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January Horoscopes

A Saturnian Kind of January Horoscope: Capricorn and Aquarius

January kicks off with a strategic Capricorn new moon setting the tone for a Saturnian month. A Saturnian month is one where we have quite a few planets traveling through Saturn signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Capricorn is about responsibility, discipline, boundaries, structure, strategy, limits, and can symbolically represent things that are cold, difficult, and rigid.

Aquarius is innovative, rebellious, wants to walk an independent and free path, stubborn, idealistic, reform oriented, and concerned with humanity, progress, and individual freedom.

You can consider how these traits apply to the part of your chart they represent. You will gain greater insight by looking at the wheel of your chart to see where Capricorn and Aquarius fall.

Anyone on my email list can reach out to me to find out where the zodiac signs fall on your personal wheel. Contact me through my website by clicking here. You can find a key to the astrology glyphs and how to find the zodiac signs on your wheel on my astrology symbols webpage.

If you want to use a free online calculator to find your chart, here is a link to one that will generate it for you.

With this Saturnian new moon energy we can get strategic and plan for 2022 in a practical way, set realistic goals, launch a new business or business idea, take on more responsibility, and lay down a new foundation for anything you want to last a long time.

January is a special time because it represents the new year for many cultures. At this time many of us are coming out of a major holiday season and planning for what we want to manifest in life during this new year. This year the Capricorn new moon falls right on the heels of the new year.

It’s a time of hope and yet there is a sense of needing to be practical, realistic, and disciplined in how we move forward. We often set off a new year with good intentions and resolutions which recede over time.

Sometimes we keep up with resolutions for a while and then just forget about them. Sometimes we don’t even make a start, only a wish. This is why I recommend doing goal setting instead of new year’s resolutions.

January Horoscopes Inspirational Quote

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

January Horoscope Kick off to a New Year

We have two retrogrades happening in January 2022. Venus is already retrograde as we enter the new year. Mercury retrograde comes mid-month, but the energy is already starting to build as January kicks off.

We also have the planet of optimism, hope, and how we expand our world (Jupiter) moving into the sign of Pisces where it is extra potent. This sets us up with an excellent first two weeks of the month for serious goal setting, both long and short term.

It’s a nice synchronistic flow to do goal setting while Venus is retrograde and with the Mercury retrograde energy building. It’s looking forward and planning for the future while looking backwards to clear up any wrinkles, problems, or unresolved conflict from the past.

The Capricorn energy helps us to be practical, realistic, cautious, and strategic in our goal setting. The serious nature of Capricorn helps us stay grounded in reality rather than fanciful dreaming. We need planning in order to make our dreams and wishes come true.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Venus retrograde in Capricorn started back in mid-December, and will be retrograde until the end of January 2022. We have two sides of Venus retrograde marked by a meeting of her with the Sun halfway through the retrograde.

When Venus retrograde meets the Sun, it is indicative of a phase change. The first part of Venus retrograde is finding the wrinkles in relationships and relating styles with yourself, others, or situations. The second half is doing something about it.

On January 9 is when the Sun and Venus meet in Capricorn. Take the first two weeks of January to evaluate where you need some refreshment in relationships or your relating style, and after January 9, work on how you will do that.

If you want to learn more about it, I wrote a detailed blog about Venus retrograde here.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius

Mercury goes retrograde January 14, and will be retrograde the rest of January 2022 in Saturn signs Aquarius and Capricorn. We will feel the retrograde early in the month as things start getting wacky during the shadow starting December 29, 2021.

Mercury going retrograde further reinforces that we will be looking backwards to shore up loose ends and correct errors as part of our future planning. We don’t want our future plans to be based on misinformation from the past.

We will have a chance to discover errors and flaws and correct them for smoother sailing in the future. Mercury retrograde is in relation to our internal and external communication while Venus retrograde is in relation to our internal and external relations.

Mercury goes direct February 3, and the shadow or gradual lessening of the retrograde energy, ends on February 24. That means that we are under the influence of Mercury retrograde all of January and most of February.

This Mercury retrograde takes place in Aquarius from January 14 to January 27 and then it moves into Capricorn until February. You can read below about the different parts of life where you may feel this energy most based on your rising sign. I will write a more in depth blog on this Mercury retrograde later in January.

Remember that the most sensitive time for Mercury retrograde is the beginning and end dates. Be most careful around those dates of being clear in your communication style, and while you are out traveling by any mode, but especially driving.

