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Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon Date and Time

Wednesday or Thursday Dec 7 or 8 8:08 PM, West Coast, USA 11:08 PM, East Coast, USA 6:41 AM, Rome, Italy, Thursday Dec 8 16 degrees Gemini

Gemini Full Moon Overview

The Gemini full moon culminates the middle of the monthly moon cycle that started with the Sagittarius new moon on November 23. The full moon signifies a peaking of energy where you can bring to fruition something, find illumination, and when the moon receives the most amount of light from the Sun, which is traveling through the sign of Sagittarius.

The Moon phase is always about the relationship between the Sun and Moon. A full moon always highlights a pair of zodiac signs. The December 2022 full moon is in Gemini, a Mercury sign, while the Sun in Sagittarius is a Jupiter sign. If you would like more information on the date and time of the full moon where you live, check out

The creative energy produced by a Gemini full moon and Sun in Sagittarius can help you look at things from two opposing viewpoints. Between rational objectivity and philosophical optimism of dreams, vision, and making something manifest by faith and belief.

What is interesting about the sign placements of planets Mercury and Jupiter at the time of the Gemini full moon is that Mercury (Gemini) will have just entered Capricorn, and Jupiter (Sagittarius) is in the final degree of Pisces. An ending and a beginning is reflected in the Gemini full moon.

This interesting symbology won’t last long, but it is happening at the culmination of the full moon. When we mix together the different messages the sky is reflecting down to us on earth, it tells a story of endings and beginnings, looking backwards to look forward, and weighing extremes and manifesting balance as we move toward the December solstice on December 21.

Consider all of these things coming together during our final full moon for 2022, endings and beginnings symbolized by Jupiter and Mercury, the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, and the solstice representing the longest or shortest day of the year depending on your hemisphere.

It’s a great symbolic sky for philosophizing about what has happened for you over the past year, and what you would like to manifest in your life for 2023. Philosophizing is a Sagittarius word. You may also be going through your budgets, reviewing progress on your goals, and analyzing data, which are Mercurial things and Gemini is a Mercury sign.

We have the added layer of a Mars retrograde, and by the end of December, Mercury will be retrograde. Mercury has already started its pre-shadow slow down as of December 3, creating the perfect time for reflecting, reviewing, and realigning. Retrogrades are about looking backward to move forward. This full moon shines some amazing light for us as we wrap up one year and prepare for the next.

There are a couple of other energetic vibes happening, making this an eclectic full moon. On one hand, we have some fogginess coming into the mix as Jupiter and Neptune are at a challenging angle to the Sun and the Moon. But Saturn is also connected to the Sun and Moon in a flowing and supportive angle, which can help ground us.

There is one caution to the Gemini full moon, and that is Mars being in the same degree and sign of Gemini as the Moon as the full moon peaks. While this may bring a bit of relief to the physical fatigue we may have been collectively feeling, it can also aggravate and irritate. You can be more prone to lashing out verbally, or speaking before thinking. You may also be more accident prone, so slow down and pace yourself.

My advice to you is to hold the intention to think twice before saying something if you are aggravated, irritated, and mad. If you try to rush, you may inadvertently cost yourself more time. Things may get knocked over, and acting rash may leave you wishing you had done things differently.

There are positive ways to use the energy. Knowing the makeup of the sky can help you navigate it. If you know where Gemini and Sagittarius sit in your chart, then you can apply this information to the topics, events, and people represented by the Gemini and Sagittarius houses in your birth chart.

Gemini Full Moon and the Retrogrades

I find retrogrades fascinating and helpful for building in my schedule regular intervals for reviewing, reflecting, and realigning. We have the opportunity to work with Mars and Mercury retrogrades at the same time starting now, and especially in January. Plus, at the time of the 2023 new year. How exciting!

Mars only goes retrograde every two years while Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. Being able to work with them together at the end of a calendar year is unique. Also worth noting, the Mars retrograde cycle will wrap up mid-March and the Mercury cycle will wrap up early February.

