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Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon

Sunday 8 August 2021 6:50am West Coast, USA 9:50am East Coast, USA 3:50pm Rome, Italy 16 degrees Leo

Leo New Moon and Sun in Leo

Since July 22 the Sun has been traveling through his home sign Leo. The Sun represents oneself, who we are at our core, our identity. The Sun spends about a month in each sign. What makes the Sun traveling through the sign of Leo unique is that it is the only sign who is actually under the domain of the Sun. Think of it like the Sun is at home when in this sign. We all have the chance to shine brighter as the Sun basks in the warmth of his own sign.

When we have a Leo New Moon, that means both the Sun and the Moon are traveling through Leo at the same time. Generally this only happens once a year. Sometimes it happens twice, but not very often. 

Leo is about passion, creativity, courage, nurturing and protecting our creations and kids, and authentic self-expression. Every single one of us has a Leo section in our natal birth chart. That is the area, or life topic, that is being lit up right now, and especially so on Sunday when the the Leo New Moon phase starts.

With both the sun and the moon traveling through Leo, this is a great time to let your most authentic self shine out into the world. Creativity and authentic self-expression is super highlighted until August 22 when the Sun moves to Virgo. The creativity doesn’t go away in Virgo, it just shifts focus. We have an extra boost of sunshine focused on ‘me, myself, and I’ right now.

Leo time is about being focused on yourself, your confidence, and what you are proud of in your life.

Leo New Moon: It’s time to let yourself shine

A great way to connect with this Leo energy is to be honest with yourself about who you are. What are your true passions and desires? Are you living in authenticity? Are you living in alignment with your values?

These questions are for contemplation and meditation. Journaling on them can be enlightening. In the journaling section below you will find prompts to help you get focused on the Leo energy. To know your true passions, desires, and values takes some honest consideration. Whether you do meditation, take nature walks, or sit looking out the window, as examples. Spend some time with your inner voice asking yourself these questions.

New Moons, and the two weeks following, are about setting intentions, refreshing, new beginnings, growth, action, refocusing or taking something to the next level or phase. With this in mind, use the energy of this Leo New Moon to boost your self-confidence, creativity, and set your new moon intentions in the rhythm of the Leo energy. Take pride in your authentic you and let it shine out for the world to see.

The Archetypes of the Leo New Moon

What makes each Moon phase unique from year to year is what the other planets are doing. This whole year of 2021 has a theme of archetypes The Progressive and The Rebel vs. The Traditionalist and The Fear Monger. It is a challenging energy that asks us to look for new ways of doing things.

This Leo New Moon highlights self-expression, being creative with that expression, holding a noble heart, generosity, and indulging in your passions. The shadow side of Leo, is arrogance, narcissistic behavior, boosting oneself by putting others down, and superficiality. The archetypes we can look for are The Creative and The Narcissist.

Be on the lookout for these energies at play. We are adding the Creative and Narcissist archetypes to the storylines happening at the moment with the Rebel, Progressive, Traditionalist and Fear Monger. How will they play out in your life? I would love to hear from you about this!

Other Leo archetypes to watch for are the Benevolent King (or noble hearted person in authority), The Protector, The Artist, The Playful Child, and for shadow archetypes watch out for The Authoritarian, Dictator, and Condescender.

Individual positive expression is acknowledging what is great about yourself, without putting someone else down to do it. Honor your self-expression, what you are proud of, your creativity and passion by taking some time for yourself and exploring these parts of your life.

See if you recognize any of these archetypal characters being played out by yourself, or those around you.

Surprises could come along that push you into new territory exposing insecurities. If this happens to you, question the validity of your negative self-thinking and replace those statements with positive ones. Astrologically this 2021 overarching backdrop is reflected in the sky by the Uranus square Saturn. 

Natural Health and Astrology Leo New Moon Video

Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the New Moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy. 

This month’s Leo New Moon topic is ‘Let Yourself Shine’ Lori and Annabelle, Episode 13 of Natural Health and Astrology

This essential oil recommendation we talk about on the Leo New Moon show is Bergamot, and the description below is from Annabelle. You can purchase the doTerra oils from her if you wish. You can watch the show on my Astrology Facebook page. 

Our YouTube channel will be open soon and then you can subscribe to watch it there. We are in the testing phase now and hope to get you the link to our channel soon.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is a wonderful oil for boosting feelings of self-worth in a positive way. Bergamots are a bright yellow, just like the sun, so perfect for this New Moon when the Sun is playing an important role. 

The oil has a beautiful fresh, uplifting scent and can be used aromatically and topically. Just be careful not to use it on your skin when outside, as like all citrus oils, it is photosensitive. Otherwise, apply to pulse points, chest and soles of the feet, diffuse or inhale from your hands. 