Read here for the general ‘Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide.

The Sun will activate both the Mercury and Venus Retrogrades

As the Sun moves forward through Capricorn in January, and then moves to Aquarius on January 19/20 depending on where you live, he will meet both Venus and Mercury along the way.

I referred to the Venus and Sun meeting above and how this marks the transition point of the two parts of the Venus retrograde.

When the Sun meets Mercury, there can be an awakening, great insight, and increased communication activity. The date they meet is January 23.

Mars is going to Activate those Points Too

Like I said, it’s a Saturnian month. Mars joins the party later in the month on January 25. So if you feel like you get a delayed manifestation of the above, it can be because Mars comes through and triggers these sensitive points.

Mars is the planet of action and pot stirring that makes things move, happen, things get changed, talked about, re-worked and all those ‘re’ words associated with retrograde. It signifies the action part of change.

A Pleasant Jupiter Shift

With all that Capricorn and Aquarius energy going on you may be wondering if there is any planet not traveling in those signs. Yes, there is! We have had the planet Jupiter traveling through Capricorn and then Aquarius for the last two years.

Finally Jupiter moves into Pisces, one of her home signs, on December 30, 2021. We will all ring in the new year right after this pleasant shift. Jupiter moving into Pisces is one of the bigger astrological events of the year and most of us astrologers are really excited about it.

What that means is that somewhere in your life a sweet and dreamy breeze is going to sweep in. This will last until May 10. Enjoy this time where the energetic quality is peaceful bliss, mystical entrancement, creative flowing energy, and a feeling of harmony and unity.

Your Horoscope

If you want more specific information on where this energy will likely manifest in your life, find the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces symbol in your chart, and then read about the qualities associated with that house in your chart.

This is how I write the monthly horoscopes, so if you know your rising sign, find that sign below and I will let you know what part of your chart is reflecting activity from this month’s astrological highlights the two retrogrades and Jupiter moving into Pisces.

Remember you can get your chart from me free of charge by writing to me. If you have your chart and aren’t sure what all the symbols and glyphs mean, or how to find out which part of your chart wheel is activated, check out my astrology symbols page.

New and Full Moons

The new moon of January is right on the heels of the new year on January 2. Read about the new moon on my Astroblog.

The full moon will be in the sign Cancer on January 17 or 18 depending on where you live. You can read more about the Cancer full moon on my blog closer to the 17th on the Astroblog.

January 2022 Horoscopes

The monthly horoscopes are best read for your ascendant as I write them based on the location of the planet’s position in relation to the ascendant signs. This makes it possible for me to give you more detail as to the life domain being activated by the planetary movements.

If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know your rising sign, I will send it to you free of charge. Contact me with your birth date, time, and location. Or use this free online calculator to find it.


The Capricorn part of your chart is related to your career, life direction, and where you find meaning and purpose in life. This indicates that there is a lot of activity going on in this area. You have an opportunity to freshen and update your relationship with your career.

You may be reworking and resolving issues with a boss, or as a boss. This is an opportunity to clear up any unresolved issues from the past regarding your career so you can move forward. Your goal setting may be drawn to this area of life or taking on more responsibility in general.

The Aquarius part of your chart is in relation to your social networks, friendships, and what you hold dear in terms of inspiration, your hopes, goals, and dreams. Mercury retrogrades partially in this sign. You may have to try a bit harder to communicate clearly with your social networks.

Be extra succinct when communicating to avoid misunderstandings. You have an opportunity to correct or resolve a past communication issue. The Sun will move into this part of your chart January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, sending vitality and sparking your charisma for social activities.

Pisces represents a mystical part of your chart. Take advantage of Jupiter passing through to deepen your spiritual growth. It’s a time of introspection and investigating the non-physical parts of life as the new year begins until May 10. You may be surprised how much enjoyment you can get by pursuing spiritual matters or spending quality time alone.

Beware of addictions or escapism with this placement. If you are struggling now, are in recovery, or have tendencies to escape or overdo it, seek out support groups. You will best serve yourself by investing time in where you find spirituality, peace, and harmony rather than turning to escapism or substance use.


The Capricorn part of your chart is related to higher education, religion, law, foreigners or foreign land, and long-distance travel. You may be actively reworking activities that have to do with these areas of life. You have a chance to refresh this part of your life.

