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Libra Full Moon Ritual

This month’s Libra Full Moon is in the sign of Libra. The expression of the zodiac sign Libra is about seeking balance. Remember that balance is not something you lock into place. It’s something that is constantly adjusted based on the situation, timing, and environment.

Libras are known for their constant pursuit of justice, standing up for the underdog, and appreciation for aesthetics.

Libra Full Moon Date and Time

Sunday 28 March, 2021 11:48am West Coast, USA 2:48pm East Coast, USA 8:48pm, Rome, Italy

Balancing Give and Take in Your Relationships

We will all experience the Libran Full Moon energy together this month, and we will each experience it in our own unique way. Through our own filter and individual astrology horoscope. As we look inward for how we will process and integrate this months Lunar energy, the question to ask ourselves is:

How balanced am I when it comes to Give and Take in my Relationships?

Think about your friends, family, intimate partner, and co-workers.

For this month’s Full Moon Releasing Ritual, do you have a way of engaging in relationships that you want to increase or decrease?

Imbalance in give and take has two forms. The first is over giving and people pleasing at the expense of your own needs.

The second form is overly self-focused and making decisions without considering the consequences on others. Most of us will fall closer to the middle than the two extreme ends of this balancing act. Take some time for self-introspection and meditation on this topic as part of your Libra Full Moon ritual.

The Give and Take Scale

Without judgment towards yourself, honestly look at your closest relationships and how balanced you are when engaging with the people in your life. It may be different for different people in your life.

It’s entirely possible you are super giving and person pleasing with your spouse, or family, but at work or with friends you hold balanced boundaries, or take a more self-focused stance.

Here’s how it works: Draw a line and write self-focused at one end and other-focused at the other. For each person on your list, draw a vertical line to represent your relationship, and write their name under it.

That vertical line represents where you are engaging with that person right now. It’s important that you base your scale on the present. Not how it used to be, or how you want it to be, but how it is right now.

Refrain from self-criticism and judgment labels. You want to be honest with yourself, which can be hard sometimes.

So rather than thinking of giving or taking as a good or bad thing, or positive or negative thing. Think of it as a scale that guides you to where you experience imbalance in relationships so you are equipped to do something about it.

Here’s an example of what the scale looks like:

The closer the line is to the self-focused side, the more put your needs first, before others. If you are a parent you will want to put your kids here. It’s best to leave kids out of this scale, this is for adult relationships where equal give and take is expected as opposed to children, who rely on you to take care of their needs.

In the middle is balanced. Toward other-focused is people pleasing, where the extreme end is neglecting your needs to put others needs first. You could also label the extreme ends Selfish and Self-Neglect if it makes it easier for you to evaluate your relationships.

Once you have done this, it will become more clear what (and with who) imbalance you want to release during this month’s Libra Full Moon Ritual. The lines closer to the extreme ends show your greatest area for potential imbalances.

Lines in the middle indicate you feel that you are living in balance with those relationships. Those relationships utilize healthy boundaries which is a strength. Strengths are important to recognize and be grateful for. Your Moon Journal is a great place to write about how it feels to have balanced relationships.

There is no right or wrong answer on the Give and Take Scale. It’s subjective, and the shades of gray are for you to process, meditate on, and determine what, if anything, you want to do about it.

One of the best ways you can recognize imbalance in your life is through evaluating your give and take relationships with others. Developing your self-awareness around how you balance give and take in relationships is a valuable skill.

Below are signs you can use to recognize imbalance, behaviors, emotions, and recommended Essential Oils you can use as part of your Libra Full Moon Ritual. These essential oils can also be used anytime you feel the need to address these emotional states and behaviors.

The Full Moon in the zodiac sign Libra is a fantastic time for releasing imbalanced give and take energy.

All of the Essential Oil suggestions and descriptions below are from my friend, Naturopath and Health Coach Annabelle Fraser. Contact her for more information or to purchase essential oils. We also have a series called Natural Health and Astrology where we talk about using these essential oils during the Libra Full Moon. Join the Facebook group here.

Examples of Too Much Libran Energy

  1. People Pleaser

  2. Fear of being alone

  3. Co-dependence

  4. Commit quickly into relationships only to realize later it’s not the right person

  5. Burn out from over giving and in need of self-care

  6. Self-Neglect

  7. Dysfunctional compromise (when you give too much, and the other takes too much)

Coriander Essential Oil

This essential oil is helpful for people who are trapped in a cycle of serving others while neglecting their own needs. It helps us connect with what we need, and live from our True Self. It is helpful for digestive issues such as gas, nausea, or diarrhea. Dilute and massage onto your belly, or take in a veggie capsule with olive oil.

Basil Essential Oil

This is a lovely oil to use when we are feeling overwhelmed, tired, and low on energy. It is the oil of renewal. When you feel you have been giving too much, dilute with a carrier oil and rub this oil on the sacral area or bottoms of your feet, and inhale from your hands. It helps support our body’s natural rhythms of sleep, activity, and rest, which all contribute to balancing our holistic well-being.

Annabelle recommends diluting essential oils with Coconut or Almond oil. Please contact Annabelle with questions regarding application of the essential oils.

Feelings and Behavior Self-Neglect Release ideas for your Libra Full Moon Ritual

Self-neglect, over-focus on others, fear of losing that person by saying no, over commitment, passive-aggressiveness.

