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Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon Date and Times

Thursday, 28 July 10:55 AM, West Coast, USA 1:55 PM, East Coast, USA 7:55 PM, Rome, Italy 5 degrees Leo

Leo New Moon Overview

This is a fun and creative Leo new moon. Though there are some tension points, it is really about growth and busting out of outworn patterns of self-expression so you can shine your inner light in a more authentic way.

We all have Leo somewhere in our charts. This part of our chart is about engaging in life with childlike abandon, enjoying the art and beauty of life that surrounds us, and letting ourselves shine with pride, gratitude, and passion.

If you want to find out where Leo is in your chart, read my article about the Astrology houses and how to get a free copy of your chart online. Or go directly to this site to get a free copy of your chart.

Leo is a sign of passion. Whether it is romantic passion, creative passion, or passion for the love of children and kin, Leo is about what stirs our souls and encourages goodwill.

All signs have a side that can be challenging. For Leo, needing to be the center of attention and an insatiable ego drive can create problems at times. Conversations can be about lifting up Leo by putting down others in some cases.

But hey, all signs have their difficult side and most folks exhibit far more of the positive qualities of their signs than the difficult and challenging ones. Generally Leos are a delight to be around. They are gregarious, fun, talented, and full of youthful spirit.

If you do experience any roaring lions, give them the recognition they crave and likely deserve, and you will get back your passionate and fun Leo.

However, if you encounter one of those Leo’s who lifts themselves up by constantly knocking others down, you may want to exit the conversation at your earliest convenience. You can only control your behavior and response to others, you cannot control others.

There is a lot of creativity, passion, and fun to tap into this Leo new moon. Focus on starting a new chapter in your self-expression, and have a great time doing it.

Leo New Moon and Starting a New Chapter on Self-Expression

Leo is a sign that is about self-expression, creativity, childlike wonder, pride, confidence, ego, and courage. Leo energy can be potent, and if it goes unchecked like a wild child, it can turn into condescendence, egotism, and an over the top need for attention and recognition.

Each year we have a Leo new moon with its own message as it combines and synergizes with all the different cosmic energies as they travel through the zodiac. The theme of this month is about starting a new chapter in your self-expression.

A new moon represents new beginnings, new phases, and taking a look at things in a new way. This year’s Leo new moon presents an opportunity to break old patterns that limit your self-expression and allow your full light to shine through.

This is a great time to shed any parts of yourself that are limiting your authentic self-expression. The way this can show up is that things come up in life that make it difficult to continue in the same way as before. Yet you try, and you find it isn’t working. In this case, the Leo creativity will help guide you to a new chapter of self-expression.

Maybe something will happen and you respond the way you ‘think you should’ in order to please others. In order to get praise, recognition, or respect from others. The Leo new moon is about owning your authenticity and doing things your way even if it goes outside of what your family, friends, community, or partner think you should do. Now I’m not talking about doing things illegal, dangerous, or reckless.

I’m talking about your self-expression. What you wear, what you say, what you like to do with your time, and chasing your dream. It’s about pleasing yourself, not just others. And being yourself, not just what others want you to be.

If you are someone who naturally follows the beat to your own drum, you are going to love this Leo new moon. You may welcome the tension that brings to light some areas in life that have felt constraining. You will embrace the opportunity to shake off unnecessary restraints.

If you are someone who gets stuck in the ruts of outworn habits, struggles to make decisions for self-pleasure, and defers to pleasing others, you will have a great opportunity to make some changes. This is a time to start a new chapter in your self-expression.

We all fall somewhere on the spectrum of self-expression. There are those who can’t turn off the tap of self-expression. This extreme end of the spectrum is for those who talk so much about themselves no one else can get a word in. It’s probably where the expression TMI came from – too much information.

Then there are those who break out into a sweat if they have to talk about what they like or let their inner child flash a playful smile. They are bashful and conservative about showing their creative and playful side. Most of us live somewhere in the middle of the extreme ends. And most of us fall in different places on the spectrum depending on who we are talking with and what environment we are in.

During the Leo new moon phase, watch for how comfortable you feel in expressing your true self with different people and situations. Watch for discomfort, as this may tell you where you are overly focused on pleasing others.

