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February Horoscopes 2022

February Horoscopes Introduction

The first section of February horoscopes is a week by week breakdown covering the astrological events happening in our current sky. The next section has horoscopes by Ascendant sign where I talk about the life topics, people, or events are highlighted by the planets and retrograde. Like a clock reflects the time but does not create it, astrology reflects the quality of nature’s timing, but does not make life happen to you.

Use astrology and horoscopes to plan, prepare, and develop yourself. Use your free will for how you want to respond and navigate life. Astrology helps you get a clearer lay of the land that optimizes timing and helps you go deeper into self-discovery. I hope this preview of February helps you plan out your month and move in the rhythm of the stars, nature’s clock.

February is exciting because we are moving forward in 2022 and out of Mercury and Venus retrograde seasons. Hopefully you have already written your goals for the year or have started them. You may want to finalize what you have started, or re-evaluate your goals one more time as February wraps up and we move full speed ahead after the Venus and Mercury retrogrades.

February Horoscopes Week 1: Feb 2-6

February calls for Balanced Flexibility

February kicks off with a new moon in Aquarius reflecting a theme of embracing change and practicing balanced flexibility. There is a sense of change in the air, a bit of electricity and excitement for change.

It’s as if we know a change is coming and we want to be prepared, but there is still an element of surprise. We may be delighted or annoyed by these shifts of energy. Our best approach is to use balanced flexibility.

Balanced flexibility is staying away from the extremes of too much rigidity or so much flexibility you lose track of what is being impacted. 

If you have ever taken a ride on a public bus or a city train standing, it’s a balancing act. You have to keep your knees bent and sway a bit like a tree so you don’t fall over or knock into someone else. I liken it to surfing when I’m on the bus.

Even though I have actually never set foot on a surfboard, I imagine the similarity. The twists, turns, quick stops, and quick takeoffs constantly challenge your base of gravity. I have found the only way to keep balance is by keeping my knees bent and riding the public transportation wave.

This is the energy we will be riding through the new moon, and as Venus is picking up speed after turning direct at the end of January, and as Mercury is getting ready to turn direct in the first week of February.

Energetic Optimism

The good news is that there is an overtone of energetic optimism thanks to the active planet Mars sending a smooth can do energetic aspect to optimistic Jupiter. Jupiter is super happy sailing through one of its own signs, Pisces.

Jupiter changed signs at the very end of December, which has caused many astrologers to do a happy dance. This is because when a planet travels through one of its own signs, it is full of resources to do its thing.

Though we all could have some surprising shifts as the new month begins, we also have access to optimistic hope that in the long run, things will work out for the best. The new moon is in Aquarius indicating a mental and rational vibration is in the air.

Aquarius New Moon

New moons are about looking forward, starting something new, taking something to the next level, and setting intentions for the next cycle. Aquarius is about innovation, having a humanitarian approach that wants to benefit humankind, and following the beat to your individual drum.

This first week of February kicks off with a new moon where you have a chance to start thinking about which relationships in your life have been renewed, refreshed, realigned, or where unfinished business has been cleared up from the past.

This is Venus retrograde stuff, and now that we are on the other side, it’s time to start looking forward. The new moon is a great time to set some forward thinking intentions around what you experienced and learned from the time period of the Venus retrograde.

If you want a refresher on the Venus retrograde, read about it here.

Serious Saturn gets Illuminated by the Sun

On the tail of the New Moon in Aquarius, and at the same time action planet Mars is activating optimistic and opportunity oriented Jupiter, we have a meeting in the sky between heavyweight Saturn and our central guiding force, the Sun.

This is an energy that is grounding. It has a serious nature to it with a sense of structure, following an order that is productive, strategic, and can be profitable. Saturn is traveling through the sign Aquarius, which is one of his signs.

Saturn traveling through one of his own signs is like a benevolent CEO, one who cares. One who runs a tight ship, is profitable without hurting others, ensures there is good infrastructure, clear systems, and fantastic leadership.

As the Sun meets up with Saturn in the same place, some part of your chart is energized with strategy, productivity, discipline, and structure. You could find that there is an increase in responsibility or discipline in this part of your chart. This energy can be more pronounced if you have been working especially hard at achieving something and this particular point in Aquarius activates something in your chart.

February Horoscopes Week 2: Feb 7-13

Mercury is now Moving Forward

The second week of the month will have the planet of communication, thought processes, and thinking, Mercury, passing by the planet of intensity Pluto. This week could drop a deep insight into something that has been on your mind. 

Mercury retrograde ended the first week of February. As we move into the second week of February, we are all coming out of the reverse looking mode and looking forward. I think of Mercury retrograde as looking backward to move forward.