Not Enough Libran Energy

  1. Overly focused on self

  2. Forget to consider how your actions affect others

  3. Difficulty recognizing others needs

  4. Inability to compromise and cooperate

  5. Dysfunctional compromise (when you are the one who takes too much and lets the other give too much)

Cumin Essential Oil

Cumin is helpful for those who are too self-focused and would benefit from more cooperation and consideration of others. It can help with digestion and cleansing of the body. Diffuse this oil with Cilantro essential oil, which is the oil for releasing control.

Feelings and Behavior Self-Focused Release ideas for your Libra Full Moon Ritual

Distrust, faulty expectations, manipulation, fear of vulnerability, passive-aggressiveness.

For questions, more information, or to order essential oils, please contact Annabelle Fraser of Natural Health Italy. You can use these Essential Oils during your ritual to promote balance and well-being and anytime you feel the need.

Natural Health and Astrology Series

Annabelle and I do a Natural Health and Astrology series every month on New and Full Moon rituals. You can join us through the Natural Health Italy Facebook group. Please note you have to join the group to catch us live. Replays will be posted.

Libra Full Moon Activities

Before starting your ritual, spend some time meditating on what balance would look like for you. Do the Give and Take scale exercise I suggested above for the important people in your life. Use your responses to help identify what behaviors you want to release during your Full Moon ritual.

The Full Moon ritual has a common monthly theme, to release. I like to make changes each month in how I release what I want to let go of using the zodiac sign and element. This month we have Libra which is an air sign. I have some ideas for you based on the Libra sign and the Air element:

  1. Practice using the word ‘no’ if you need to. This is especially important for those of you who consistently compromise yourself for another. I find that saying ‘no’ can be super difficult for some people and the best way to overcome it is to practice saying it, outloud, repeatedly.

  2. Spend time with others at a time and place you will both/all enjoy.

  3. Incorporate music, art, and aesthetically pleasing activities. Libran energy is drawn to beauty, which is in the eye of the beholder. What is attractive to you? Surround yourself with it.

  4. Take a walk in nature where there is fresh air.

  5. Open your windows to let fresh air in.

  6. Start your spring cleaning, and change your air filters at home and in your car.

  7. Play air instruments (air guitar anyone?) sing, and chant.

  8. Listen to wind instrument music, like Native Indian flute music.

  9. Breathe using mindful breath.

  10. Air is a social element, do your ritual with friends.

  11. Do your ritual outside and if you want to use fire to release, burn, and purify, see if you can get a fire pit going outside. An alternative is to use your BBQ grill.

  12. Use Libra colors: Pink, blue, pastels, colors that bring you a sense of harmony and balance.

The Full Moon Releasing Ritual for the Air Element

  1. Get something from nature to represent the thing you are releasing.

  2. I am going to use a feather this month that I found in my path as I was doing my morning walk.

  3. You can use a leaf, piece of grass, or flower petals. Anything that can blow away in the wind and return to nature.

  4. As you exhale and release, send your breath into the item you are using, you are symbolically releasing the imbalance through your breath.

  5. On your inhale, look up to the sky and breathe in the fresh air while lowering the item in your hands towards the ground. You want to distance the thing you are releasing from the fresh air you are taking in.

  6. On the inhales create a visualization of you now that you have released the imbalance. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Do you feel lighter, excited, relieved? Take note of the process.

  7. Once you feel that you have released the imbalance into your nature item (feather, leaf, petal, etc.), it’s time to symbolically release the item.

  8. Hold your new visualization in your mind’s eye and extend your hands out wide open. Let the wind carry away the item. You are releasing your unwanted emotion, behavior, or thought causing imbalance in the wind where it will gently be carried away and absorbed into the balance of nature.

  9. If you find yourself without wind, use a fan, or simply blow it away with your breath. Be sure that you are using something made of nature. Our amazing earth knows how to incorporate, recycle, and re-balance energy. I believe mother nature is always ready and listening to help us out.

After Your Ritual

  1. Journal about your new visualization. If you already have a journal, reflect back on your growth and successes.

  2. Accept, acknowledge and love that you are taking care of yourself.

  3. Create a mantra of your visualization for change. Mantras are powerful tools and best repeated daily. It helps you focus on what you want, not what you don’t.

  4. Meditate on your visualization a few minutes every day. Use this visualization again at the New Moon to help manifest your intentions.


  1. Set a time everyday where you will make contact with your visualization. It’s a great way to start off your morning and right before bed.

  2. Put your Mantra on a sticky note and place where you can see it everyday. Like your bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

  3. Anytime you feel imbalanced, go to your replacement visualization and use your mantra.

  4. Repeat your mantra often.

  5. Becoming imbalanced is normal, it’s the extremes you want to watch out for. Be gentle with yourself and trust that you can notice little imbalances and correct them before they turn into extreme imbalances.

  6. Mantras and visualization are powerful tools, use them everyday to adjust and balance the variables life throws at us.

  7. You now have skills to bring balance and harmony in your life.

Wrap Up

We all have Libra somewhere in our chart. What gives each of us our unique horoscope is where Libra falls in the chart by house (life topic) and planets that are in that sign when you are born. You will be more sensitive to this Full Moon if you have a Libra Sun, Moon or Ascendant.

Where you find Libra in your chart will give you clues to how this energy manifests in your life. Contact me if you would like to get a free copy of your chart.

I wish for you a highly enjoyable Libra Full Moon ritual full of harmony, fresh air, and new approaches to finding balance in your life.

Looking for other zodiac signs New and Full Moon Rituals? Go to my Astroblog to find more.

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