The Aquarius part of your chart has to do with your career, life direction, and where you find meaning and purpose in life. Mercury retrograde will partially be in this part of your chart. You may be reworking something career related in January and February.

You can benefit by restructuring something career related, with your boss, or as a boss. The Sun will move into Aquarius in this part of your chart January 19 or 20 depending on where you live bringing in a new vitality and indicating increased charisma.

You will have some lovely months with Jupiter visiting the part of your chart that has to do with your social network, friends, and where you find inspiration. This shift happens December 30, just before the new year and goes until May 10. Plan some special get togethers with your friends and social network.

You have extra luck and opportunity for any time of social activity. If you work online or do any types of activities that require working with groups, you will have a special ability to intuitively know what to say and do for the betterment of the group. You could also experience an increase in innovative solutions for your social groups.

You may find yourself with many options for how to ring in the new year. Your hardest decision may be on deciding what to do.


The Capricorn part of your chart represents your psyche and shared resources. You may be restructuring agreements with your romantic partner or business partner around finances.

There is plenty of opportunity to clear up past wrinkles and prepare for new shared financial structures for the new year. This is an area that you could set some practical goals to reach during 2022.

The Aquarius part of the chart has to do with legal systems, higher education, your religion, and foreigners or foreign places. When the Sun enters this part of your chart on January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, you may have a boost of vitality to deal with these affairs.

Mercury will retrograde in both of the above mentioned areas giving you the chance to ‘re’ do what needs to be redone. The life areas I mentioned above will be highlighted in the Mercury retrograde and due for some restructuring around communication, travel, or learning.

Pisces represents your career, life direction, and where you find meaning and purpose in life. You are getting a big boost from Jupiter visiting this part of your chart as the new year kicks off all the way to May 10.

Take advantage of this period to create increased peace and harmony at work, with your boss, or as a boss. You have more access to creativity during this time period. It can be a time where your focus on purpose and meaning of your life is prominent.


The Capricorn part of your chart is associated with relationships, either romantic or business partners. It represents others and can have you thinking more about ‘others’ than yourself. It can also indicate a focus on clients if you are a solopreneur.

Past romantic or business partners from the past may come knocking at your door, or you may feel inclined to reach out to them. If there is closure you are looking for from a past relationship, it could happen during this time.

If you are not involved in a committed relationship, it could be less active for you, but you still may find your mind drifting to relationships from the past.

When the Sun moves into Aquarius on January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, you may feel psychically revitalized. Shared resources are highlighted with the Sun moving into this Aquarius part of your chart.

Shared resources as it relates to your independence may become highlighted for the month the Sun travels through this area of life.

The Pisces part of your chart represents your religion and belief system, foreigners and foreign places, higher education, and long-distance travel. There may be a shift from what you have experienced in the last 2 years. Take advantage of this shift through May 10.

It is likely you will experience a lovely and pleasant shift. What has been blocked will be unblocked or at least less blocked. You may get some lucky breaks and an increase in optimism as it relates to your spirituality, travel, or higher education.


Capricorn represents the part of your chart that has to do with service, hard work, and your daily routine. You may have had to rework your schedule, work harder than usual, or adjust course or direction of your daily work routine based on newly discovered information.

Correcting the course now will help move you forward after February when both Mercury and Venus retrogrades are in the rearview mirror. Schedule yourself extra time for work so you don’t get too crunched or double booked.

The Aquarius part of your chart represents your committed romantic or business partnerships. When the Sun moves into this area of your chart January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, you may feel an increase in your charisma and vitality.

The Pisces part of your chart represents your shared resources with a partner and your psyche. You will have an increase in harmony compared to what you have experienced in the last two years. You may want to spend more time alone through May 10, and that is okay.

With this Jupiter placement you may find resolutions to shared resource issues, credit applications, debt problems, or inheritance legal problems. If you are expecting an inheritance, it could come through during this time.


Capricorn represents how you find pleasure in life, children, and your individual creativity. Sex and romance falls in this area too. You may be reworking something that has to do with children, or maybe going through a transition where you kids are becoming adults.

You may also find that the way you engage in the dating scene needs some change and refreshing. You may discover past dating strategies no longer work and it’s time to shift to a new way of engaging. If you are married, this is a time to refresh the romance part of your relationships.