This second week of February is about looking forward. As we all shift our focus forward in this particular Mercury retrograde cycle, this sync of Mercury and Pluto can indicate a deep contemplation of the last six weeks of life.

This takes us back to the new year and the holidays and through January. Contemplate what you rectified, renewed, re-evaluated, and reviewed. Anytime during this week is a great time to carve off some contemplative time to consider what has shifted for you.

We don’t always have a Mercury Pluto meetup after a Mercury retrograde cycle. I encourage you to do some serious contemplation on what is actively happening in your life right now. What are you learning, what is propelling change, and what is keeping you stuck.

You may have some deep and surprising insights. You also have that Sun and Saturn energy at the same time. This means there is more strategy and discipline to tap into at this time. Write things down, take note of the thoughts coming up for you, and if you haven’t written goals for 2022, write them this week.

February Horoscopes Week 3: Feb 14-20

Mercury Retrograde Final Resolutions

This week kicks off with Valentine’s Day on a Monday. And a busy astrological week it is! On Valentine’s Day, Mercury is changing signs. Mercury is the planet that represents communication, thinking, and learning.

Remembering that we are just coming out of a Mercury retrograde, this shift of signs is covering old ground. For the third time. Why a third time? Because when Mercury went retrograde back in mid-January, it was traveling through Aquarius.

This particular Mercury retrograde cycle involved two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. So Mercury started retrograding in Aquarius, went back to Capricorn, and now will move forward back into Aquarius. And then keep going until it retrogrades again in a different zodiac sign.

This means that now is the time you may see some final resolutions to the topics, themes, and shifts that came up for you during the Mercury retrograde. Because Mercury went retrograde mid-January, themes from that time period may come up again with a resolution, a final piece to the puzzle comes through, or you finish a realignment.

This week may bring up those same events, people, themes, or topics, but with a signature of finalizing things, the resolution may be in place or you may be putting a resolution in place, or things just suddenly become clear.

That’s not all. This week of Valentine’s Day will also see a meet up in the sky of the lovers of the Zodiac, Venus and Mars.

A Sensual and Romantic Rendezvous of Lovers Venus and Mars

How exciting that these two planets meet up in the same sign during the same week as Valentine’s Day. The sign both planets are traveling in is Capricorn. So this isn’t so much a gushy touchy feely fiery meetup. It’s sensual, serious, and commitment oriented.

Those of you in a romantic committed partnership may be exchanging sensual feelings of love for each other that are deeply true. Capricorn is a serious sign, and when committed, they mean it. The stars are aligned for an engagement for those of you with charts activated by this sensual meetup of the lovers of the zodiac.

If you are single and looking, if you meet someone this week, it may turn into a serious relationship. It’s also a time when partners can take a serious evaluation of a relationship. 

Capricorn is driven by strategy and practicality over irrationality and over emotionality. This week can be a highly productive time for partnerships to discuss what needs to be discussed in a loving and compromising way. 

With Venus involved, the others’ point of view is important. With Mars involved, passion and action are important. Put them together, and you have an unstoppable couple when it comes to manifesting goals.

As if this week isn’t already full of enticement for digging into the cosmic time, we have one other astrological event beaming down. A full moon in Leo.

Leo Full Moon

This full moon in Leo is opposite the Sun in Aquarius, where Saturn is also traveling. Leo is a passionate and creative sign. It loves to bask in the creativity of life. Leo relishes recognition for their creative efforts, and that includes their creations. Saturn is about responsibility and doing things in a structured and strategic manner.

You will benefit the most from this time period by taking responsibility for your creations. That can be your children, or a time when you decide to try to conceive. It can mean other people, topics, or events, depending on where Leo and Aquarius fall in your chart. To get more meaning in your personal chart, find out where Leo and Aquarius are on your wheel (I tell you how below).

If you have not been responsible lately, or disciplined, or lacking structure. This could be a time where you get a wake up call. You may find some weight on your shoulders you need to carry. This type of wake up call is something to conquer, not fear.

If you are presented with the opportunity to take on more responsibility, take your time to weigh your options. If you are faced with a choice, it may be between what is best for you, or your children (human or artistic creations), and what is best for a larger group.

I cannot answer what is best in that situation in a general horoscope, but we can look deeper into individual situations during an astrological consultation. Below I have more information for finding out what part of your chart is activated by all of this month’s astrology.

Sun shifts to Pisces

Week 3 finishes up with the Sun leaving the sign Aquarius and moving into Pisces. You may feel a shift in vitality when this happens. The Sun represents vitality and as the central force in our universe, it is also the central force in astrology.

Where the Sun goes in your chart brings light, warmth, energy, and vitality to that part of your chart. You may remember from above that Jupiter is now traveling through Pisces, and will be there until May of this year. With the Sun joining Jupiter, good vibes are coming.

