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Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon Date and Time

Wednesday 5 or Thursday 6 April 9:34 PM, Wednesday, West Coast, USA 12:34 AM, Thursday, East Coast, USA 6:34 AM, Thursday, Rome, Italy 16 degrees Libra

Libra Full Moon Overview

The Libra Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar phase that started at the last new moon, March 21 in Aries. Full moons symbolize a time for blooming, releasing, peaking, endings, compromise, making choices, and bursting with energy.

The days before and after the Full Moon are full of energy that matures and becomes full of wisdom. The nature of this energy is described by the signs of the Sun and Moon. This month Aries is highlighted as the Sun travels through this sign of the zodiac.

The pair of signs Libra and Aries have to do with the theme of myself and others, me and you, self-focused and other-focused. We get to work with these two signs during their full and new moon phases.

In March and April when the Sun is in Aries, and in September and October when the Sun travels through Libra. These times of the year we are called to evaluate our relationships with ourselves and others. How well-balanced are we between self-focus and other-focus.

The astrology houses where Aries and Libra fall in your chart will give you more detailed information on what is activated in your life. In general, on the shadow side, watch for features of jealousy, possessiveness, and aggressiveness in lieu of assertion.

On the productive side, watch for themes of integration, compromise, relationship discussions, learning more about a significant other, and finding ways both sides of a situation can win. Compromise can be looking for a solution different than what each person is suggesting, and finding a third solution that makes both equally happy.

Later this month at the next new moon, we will enter Eclipse season. Eclipses always come in pairs. The first is a solar eclipse on April 20 when we have the second consecutive new moon in Aries. The second lunar eclipse will be May 5. I will go into greater detail in the next blog. If You want to learn more about Eclipses in general, read here.

Mercury Retrograde in April

The motion of planets is still forward moving with no planets retrograde at the time of the full moon. Just a day after, on April 7, we enter the pre-shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Get all of the retrograde dates in my 2023 retrograde calendar.

  1. Pre-Shadow Phase Starts April 7

  2. Mercury Retrograde Starts 21 April

  3. Direct 14 May

  4. Post-shadow Phase Ends 1 June

The entire Mercury Retrograde cycle 7 April – 1 June will be in the sign of Taurus. A fixed earth sign. This is a grounded sign that likes routines. Find where Taurus is in your chart. If you don’t have your chart, use this free calculator to get it.

Look at the topics represented by the house of Taurus in your natal chart. You can learn more about the meaning of the houses here. This will give you deeper information on what life topic, event, or people will be activated at the time of the Mercury retrograde.

In Taurus, we can expect to review and realign things that have become stuck, in a rut, and hard to break up. These things that we are asked to review may be outworn and holding us back from growing. Learn more about navigating Mercury retrograde in the ‘Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide.

Libra the Sign

This week’s full moon is expressed through the sign Libra. Libra is known for their sensitivity to balance, fairness, and equality. They have an innate appreciation of beauty and a tendency to be considerate of others.

The shadow side of Libra can be vanity, jealousy, infidelity, co-dependence, and indulgence. Indecisiveness is a sign of weighing all options. Libra is objectively talented in looking at things from all sides and setting their own bias to the side for the greater good.

A Libra out of balance could be giving too much of their focus to others while their own goals sit on the backburner.

During the full Libra moon, opposite the Sun in Aries, impatience may get in the way of viewing all sides before taking action. The ability to observe how well balanced you are in your different relationships is what is highlighted at the full moon.

A great use of this energy is to take some time meditating on your different relationships, and your own personal desires. I talked a lot about this in the last new moon blog and created an activity for you to evaluate where you fall on the self-focus and other-focus scale. Read that in the Astroblog.

Aries the Sign

The Sun lights up the full moon in Libra from the opposite sign Aries. These two signs are paired together in the zodiac timelessly. Aries is the expression of freedom, independence, self-focus, love of the pursuit and challenge, creating new things, following one’s passion, physical exertion, the warrior and conqueror.

Watch for the shadow side of impulsivity, harshness, blow outs, immaturity, risk taking, and burn out. The attention span can be short. Aries is better at starting things than finishing them. Aries can blow up and feel better while leaving everyone else cringing from the outburst.

Libra Full Moon and Prominent Planetary Configurations

Jupiter is prominent in the Libra full moon as it is in an applying conjunction with the Sun and opposite the moon. This gives the full moon an optimistic overtone. Relationship issues with significant people in your life may come up as the moon culminates, there is an optimistic tone that supports an outcome that serves all people involved.

Planets or points in fire and air signs 20+ degrees will experience a more potent Jupiter activation until May 15.

Mars is involved in the full moon and sun in a wide t-square. Mars rules the Sun conjunct Jupiter, and it is in mutual reception with Jupiter. This can push Jupiter energy over the top, so be aware of overdoing it. This is especially important when walking the line between assertion and aggression.

Venus is traveling through its own sign Taurus, and it is the ruler of the Moon in Venus sign Libra. This strengthens the Moon when the ruling planet is in its own sign. There is support in finding balance and compromise in your significant relationships. There is a lot of energy that can be tapped into for making shifts in relationships where you recognize there is an imbalance.