Watch for balance in conversations. Are you allowing others to express themself with equal give and take. Monitor your inner dialogue, or self-talk with yourself. Are you editing what you really want to say in order to please others? Journal about this and spend some time reflecting. Make adjustments in your self-expression that are truly in alignment with your inner self.

Self-expression can leave many feeling vulnerable. If exposing the true and authentic you leaves you worried about how others will judge you, it can be paralyzing to allow yourself to self-express. In this case start slow. But do start. Take baby steps to let your true self shine.

Start a new chapter on your self-expression during this Leo new moon by being honest with yourself about where you are right now. If expressing yourself makes you feel like you are going to break out in hives, start with your most trusted people using baby steps.

Or, join a community who doesn’t know you at all, but shares the same interests as the ones you want to let shine. Let’s say you want to express yourself through singing, but you are terrified about singing in front of someone else. Maybe you start with singing lessons. This method works best when stepping out of your comfort zone will be noticed by people you know. Going to a group with shared interests, but they don’t know you, can be freeing because no one is aware that you have been shy about whatever it is you want to do.

Maybe you want to switch from a wardrobe of solid neutrals to bright colors. Start small. Maybe some accessories, or a colorful pair of shoes. The idea isn’t going big, but getting a start on a new chapter of self-expression.

If you want to know more about where Leo is in your chart, or how you can start expressing yourself and you feel like you want some help, book an astrological consultation with me.

Leo New Moon and the Astrological Sky

Each moon phase has a story to tell and it is based not only on the Moon and Sun, but all the different planets in the sky. To gain a deeper understanding of the Leo full moon, I will talk about the different planetary placements that are active at this year’s Leo full moon.

The Leo new moon features planets in the signs Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus. These three signs share qualities that have to do with maintaining the status quo. They are fixed signs which can be understood metaphorically like the middle month of each season. Each season has a beginning, middle, and end. It’s the middle month of each season that holds the course.

Fixed things sometimes get stuck. If you travel along a path long enough you walk yourself from a groove to a rut. Fixed signs are fantastic for keeping things on track, things that require routine, and for dependability and reliability. The danger is getting stuck and becoming rigid or unbalanced when facing change. Balanced flexibility is needed in life. Balance is when you are neither too rigid, or too elastic, and you are usually adaptable and steady.

There is one more fixed sign in the zodiac, Scorpio. All four of the fixed signs are activated at the Leo new moon because we have the moon’s nodes traveling through Scorpio and Taurus. The nodes bring a karmic touch to the energetic vibe of this new moon.

What this means is that new beginnings you start at the Leo new moon can have a karmic or fated feel to them. Remember the theme of the Leo new moon is to ‘start a new chapter of self-expression.’ We don’t tend to make or want change without a little push. The Leo new moon is a universal push in the direction of authentic self-expression.

With a heavy presence of planets and the nodes occupying all the fixed signs, we know there will be some tension around holding on to something in your life that is past its due date. The planets Mars (action) and Uranus (sudden change and disruption) are in the signs of Taurus. Yep, one of those fixed signs. But these planets are representing the tension, the push. They are pressuring the seams of fixed and static energy. A change is warranted.

There is a beautiful vibe from the planet Jupiter (opportunity and growth) to the Leo new moon that indicates universal support and confidence to take action. Jupiter is in Aries, a sign of determination to achieve and readiness to take on any challenge.

The universe is giving us a Leo new moon that will highlight something rigid in life you are holding onto with a tight grip. That thing is likely holding back your authentic self-expression. Jupiter indicates there is energy accessible that will boost your confidence and your will to take action. 

This is some truly dynamic energy. It will help shake loose a tight grip on things ready for change, even if you aren’t. The best way to use the energy of the Leo new moon is to embrace change, give yourself permission to ease up your grip on anything that is pushing you to change as it relates to your authentic self-expression, and be honest with yourself when it comes to how you want to authentically let yourself shine.

It is a dynamic tension that will challenge any false self-expression ideas you are holding onto so you can let go of masks that you wear to please others.

The universe has offered up a time period for you to embrace your authentic self-expression. Now is the time to start a new chapter in some area of your life around how you express yourself.