This is a time to look back to your creativity in all forms from the past and see what needs to be updated for the future. It may be hard to change course, but you are likely to benefit from relooking at your creativity and applying it in new ways in the future.

The Aquarius part of your chart represents your day to day routines, service, employees, health routines, and domestic animals. Mercury will retrograde in this part of your chart giving you a chance to re-evaluate how you engage in those activities. Any updates that need to be made in your schedule will come to light during the last two weeks of January.

When the Sun moves to Aquarius January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, there will be increased vitality and charisma for services you provide to others, your laborious work as an employee, or in relation to employees if you are a boss.

The Pisces part of your chart has to do with committed partnerships both romantic and business. You will have a lovely boost in this area until May 10 that kicks off right at the end of 2021.

This is a great time to invest in harmonious and romantic times with your partner. You may find it easier to find a committed partner during this time. If you are a solopreneur, this is a nice shift for attracting clients.

Plan some extra time with your committed partner from January to May 10 this year to take advantage of this energy boost that comes around every 12 years to this part of your chart. If you are single, get out and mingle if you are longing for a committed relationship.


Capricorn represents the part of your chart that has to do with your home, family, real estate, tradition and your roots. All of these things may be getting an evaluation for adjustment. You may have some home remodeling or redecorating ideas that come up.

If you are looking to purchase a home, be extra careful about accidentally buying a hidden problem. Don’t let Mercury retrograde detour you, but use extra diligence when it comes to inspections if you are purchasing at this time.

It is a great time for making changes or updates to your current home. It’s also a great time to do family roots research or sign up to one of those websites that track your ancestry.

Mercury will retrograde in the Aquarius and Capricorn part of your chart. Aquarius represents dating, romance, sex, pleasure, children, individual creativity, and sport. Any of these things may need reevaluation and refreshment to help you move forward in a more strategic way. Embrace change in these areas and you will be happy you did as February comes around.

When the Sun joins this area January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, you may get a boost in vitality and charisma in your creativity and physical stamina. Looking for romance, get out there if you are single, especially later in the month. If you are attached, plan some romantic times with your partner.

Pisces represents the part of your chart representing service, domestic animals, hard work, and your employees if you have them. Any struggles you have had in these areas the last few years should ease up and make way for a refreshing dose of peace and harmony.

You may find your schedule becomes more flexible and you get a lot of pleasure from providing service through work, volunteering, military service, or other means of helping others.


Capricorn represents the part of your chart that has to do with colleagues, siblings, learning, your neighborhood or immediate environment, and communication. There may be a few misunderstandings from the past that need to be cleared up in these areas of life.

The Aquarius part of your chart represents your home, family, tradition, roots, and real estate. There could be family relationships that need resolving from the past in order to move forward. Mercury retrograde highlights this above parts of your chart. This is a great time to work through unresolved conflict.

When the Sun moves into the part of your chart having to do with home and family there will be a boost in your vitality and charisma as it relates to this part of your life. This will be January 19 or 20 depending on where you live. You will have more energy to devote to your family and home.

Pisces represents fun, sex, pleasure, children, your individual creativity, and sport in your horoscope. With Jupiter shifting to this part of your chart, you can expect increased harmony, luck, and peace.

If you are looking to get out in the dating scene, you have the stars aligned for you. If you are in a committed relationship, you can enjoy more romance and fun with your partner.


Capricorn represents the part of your chart having to do with income, resources, and how you feed yourself. This also includes your self-esteem. You are likely reworking something in the financial part of your life that will set you up for moving forward in the future. Your relationship with money may go through an adjustment for the better.

Mercury will be retrograde in this part of your chart, and the Aquarius part of your chart, which has to do with colleagues, siblings, learning, and communication. Conflicts can be the result of misunderstandings, take the time to sort through everyone’s point of view and do not make assumptions. Mercury retrograde indicates a time where misunderstandings can be more prevalent, and a period for working them out.

The Sun will move into the Aquarius part of your chart January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, bringing an increased vitality and charisma to your communication style. This can boost your relationships with siblings and colleagues.

Pisces represents your home life, family, tradition, and real estate. Jupiter moves into this part of your chart right as 2022 begins until May 10. Take advantage of a cozy home with a peace and harmony vibe to be enjoyed.

You may want to do things around the house that make it more welcoming, cozy, and uplifting. Family engagements should be more easygoing and joyous. This can apply to your family of origin, or your chosen people who you consider family.