Why this is worth noting is that the astrological new year starts when the Sun enters Aries on March 20, the equinox. In Western astrology, the beginning of the seasons mark the quarters of the year and sync up with the equinoxes and the solstices, which mark the astrological year.

The equinoxes and the solstices are about the longest, shortest, and equal light times of the year. All of this symbolism can help us regulate our lives as it pertains to what are the most significant things happening in our lives quarter to quarter and year to year.

I look at the Mars and Mercury cycles overlapping as a great opportunity to make shifts. Having them at the end of the calendar year fits nicely within societal norms of wrapping up the year and making goals, plans, and resolutions for the next year.

I personally work with goals and vision for the future, not resolutions. That’s a personal choice and you should choose your own language. I like to focus on goal setting so it is clear what I want to manifest. Resolutions too often take the form of what you will stop doing, which doesn’t help figure out what you want to do. To really gain the most from this period of time, take an active approach to work with the energy rather than waiting to find out what fate brings you.

You can really dig in to self-development as we wrap up 2022 by working with the retrogrades. Mercury wraps up its post-shadow phase early February, and Mars mid-March, of 2023. Following closely behind that is the astrological new year at the equinox on March 20.

What I am saying is that you can take the time between the calendar new year and the astrological new year to do a deeper dive on what you want to manifest for yourself in 2023. You can do a draft for the calendar new year, continue to work with the retrograde energies, and then write it in ink on or around the astrological new year, Monday, March 20. 

Learn more about Mars and Mercury retrograde through my guides. You can find the Mars Retrograde guide here and the Mercury Retrograde Survival Skills guide here.

Getting the Most out of a Mars Retrograde Cycle

A little more on the current unfolding of Mars retrograde. At the time of the full moon this week, Mars will have crossed over the halfway point of its retrograde. It’s time to go deeper into what Mars retrograde means for you. Think back to Oct 30 and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is taking your energy and blocking you from doing what you want to do with your time.

  2. How has your motivation and determination level been affected when it comes to what has meaning and purpose in your life.

  3. When you think of finding and fulfilling your life mission, are you on your way, or way off track. What are the obstacles and how can you clear them away?

  4. Start planning the realignments you want to take now. What are some of the realignments you have already identified?

  5. What needs to be cut out in order to free up space for what’s important?

Mars is retrograde asking us to reflect, review, and realign how we spend our precious energy and determination. It’s about how your energy and drive manifest into action in the external world and how your motivation and determination is developing, shifting, and maturing inside of you.

The Gemini full moon is a good time to evaluate your inner motivations and drives, and if what you are doing is in alignment with where you want to go in both the short and long term.

Gemini Full Moon Conjunct Mars Retrograde

This is a supercharged full moon as Mars adds some spark to the light of the full moon. Mars meets the Moon in Gemini, at the same exact degree, when the full moon culminates. It will be felt strongly all week. There are some exciting ways to use the energy, and some cautions.

Cautions first. Watch your words. Mars is traveling through Gemini, a Mercury sign. This brings communication style, learning, and thinking into the energetic makeup of Mars retrograde. Communication is both verbal and non-verbal.

As Mars is exactly conjunct with the full moon, there can be an increase in irritability, nervousness, and impatience. If you already struggle with anger control, you will really want to monitor how you communicate both verbal and non-verbally. This can help those of you who struggle to express yourself. You may want to take this time to have difficult conversations where you need to stand up for yourself. It’s a great time to resolve past situations.

Physically, you may bump into more things, drop things, or break things. You can be more easily frustrated. Be careful with your movement to avoid accidents, breaking things, and rushing when it’s best to slow you pace. On a positive note, you may get a boost in your energy and get productive under the Gemini full moon.

Gemini Full Moon and Jupiter Neptune in Pisces

With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces at the square, or 90 degree angle, to the Sun and Moon, there is some indication that some facts may not be present and things may not be clear. You may feel like there is a fog in front of you that you cannot see through and you have to feel your way instinctively. Trust your gut and faith to guide you through.

