times a year, but sometimes he goes 4 times. And it lasts around 3 weeks each time. It probably seems a little longer because there is a shadow period before and after the retrograde and direct dates.

What is the Mercury Retrograde Shadow?

The Retrograde Shadow period is the time before and after the retrograde when Mercury is slowing down or speeding back up. It’s like a gradual increase of the retrograde energy before Mercury goes retrograde. And then a gradual decrease of the retrograde energy after it goes direct. A retrograde is not a start/stop energy, it’s a gradual shift of speed.

It is true that Mercury does not actually move backwards in the sky, but the degrees used to designate its zodiac location do go backwards. The scientific explanation is too long for this article, but you can think of it like when you pass another car on the highway, or a train speeds past you. It may seem like the slower moving car is going backwards, but it’s not.

A Visualization of a Retrograde Cycle

Imagine driving your car forward, bringing your car to a stop, backing it up, stopping and then going forward again. The first Mercury shadow period is like when you first put your foot on the brake to slow down and eventually stop. The end of the first shadow period and start of the Retrograde is when you bring your car to a full stop.

When you put the car in reverse and go backwards, it’s like you are in the retrograde period in your car. Going back and re-covering ground you have already passed through: re-thinking, re-doing, re-looking. While driving in reverse you brake to stop again. When you actually stop, that is when the retrograde period ends and the 2nd shadow starts.

You go forward again in the 2nd shadow period. Covering the same ground for the 3rd and last time. Once you get back to the point where you you started to go backwards, the 2nd and last shadow period ends and you are now moving forward into new territory.

Why the Retrograde Bookends are more Intense

Back into the car example. Image you have stopped the car in preparation to go in reverse. The car is still, if it were sitting in mud it would sink in. It is more heavy, more potent. That’s why we say that the actual dates around Mercury going retrograde or direct are more sensitive. Mercury is stopped and can be more heavy or delayed. It has more of an opportunity to let that stopped energy sink in.

Mercury Retrograde Dates and Zodiac Signs

Mercury retrogrades from the sign of Scorpio to the sign of Libra. Those of you with Sun, Moon, Ascendent, Mercury, Venus or Mars in Scorpio or Libra may feel this one more intensely. The degrees are:

Beginning Shadow Period: September 23  Retrograde Period: October 13 USA | 14 Rome Changes signs from Scorpio to Libra: October 28 Mercury Goes Direct: November 3, 2020 Shadow Period Ends: November 19, 2020

Mercury Rx in Scorpio

The mind can go very deep in the Scorpio waters. Especially if you have this placement natally. We tend to look back during a retrograde. Whether it’s work, relationship, or other thing pertinent to you, something from the past may bubble up from the depths of the subconscious.

Where Scorpio is in your chart can give you direction for where to dive deep during this retrograde period, especially the Scorpio days. Scorpio is a water element and fixed sign. The depth of the Scorpio mind can be deep infinite water well in a fixed and unmovable place.

Mercury Rx in Libra

The retrograde mood swings from the brooding intensity of Scorpio to a more upbeat and social Libra energy. Objectivity may become more difficult, or will require more mental pondering than usual. Things may come out of the mouth differently than what you intended. Best to take it easy and keep a balanced work life with self-care. Get extra rest.

This is a great time to reconnect with friends from the past for an easy going catch up. You may also be able to wrap up old projects that were started but not finished.

The Re in Retrograde

One of the most common things you will hear about Mercury Retrograde is to go back and re-do or finish unfinished things from the past. Do things that start with re- like re-decorate, re-design, re-negotiate, re-new, you get the picture. This is generally a good idea. You can narrow down better or more individualized ideas by using your chart and looking to see which house(s) Mercury retrogrades through.

Even without your chart you can focus on things related to the signs Mercury is in. Indeed re-decorating during a Libra Mercury retrograde may be a great idea. With Scorpio, reviewing and researching maybe some great uses of your time during this retrograde.

What about all the other Crazy Astrological Stuff going on?

Yes, that’s the thing. We all know 2020 has a lot of history making action going on. This Retrograde joins the action packed stellar sky show that is reflected on our world stage in politics, environment, health, climate and activism. Remember that this Mercury Retrograde is just one layer in a super active time period.

We all have different charts and will experience life in our unique way. I hope you find ways to utilize this Mercury Retrograde time period to reflect, grow, and stay healthy.

Your Personal Mercury Retrograde Guide

I have just added a new service on my website for individualized Mercury Retrograde Guides for a year. Mercury Retrograde has become somewhat mainstream and it’s not surprising to hear about it in the news. But wouldn’t it be even better to know what areas in your horoscope it’s happening?

This guide will include a copy of your chart, the dates and signs of the retrogrades for the next 12 months, and the houses in your chart that are activated. It includes a 30 minute Mercury Retrograde consultation where we will talk about how you can best utilize the energy. Check it out by clicking here or on the image below.

You can get a free copy of your chart at these two sites: Astro-Seek



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