Leo New Moon Intentions: Boosting Your Self-Confidence

  1. Set your New Moon Intentions using the free New Moon Ritual guide.

  2. Acknowledge your innate creativity. This may be more readily accessible for artists and entertainers. But everyone has an area of life where creativity flows. For example, how you creatively problem solve, cook meals, make a complex schedule for your family, or plan an event. 

  3. Everyone has creativity gifts in some life domain. If you don’t know yours, set an intention to find it. Or make an appointment with an astrologer who can easily find the creative signatures in your chart and help you get started in developing them.

  4. Set intentions to use your creative skills more often.

  5. Only do things on the Sunday new moon that you enjoy and stir your passions. 

  6. Set an intention to monitor your internal self-talk. Note if it’s more positive or negative. 

  7. Write positive affirmations that boost your confidence.

  8. Set an intention to share gratitude with others for something positive they did everyday. Do this for two weeks or keep it going in your routine.

  9. Do a free online strengths test and set an intention to purposely use your strengths every day.

  10. My favorite free strengths test, and the one I use in my practice, is the VIA Character Strengths.

  11. Write a list of the things you are most proud of in your life.

  12. Set an intention to recognize when to say no to requests that take you away from your authentic self. Make a note of these things and release them during the Full Moon releasing ritual in two weeks.

  13. Make a list of things you love about yourself. Then set an intention to use those things more often over the next two weeks. Go beyond superficial and material items. Is it your generosity, your ability to manage stress, or how well you have developed living mindfully?

  14. Set intentions that nurture your passions, things that bring you joy, and things that bring out your innate creativity. 

  15. Set an intention to do things you are passionate about more often. Make it a habit with repetition and set time aside in your calendar.

  16. Let yourself shine. Make an intention to let yourself shine more often.

Sunshine Boosting Things to start over the next 2 weeks

  1. Let your inner creator out. Whatever that means to you. 

  2. Start a creative project.

  3. Focus on your kids, they are a creative product that you made.

  4. Do the gratitude activity where you write 3 positive things that happened in your day, everyday. This is a great habit to start and keep going. Try it for at least two weeks and set it in your calendar so you remember to do it. 

  5. Make it a family tradition by doing it at shared meals. Let each person say what they are grateful for from the day, or the day before if you do it over breakfast. 

  6. Take on a fresh look that expresses your authentic self.

  7. If you struggle with too much self-focus, practice gratitude at work, home and with friends.

  8. Boost your confidence by self-pampering. Whatever makes you feel good. Do what helps you express your best self.

  9. Make play dates with your loved ones – only fun things that ignite laughter.

  10. Do things you are good at and recognize that you are good at those things.

  11. Do not compare yourself to others, only to yourself. This is so important. Any comparison to others is not real, you haven’t lived the same life. Only you have lived your life, so you can only compare yourself to you.

  12. Spend your time with those who have your best interests at heart. They will help you sort out what is true, and challenge insecurity thoughts.

Leo New Moon Confidence Questions and Journaling Prompts

  1. What are my favorite features about myself and how can I use them more often?

  2. What am I most proud of accomplishing so far in life? Think about non-material things.

  3. Who is like wind beneath my wings and lifts me up? What is it that they do that makes me feel that way? How can I do more of that with my loved ones?

  4. How do I protect, nurture, and foster growth of my creations and kids?

  5. What type of creative am I?

  6. How and When do I express my creativity?

  7. Is my self-expression in alignment with my internal personality and values system? Journal on your values, passions, and desires. Then write about what takes up your time. Start an action plan to bring your values and actions into more alignment. If you are satisfied that you are living in alignment, celebrate your awesomeness!

  8. Do you recognize any of the archetypal characters from above being played out by yourself, or those around you. Write about it. Make a plan to mindfully observe your conversations and actions over the next two weeks. Notice others as well.

Wrap Up

Every year we experience the Sun traveling through his own sign. This year takes on its unique flavor because there are some other planetary relationships setting the backdrop for this whole year. The energy signature of the Leo New Moon is self-focused, but as humans, we constantly compare ourselves to others. Watch how these archetypes manifest in your environment, and distinguish which parts you and others may be playing.

When the new moon phase kicks off Sunday, spend the next two weeks engaging with your self-expression, creativity, and things you are passionate about. It’s a time for being self-focused. Though surprises and challenges may pop up, you have inner sunshine you can tap into. First it’s important to get to know it. Do some of these intentions, journaling, and exercises so you can let yourself shine.

I wish you a sunny and warm Leo New Moon.


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