I will talk more about their meeting in March, when they occupy the same degree in Pisces. For now, that energy will start building over the weekend starting Friday, 18 February. You Pisces out there may feel a little tingle and excitement. Also Pisces Rising (Ascendant) and Pisces Moons may feel a mystical uplift in your soul. 

February Horoscopes Week 4: Feb 21-27

Sensuality, Ecstasy, and an Artists Dream Time

The end of the month still has Mars and Venus traveling closely together. We get that romantic and sensual vibe for most of February, enjoy it! These two planets will move along through the sign of Capricorn and as they get later in degree, they make contact with the planet Neptune.

When Neptune is involved, it can reflect the possibility of a few different manifestations. Neptune is a mystical planet. What you feel but don’t see. It has a dissolving tendency, and a fog that you have to feel through rather than see.

On one hand, beautiful and mystical experiences can take place here. You can have a spiritual encounter with your romantic partner that takes you to great heights. You could have the best sex of your life.

The downside is the Neptunian quality of illusion, not being clear, and at worst deception. This is a warning to be aware if someone is leading you down the garden path. Especially if you just met someone. Be aware that the sincerity you think is there may not be there at all.

This is not a long astrological event. The fog will lift and clear in March. Take advantage of using this period for any of your artistic and creative endeavors. Musicians will find great joy in playing and writing. Yogis will find great joy in meditation and yoga.

Dancers will find great joy in dancing and choreography. Painters, painting. And so on. If you are in a committed relationship with someone you trust, let yourself go into an ecstasy together.

If you just met someone, be a bit careful and wary if it seems too good to be true. There is a greater chance at this time that it is. Because this energy passes quickly, just give it a little time to wait and see.

At the same time as this Mars, Venus, and Neptune thing, we have another Mercury event happening.

Brilliant Flashes of Genius are Possible

Okay, maybe it’s an exaggeration, but maybe not. Of course not everyone will have something in their chart activated by this planetary alignment, but some of us will. Here’s what is happening.

The planet Mercury, representing communication, learning, and thinking is going to pass through an active connection with Uranus, the planet of surprise and unexpected events. They are not in the same sign, but signs that challenge each other to grow and take action.

If you do have a brilliant insight, or flash of an idea. Capture it. It may be far reaching, trailblazing, going to frontiers never reached before. But that is Uranus style, and Mercury is the planet that likes to creatively solve mysteries.

Mercury is the Magician, the jack of all trades, the one who knows something about everything. If your chart is activated, you may be one who received this flash of brilliance. It’s your choice what you do with it. You can shrug it off, or take it seriously and noodle on what’s next.

February Horoscopes by Ascendant Sign

When you read your horoscope for your zodiac ascendant sign, it will be more relevant to the topics, themes, people, or events that are highlighted by the astrological events I covered above. The reason for that is your horoscope is divided into twelve parts with a zodiac sign assigned to each one. The order of the zodiac signs around the wheel starts with your ascendant sign, always at the number 1 spot.

Each Ascendant sign below has a diagram that shows you the area of life activated when a planet travels through that part of your chart in that sign. To get the list of meanings for each of the 12 astrology houses (parts), I have that at the bottom of my Astrology Houses page.

If you know your ascendant sign, read for that sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, here is a link to a free online calculator. You will need your birth date, time of birth, and location to use the calculator. Once you know your rising sign. Read your horoscope for your ascendant sign. You will find more information on the twelve parts of your horoscope, called the Astrological Houses, on my webpage here.

Aries Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde highlighted the Capricorn part of your horoscope that has to do with your career, meaning and purpose, and your public status. It represents a time where authority figures, or your own position in authority, would benefit from some refreshing, evaluation, and looking backward to move forward.

Mercury also retrograded in the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with friendships and your social networks online and offline. The first week of February devote some time to how this Mercury retrograde time period brought up unfinished business from the past in these areas and how you have responded in order to move forward. There is still time to course correct in these areas if needed as February unfolds.

Mercury will travel back into Aquarius on February 14 indicating a desire to be more social with your friends and network the rest of the month. Any Mercury retrograde reframes and refreshes from the past may finalize now. Mercury is now forward focused, but had traveled in retrograde through Aquarius at the beginning of the cycle. Those topics and themes highlighted from before can now resolve and thrust forward.

When the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th you may feel a shift to spend more time alone. The one month tour of the Sun in this part of your chart highlights the more spiritual part of your personality. Jupiter is also traveling in this part of your chart opening up an opportunity for you if you take some time to devote to how you define spirituality. Deep spiritual and creative experiences can benefit you.

