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June Horoscopes

June Horoscope and The Solstice

Did you know that the word solstice comes from two Latin words? ‘Sol,’ which means ‘Sun’ and ‘sistere’ which means to stand still. The solstices are the days that are the longest and shortest of the year.

In the northern hemisphere, the June solstice is the longest day of the year. While in the southern hemisphere it is the shortest. The December solstice is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest in the southern hemisphere.

The solstices are part of a cycle that also includes the equinoxes. Those are the two days of the year that represent equal light and darkness in a day. They are the middle points between the solstices and equinoxes.

As you may have already guessed, the word equinox comes from the latin word ‘aequi’ which means equal and ‘nox’ which means night. Equal night.

June Horoscopes and The Balance Zone in Life

Balance is a lifelong process. It is action, not a static thing that you achieve and maintain forever. It is a thermometer that anyone can use to evaluate a moment in time, a relationship, career, children, and hobbies. Balance is in constant fluctuation. Balance requires flexibility and adaptability allowing you to ride the wave of life.

Balance is about how we manage the many things we all face as human beings. Generally speaking, we can say change disrupts any type of equilibrium or balance we achieve in life. This is not a negative or bad thing. I believe it is important to acknowledge it because as the saying goes, the only constant thing in life is change.

Unfortunately, we often are not taught this as we are growing up. Even if we are, it is not always easy to find, let alone live, constantly live in balance. I would argue it is impossible to always live in perfect balance. We are constantly managing changes. Minor little ones, and gigantic big ones.

Think about it. Pick any day and think about how you manage routine things like eating, sleeping, and exercise. If you are going to have a pasta meal for lunch, maybe you go for a more lean breakfast. If you are going on a big run, you may carb up.

What you are doing is helping your body experience equilibrium. If you didn’t, you will likely experience the more extreme ends of non-equilibrium. Like what happens during the day when you don’t get enough sleep? 

Those are mundane things. But what about when you work too many hours, do you balance it out by working less the next day? Or what if you are a single parent working two jobs, how do you balance that? Navigating these complexities are difficult, and require attention to how to find your equilibrium in the life you are living.

The key for finding and living in balance is to keep away from the extreme sides of things. The further away you extend yourself from the middle, or balance, the more distance you have to travel to get back into balance. If you keep your balancing act swaying closely to the middle, you are living in a managed balance kind of way.

Or as I like to call it, flexible balance. It’s not staying at a rigid balanced point, but swaying over that middle point, not too far in either direction. I think of a ride from when I was a kid. It was a boat that would hold a bunch of kids and swing forward, then backward. It started slowly moving just a little forward and a little backward. Then faster and farther until it went as far as it could go without going all the way around.

Living in balanced flexibility is keeping your swing from going to the extreme reaches. On that boat ride, it was exhilarating going from one extreme to the other. But that’s not necessarily how I want to live life. Swiftly racing from one extreme to the other. A ride is something you can jump off of. But real life can be more difficult to get out of extreme swings.

The solstices and equinoxes are symbolic representations of moving in and out of equilibrium. They show us the extreme ends, and the gradual movement back to balance every year. Year to year the cycle flows in the natural rhythm of time.

This cycle of time is nature’s way of reminding us that time moves in cycles and so does human life. A lifetime is not a neat straight line from birth to death. There are many zig zags in between.

There are the extreme ends of ups and downs, times of balance, and times of moving into balance. Just like the extreme ends of the solstices, the times of feeling balanced like the equinoxes, and the times of moving between balance and extremes. Those are the time periods between these four times of the year.

The greater period of time in a one year cycle are the times between these four key points of the year. Just like in life. We spend most of our time moving in or out of balance. When we reach an extreme, we make an effort to move back into balance. We don’t have to go to extremes though. We can practice mindfulness and catch our movement toward the extreme end early, and pull ourselves back toward flexible balance.

When we find a good flexible groove of balancing around the middle, a slight sway from side to side over the middle ground, it feels good. The target area for living holistically, in a state of well-being, is to spend the greatest amount of time in the balance zone.

