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Halloween Full Moon 2020

It’s a Halloween Full Moon coming up Saturday, October 31. Normally a Saturday Full Moon on Halloween would be considered perfect timing for this beloved holiday. Unfortunately, in many places this costume wearing, candy giving, and goulish decor making Halloween will be limited, altered, or even all together cancelled.

Halloween Full Moon, October 31, 2020

8 degrees Taurus 7:49am West Coast USA 10:49am East Coast USA 3:49pm Rome Italy (time changed October 25)

It’s ironic that this time of mask wearing due to Covid is flaring on the day we are supposed to wear a mask or costume for Halloween fun.

Oh to be all costumed out and trick or treating under a full moon, pure bliss. Anyhoo, what will actually happen in your neighborhood depends on the safety protocols in your slice of the world. What we can do is take a look at the zodiac of this Full Moon.

There is a glimmer of hope that unique creativity will take over the weekend as we have Uranus, the planet of surprise, eccentricity, and sudden inspiration, joining the Moon in the same degree of the Zodiac. I wouldn’t be surprised if unique and alternative ideas are in abundance this Halloween making it a very uncommon celebration in this frightful year.

Full Moon in Taurus

This Full Moon should be very pleasant in Taurus. The Moon loves expressing through the sign of Taurus and the comforting qualities it is known for. Like good food, good drink, and enjoyment of the pleasurable things in life.

Taurus takes pleasure in things that are familiar, stable, and time tested. In our modern times, Halloween has become a staple of fall and it kicks off the holiday season. Halloween brings thoughts and feelings of home, tradition, festivity and family.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus represents relationship, pleasure, and socializing. We can thank her for Taurus’ sweet tooth and love of good food and drink.

You can find great comfort during this full moon by indulging in comfort foods, or the things that you find comforting, soothing, and safe. Make some hot chocolate, enjoy a film all cozied up with a comfy blanket, or sit in your favorite comfy place and meditate. You can certainly find pleasure even in these crazy times. 

Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio

A Full Moon always means the Sun is in the opposite sign of the Moon. This month the Sun is in Scorpio, the opposite end of the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Scorpio loves to go deep and probe the depths of what he or she is investigating. 

Scorpio can possess immense powers of healing and helping. Some Scorpios fly high like the Eagle and use that depth and knowledge to help and heal others. The flip side are those Scorpios who try to control and manipulate others to their will. The so-called sting of Scorpio.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and energy. Scorpio is a receptive sign, the feminine side of Mars. Remember the active side of Mars is Aries (very proactive). That Mars action and energy is bubbling below the surface. That’s why you can rarely see, or figure out, what a Scorpio is thinking or planning. But that intensity is always there simmering below the surface ready to take on any challenge.

Scorpio Taurus Leo Aquarius

Scorpio and Taurus should really feel the intensity of this Full Moon energy, especially if your birthday is around the end of the month.

Leos and Aquarians are at the 90 degree angle we call a square in astrology. You could experience a push or activating type of energy to do something. It may not be comfortable, but it may just be the push you need to get moving on something. You will experience this energy more intensely if you were born around the end of the month.

Scorpio and Taurus

With these two zodiac signs highlighted during this Full Moon, you may feel a bit like going inside and internal. Your dark and exotic Scorpio side wants to express with Halloween costumes and your Taurus side wants to enjoy candy and indulge in the fine art of the slow and peaceful life.

Enjoying this holiday is still possible, really. It just depends on how important Halloween is to you. If it’s not your thing, then use these energies for self-care. The Full Moon is on a Saturday night. It is a powerful and receptive Full Moon. Both Taurus and Scorpio are receptive signs, they take in and receive rather than actively seek out. 

You may find bliss by staying home and do a bit of self-indulging. In a healthy way of course. Make comfort food, drink warm soothing beverages, and do something easy but fun with people you are close to.

