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June 2021 Horoscope

Your June 2021 horoscopes are here:

June always starts out in Gemini season. That means the Sun up in the sky is traveling through the sign of Gemini. June kicks off with a big focus on the social scene. Those of us in the northern hemisphere are ready for the warm weather and social gatherings that Gemini energy is suggesting.

One word of caution in the June 2021 horoscope, the planet Mercury is in retrograde. What that means is we all will benefit from taking things a bit more slowly, and reflecting on life. It’s a great time to finish up old projects, but not the best time to start something totally new.

By the end of the month, Mercury will be looking forward again and things will start getting back to normal. The vibe in the air will be more nurturing and creative.

Here is a general June 2021 horoscope for each sign. Though it is impossible to provide personal and individualized details in a general horoscope, you can get more information if you read for your rising or ascendant sign in addition to your Sun sign.

If you don’t know your ascendant sign, there are free online calculators. Or you can reach out to me for help. Let’s take a look at June.


Chat it up and connect with your friends. You will be full of witty things to say. Be careful with misplacing things or being late to meetings. Give yourself extra time for everything. Because you will want to be super social, take caution that you don’t over schedule yourself.

Considering how social you will want to be, do block off some time for yourself. You will benefit from doing some spiritual self-development.

You may want to rearrange or re-decorate something at home. This is a great time to do that. You will find beautiful and charming things that will lift your spirit.

By mid-month, you may feel your energy and drive kick into high gear. Channel that energy into art, sport, a creative project, or your children if you have them.


The beginning of the month may have you focusing on your financial affairs. Read those numbers three times over. With Mercury retrograde, errors and misinterpretations are easier to happen. Read all the fine print very closely. Things may become more clear by the end of the month if you can wait until then to make financial decisions.

After the 22nd your focus may shift from finances to colleagues, siblings, or your daily routine. Relationships with people in your inner circle should go well for you all month. You may feel nurtured and appreciated by your colleagues and siblings if you have them.

After June 12 there will be a shift in your energy from doing things with your siblings and colleagues, to doing stuff around the house. Fun things you can do are to have a dinner party at your place, or a family barbeque. You will likely want to be home a little more and enjoy the peace and quiet.


The month kicks off with a lot of mental energy in your sign. Your gift for verbal expression is always there, but it’s likely to be magnified as June kicks off. With Mercury, your ruling planet, in retrograde, just be careful about what you say. Things may come out of your mouth that you wish hadn’t.

You are at extra risk of being delayed, losing items, and either being misunderstood or misunderstanding what others are saying. Take a pause before reacting to be clear.

You will have some sweet energy moving into your financial sector with a visit from Venus. This can also manifest as a boost in self-esteem. Around June 12 you will have a shift in your energy from working hard for your money, and into communication, colleagues, and your daily routine.

Your words will have the Midas touch for originality, charm, and creativity. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month increasing the chances of being misunderstood. Be extra clear in your communications and you are golden.


As the month starts off, you may be spending a lot of time in quiet meditation, but full of thoughts and ideas internally. Take note of all the ideas popping up at the beginning of the month, as this energy will shift away soon.

By June 3rd, you will feel like doing a makeover. Maybe it’s makeup, or wardrobe, or accessories. Whatever you do at this time will feel good. Venus is moving into your sign, and she is the planet of beauty. She’s there to help you look and feel great.

Your physical energy should be in high gear at the start of the month. It will shift around June 12 into your financial sector giving you extra energy for building resources and self-esteem. This can work nicely with any Venus beauty makeovers you decide to do.

By the end of the month you may start to become more clear on ideas that popped up at the beginning of the month. Start thinking about how you can implement some of those ideas in July.


The month kicks off with a lot of activity with groups, online or offline. Watch out for miscommunications with your groups and friends.

With so much activity with your friends and in groups during a Mercury retrograde, you may experience delays or misunderstandings when planning. Just expect it and plan for extra patience so you aren’t so annoyed when it happens.

Your way of relating with others may take on a mysterious or more subdued approach than usual. This is a great time to do some inner work and meditation on how you value relationships with others.

Your energy level at the beginning of the month may feel drained. Around June 12 you will get a big energy boost when Mars, the planet of energy, enters your sign. You will start feeling like your tank is getting filled up and bursting with energy to do something.


As June opens you may have a single focus on your career. The only snag is Mercury is retrograde in this same part of your chart. The caution is to wait and see how things end up at the end of the month when the planet of communication is moving forward.