The balance zone is the small and short sway of flex and flow around the center of exact balancedness. 

The June Solstice is a time where we can look deeply at ourselves in the different areas of life. You may have a stable and balanced relationship with your partner, but experiencing big change at work. You could be welcoming a new child into your home, or launching one off to college.

You may have a variety of life areas undergoing change to create more balance and joy. Like starting a new self-care program or changing your work hours. For each of your major life areas, consider if they fall in the Balance Zone, or if they are tipping your scales to the extreme end. June provides a good deal of dynamic energy to put toward bringing yourself into or finding ways to stay in the Balance Zone.

June Horoscopes and Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde has become one of my favorite topics to talk about. This is because I love talking about cycles, circular living, spiraling upward, and living in the rhythm of nature by acknowledging her cycles. 

The solstices and equinoxes are about balance. Mercury retrograde is about reflection, review, refinement, realignment, solidifying a foundation, and finishing or updating unfinished business.

It’s also a time where people from your past may show up and a great time for clearing the air with people about something from the past. If you have been experiencing any of these things since late April and early May, you are engaging with Mercury retrograde energy.

Pop astrology has made Mercury retrograde a somewhat commonly known thing. On one hand this is great, there are more people in the know about something astrological. On the other hand, if one does not dig deeper into the meaning and symbology, it can be something that people fear, dislike, and become anxious about.

One of my goals is to help people understand Mercury retrograde better and how to work with the energy so there is a recognizable benefit both during and after a cycle has ended. I would like to ease some of the anxiety and dread when you hear the words Mercury Retrograde by giving you information on the posivite qualities of it.

Mercury retrograde happens three times a year. Sometimes four if it overlaps the beginning or end of a particular year. The entire cycle lasts around two months, including the pre and post shadow periods. The actual time Mercury is retrograde is around three weeks. But the pre and post shadow periods are significant and included into the timing of the entire cycle.

That means around half the year we are asked to slow down and reflect back before moving forward. Do you do that? Has it become part of your nature to pause every three months to reflect and review before focusing on forward movement again?

What if you had done a little more research? What if something from the past is inhibiting or impeding your growth and forward movement. This is what Mercury retrograde is all about. It’s not about living in the past or dwelling on mistakes, it’s about lessons learned, uncovering the things you missed, and giving you the opportunity to fine tune.

It’s about recalibrating and cementing your progress so far so you move forward on solid ground. It’s about checking your foundation before you build on top of it. It’s about repairing the cracks that happen over time. It’s about noticing something small before it’s big.

When you approach Mercury retrograde with the standpoint that it will open space for you to move forward more freely and in a better position than before, it takes on a different feel and meaning. It becomes something to look forward to, to benefit from, and uses 360 vision.

360 vision is learning from the past, clearing up unfinished business, refining, and realigning as it relates to the present, and increases the probability of success for your future goals. Those who are only forward looking miss out on the richness and invaluable lessons that come from a past review.

To be clear, I am not suggesting you remain in the past the entire Mercury retrograde. Rather, that you make time to cover old ground. For example, if you are in the process of starting your own business. Take Mercury retrograde cycles to review and update your plan.

If you started a new wellness program, take the retrograde to evaluate what is working, what isn’t, and reorganize your plan. If it is a time of seasonal change where you live, switch out your wardrobe and home decor during the retrograde.

If you have to launch something new during a retrograde, give extra time to research and reconnaissance. This will help uncover things that you may have missed. There are as many examples as you can think of. Your creative mind can come up with endless ways to use Mercury retrograde cycles.

June Horoscope Solstice and Retrograde

Combining the two celestial events of the solstice and the retrograde can be highly rewarding. The longest (northern hemisphere) or shortest (southern hemisphere) day of the year in June is a time to evaluate where you may be going to extremes.

This is a time to reflect on what may be out of balance. It is also a time to recognize what is in balance. What are you really good at keeping balanced in your life, what things are constantly in the Balance Zone, and how can you do more of that? Keep in mind that true balance should bring you inner peace and joy.