One caution, with both the Sun and Jupiter in this part of your chart, watch out for excessive behaviors that are self-destructive. If you have a history of addiction or currently engaged in addictive behavior, you could experience a desire to do more. This is a great time to seek professional help for any kind of addictive behavior. Finding healthy spirituality is the productive path.

The connection between Venus and Mars will be in your career sector peaking on February 16th, but active the majority of February. You will be very attractive to prospective employers if you are job seeking. If you are the boss, you can tap into increased magnetism and a boost in leadership and motivating your staff. You could also find your boss to be more receptive to ideas and ready to take action on proposals.

Taurus Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde took place in two parts of your chart. The Capricorn part highlighted higher education, travel (or lack of), foreigners, and your belief system. The Aquarius part of your chart has to do with your career, public status, and where you find meaning and direction in life. This retrograde cycle highlighted things from the past in these areas for evaluation, refreshing, or renewal in some way.

As Mercury moves forward this first week of February, consider what topics came up for you since the holidays, and how what you have learned can help you move forward. Mercury will be moving forward in Capricorn February 4 until February 14, when it moves into Aquarius. The first part of the month, consider resolutions in relationship to your career and public status.

After the 14th, meditate on friendships and your social networks. What unfinished business was cleared up? What topics in your social networks needed some refreshing and renewal. You can now push forward on all of these things from the retrograde that may have experienced delays, miscommunications, or needed some restructuring.

The Venus and Mars connection will be active all month, with the peak energy happening on the 16th. This will take place in the part of your chart that has to do with your belief system, higher education, and anything related to foreigners, foreign places, or things with a distance far away. If you have been wanting to start a new program, or make travel plans, this is a good time to do more research or take an action step.

If you are single and looking on Valentine’s day, you may meet someone from far away, or someone from a different culture than your own. If you are attached, you may want to do something exotic. Whether it’s a getaway to a foreign land, or a getaway to a local ethnic restaurant, get out on an adventure that is exciting for both of you.

The Sun is highlighting your career part of your horoscope until February 18. You could experience a higher drive to focus on your career the first half of the month. The Sun will move into Pisces on February 18 and your focus could shift to your friends and social network. Get out and see your friends, or meet them online. It will be extra fun because the Sun joins Jupiter in Pisces the rest of February.

With the Sun in this place, it is likely you will have warm and authentic experiences with your friends. A deep conversation can be just as fulfilling as hitting the local hot spot in town. Do something nurturing or creative to get the most out of this energetic vibe. Like get massages together and then chat over herbal tea. Or go to a dinner at a restaurant with great aesthetics. If you are artistic, join a social group or sign up for a class.

Gemini Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde covered two parts of your horoscope as it traveled through the signs Capricorn and Aquarius. The Capricorn part of your chart is about shared resources, attachment to those resources, and it is deeply psychological. Anything related to creditors and debt that needed refinancing, realigning, or reframing can be a hot topic related to this Mercury retrograde.

As Mercury starts moving forward after February 4th, consider what has happened and what you have learned since the holidays. Now you can start implementing resolutions, if you haven’t started already. Mercury will move through Capricorn into the other sign of the retrograde in your chart, Aquarius, on February 14.

This part of your chart is about your belief system, higher education, the legal system, and anything related to foreign things. As Mercury picks up speed, and makes a final tour through Aquarius during this cycle, it is a great time to finalize things that came up mid-January. If you had to postpone a long distance trip, by mid-February you should be able to get it re-scheduled.

The Venus Mars meetup during the same week as Valentine’s day is a great opportunity for you and your partner to resolve issues over shared finances. That may sound boring, but if it’s needed, take advantage of the timing. Valentine’s day is during the week and you could prefer to stay in for a romantic evening. You and your partner could experience a deep physical bonding spending quality time together the week of the 14th.

The Sun starts off the month in Aquarius, in the place of your belief system. This area is also about experiencing life, the enjoyment of adventure and journey. Use your quick wit and creativity to do something fun. The Sun will move into the sign Pisces in the career and public status part of your chart on the 18th. Your focus will likely shift to something career related.

You have luck and opportunity in your career sector as the Sun joins Jupiter, who is already traveling through Pisces in this same part of your chart. Do take advantage of this timing and exert extra energy into shining in your career. If you are a boss, keep you ego in check and you should enjoy this time period.

Your boss could be extra open to your ideas at this time. If you are job seeking, send out lots of resumes, it is a lucky time for you. There is a little fog in this same area with Neptune also traveling in this sign. Do take care to follow up on things to be sure wires don’t get crossed.

Cancer Ascendant

Mercury retrograde moved through two parts of your horoscope. The Capricorn part has to do with committed relationships and the Aquarius part with shared resources. Mercury goes direct the first week of February in Capricorn highlighting renewal, realignment, and re-evaluating in your close committed partnership(s), business and/or romantic.

