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Mercury Retrograde 2021

Here are the Mercury Retrograde 2021 dates for your calendar. I included the degrees Mercury will travel when retrograde so you can see if it will aspect a planet in your chart, and the shadow periods so you can get them on your calendar and pre-plan. Below are all the dates:


  1. Pre-shadow start: January 16

  2. Mercury Retrograde: Saturday, January 30

  3. Mercury Direct: February 20

  4. Post-shadow end: March 13

  5. Degrees of Travel: Aquarius 26 – 11 degrees


  1. Pre-shadow Start: May 15

  2. Mercury Retrograde: May 29

  3. Mercury Direct: June 22

  4. Post-shadow end: July 7

  5. Degrees of Travel: Gemini 24 to 16 degrees


  1. Pre-shadow Start: September 7

  2. Mercury Retrograde: September 26

  3. Mercury Direct: October 18

  4. Post-shadow end: November 3

  5. Degrees of Travel: Libra 25 – 10 degrees

Most Potent Mercury Retrograde 2021 Dates

The most potent dates are when Mercury goes retrograde and when it goes direct. Not all dates are equally potent in a retrograde cycle. When the shadow periods are factored in, roughly two weeks before and after each Mercury Retrograde, it adds an additional four weeks of energy. The shadow is a gradual increasing and decreasing period.

Mercury Retrograde in your Chart

If Mercury does aspect a planet in your chart by conjunction, square or opposition, take note that you may feel it more intensely. For those of you wanting to do track events related to your chart to discover patterns, I advise journaling a daily recap.

Learn More

Learn more about Mercury Retrograde, including survival skills, the astronomy behind retrogrades, how the shadow period is calculated, and lots more on the Mercury Retrograde page.

If you want to understand the astronomy side of it, check out this YouTube video.


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