If you are managing to hold something together, like running your household, or your department at work, or a taxing exercise system, but you feel worn out, run down, and/or exhausted, that is not balanced. That is not consistently staying in the Balance Zone.

Living in the Balance Zone isn’t just about the external success or appearance of having your stuff together. It is actually the feeling that you can manage things, are managing things, and enjoying life right now. There is a peaceful feeling in your stomach, and a relaxed approach both inside and out.

I think we all go through times of extremes. Times where things happen out of our control, or even within our control, that leave us feeling highly imbalanced. It may or may not be because of actions you took. Using this energy is not about blame, guilt, or focusing on your perceived errors.

It is about learning from the past, reframing mistakes and failures into positive talk about how you can use the information you have gained from your experience, and building a stronger position for moving forward after the retrograde. It’s about recognizing earlier when you are sliding to extremes, and knowing the edges of your Balance Zone.

Yes, Mercury retrograde will probably always have the delays, frustrations, and communication breakdowns that come with Mercury retrograde. Yes, you can work with this energy by first knowing about it, second, slowing down, and third, listening to the signs.

Listening to the signs means that when you experience a delay or breakdown, treat it as a sign or message from the universe that there is something deeper to learn. Take notice of what is around you. What were you thinking about? What were you trying to push forward? Did any of these delays or signs push you out of your Balance Zone, or further away from it?

Mercury will go direct on June 3 and the solstice happens on June 21, just as we come out of the post Mercury retrograde shadow on June 18. The natural timing and rhythm of nature during this time period is clear.

Wrap up your reflections, reviews, and realignments during the first half of June. When the solstice comes around on the 21st, it’s time to take action toward bringing any extremes in your life back into balance.

We know that balance is a concept, an ideal, a work in process, a zone that is flexible balance when swing and sway inside of its boundaries. When you are working on balance in your life, think of a pendulum.

It can swing in small distances staying close to the middle. That is the Balance Zone. Or it can swing to the extreme sides of its diameter. That is out of balance. Rate where you are in the different parts of your life such as your relationship, career, self-care, leisure time, and friends.

Remember that it is not about being perfect. It’s about doing the perfect thing for yourself at this moment in time. There will always be another cycle to learn and spiral upward.

June Horoscopes and Astrology

Each of you has your own individual chart. Astrological timing uses the movement of the planets to understand the quality of the current time. Though predictions can be made, astrologers tend to speak in general out of respect for your free will in manifesting what you want in your life.

Sun sign horoscopes are accurate, they just lack an overall view of everything going on in your personal horoscope. That’s why sometimes they don’t seem to catch really important things happening to you.

Astrologers always struggle with providing the best astrological information to a wide audience who loves astrology while knowing that it is impossible to speak to each of your individual charts in a general horoscope.

This is why I think I can best serve you by talking about these cycles. They apply to everyone, and we can each take this information and integrate it into what is happening in life right now.

If you want to know what is going on in your individual horoscope, please schedule a consultation with me.

In the sky right now, there are some general configurations I would like to call to your attention. How they show up in your chart will vary depending on the planetary placements when you were born.

June Horoscopes and the Planets

The energy of the new moon in Gemini is beaming down on us as June kicks off. If you want to read about the May 30 new moon, check out my video or blog.

Full Moon on June 14 in the sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an outgoing sign that loves to do things for the experience of it. I think the saying ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’ is very Sag. The opposite sign of Sagittarius is Gemini. When we have a full moon, it’s sign is always opposite the sun sign.

That means we have the Sun traveling through Gemini and the Moon traveling through Sagittarius on the full moon. These two signs are social, dynamic, and active. Expect the full moon energy vibe to be upbeat and perhaps will have you engaged in a few different things.

Look out for more information on the full moon in a few weeks.

New Moon on June 28 in the sign of Cancer

Our next new moon will be in the sign Cancer. As we move into July, we will start experiencing more of the water element when the Sun moves into Cancer at the Solstice on June 21. The water element represents our gut instincts, feeling sense, and heightens our intuitive sense.

