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Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes October 2021

Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes: September – October 2021 Cycle

Below are horoscopes by zodiac sign for the October 2021 Mercury retrograde cycle. Be sure to read for your rising sign if you know it. For loads more information on how to survive Mercury retrograde, get the guide here. If you want to see the list of dates for all the Mercury retrograde cycles in 2021, find them here.

Here are the dates for this cycle:

Pre-shadow Start: September 7 Mercury Retrograde: September 26 Mercury Direct: October 18 Post-shadow end: November 3 Degrees of Travel: Libra 25 – 10 degrees

If you don’t have a copy of your chart and want to find out what your rising sign is, you can get it free with this online calculator. Or you can contact me and I will send you a copy. Happy reading!


Your verbal and non-verbal communication may have an extra edge and tension this month. Your natural impulse to take action is pushed up a notch. You would benefit from getting some of this extra tension out by increasing physical exercise, engaging in bodywork like yoga, and incorporating breathing exercises into your daily routine. Others will take up an inordinate amount of your time through the retrograde. Taking a different approach to relationships will net you far better results than trying to force your opinion on others.


Your daily routines may hit some speed bumps during the Mercury retrograde. Your steely determination to stick to a timetable will be challenged. It’s a good time to work on a routine project that needs a touch up. Consider alternative viewpoints from your colleagues. If a health problem comes up, be sure to have it checked out. You may want to go for a second opinion in November after the retrograde has passed.


Past lovers may be knocking on your door. Or is it you knocking on a past lover’s door? Don’t make any long-term decisions on a past romantic partner until November. The retrograde is a good time to pick up artsy projects you have pushed to the side. If you are sporty, get out there and let off some steam. You will have extra energy, but it may not roll out as gracefully as you would like. Roll with it. It’s more important to creatively let off steam than to let anything irritating fester.


Your home life may seem like the floor is moving on you during the retrograde. Normally home is your secure place of peace. During the retrograde you may have some home projects you must attend to. Doubly true for home projects you have been putting off. Spending some pent up energy in doing home projects can be just what you need during this Mercury retrograde. Divvy up home duties in a fair and strategic way. If you have kids, tap into their help until October 8 while Venus in Scorpio has a nice mutual reception with Mars.


Collaboration with colleagues will be highlighted through the Mercury retrograde. Changes may need to be made and a power struggle could materialize. Listening and acknowledging others points of view and looking at past successes will hold the key. You may be an idea machine and find that your research faculties are augmented. With the reflective retrograde energy at work, you could discover solutions by looking at what has worked for others rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.


This Mercury retrograde will bring an opportunity to increase your self-esteem by reviewing what needs to be tossed out and refining what will bring you more joy. Your finances may take part of this process. You may be sourcing funds or considering alternative ways for how your financial situation makes you feel. Your self-esteem is connected to your self-value, both financially and emotionally. Take an inventory of what you truly hold valuable in life and journal about how this fits into your current way of living life. Spend the retrograde reviewing these things. Wait until November to take action.


This Mercury retrograde is in your sign bringing a greater awareness for how you engage with others. Your usual diplomacy may take on a more assertive or militant edge. Just be careful it doesn’t cross over into self-righteousness. This is a great time to reflect on how you engage in your committed relationships and how happy you are with your actions and behavior. You may feel driven to make changes, but it is best to wait until November before you make any big changes. Power struggles can pop up at home. Your typical Libran diplomatic charm can be in short supply this retrograde and you may need to find a different way to keep the peace.


This could be a time of shutting the world out for some alone time. As one of the most contemplative signs of the zodiac, you could enjoy spending the retrograde in silent contemplation. If you meditate or engage in any type of bodywork, metaphysical, or spiritual work, this is a time to let yourself go deep. However, if you are struggling with any type of addiction, this is not a time to go it alone. Reach out to your closest confidants or supportive groups and spend quiet time with them. Alternative methods of spirituality could be pursued at this time, especially those that you have been wanting to look into but haven’t had time.


Your outgoing nature has likely resulted in having lots of acquaintances, who may start popping up in this retrograde cycle. Socializing with friends from the past can bring up some inspirational ideas. Collaborations with friends or networks you haven’t seen for a while are possible. Allow room for doing something you wouldn’t normally do and see where it leads you. Watch your social calendar as it may get over booked leaving you exhausted.


Your career is tangled up in this Mercury retrograde cycle. You will best use this energy by working on unfinished projects. If you go back to a former place of employment it could bode well for you. When it comes to problem solving around what has meaning and purpose for you, look at alternative ways than what you would normally do. Be open to suggestions from your interpersonal relationships. You may be surprised what you could learn. The extra long visit of Mercury in your career sector is calling your attention to how you interact with others, and especially in relationship to power. If you are a boss, this is a great time to examine how you wield that power. If you feel powerless in your current situation, this is a time to review how you got there and what you want to change. It’s best to take action in November after the retrograde has passed.


Are you traveling during the retrograde? Sounds like a grand plan. Just give yourself some extra padding for annoying delays. This can also be a good time period to review studies that you have been engaged in. Go back and absorb more deeply the information you have already learned. Your belief system may need a review as well, especially as it relates to the social systems of the community you live in. As a natural non-conformist, you can enjoy adding a twist to your typical learning style during the retrograde. Like listening to an audio book while jogging instead of reading a book on the couch.


You may feel drawn to pleasing other people. If you find yourself overly concerned with others’ opinion of you, it’s a sign to do some self-care. A light is shining on parts of your inner psyche during the retrograde and you could have some breakthroughs on how you engage in your committed relationships, especially around shared finances. It is a time when you can put more assertion behind your voice and in a different way than usual. If there is an idea for an approach you have been wanting to use with others, the retrograde is a good time to try. It can also be a time period where you can take a non-traditional approach to seeking credit for something that needs to be taken care of. Like refinancing a mortgage or student loan.


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