After February 4th is a great time to implement any resolutions that you came up with in regard to your partner, if you haven’t already. There is still a window to have some of those discussions if needed. It’s best to clear the air so you can resolve unfinished business and move forward. The other part of your chart Mercury was retrograde is the Aquarius part, highlighting shared resources with your partner.

On February 14, Mercury travels back into Aquarius reflecting back to mid-January when Mercury went retrograde in Aquarius. Take this time after the 14th to finalize updates to your shared finances, creditor relationships, and debt management. Interestingly, this same part of your chart has to do with psychology and self-development work. Renewal and refreshment in this area could gain clarity for you as February unfolds.

If you are single, the retrograde period may have brought up themes about your own feelings toward attachment to money, security, and things. The places of the horoscope highlighted for you are about the ‘other’ person. So singles may have experienced the retrograde focused on a realignment for finding a significant other, or a look back on past relationships for future personal growth.

If you are in a committed partnership, shared finances, as it relates to your relationship, may have gotten a full makeover this past month. This is the time to get all that finalized so you can implement and move forward in February. Leave no stone uncovered to get the best long-term results with your partner. Remember this applies to business partnerships as well, where shared finances are highlighted.

The Sun starts off the month in this same Aquarius part of your chart. Shared resources are highlighted, and also your deep psychological self-development work. As you clear up resources as it relates to attachments in the outside world, you also have the opportunity to revitalize your internal relationship with attachments to outcomes. On February 18, the Sun will move on to vitalize another part of your chart.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th and joins Jupiter in the part of your chart that has to do with higher education, experience for adventure and fun, long-distance travel, and your belief system. Any or all of these areas are getting extra vitality, and boost in optimism, and a bit of luck. Consider what is going on for you in any of these areas and take advantage of the Sun beams traveling through for a month.

You could do some long-distance trip planning. Join a class, course, or apply for a university degree. You could have a streak of luck if you are involved in any court related or legal matters. This period of time has the quality of wanting to do something for the fun of it. Like the saying, it’s about the journey not the destination. Plan to do some things that thrill and excite you. This will bring some extra vitality in your life.

Leo Ascendant

Mercury retrograde highlighted the Capricorn part of your chart, which is about service, hard work, and your daily routine. And the Aquarius part of your chart, which is about your close committed relationship with a romantic or business partner, or clients if you are a freelancer. As February kicks off, the Venus retrograde has already ended and Mercury retrograde ends on the 4th.

Early February is the time to wrap up the things that were stirred up from the retrogrades, finalize solutions, and start looking forward again. If you found that a change in how you go about your daily routine is needed, kick it off the second week of February when Mercury is in forward motion again. By mid-month, Mercury will move back into Aquarius, in forward motion, where you can wrap up relationship issues from the past.

As Mercury travels through Aquarius the second half of the month, you can have new insights for how you engage in your committed partnerships. If you are single, you may decide to change how you approach looking for a partner, or even decide to enjoy the single life for a while.

The Venus and Mars meetup taking place all month and peaking around Valentine’s Day will take place in the part of your chart having to do with service, labor, employees, and pets. Romance may need to be scheduled in advance to ensure you get the quality time you want with your partner. If you have pets, remember to give them some extra love this month, they will adore you even more for it.

The Sun will be traveling through Aquarius until the 18th in the same part of your chart having to do with a committed partner. After the retrogrades, the presence of the Sun can bring some vitality or revitalization to your partnership. Spending some time in the Sun with your partner, or alone if you are single, could really fill you up with energy.

After the 18th, the Sun will move into a different part of your chart that highlights your shared resources with your partner. Things can come to light that need your attention. It can also highlight some personal contemplation on a soul level as this part of your chart has to do with your psyche and understanding the inner workings of your mind.

Take advantage of the Sun shining light in this area and look for some ‘aha’ moments.

Virgo Ascendant

Mercury retrograde highlighted the Capricorn part of your horoscope having to do with your individuality, creativity, children, and pleasurable things. And the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with your day to day work, labor, service, and pets.

With Mercury moving forward again at the beginning of the month, it is a time for you to resolve anything that came up since the holidays to move forward again refreshed.

The retrograde may have had you rethinking how you spend your leisure time. Do you get enough time for doing things you love, for spending time with your children if you have them, or even contemplating having children?

The retrograde period was a time to reflect back, revise, re-align, and discover outworn patterns that need updated. After the 4th is the time to put into action or make your final resolutions around these topics.

As a Virgo, generally you have good organizational skills and like things to be in a particular order. This retrograde highlighted a part of your chart that has to do with that type of organization. Hopefully you are coming out of the retrograde refreshed with some new routines, or upgrades to outworn ways of doing things. This is an exciting time to push forward with your analytical skills for organizing your daily life.

