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Leo New Moon

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Leo New Moon Date and Time

Wednesday 16 August 2023

2:38 AM, West Coast, USA

5:38 AM, East Coast, USA

11:38 AM, Rome, Italy

23 degrees Leo

Leo New Moon

Uninhibited self-expression is what the stars hold for the upcoming Leo New Moon. The Leo New Moon is the time to let your inner light shine and work with the Venus and Mercury Retrogrades happening at the same time.

Busy Skies For the Leo New Moon

This Leo new moon is particularly interesting because it connects with the Venus Retrograde, and Black Moon Lilith in the same sign and degree of Leo. New moons symbolically represent the beginning of the Lunar cycle, when the night-time sky is dark. The dark nights share the end of the prior cycle, or balsamic period, which represents endings, a time of rest, and preparation for the rebirth of the new cycle and the new moon, when the cycle is born.

Navigating the Course

Thankfully through astrology, we know the day and time the Balsamic moon ends the previous cycle and the new moon kicks off a new monthly cycle. The new moon marks when the moon has traveled through the 12 zodiac signs and caught up with the Sun each month in the next sign.

The new moon phase is a good time to set intentions for what you want to grow, nurture, mature, and complete during the month long cycle.

Focus on the next 4 weeks when setting your intentions. If it’s something that can’t be completed in that time, focus on a part of the bigger project that can be completed in four weeks. Whether big or small, always be specific with your intentions. Take the time to dream more and pay attention to what comes up for you.

Natal Chart

To get the most out of astrology, I recommend you have a copy of your birth chart. Even if you’re not a Leo, you have the sign of Leo somewhere in your chart, we all do. If you don’t have your birth chart, you can get one free and quickly by doing an online search. I recommend


Each chart is divided into 12 astrological houses, each representing a part of human existence. When you know the sign each house occupies, it’ll give personal depth to all astrology horoscopes by looking at what each house presents in human experience. If you’re new to astrology, here’s a link to my blog about houses.

Deciphering Your Chart

In your chart, find the Leo and Virgo houses. Also, look for Taurus because it is involved with this month's action. Uranus is traveling 23 degrees of Taurus on the day of the new moon. The Leo new moon is also at 23 degrees. Taurus and Leo make a square aspect that brings tension that is like a catalyst. This tension can propel action. Square aspects are great for making necessary changes.

Meaning of New Moon in Leo

A new moon means the Sun and Moon are in the same sign at the same degree, which is 23 degrees Leo this month. Leo is the sign that is self-expressive, creative, and passionate. Leo is the Sun's home sign and is about our pride, ego, self-expression and personal creativity. Leo people are known for their warmth, generosity, cheerful nature, noble and regal qualities and need for recognition. Leo is the lion, king of the jungle.

Leo’s shadow side is to take more of the spotlight and leave others unable to get a word in. Self-confidence can quickly turn into overblown self-importance roaring for attention. When Leo’s feel love, they purr and when they don’t, they roar, and not in a good way.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Because of the Venus retrograde in Leo, there’s an introspective quality to this new moon. Venus is about relationships with others and our relating style. Since July 22, when Venus went retrograde, we have been in a period of time where we can resolve unfinished business in one or more relationships.

The house of Leo in your chart will give more information on which relationships are likely to be activated by the retrograde. Take a pause to reflect on your relationships. It's a time for reflection and thinking before taking any action.

Venus will go direct on September the third and you should see any resolutions in relationships start to progress forward.

Leo - Rising, Sun, and Moon

If you are a Leo rising, your personality is Leo like and you will relate to a lot of the dominant energy happening this cycle. If Leo is your Sun sign, it’s the central driving force in your life and its house placement will provide more information.

If Leo is your Moon sign, it describes how you get your needs met and how you need emotional security. Leo’s need to be able to express themselves and take pride in their creations.

Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith adds an interesting astrological feature when active in a configuration like it is with the Leo new moon.

Black Moon Lilith is not a moving body - it’s a moving point in the sky based on where the moon is farthest from the Earth, like a shadow. Its symbolism in astrology has to do with uninhibited feminine energy. In the Bible, it is written that Lilith was the first wife of Adam and was banished from the Garden of Eden because she refused to be subservient to him.

To find where Black Lilith was when you were born, you have to turn on that glyph so it will show up. The glyph is a solid crescent moon on top of a cross. Lilith represents our deepest inhibitions and desires that want to be expressed but are repressed as it relates to our inner feminine side. They are fear-based ideas about what others think.

