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March Horoscopes 2022

March Horoscopes: The Pace of Time

The pace of time as we enter March is moving full speed ahead. This month there are no retrogrades so we can confidently move forward. Some of us may even find the rhythm of time has thrust us forward so fast that we are scrambling trying to find balance.

We had to adjust to a slower and reflective pace from November through February. Now it’s time to reorient ourselves to moving at a quicker pace, which is more accurately getting back to a normal pace that is quicker than the last few months.

We are going to be moving into the Aries season later on in March. That means the Sun is making his annual visit to the Aries part of the sky. I mention Aries, because this is a sign known for pushing things forward, quickly, rashly, and impulsively.

We are not only focused on moving forward again, but we are going to experience the Sun, our guiding light, and Mercury, the planet of communication, moving through the sign of Aries. This is going to increase the forward moving pace and rhythm of time in our lives.

As we move through these cycles of time down here on earth, the pace, progress, endings, and beginnings spiral us forward and upward through the rhythm of time. The pace can vary, and now we are going to be moving faster and faster as March proceeds.

March Horoscopes: Looking Forward Again with Insight from the Past

Though quite a lot of things that happen to us in life are outside of our control, like fate. There are many things that are within our control. We can choose how we will respond to things. And we build a history for which irrevocably alters our paths forward in life.

I don’t mean that in a negative way. What I mean is that we have limited time on earth. What we build in our younger years, we stand on as we get older. We integrate those experiences in our life, and it colors our decision making in the future.

The younger we are, the more possibility there is to envision the future. The older we are, the more experience, knowledge, and wisdom we have to manifest our dreams, but likely in a more narrow focused way depending on what we have built over the years.

The foundations we stand on are our history, our experiences, our decisions, our lessons learned, and the resources we have collected along the way. Generally speaking, younger people have more time as a resource and mature people have more experience as a resource.

We can’t change the past, but we can change how we view it. We can rephrase our difficult experiences and extract the valuable resources and lessons we take from them. We can make decisions for our future by being proactive in going for what brings us joy.

The retrogrades were about looking backwards, realigning, and reviewing lessons learned. The forward movement of planets is about what is next, moving forward on ground that was solidified during the retrogrades.

The past and future are significant for learning and planning. However, we will gain the most out of life by spending the greatest amount of time in the present moment. If you struggle with this, or want to learn more about mindfulness, click here for a quick intro.

March Horoscopes: The Equinox

We have already moved into a forward movement time period as the retrogrades have faded out of our rearview mirror. We are now entering a time of speeding up and new beginnings, and the Sun reinforces this quality of time as it moves into Aries on 20 March, the first sign of the zodiac. 

For those in the Northern Hemisphere it represents spring, a time of renewal and rebirth. No matter where you live in the world, March brings a new season, and one of the two equinoxes we collectively experience every year.

The Equinox is the time of the year when day and night hours are equal for a short time period as one hemisphere moves from winter to spring, and the other hemisphere moves from summer to fall.

Have you noticed a quicking of pace in your life?

We will likely see another increase in speed when the Sun moves into Aries on 20 March, followed by Mercury on 27 March. 

The Equinoxes represent balancing. Every year we have two equinoxes, and two solstices. The solstices represent the longest and shortest hours of daylight in the year. They are the extremes on either end of the day.

The equinoxes represent the balance, equal amounts of day and night light. The process happens every year in a never ending loop of light to dark and dark to light. We are ever balancing and yet rarely in a static state of balance.

Life is imperfect, humans are imperfect, and we go through life evolving, growing, changing, and eventually ending our whole life cycle. Life is all about cycles and the equinox is one way nature shows us that life is cyclic.

There are two signs associated with the equinoxes, Aries and Libra. Aries calls our attention to self-care, selfishness, and being self-centered. Sometimes we need to pay attention to number 1, and sometimes we over do it.

The March equinox is a time to consider where you fall on the scale. Libra represents the scales and balance is a keyword for this sign. Libra is about selflessness, the other person, and putting the needs of others first. Sometimes we need to focus on the other.

Neither extreme is healthy. Balance is necessary. However, we cannot maintain balance 100% of the time, nor should we. We should strive for balanced flexibility.

Sometimes we need to hold better boundaries with others, and sometimes we need to be less selfish. Sometimes we need to put others’ needs over our own, and sometimes we need to say no.

Sometimes we are dealing with someone who over takes, or over gives. Sometimes life isn’t fair and one is always the giver and one is always the taker. The equinox is a great time to evaluate your relationships with others, and yourself.

If you are engaging in poor boundaries with someone, what can you do to make it better?

Narcissists and codependents really struggle with this, and would be best served by professional services. But for the average person, we often ebb and flow on this continuum. On or around March 20, the equinox, take some time to meditate on this concept. Consider this natural annual cycle of our earth, and how it speaks to you of nature’s rhythms in life.

While the earth goes to these extremes every year, you don’t have to. We have free will and choice to respond in our lives – at least in free western countries. Be honest with yourself. 

Are you generally balanced, or do you regularly fall too far in the direction of selfishness or selflessness? 