From January to May 10, you may want to host some dinner parties or other types of home based events. You can enjoy spending time at home and have a greater appreciation for the place you lay your head to rest every night.


You have been hosting many planets in your sign and are likely very busy with restructuring in a few parts of life. Capricorn is highlighted in January and February 2022, AND the last few years your sign has experienced a significant amount of planetary energy.

You may have already noticed some changes in who you are. It could be maturity, increased skills, changes in your appearance, taking on more responsibility and authority, or learning great lessons from past mistakes.

It is likely you will come out of this retrograde period feeling like a new person and that you have grown a lot. Not just from these current retrogrades, but from everything you have experienced in the last few years.

Mercury will retrograde through the Capricorn part of your chart, and the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with finances, resources, and self-value or self-esteem. Any kind of restructuring or looking back on the past will likely be related to themes of the last two years. Now finances will become a prominent feature in your life theme.

You have this opportunity to evaluate all of the changes you have experienced and make tweaks or corrections as needed. You have likely accomplished a lot so it’s helpful to look back and do a review of where you have been, what you have done, and how to continue forward. Writing strategic goals can be highly beneficial for you at this time.

The Sun joins this spot January 19 or 20 depending on where you live and you should feel a boost of enthusiasm, charisma, and vitality.

Pisces represents the part of your chart having to do with siblings, colleagues, your neighborhood, and communication. You will have the planet Jupiter visiting here from December 30 to May 10. You will enjoy peace and harmony in this area of life.

It’s a time to connect with your close colleagues, neighbors, and siblings. Your communication style may become more fluid and flexible during this time. You may be more empathic than normal and likely in high demand for your communication skills.


Capricorn represents the mystical part of the chart. You may have been questioning why the world is the way it is and wanting to do something about it but unsure how. You may also be having a spirituality crisis and reworking how you approach the mysteries of life.

These are pursuits worth giving your time to as long as you recognize that you may not be able to think through the answers and that you have to find a way to feel them. This is not likely to come easy to you, but the retrogrades of Venus and Mercury will give you the chance.

Mercury will retrograde in your rising sign Aquarius and back to Capricorn. You may be rethinking or reworking something that has to do with your appearance and how you interact with the outside world.

When the Sun moves to Aquarius January 19 or 20 depending on where you live, look for a vitality and charisma boost. You will likely feel this physically through experiencing extra energy, and may have a desire to make an update to your appearance that makes you feel good.

Pisces represents your financial resources part of your chart. You are set to receive a lovely boost in this area when Jupiter moves there December 30 and stays there until May 10. You may see an increase in income or money. You may also find that you get a self-esteem boost.


Capricorn represents the area of your life having to do with your friendships, social network, hopes and dreams, and good fortune. You have likely started to see some changes in these areas from other astrological events preceding the current ones.

These changes may have been difficult for you, but this cleansing and refreshing is needed for moving forward. Mercury will retrograde in this part of your chart, giving you a chance to clear up any wrinkles that need ironing out.

You may be reworking how you interact with your social networks and will yourself in some new social structures in March. This should all be for the better in the long-term even if there is some pain, suffering, and loss from your current networks.

Mercury will retrograde through part of the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with your spirituality and collective unconscious. You may be reviewing how you connect spiritually to the deepest part of yourself, or to the collective unconscious.

The Mercury retrograde will likely bring a time of deep introspection where you want to be alone for the Aquarius part, which is the first part of Mercury retrograde January 14-27. When Mercury retrogrades to Capricorn, your focus will shift to your social networks covered above.

The great news is that Jupiter is moving into your sign bringing in peace and harmony not seen in years. You will feel a sense of joy and relief when it comes to your immediate environment. You may want to make changes to your appearance which boost your confidence.

You will likely experience a desire to connect with others in a way that has been missing for a few years. This lovely Jupiter in Pisces energy will be with you starting December 30, 2021 until May 10, 2022. Enjoy!

Wrap Up

We have quite a busy kick off to the new year 2022 with Jupiter moving into Pisces, a Capricorn new moon January 2, Venus and Mercury retrogrades, and a pile of planets in Saturn signs Capricorn and Aquarius giving us a Saturnian flavor this month.

It’s a time of looking backwards to adjust our course and find the wrinkles that need ironed out as we set our 2022 goals and plan for the future. Happy New Year everyone!


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