A positive expression of this is a deepening of your creative side, higher access to your artistic side, and a desire to step into your creativity. The voices of your muses may be louder now. You may be drawn to mystical things, choosing sparkly feel good things for gifts rather than rational and useful things if you are shopping mid-week under the full moon.

Careful not to fall into escapism, especially if it is related to any type of addiction behavior. There is a chance for overindulging so take it easy at holiday parties where there is drinking.

As you can see, it can be creative, or confusing, or both. Be on the lookout for the snake oil salesperson, anyone who could be deceitful. If your gut is sounding an alarm bell, listen.

Things may be hidden, or you may not be completely honest with yourself during the full moon. You may overestimate your energy or your time, so take care to not overcommit, overindulge, or try to skip steps to get somewhere faster.  

You may feel a boost of optimism under the full moon. You may want to be more social, go to holiday parties, or even host one yourself. With the social nature of the Gemini full moon and dreaminess of the Jupiter and Neptune Pisces placement, it’s a good time for fun, socializing, and fests. Do not drive under the influence and be sure to think about who the designated driver is.

Overbooking yourself and trying to squeeze in a bunch of stuff hoping that it will all work out may cause more stress. Plan ahead and buffer your time. With Mercury in its pre-shadow before retrograde on December 29, your best bet is to plan your time conservatively.

In fact, being that it’s the holidays, push back what you can until next year, since most of your colleagues will want to do the same thing. You can get more agreement from the bosses as many people have extended time off around the holidays. 

One of my favorite year end rituals is to write about the past year in my journal. If you want to use my year end journaling ritual, here it is:

  1. List the accomplishments you have made this year

  2. List what you are proud of

  3. List what you are happy to leave behind in 2022

  4. Write about your long-term vision in life, what is your life purpose

  5. List your goals for 2023

Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury has already started slowing down as it entered the pre-shadow stage of its next retrograde on December 3. It goes retrograde on December 29. The Mercury retrograde will be in the sign of Capricorn. It is a grounded, disciplined, and serious sign of the earth element. This Mercury retrograde will have a somber feeling to it. You will be able to review, reflect, and realign your goals in a structured no nonsense way.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn asks you to cut through any illusions or self-deceit to find answers that are not theoretical, but attainable and realistic. You will be able to develop a strategy that will work for you over the long-term. Not to say the process will be easy, but it can be highly productive.

You may not realize how productive this time is until you look back at it under the next Mercury retrograde in 2023 coming in April. You may be tempted to ignore it and just have fun, lost in the ecstasy of socializing, holiday festivities, and time off.

But you can achieve so much more for yourself if you carve out some time to reflect, review, and realign. Listen to your muses and work with both Mars and Mercury retrograde during the season. Spend some of your holiday time off looking out for you. Look backwards, in the present, and toward your future.

Clear your head as you go through the process of closing out 2022 and welcoming 2023. With Mars and Mercury in retrograde cycles, the universe is clear that it wants us to take some time to reflect before charging forward. Both your mind and your actions will benefit from reflecting.

Gemini Full Moon and Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn sends grounding vibes to the Gemini full moon and Mars retrograde. Knowing we have the fogginess coming from Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, plus Mars retrograde and Mercury has entered its shadow, a little grounding is nice.

Saturn will help us put all this energy in order. It will help refine the retrograde information that is coming through, and it can help moderate any experience of pinging to opposite sides of a choice, having difficulty making a decision, or sifting out common ground for two extreme sides of something.

Like trying to moderate your approach from purely rational and objective, and purely based in your belief without considering any facts. Future strategy can become more clear, and you can start building and/or implementing ideas that will point you in the direction of your true path.

This is a time where you can move forward with your retrograde alignment plan, but at a slow enough pace to continue to benefit from retrograde reflection insights.

Look forward to the time frame mid-March, when the Mars and Mercury retrograde cycles will be complete, and the astrological new year kicks off with the Equinox. What can you start putting into place, or what strategy can you develop now, so you can enter March on solid ground, having shed things no longer needed after a Mars and Mercury retrograde cycle.