Leo New Moon Intentions

  1. Set your new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins.

  2. Set intentions to be truly authentic in your self-expression.

  3. Set intentions to break old patterns of pleasing others at your own expense.

  4. Focus on your passions and creativity.

  5. Be open to new ways of seeing an old situation.

  6. Be open to sudden or strange solutions that come out of nowhere.

  7. The Leo new moon is pattern breaking, self-focused, creative, and passionate, set intentions for yourself around these things.

  8. Self-expression is highlighted at this time which can trigger self-limiting beliefs. Reframe self-limiting beliefs using compassionate language and mindfulness approaches.

  9. Let any discomfort that comes up be a guide, like a north star, to areas of your life that are ripe and ready for pattern breaking allowing your authentic self-expression and personality to shine.

  10. Play the song ‘Express Yourself’ by Madonna and dream about you letting yourself shine. Don’t hold back on envisioning your glorious self. 

Leo New Moon ideas for the 2 week New Moon Phase

  1. Express yourself creatively: Sing, dance, play, draw, write, or any creative medium that you love.

  2. Start a new chapter in your life as it relates to your self-expression.

  3. Spend time playing with your children, children you love, or play like a child.

  4. Attend or host a party.

  5. Do things that make you proud and reminisce about things you are proud of.

  6. Make a commitment to break self-limiting habits and patterns.

  7. Do two weeks of gratitude journaling – every day write three things you are grateful for from your day.

  8. Engage in anything from the arts where you appreciate the beauty. E.g., go to a museum, play, live entertainment, or art showing.

  9. Play through your hobbies. Whether it’s sports, music, vision boarding, gardening, whatever it is you do as a hobby in your free time, do it with childlike abandon.

  10. Pick something you enjoyed doing as a kid, or you enjoy doing with kids, and do it!

  11. Beam your inner radiance through your smile, words, and non-verbal language.

  12. Pretend like you are gifted with magic that could only be used to uplift others. As you go about your day, imagine how you would use this gift to make others happy and smile.

Inspirational Quote

‘Self-love creates self-expression and allows us to be creative in deeply fulfilling ways.’ ~ Louise Hay
‘Go toward self-actualization rather than self-image actualization. Search within for honest self- expression.’ ~ Bruce Lee
‘Never dull your shine for somebody else.’ ~ Tyra Banks
‘If we’re really committed to growth, we never stop discovering new dimensions of self and self-expression .’ ~ Oprah Winfrey
‘A person without self-expression is a person without personal freedom.’ ~ Robin S

Leo New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. If I could be a kid for a day, what would the day look like from morning to night?

  2. Is there anything that is dulling my shine? How can I remove those obstacles and let my light shine through?

  3. What parts of myself do I change to fit it with others’ expectations of me? How can I become more authentic in expressing myself with these people or in these environments?

  4. In what roles do I take on with children? Parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, neighbor? How can I role model authentic self-expression to them?

  5. Am I fixed in thought patterns in a way that I inhibit others from their own self-expression? If yes, how can I practice tolerance, acceptance, and love for the uniqueness of others?

  6. Play the song ‘Express Yourself’ and dream about you letting yourself shine and don’t hold back. How different is your wild and free imaginary you from the you that you show to people in the real world? How can you bring parts of that imaginary you to life?

Astrological Aspects of the Leo New Moon for Astrologers and Students

The numbers below indicate the degree of the sign.

  1. New Moon 5 Leo conjunct Sun 5 Leo

  2. Mercury 18 Leo co-present with Sun and Moon 5 Leo

  3. Saturn 23 Aquarius opposite Leo 5 new Moon

  4. Uranus 18 Taurus partile square Mercury 18 Leo

  5. Uranus 18 Taurus conjunct Mars 15 Taurus

  6. New Moon 5 Leo trine Jupiter 8 Aries

  7. T square Sun Moon Mercury Leo opposite Saturn Aquarius, both square Mars Uranus North Node Taurus

Wrap Up

This is a fun and creative Leo new moon. Though there are some tension points, it is really about growth and busting out of outworn patterns of self-expression so you can shine your inner light in a more authentic way. The universe has offered up a time period for you to embrace your authentic self-expression. Now is the time to start a new chapter in some area of your life around how you express yourself.

There may be a feeling that something karmic in your life is shifting as you encounter experiences that ask you to be more authentic in your self-expression and break old habits and patterns that limit your authentic self in order to please others.


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