What can you do to bring more balance in your life?

To learn more about the March equinox and find out the exact time in your location, check out the Time and Date website for more details.

March Horoscope: Venus and Mars

As March kicks off, we have a unique and rare extended meeting of the planets Venus and Mars traveling through the sky together for much longer than normal.

Venus and Mars usually connect in the same degree and zodiac sign every year. That is not rare. What is rare for us in 2022 is they are in the same sign and degree for an extended period of time, and they meet not once, but twice in a short time frame.

This rare double meeting and traveling together for an extended period of time is related to when Venus was retrograde and because Mars happened to be in the same sign as Venus when she finished her retrograde.

The average speed of these two planets is different, Venus typically travels at a speed that is faster than Mars. Venus usually runs around the zodiac and catches up to Mars every year. Mars moves at a slower speed and doesn’t usually pass Venus, unless Venus is moving slower than usual, which is what happens when she retrogrades.

That is what is happening this year. Venus goes retrograde around every 18 months. But what was different is when Venus finished her retrograde, she was moving at that slower than usual speed. Even though Mars’ regular speed is faster than Venus’, because she was retrograde and slower, Mars will pass her at a faster speed.

This rare instance of Mars moving towards Venus, and passing her by, is what makes this year’s Venus Mars connection rare and special. It happened on February 16, right after Valentine’s Day making it especially romantic this year and good for any type of partnership. That’s the first of two meetings in a short time between these two.

The second one will come this month in March. You math whizzes may have already figured this out. Venus was going slower as she moved out of her retrograde cycle, but she is speeding up and will get back to her normal speed, which is faster than Mars.

That means that she is going to catch back up to Mars and pass him by, like she usually does each year. This will be their second meeting this year, in a short amount of time. It’s even more exciting because this second time will be in a different sign, Aquarius.

This second meeting happens on 6 March. There are so many cool things about this Venus Mars event in the sky. Since Venus and Mars first met back in February and in Capricorn, they have stayed in pace and traveled in the same degree for the most part.

That means we have had an extended amount of time with Venus and Mars operating together hand in hand for the last half of February and the beginning of March. We get two exact connections of these two, meaning in the same exact degree and sign.

The other really cool thing is that they both move into the sign Aquarius at the same time.

You probably want to know what this means for you. It means that the Capricorn and Aquarius parts of your chart are getting a rare energy vibe from Venus and Mars.  If you know where the Capricorn and Aquarius parts of your chart are, then you will know the life topics, people, and events that are likely to reflect this activity. That is what part of your life is activated by these planets traveling through.

If you are unsure, read this article on the astrological houses and find where Capricorn and Aquarius are in your chart.

Venus is the planet associated with how we relate to ourselves and others. It includes romantic relationships, and is broader to include all relationships, including ourselves. Mars is how we take action in the world and our libido. When these two are working together, it represents relational and receptive energy working in tandem with physical drive and proactivity. 

Think yin and yang harmony. It brings harmony between what you hold valuable, what is pleasurable for you in life, and your receptive nature, with how you take action towards achieving what you want in life, and how you proactively go about fulfilling your desires.

It’s a beautiful combination and can have much more to say about what is activated in your life when you look at how it interacts with your personal chart.

Have you noticed a greater amount of harmony in some part of your life? 

This rare combination taking place in the second half of February and early March can give you a boost in achieving what you want with a directed physical and active focus on goals and priorities that are near and dear to you.

Simply put, increased energy is activated to achieve your desires and what you value in life. The where, who, and what can be more finely understood through astrology by looking at where Capricorn and Aquarius are in your chart. Learn more here.

March Horoscope: Mercury on the Move

Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, commerce, and thinking. Like Venus, Mercury was recently retrograde and had an extended stay in Saturn signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

We had a time period of some serious thinking, reflecting, renewing, re-orienting, and filling the cracks in our foundations so we can move forward on more solid ground. Now Mercury is back up to speed and travels through one whole sign in March and enters Aries.

On 10 March, Mercury travels out of Aquarius and into Pisces. Then on 27 March, Mercury will have sped through Pisces and will join the Sun in the sign Aries. That means in the month of March, you will have Mercury visiting three different parts of your chart.

If you know your rising sign (aka ascendant), you can easily figure out the topics, events, and people that are likely to be activated by Mercury visiting these parts of your chart. You want to see where Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries fall in your chart. If you don’t know – check out my page on Astrology Houses to figure that out.

The first week of March Mercury will complete his visit to Aquarius and will be in social and thinking mode. Aquarius is known to be objective, reform oriented, social, and has unique problem solving abilities especially as it relates to technological advance.

Mercury moves into the sign of Pisces March 10 through March 27 taking a very different tone and highlighting the Pisces topics, events, and people in that part of your chart. Pisces is a water sign that is very much in tune with the collective.

Mercury in Pisces is the daydreamer, the visionary, the creative who taps into the highest level of creativity. Any type of thinking that requires vision beyond sight is active during this time period. I highly recommend some daydreaming during these few weeks of time.

