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Electional Astrology: The Best Astrological Advice You’re Not Taking

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Why you need an Electional Astrology chart to start something new

Imagine your new business's grand opening day and you don’t have your Electional Astrology chart. The invites have been sent out, the employees are pumped and ready to open the doors, and all of your planning and marketing have led you to this gigantic life moment.

But then the electricity goes out an hour before people arrive, the ice cream starts to melt, and the appliances have stopped working. Uh oh! The planets were not aligned for you. Why take a chance when astrology can help you avoid those disastrous dates and choose one that is supportive of your new amazingness?

Are Astrologers Wizards?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a wizard whispering auspicious guidance in our ears. ‘Yes, that date is sweet for marriage.’ Or ‘No, with Venus in that position your special day will be full of problems.’ Only runaway brides want Venus to help them with an escape plan on their wedding day.

Well, I’m no wizard or sorceress, but I do have this handy book called an Ephemeris. Armed with the information contained inside, I can look ahead into the future. And, gasp, see where all the planets will be for a really long time in the future. It’s not magic, it’s Electional Astrology.


Once an astrologer learns this insightful technique, it’s like it becomes your best friend for timing. I still need all my friends. But when it comes to deciding ‘when,’ I’m going to my Ephemeris. And you can too!

What is Electional Astrology?

Electional astrology is simply looking at the planets, Sun, Moon, and other hot points in your chart. Then determining what date and time is the best to start whatever it is you are starting.

Sometimes there are time restraints like you probably don’t want to plan a wedding at 2 am in the morning on a weekday. But we work with time frames. Sometimes you have to start your cool new thing on a weekday during business hours. Other times you are launching something online and don’t mind waking up at 3 am to get that scrumptiously awesome start time.

Sometimes you have a big window, like 3 months. Other times you have to do something in a 3-day window, but it has to be at 2 pm. The latter scenario will have fewer options than the wide-open 3-month window. But there will be options, and you want to pick the best time for your new beginning.

So the next time you are about to start something big. Is it worth it to start without consulting the stars? Be prepared, elect a date, and double down on your success.

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