Gemini Full Moon Inspirational Quote

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.” ― Kahlil Gibrán
“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.” ― Germany Kent
“Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us” ― Mimi Novic

Gemini Full Moon Ritual

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the air element.

  2. This is a moon where you may feel more social and want to do a full moon ritual with friends. Watch out for sharp words with Mars involved. Make an agreement to be kind.

  3. Karaoke is a great way to have fun with your friends and let your voice free.

  4. Writing, philosophy, and journaling is highlighted for the full moon.

  5. Sing, dance, and experience through words and rhythm.

  6. You could have a burst of energy at the time of the full moon. Take care to moderate your energy.

  7. It’s a great day for a walk in fresh air, a hike, or climbing a mountain.

  8. Get fresh air. Gemini is an air sign. If you can’t spend time outside, open the windows, clear out your home, and get as much fresh air as you can.

  9. Get yourself a new journal for the upcoming new year.

Activity Ideas to do during the Gemini Full Moon Phase

  1. Socialize with your friends.

  2. Read a book, go to the library, or visit a bookstore. Feed your mind with information that you are interested in. Especially as it relates to your philosophy, belief system, or hobbies.

  3. Intentionally try to see a situation from another point of view to gain perspective on something important in your life. Consider this in relation to the Mars and Mercury retrogrades.

  4. Be curious and let your mind push you to learn something new.

  5. Do things that make you belly laugh, or laugh so hard you cry. Watch a comedy or go to the movie theater with friends to see something funny.

  6. If you have been wanting to join a group, do it during the full moon phase. This can be online or something local.

  7. Catch up with friends you haven’t talked to in a while. 

  8. Write a letter to someone.

  9. Get together with friends for a game night.

  10. Make homemade holiday cards.

  11. Create a vision board that represents your accomplishments for the year.

Gemini Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. How do you express yourself: Consider your words and your non-verbal communication. Is it easy to say what you want to say, or difficult? Are you shy, honest, critical? What are words you would use to describe your communication and expression style?

  2. How well do you feel like you are heard in your family, at work, and with friends?

  3. How can you communicate more effectively to get your needs met while respecting others?

  4. Think about your social network. Do you have a supportive group of friends you can count on? If yes, describe them and how they are there for you? If not, how can you build a new supportive network?

  5. Have you started reflecting, reviewing, and realigning yet? Journal about your Mars retrograde experience so far, and what you are noticing needs realigning so you can move forward. If you haven’t started yet, journal about what blocks, challenges, and obstacles are keeping you from making progress on your most important life mission.

Essential Oils for the Gemini Full Moon

  1. Wild Orange is my pick for the Mars retrograde to help uplift, renew, and boost your energy from the fatigue that comes when the planet of action goes retrograde.

  2. Lavender to calm your nerves or just calm down. With Mars in the exact same place as the full Moon, we can all be more easily triggered than usual. I recommend carrying a bottle with you.

  3. Rosemary is my overall choice for the full moon. It is clearing and refreshing, and it can cool you down. It may be cold outside, but you can be burning up from irritation inside. It can also help with the confusion of the retrograde and open your mind during the potent energy of the full moon.

Gemini Full Moon Astrology Events

  1. Moon in Gemini 16 degrees opposite the Sun 16 Sagittarius for the full moon.

  2. Mars 16 Gemini is exactly conjunct with the Full Moon 16 Gemini.

  3. Mercury changed signs into Capricorn the day before the full moon. Mercury enters the pre-shadow retrograde phase December 3 and goes retrograde December 29.

  4. Mars is retrograde in Gemini since October 30 and goes direct on January 12, 2023.

  5. Venus 27 Sagittarius squares Jupiter 29 Pisces.

  6. Saturn 20 Aquarius sextile the Sun 16 Sagittarius and trines Moon and Mars 16 Gemini.

Wrap Up

We have an eclectic full moon, conjoined with Mars, giving it an extra spark. You may want to socialize more under the full moon. Have some fun and connect with your friends and family for the holiday season. Be extra cautious driving. Take advantage of the Mars retrograde and pre-shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle to reflect, review, and realign parts of your life in need of renewal.


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