At the time of the Libra full moon, Venus will be in a sextile relationship with Neptune. This brings a dreamy quality to the Libra full moon. It may be easier to see the good qualities in others, and this will help with compromise and balance.

Be aware there can be disillusion as well. If you are too self-focused or other-focused, it may be hard for you to be honest with yourself. Mercury is in a good place to help bring a grounded and realistic evaluation of relationships.

Mercury is in configuration with Saturn, the North Nodes, Mars, and Pluto. It is sextile Saturn and Mars. This will help bring a somber, realistic, and fact based communication and thinking vibe. The square with Pluto indicates there can be underlying verbal power plays that come up.

Trying to control through words will likely push things to the surface, maybe in an explosive way. But that has a positive perspective in that things may need to be pushed to the surface, out of the dark, to make you aware of what needs to be worked.

Pluto is in Aquarius Now

Pluto’s movement into Aquarius on 23 March kicked off a new 20 year cycle, moving away from hierarchical top down control in Capricorn to control in the masses, for the people in Aquarius.

On the Libra Full Moon

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the air element. You can find the free ritual here.

  2. Involve the air element in your activities: do things that stimulate your mind, open your windows and let fresh air come through, and connect more with others, energizing your social life.

  3. Focus on compromise and win win situations in your significant relationships.

  4. Be considerate toward others in how you set your personal boundaries. Assertiveness will help you get what you want, but aggressiveness will slow you down.

  5. Be considerate toward yourself in how you set your personal boundaries so that you have time for your own self-care and well-being.

  6. Be as social as your calendar allows AND be protective of your time for your projects. Think twice before overcommitting yourself.

  7. Enjoy art and beauty that you love, stop and smell the roses, engage in the things that bring you inner peace and pleasure.

  8. See a show, go to a museum, talk a walk in the beauty of nature.

  9. Do a final push toward progress on any new projects and prepare for the Mercury shadow on April 7 and the retrograde on April 21.

Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.’ – Confucius
‘What goes around, comes around.’ -Willie Nelson
‘Real strength entails being considerate and supportive of people’s feelings.’ – Mary Kay Ash
‘Life is a system of recurrent pairs, the poison and the antidote being eternally packaged together by some considerate heavenly druggist.’ – Mary McCarthy

April Planetary Sign Changes

  1. Mercury to Aquarius April 3

  2. Venus to Gemini April 11

  3. Sun to Taurus April 20

Astrology Aspects of the Libra Full Moon

  1. Moon 16 Libra opposite Sun 16 Aries

  2. Sun 16 Aries conjunct Jupiter 20 Aries

  3. Jupiter prominently placed in the full moon configuration

  4. Mercury 3 Taurus partile sextile Saturn 3 Pisces

  5. Mercury 3 Taurus conjunct North Node 4 Taurus

  6. Mercury 3 Taurus sextile Mars 5 Cancer

  7. Mercury 3 Taurus square Pluto 0 Aquarius

  8. Venus 24 Taurus sextile Neptune 25 Pisces

  9. Mars 5 Cancer trine Saturn 3 Pisces and sextile Mercury 3 Taurus

  10. Mars 5 Cancer separating and weak T square with Moon 16 Libra and Sun 16 Aries

  11. Important as ruler of the Sun and Jupiter (Mutual reception Mars/Jupiter)

  12. All planets have essential dignity except the Moon is peregrine, but ruled by Venus in rulership. This indicates the planets and luminaries carry the potential for effectiveness at the full moon culmination.

  13. Mars and Venus are the rulers of the full moon, both with essential dignity even with Mars in detriment it has triplicity and terms. Venus is in rulership in Taurus.

April Important Astrological Events

  1. Sun will conjunct Jupiter 21 Aries on April 12

  2. This same point will be opposite the eclipse October 14 at 21 Libra!

  3. The New Moon April 20 will be the first eclipse of 2023

  4. Two eclipses this season, New Moon Solar eclipse April 20 – the second consecutive new moon in Aries, and Full Moon Lunar eclipse May 5

  5. Mercury goes retrograde April 21 (shadow starts April 7) and ends May 14 (post shad June 1)

Libra Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Full moons represent a culmination of energy. Libra is an air sign, social, and action oriented. What is culminating within you that you are ready to share socially?

  2. Aries is about following your personal passion and focusing on yourself, your well-being, rising to a challenge, and taking action. Libra is focused on others, mediating, and fostering a harmonious environment. Journal about two important parts of your life from the Aries perspective, and then Libra perspective.

  3. March was a month of significant planetary changes. Journal about any shifts, subtle or significant, that you noticed came up in the last month.

  4. Journal about what significant transformations you are undertaking right now. What are the challenges? What are the opportunities?

Wrap Up

The Libra full moon culminates at the mid cycle of the Aries new moon phase that started March 21. The theme is about relationship with self and others. Take a look at how you engage in relationships from the view of self- focus and other-focus. Compromise, consideration of others, and assertion are accessible under this optimistic full moon.

As we move into the full moon phase, the Mercury retrograde shadow starts. Eclipse season starts at the new moon later this month.

Schedule a consultation with me here. Learn more about coaching here. If you want to get notified of new moon and full moon blogs and videos, please subscribe to my email here.


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