Black Moon Lilith Power

The symbology of Black Moon Lilith in astrology is non-compromising, anti-patriarchal, and exudes feminine power often tied to sexuality. For women, it’s about freeing oneself from the oppression of a patriarchal society.

Even if you don’t identify with a gender, it’s still about the freedom to express your true self. Black Moon Lilith is about breaking out of the chains of whatever is holding you back from authentic self-expression.

How to Work with Black Moon Lilith

Spend the rest of August contemplating how Black Moon Lilith could shed some light on repressed feelings and how you can express yourself out of the shadow into the light.

Use positive statements to help self-confidence. Soak in the Leo moon with creative activities. Design your personal garden - journal, draw, and create something to nourish your seedlings. Picture how it may look when completed.

In Comes Uranus

Some qualities of Uranus are being rebellious, having bright bolts of insight, and adventure-seeking. Because Uranus shares some of the qualities of Black Moon Lilith, the message of freedom and expressing yourself are magnified.

Three astrological messages for the world to experience self-expression - the Leo New Moon, Black Moon Lilith, and Uranus. Take advantage of this energy and how you can hone in on your introspective work.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury is the planet of communication, commerce, and technology. Take notice of your time and scheduling and prepare for delays. These are breakdowns that signal to look deep

into your personal re-alignment. RE-frame, RE-do - pay attention to anything with RE in front of it. This Mercury retrograde takes place in Virgo between degrees 21 and 8.

Look at the Virgo placement in your chart and its position for a more personal look. Virgo represents details, service, perfectionism, and critical assessment. It's unique because it combines the quality of the Earth, its element, and logistical thinking because Virgo is one of Mercury’s home signs.

Virgo’s shadow side is getting lost in the details and losing track of the bigger vision. Try to balance your detail work with moving towards your overall big picture vision.

Mercury Retrograde: Slow Down and Reflect Back

Mercury Retrograde is a time to slow down and review the progress you’ve made since the last retrograde, which was April 21-May 14. Use this opportunity to take a pause, reflect, realign and catch up.

Learn to work with Mercury retrograde and get in sync with the cyclical nature of life. With Mercury and Venus retrograde at the same time from August 23, when Mercury goes retrograde, until September 3 ,when Venus goes direct, use the time for reflection and evaluation of your relationship and communication styles.

Things To Do

  • Take an honest assessment of how freely you express yourself? Do you hold back your personality for fear of being rejected? Do you embrace and allow freedom of expression in others? How does control play a factor?

  • A new moon in Leo is usually a great time to do any type of makeover. With Venus retrograde in Leo, I wouldn’t recommend significant changes right now, but it is a good time to evaluate what changes would allow you to express your true self. Is it dying your hair purple, changing the way you dress, or maybe you are getting tired of putting on layers of makeup everyday and want to stop but fear what others would think. The new moon in Leo is a time to set intentions around finding your truth in self-expression. Wait until September after Venus is direct to make any significant changes.

  • Do activities that you are passionate about and also bring out your creativity.

  • A Leo new moon is a time to let your body move. Go out dancing, or dance at home.

  • Do anything that has to do with kids, your kids, others kids, or things that make you feel like a kid again. Have some fun!

  • Prepare for the Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • Pre-shadow starts 3 August

  • Retrograde 23 August

  • Direct 15 September

  • Post-shadow ends 30 Sept post

  • Degrees are 21 to 8 Virgo

Venus Retrograde Dates

  • Pre-shadow starts 20 June

  • Retrograde 22 July

  • Direct 3 September

  • Post-shadow ends 7 October

  • Degrees 28 to 12 Leo

Leo New Moon Inspirational Quotes

  • “Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness.”-Allen Ginsberg

  • “Never dull your shine for someone else”. -Tyra Banks

  • “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality” - Mahatma Gandhi

  • “If we’re really committed to growth, we never stop discovering new dimensions of self-expression”. - Oprah Winfrey

Wrap Up

The new moon in Leo represents a time for you to set your intentions around letting go of inhibitions that are stopping you from letting your inner light shine out. It’s a time to embrace your style, how you give and receive love and finding the freedom to let yourself be you.

You may feel rebellious in expressing yourself during the last half of August. You may be surprised at how much you have repressed, and you may be ready to shift into a new way of expression that stops worrying about what others think. Go gentle with yourself.

There are many people whose charts will be activated who will break out of patriarchal relationships. Freedom to be who you are and nothing less will be acceptable. Like Lilith leaving the garden because she stood up for herself, you may be leaving your own version of the garden, refusing to carry the burden of being someone else’s idea of who you should be.


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