If you are in need of a vision, a big picture kind of solution, or just a target in the distant future to strive toward, use this daydreamy Pisces in Mercury energy to let your mind drift.

On 27 March when Mercury moves into Aries, the vibe shifts again. Your dreamy thoughts may now get some great ideas for how to take action. Quick thinking and problem solving become more prominent. Aries is action oriented and may want to take action quickly.

Watch that your thoughts are directed in a productive way or they could become a runaway train that has to be slowed down. In these cases, mistakes can be made or rash decisions get implemented. Best to be aware so you can pace yourself.

March Horoscope: Some Days to Watch Out For

2 March: New Moon in Pisces

We have a lovely new moon in Pisces. You will find the new moon blog here and the new moon video I co-host every month is posted on my Facebook page.

5 March: Calling for Peace with Sun and Jupiter in Pisces

The Sun is going to make a delightful connection in the sky. It is quick and fleeting, but you may want to plan something to catch the vibe.

The Sun will join the planet of luck, opportunity, and optimism, Jupiter, on 5 March. The exact meeting will happen on this one day, but you can ride the vibe for the few days before and after.

This is a lovely meeting of the central light of our solar system and the bringer of growth, opportunity, expansion, and luck. Where it happens in your chart will give you more information. This meeting will take place in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces indicates this meeting can drop some beautiful visioning for you. Your muses should be easier to communicate with, and you could see more beauty and peace around you. That’s hard to say considering the state of the world.

It’s also a reminder that as ugly as the world can be, it is also beautiful. This could be a good time for making prayer circles for the safety of our world and for world peace in general. Pisces is about the we, the collective, and that we are all one.

Focused energy on healing is called for at this time. If it falls within your belief system to send prayers for peace, do it on or around 5 March. Whether it is for world peace or for a loved one who is suffering, send out your wishes for peace, love, and unity.

18 March: Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon will be in Virgo this month on Friday 18 March. The full moon blog will be posted closer to that date, and look out for the video too. You will find the blog here and the I post the monthly full moon video on my Facebook page.

21 March: Creative Problem Solving

On 21 March, Mercury is going to meet with Jupiter in the sign Pisces. We just talked about the Sun meeting Jupiter, and this is followed by Mercury meeting Jupiter. Whatever good and peaceful vibes came up for you when the Sun was there, Mercury is going to add some creative thinking and problem solving.

If you have any big projects or ideas that need some visioning, plan to work on them this date. This is great for teams as well. This is a sign that does not like borders or boundaries. Do freeflow visioning and save execution planning for later.

Any type of creative work can excel under this influence. This is a great time for visionaries and creatives to tap into the collective. Talk to your muses, they will communicate back. Be sure to be open to their messages.

Whether it’s tea leaves, an animal crossing your path, or a sign. Muses have to find a way to get your attention, so be on the lookout. You will know by the way you feel when the message comes.

22 March: Surprising Eruptions

I wanted to point out this date to you, which has a degree of building up and fading away the few days before and after 22 March. This energy combines the planet of active energy, Mars, and the planet of unexpected surprises, Uranus.

This energy will be hanging in the air for all of us. Some of us may be more impacted than others depending on our individual charts.

The important thing to know is that patience may be limited at this time and knowing this ahead of time can prepare us for sudden and unexpected bursts of impatience or anger from within, or externally.

It can also be huge bursts of energy to get something done. Or having a sudden insight to solve a problem and getting completely immersed in working on it.

This would be a great way to follow up on what came out of that daydreamy creative problem solving, muse messaging, and visioning that can come out of the Sun and Mercury connections with Jupiter in Pisces.

What I would like for you to do is to put it on your calendar as a day when tempers could flare more easily. Then as the days become closer to the 22nd, intentionally plan for how you will access increased patience.

Many will not heed this call and will enter into unnecessary conflict, stress, and anger. Working with astrology is to help smooth the edges of some of the more challenging energies, and harness the flowing energies so we can best move in the rhythm of time.

By putting it on your calendar, you can use your free will to direct the energy the best you can. Knowing that sometimes things come flying out of thin air and you can’t always control external events, just the way you will respond to them.


This month’s March horoscope takes a look at some of the main astrological events coming up this month. Another name for it is Astro-Weather, the weather of astrology.

Remember that these astrological events do not happen in a vacuum, they all co-exist. Oftentimes the different astrology events have different messages, seemingly at odds. But so is nature, and human lives.

You can have a big win at work, and then a big argument at home. Was that a great day? Well partly yes, and partly no. It’s the same with astrology. It is the art of the sky reflecting life. As above, so below.

If you love astrology and how it helps you live in the rhythm of nature, then you will appreciate this complexity of astrology. My best astrological advice I can give you is to know your rising sign, so you know where all of the signs of the zodiac fall in your chart.

With this information, you can better understand where these energies are active in your particular chart. I have written an article on astrological houses. These are the twelve places representing the topics, events, and people in life, and each of the twelve zodiac signs is in one of those houses.

You can gain so much more from all horoscopes you read when you know this information. I have made it easy for you to look up this information for your chart. If you prefer a professional astrological consultation, make an appointment with me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a creative, active, and visionary month.


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