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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

July 5

Full moons are not only beautiful to see in the sky, they also give amazing light for outdoor moon rituals and moon baths streaming through the window.  The full moon is the culmination, the bloom at its peak, it is out and visible for all to see. It is the opposite of the new moon, the beginning of something, a seed underground sprouting but not yet visible above ground.

What’s Happening this Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon is in earthy, serious, and responsible Capricorn.  There are three other planets in Capricorn: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Imagine an atmosphere that is heavy, active, and intense. Or just read the news.

The Sun, always opposite the Full Moon, is in watery, protective, and nurturing Cancer, the Moon’s own sign. This moon is under pressure. Moody, sensitive Mercury Retrograde is in Cancer near the sun opposite all those planets in Capricorn.

Mars in Aries actively challenges both sides of the opposing Sun and Moon groups.

Eclipses usually come in pairs and at times three, like this one.  This third lunar eclipse is not as strong as last month’s solar eclipse, but it adds spice to this hot mix of active cardinal energy.

What to do this Full Moon

If new moons are new beginnings, then full moons are manifestation, completion, and an outpouring of energy. Check the houses of the Sun and Moon for the areas you feel pulled in two directions and where compromise must be made. Then look to the house where Mars is in your chart to see what area (house) will hold meaning for your expression of that energy.

A self-empowering practice on a full moon is to light a candle and journal about things coming to fruition in your life right now. Are there things you want to release? Like negative thoughts, unneeded items, or an outdated to do list. Imagine these things moving away from you, then follow through and actually release them. Burn the paper. Donate or throw away clutter. Make space both inside and out.

This full moon may be intense, so take it easy, go slow, check things three times, and take deep breaths if you feel stressed. Take time for yourself to relax and clear your thoughts.

Happy Full Moon!


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