We may want to hunker down at home around the new moon and rejuvenate as Cancers love to be comfy at home. Or hunker down at the beach if it’s warm where you live. Cancer loves to be near or in water, so keep that in mind if you are planning a holiday around that time.

June Horoscopes with Mercury, Venus, and Mars

These three planets are called our personal planets because they are how we express who we are. In the horoscope, the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant describe who we are. We express that by our communication style (Mercury), our relating style (Venus), and how we take action in the world (Mars).

Where these three planets are in your chart are super important because they help you clarify your style, and how it’s different or the same from your family, friends, and colleagues. As the planets travel through the sky, they go through different signs which represent the energetic quality of the time. But they do not change your chart.

The signs of these planets in your chart may be activated though, and that is what an astrologer talks about in consultation. As we enter June, Mercury and Venus are traveling through Taurus, an earth sign. Taurus is about stability, maintaining the status quo, and routine. It can be a bit stubborn at times, and is known for being a grounded and practical sign.

Mercury will move into Gemini on June 13. The collective energy for communication can go from grounded, stuck, or mundane to scattered, creative, and brilliant flashes of ideas. Venus will join Mercury in Gemini on June 23. The energetic shift will become more light and outgoing by the last week of June.

With Mercury and Venus in Gemini the last week of June should pick up socially and mentally. There may be more invitations on your calendar, or more mental energy for you at work. It really depends on your chart, what is activated by the moving planets, and what is currently going on in your life. 

Mars starts and ends the month in Aries. Mars visits his own sign Aries once every two years so this is significant and thrilling. This could manifest as more energy, but again, it really depends on your chart. All planets are associated with their home sign. Mars in Aries and Mercury in Gemini are both in their home signs.

That means they are both functioning at their very best. Aries and Gemini energy work really well together. It’s like brains and brawn in one package. Gemini generates ideas and the verbal communication skills to share them while Mars fuels the fire with increased physical energy to execute those ideas.

The Sun in Cancer, after June 21, reminds us that compassion is important and to be aware of our words and actions. Without compassion, words and actions can come across harsh and aggressive. The key here is to be assertive and draw the line at aggression, and try to think about how others may feel in response to your words and actions.

June Horoscopes and Jupiter

Jupiter, the sign of optimism, growth, and expansion moved into the sign of Aries last month. As June starts, Jupiter and Mars are both traveling through Aries close together in the sky.

This is great for an energy boost and to put air under your wings. For some it can feel like you are on top of the world and can do anything. For others there may be agitation. And for some, a possibility of over doing it.

If you are someone who tends to go to extremes, remember the solstice is happening, and to take this time to really dive into understanding yourself. Put into action things that will help bring you into your Balance Zone.

This is really important to be aware of if you engage in any type of addictive behavior such as an eating disorder, substance abuse, gambling, or sexual addiction. This is a time where overdoing it could be more pronounced and a caution to put prevention in place now.

The cool thing is that Jupiter is usually a bringer of optimism and luck. There is a built in part of Jupiter that can serve us if we put the effort in to channel this energy into things that will help us. If you tend to go to extremes, plan for how to channel that into self-care and healthy hobbies.

If you need an energy boost, June is going to bring it. Jupiter and Mars together in Aries is like having a ‘can-do’ attitude with the ideas and energy to back up whatever it is you want to do.

This is especially nice coming on the tails of the Mercury retrograde. You have gone through a realignment period, refined and reevaluated things, and are now ready to set forward on the important things in life. Jupiter and Mars are there to boost you up.

Go for your dreams and vision. Make sure you have written goals so you have a clear view of where you are going. And engage in a positive and growth oriented mindset. These are ingredients for success.

Wrap Up

Working with the natural rhythms of nature will put you on a course for success. The solstices and equinoxes symbolically represent the act of moving in and out of balance. It is a time for evaluating your level of balance in important areas of life like health, family, and career and move yourself into your Balance Zone.

The Mercury retrograde cycle ends mid-June just before the June solstice. Mercury goes direct on June 3rd, but wait until mid-June for it to get back to its regular pace after the post-retrograde cycle. By the end of June we will have a boost of energy that is social, dynamic, and fun.


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