There will be a sense of pleasure and enjoyment from social encounters with your friends or with groups, either online or in person. Though you may be focused on work the first half of June, try to get social with others after June 3.

Around June 22 there will be a general shift of focus over to groups, friends, and associates. You will find benefits in some way by engaging more socially, and you will enjoy connecting with others.

Around June 12 you may feel like your gas tank has run empty. Do listen to your body and take more rest time for yourself. With work and socializing calling you, it’s easy to wear yourself down. Schedule some time for yourself to be sure you have time to refill your tank.


You may be in a course, class, or working on something related to higher education at this time. Or you may be focused on traveling to a foreign destination. It’s an exciting time for you and you crave adventure. Just give yourself plenty of extra time for delays and snafus with Mercury retrograde.

Shortly after the month begins, the planet of pleasure and relating moves to your career sector. You may receive some pleasant work news, or have positive interactions in your career.

Your energy will shift from throwing yourself into work and career to socializing more with friends and groups. You will have a boosted magnetic appeal starting on June 12 with your friends. In a group, you will be the center of attention.


At the start of the month you may be having a lot of conversations around your partner’s finances, or how your partner values you. Or you may be trying to get a loan, clear up a debt, or dealing with an inheritance. This is a good time to delve into thinking about the deeper philosophical meaning of life and life cycles.

With Mercury retrograde in this deep and philosophical part of your chart, you may become aware of new things and ideas about yourself. This is a great time for some deep inner work with a coach, therapist, retreat, or to sign up for a self-development class.

You will take pleasure in learning, especially as it relates to philosophical and spiritual studies, and anything travel related. Energy wise, you will be focused on spiritual or travel related things the first half of the month.

The second half of June may find you putting physical energy toward your career and public status.


The beginning of the month will find yourself focused on others. Whether it’s the dating scene, a partner, spouse, or business partner. If you are single, you will come off as clever and fun. Get out there and socialize. If you are in a relationship, you will enjoy talking with your partner. Plan to do some things together.

With Mercury retrograde in your relationship sector, there is a chance for misunderstandings. It is also a great time to work out things from the past that may come up again. It is not the time to try and brush differences under the rug. Talk about them.

The way your partner values you can be a topic that comes up at this time. There is also the chance of receiving resources from others at this time, like a loan, financial aid, or inheritance.

You may feel like your physical energy and drive is a bit sluggish at the beginning of the month. It will shift around June 12 and you may find yourself eager to travel or study after that. Just pay extra attention to details with Mercury retrograde. Check everything 3 times.


The beginning of the month may have you super busy at work. You are likely to encounter lots of little annoyances and problems around details, delays, and discrepancies. Don’t worry, it won’t last. By the end of the month things will get back to normal.

Early in the month you may want to get out into the dating scene, or if you are attached, you will want to socialize with your partner. Do it, you will have fun and offset some of that work irritation.

One caution, around June 12, your energy and drive may go down and you feel more tired than usual. You will benefit from taking it easy and indulge in some self-care. A massage, facial, yoga, or meditation should do the trick.


Fun and play is written in the stars for you as the month kicks off. You will want to be more social than usual and may engage in more sport or art if you are into those things. By June 3 there will be a shift where you focus on well-being, a healthy diet, and exercise.

Engaging in your well-being will increase how you feel about yourself in a positive way. Around June 22 you will feel this energy more strongly when the Sun changes sign to Cancer.

With your social calendar getting booked up, watch for double booking or errors in dates and times. Around June 12 you may physically feel more energized to socialize romantically. This is a great month to have some hot romance.

Dating and romantic encounters are highlighted for meeting someone new. If you are attached, plan a date with your partner. Like what you did when you first met.


Your astrology indicates this could be a great time to do something at home, like redecorate. Or with your family, like a game night or barbeque outside. Anything you do around the home should be full of laughter, clever conversations, and fun.

Home projects can take on extra attention later in the month when you feel a burst of physical energy to do tedious projects. You may also be inspired to get a pet after June 12.

You will become even more attractive in June with Venus visiting your area of romance, passion, and pleasurable things. You can be more creative during this time. Anything artistic is highlighted, art, music, graphic design, or creative solution making.

Wrap Up

That’s a wrap on your June 2021 horoscope. Astrology is a deep and amazing tool that can boost your self-knowledge and development. It is much more than your Sun sign. Reading horoscopes is about your Sun sign and a great way to introduce yourself to the ancient practice of astrology.

To watch the video on this months moon, click here for the replay on my Facebook page. If you would like to learn more about astrology or your personal astrology birth chart, you are welcome to contact me.


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