Aquarius will move forward through this organizational part of your chart from the 14th to the end of the month. More brilliant insights may come later in the month that are forward thinking. Open up your mind for some cool lightning bolts of brilliance.

The Venus Mars connection will happen in the part of your chart having to do with fun, pleasure, children, and your personal creativity. Oh la la. You are favored for Valentine’s Day romance. If you are hitched, plan something sensual with your partner. If you are single, you will have an added magnetic quality. Put yourself out there.

The Sun is traveling through Aquarius until the 18th highlighting that same part of your horoscope that has to do with organizing your daily routines, service, and the laborious part of life. You may get some revitalizing in this part of your chart, like a new idea for how to consolidate or make routines easier. After the 18th the Sun moves to Pisces and the part of your chart having to do with a close committed partnership.

Your relationship may become a focus for you during the month the Sun travels through this part of your chart. Do plan to give some extra time to your partner for the four weeks after the 18th. If you are single and looking, you may be drawn to seeking out a partner. If you are single and want to stay that way, there still can be an essence of importance of ‘other people’ that is present for that four weeks of time.

Libra Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde traveled through the Capricorn part of your chart having to do with home, family, tradition, and property. And the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with children, pleasure, and your individual creativity. As we move out of the Mercury retrograde this first week, notice how those topics may have shifted, alignments may be coming together, and how things have refreshed in those topics.

If you have done any remodeling, you should see those projects move forward and complete in February. Any hiccups in house moving, selling, or purchasing may also resolve now. If you had family dynamics that called for a shifting or refresher, those can start settling down and moving forward to a new way of being.

Mercury changes signs moving forward again through Aquarius on the 14th. Your level of creativity is getting boosted in this area of personal creativity. Some things from the past retrograde may now fall into place. Projects that were delayed will move forward again. Ideas and inspiration may be at an all time high, especially with the Sun traveling through Aquarius at the same time.

Listen to your muses as this part of your chart is activated. If you have children, or want to conceive, this period of time may have you focused on that. This is the area of creativity in your chart, and that includes the creation of human life. If you are struggling to conceive, February is a good month to seek out the medical profession for alternative methods of conception.

The Venus Mars connection takes place in the part of your chart having to do with family, home, and tradition. You may find this Valentine’s Day is a family event. Or you make it a romantic event at home, decorate your home, or do something traditional that taps into your culture or roots. Whatever you decide, there is a vibe of sensuality you can tap into.

The Sun is traveling through the part of your chart having to do with children and creativity until the 18th. This is a nice boost of vitality for your creative pursuits and children. After the 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces, highlighting your day to day work, service, and pets. If you volunteer or have been wanting to, this is a great time to donate some of your time, adopt a pet, or foster a pet.

Scorpio Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde highlighted the Capricorn part of your chart having to do with your colleagues, siblings, and general communication. And the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with your home, family, tradition, and property. As we move out of Mercury retrograde the first week of February, you may see the finalization and resolution of things related to these areas that came up since the holidays.

You may have seen an increase in communication breakdowns during this Mercury retrograde cycle. The lessons learned may have you putting new systems in place with how you communicate in general, and especially with those you work with, or with your siblings. You may have done some remodeling or redecorating at home. As we move into February, you will see those projects come together, finalize, or move forward.

Mercury changes signs on the 14th moving through Aquarius again in your home and family sector. This third and final visit to this part of your horoscope during this cycle is full speed ahead. Home and family related things are highlighted for new ideas and insights. If you have been wanting to look at the family tree, this is a good time for doing so. If you have been wanting to start a new family tradition, start after the 18th.

The Venus Mars connection happens in the Capricorn part of your chart having to do with communication, your colleagues, siblings, and other close associates you communicate with on a daily basis. The timing is right around Valentine’s Day. If you are single, you may want to do something social with this group of people. It is sure to be a fun time. You could meet that special someone through a friend or co-worker.

If you are attached, you may want to get out and about with your social group before heading home to a romantic evening with your partner. Socializing and communication is highlighted for Valentine’s Day. Another way to use this energy is to get creative with a card, written words, or even written poetry for the one you love.

The Sun is traveling through the home and family part of your chart until the 18th beaming in some extra vitality. After the 18th it moves into Pisces. This highlights children, individual creativity, and how you experience pleasure. This is great news for you! For the four weeks after the 18th, plan to engage in your personal creativity. Do the things you get great pleasure from, including time with your kids.

Sagittarius Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde highlighted the Capricorn part of your chart having to do with income, resources, and personal finances. And the Aquarius part of your chart having to do with colleagues, siblings, and communication in general. As we move out of the retrograde, consider how these topics have shifted since the holidays, and how you have realigned, refreshed, and renewed them.