If you have kids, it may not be so easy to indulge in your own self-care. But, there is a helper that has attached himself to this Full Moon. Uranus. He can help you whip up a different and unique Halloween 2020 for you and your family.

Uranus Conjunct the Full Moon

Uranus moves slow, like 7 years to move through one zodiac sign slow. The Moon moves super fast, it can cover almost half of one sign in one day. But it just so happens that this Full Moon on Halloween is in the exact same degree Uranus and the Full Moon are in. Scary and cool!

Okay, maybe not totally scary but I wanted to throw in a Halloween word. Halloween happens to be one of my favorite days of the year. Mostly because of the decorations, haunted mazes, and seeing people dressed up in costumes.

Since going to a haunted maze is out for me, I plan on staying in and indulging in some yummy food and warm fall beverages. But for those of you who want to get in the Halloween spirit, Uranus is here to help.

One thing is for sure, Halloween is a creative and festive event. It’s a good day for Uranus to offer up some alternative ideas to celebrate Halloween. Uranus is a planet known for erratic and eccentric behavior, surprise, disruption, rebellion, and uniqueness.

Let’s just get the negative stuff out of the way first:

Yes, Halloween could erupt into some surprising rebellions, protests, uprisings and demonstrations. Full Moon energy is high and emotional, and Uranus has the biggest spoon to stir up some craziness in the world cauldron. The Sun in Scorpio could be planning up a brew of vengeance that explodes on the scene during the Halloween weekend when the energy is at its peak.

Not the kind of scary we want on Halloween right? So how can Uranus energy synced with the Full Moon play out in a fun way? Creativity, uniqueness, lightning bolts of insight, and doing things differently.

The keyword there is different. Uranus does not play by the rules, at least not the rules of the establishment. Since we can’t do Halloween the normal way, we have to come up with a creative and unique way to celebrate this year. Uranus is good with that.

Creativity is infinite. It is impossible to list the number of ideas one could come up with to do Halloween differently, and abide by any safety restrictions in place.

Uranus is beaming down the right kind of energy for doing a totally alternative kind of Halloween this year. Just be sure you include something of comfort that is tangible for this earth sign Taurus Moon. To satisfy that Scorpio Sun, dig deep into your psych. You will find you have the ideas and skills to pull off whatever you come up with.

Beware of the Retrogrades

Full Moons typically manifest in heightened sensitivity and emotionality. With erratic Uranus involved in this Full Moon, you could experience mood swings, lack of focus, and erratic energy waves. Do be careful when moving around on the Full Moon as both Mars and Mercury are retrograde adding a bit of fog and confusion to the eclectic energy mix on Halloween.

If you already have your astrology chart and want to know where this energy is operating in your horoscope, look for the house cusps with Scorpio and Taurus. If you want to print out a free copy of your natal chart, go to this website.

Different but Sweet

Remember that Taurus loves pleasure, comfort, and slow stability. You will enjoy this Full Moon much more by not overdoing it. Keep your ideas simple.

Keeping things simple is doubly true for those of you trying to satisfy your kids’ needs for Halloween. They are surely already disappointed for the loss of their usual trick or treating and pumpkin patches. You want to be sure they see you as calm and prepared. And you want to feel calm and prepared, for real.

How your kids perceive you is one, if not the most, impressionistic force on young developing brains. So give yourself a break and permission to create something unique and different, but not to the point of excess stress where you can’t enjoy it. Plan something where you and your kids have fun together.

This Halloween will certainly be different. But the universe has served up a chillingly unique planetary combination to help put a crooked twist on Halloween. Uranus is like the dry ice fog coming through a haunted room bringing you a message from beyond. Brilliant ideas are yours for the taking, if you dare.

I hope you find your unique way to enjoy this weekend. I am off on my broomstick to cook up a brew of my favorite tea potion. May the pumpkin jack-o-lanterns guide your way to a spooktacular, fun and safe Halloween!

Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Full Moon

Happy Halloween!

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