You may have given some thought to realigning and refreshing how you manage your money and income sources. Your budget may have needed refreshing. As Mercury moves forward again in early February, you will see some resolution in these topics that came up. You may also have had to update your communication calendar and how you work with colleagues.

Mercury will move into the sign Aquarius again on the 14th in forward motion. This can bring new insights into how you manage your communications and work with colleagues. There is a lot of activity in this area this month. Look for new insights and innovative ideas that can benefit you moving forward, especially because the Sun will be traveling through this part of your chart for a few days mid-month.

The Venus Mars connection will happen in your Capricorn money, income, and resources sector. You may find your attention drawn to this area and it will likely have some past remnants from the retrogrades that also happened in Capricorn.

The realignments and renewals that came up in the last few months may now form into new systems, approaches, and income streams. It is a good time to get your spending and saving plan in order.

Valentine’s Day may have you more focused on money, resources, and budgeting, but do take time for a play date with your partner. The Venus and Mars connection in the part of your chart that was activated by both Venus and Mercury retrograde can benefit from the meeting of these two planets. Venus for objective evaluation of your financial situation, and Mars to take action toward your goals.

The Sun is moving through Aquarius in the same communication and colleagues part of your chart until the 18th. This is a time where you may feel energized and more charismatic with your co-workers. It is a time where you could have some brilliant ideas and any type of speaking or presentation will be an opportunity to show your flair for innovative ideas. After the 18th the Sun will move into Pisces and shift focus.

When the Sun moves to Pisces there will be a shift of focus to your home and family. You may feel energized to do home activities, projects, decorating, or rearranging. This is a short four week time period, but you can get a lot done in four weeks. Pisces is a creative sign, meaning this is a great time for aesthetics around the home. Add a painting, change out some trinkets, or makeover a room and enjoy the process.

Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn ascendants have been very activated by the Venus and Mercury retrogrades. The Venus retrograde was completely in Capricorn, and Mercury was half in Capricorn. The Capricorn part of your chart is all about you. Your appearance, your personality, who you are, and how you approach life. As a serious person who approaches life with strategy, you may have experienced some significant shifts in the last 2 months.

In addition to the Capricorn part of your chart highlighted by retrogrades, Mercury was retrograde partially in the Aquarius part of your chart, having to do with finances, income, and your resources.

The retrogrades provided a 2 month window for you to reflect back on where some realigning, refreshment, or renewals are called for. As we move out of retrograde periods, things resolve, finalize, and start looking forward again.

February is a great month to solidify, finish off, and take topics from the retrogrades to the next phase. Whether you are making changes to your appearance, your finances, or how you engage with the outside world, all of February is about settling into change and focusing forward.

Mercury moves forward and returns to the sign of Aquarius on the 14th. The second half of the month will likely have you focused on financial solutions. New insights around how you manage income, or earn income, can burst in and propel you forward.

The Venus and Mars connection happens in the Capricorn part of your chart. You can experience an increase in magnetic appeal. If you are single and looking around Valentine’s Day, you could meet someone with long-term potential. If you are attached, it looks to be a sensual time. Plan something special for you and your partner.

The Sun is traveling through the Aquarius part of your chart until the 18th. The Sun beams in some extra vitality and energy to your financial planning. It can shine the light on topics that you have been thinking about through the Venus and Mercury retrogrades. After the 18th the Sun moves into Pisces in the part of your chart that has to do with your communication style, learning and colleagues.

When the Sun moves into Pisces after the 18th, you may want to sign up for a class, especially as it relates to the arts and mysticism. If you are a creative of any type, you may have more desire to do your art. If you are a musician play, painter paint, dancer dance, and so on.

Aquarius Ascendant

The retrogrades in your chart have likely stirred up some important conversations with yourself. The Venus retrograde was in Capricorn, and Mercury retrograde was in Capricorn and Aquarius. The Capricorn part of your chart is the most difficult to understand because it’s the collective unconscious, the mysterious side of life, it covers deep spirituality, where we can self-sabotage, and can even represent those who work against us.

With two retrogrades in that part of your chart, a good question for yourself is ‘what has been occupying your mind for the last two months?’ Now that we are coming out of both retrogrades, Venus is already direct and Mercury the first week of February, things may start to become more clear.

What makes February even more interesting is that Mercury was retrograde in Aquarius in January, and will travel back into Aquarius mid-February. The Aquarius part of your chart is the house of you. It represents your personality, your appearance, who you are. You may be going through adjustments on the spiritual and personality levels. You may even be making some changes in your appearance.

February should be a transitional month for you as some of the things from the last two months get worked out, finalized, realigned, and renewed. Mercury will re-enter Aquarius on the 14th and for the rest of the month you will likely be focused on yourself. Any changes that you want to make will start to fall into place. Plus, you may tap into some new and refreshing ideas with Mercury moving forward.

The Venus and Mars connection will be in the Capricorn part of your chart around Valentine’s Day. If you feel like staying in, let yourself do that. Oftentimes when this part of the chart is activated, it signifies a time period of deep soul searching and a desire to spend more time alone. If you do want to get out, check out spiritual activities. A meditation or yoga group, or joining a social meeting with a spiritual or philosophical topic.

The Sun moves through Aquarius until the 18th beaming in a boost in vitality and energy. This supports any new ideas and changes you are processing in regard to who you are, your appearance, and how you want to interact with the external world. After the 18th, the Sun moves into Pisces and shines the focus on your income, resources, and financial situation. It is a time you may want to revitalize your budget.

Pisces Ascendant

The Mercury retrograde was active in two parts of your horoscope. The Capricorn part, which has to do with friends and social networks, and the Aquarius part, which has to do with the collective unconscious, where we can delve into spirituality, or self-sabotage. As Mercury is going direct the first week of February, think about how any of those topics have come up for you since the holidays.

Mercury retrograde is a time to look back and renew, realign, and re-evaluate. As Mercury moves forward, you may notice there are some shifts in these areas. Resolutions can be found in February and realignments may become more clear. As February kicks off, you may feel like spending more time with your friends and social network, or you are realigning how you approach those areas.

On the 14th, Mercury changes signs moving forward in Aquarius, in that spiritual part of your chart. It can feel like a big shift from wanting to be social, to wanting some time alone to process all that has been happening the last few months.

It is good to take quality time to process through things. However, if you isolate and it puts you at risk of falling into addiction or any type of self-destructive behavior, then it is best to seek out professional help or your support tribe. The Aquarius part of your chart can soar to great heights of spirituality, or great lows of self-sabotage. Only you know where you fall on this spectrum. February is a time to step up the self-care regime.

As February kicks off, the Sun is traveling through Aquarius, this same part of your chart from above. This indicates that there is a light shining on the more hidden areas in life. It is a chance to take a look at what is sometimes not visible in life, so that you can revitalize and work with your shadow side. We all have a shadow side of our personality that contains things we would prefer to ‘not own.’

As the Sun travels through this part of your chart, you may have some great insights that lead to great self-growth and development. After the 18th, the Sun moves into the Pisces part of your chart. This is about your personality, appearance, and how you approach the world. The shift of the last half of February may find you tapping into your artistic side, making some changes to your appearance, and how you relate to external life.

The Venus and Mars connection that is active all month and peaks at Valentine’s Day happens in the Capricorn part of your chart that has to do with your friends and social networks. This is a time when your friends and network may have a few invitations for you to choose from. Get out and have fun. Remember that you may also have this feeling of wanting to be alone and non-social.

It can be a bit confusing to have a pull to both be social and to spend time alone. The practical solution is to use balance. Do not over commit to too many social engagements, and try not to isolate and cut off your social life. Choose the social invitations that have the most meaning to you, and hold good boundaries with saying no if there are many invitations taking time away from your self-development personal time.

Astrological Events

Here is a list of the astrological events I covered above for a quick reference and review of February. This is for astrologers, astrology students, and those who want to go deeper into understanding astrology.

  1. Mercury goes direct in Capricorn 24 degrees

  2. Thursday, 3 Feb 8:13p west USA, 11:13p east USA, Friday, 4 Feb 5:13am Rome

  3. Mars (Capricorn 8 degrees) sextile Jupiter (Pisces 8 degrees)

  4. Friday, 4 February

  5. Sun (Aquarius 15 degrees) conjunct Saturn (Aquarius 15 degrees)

  6. Friday, 4 February

  7. Mars (Capricorn 11 degrees) trine Uranus (Taurus 11 degrees)

  8. Tuesday, 8 February

  9. Mercury (Capricorn 27 degrees) conjunct Pluto (Capricorn 27 degrees)

  10. Friday, 11 February

  11. Mercury enters Aquarius degree 0

  12. Monday, 14 February

  13. Venus (Capricorn 16 degrees) conjunct Mars (Capricorn 16 degrees)

  14. Wednesday, 16 February

  15. Full Moon in Leo 27 degrees

  16. Wednesday, 16 February

  17. Sun enters Pisces degree 0

  18. Friday, 18 February

  19. Mars and Venus (conjunct in Capricorn 22 degrees) sextile Neptune (Pisces 22 degrees)

  20. Wednesday/Thursday, 23-24 February

  21. Mercury (Aquarius 11 degrees) square Uranus (Taurus 11 degrees)

  22. Thursday/Friday, 24-25 February


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