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Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn New Moon is Tuesday or Wednesday, January 12-13, 2021.

9pm, US West Coast, Tuesday, January 12 12am Midnight, US East Coast, Wednesday, January 13 6am, Rome, Italy, Wednesday, January 13

Woo wee this an intense New Moon.

Usually when I talk about the New and Full Moons I like to focus in on the meaning of the cycle and the signs of the Sun and Moon. This month, we can’t ignore the intense configurations of the other planets at the time of the Full Moon.

I will refer to a few so here is a list:

Stellium: Moon, Sun, and Pluto in Capricorn (conjunctions of the planets) Conjunction: Mars and Uranus in Taurus Conjunction: Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aquarius Square: Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all in Aquarius squaring Mars and Uranus in Taurus

Though the previous 2020 Capricorn stellium of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars has broken up, Pluto remains in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon come along to conjunct (join) the New Moon in Capricorn.

As if that conjunction with Pluto isn’t enough to take a pause, we have Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars all making an aspect with disruptive Uranus. Uranus is not only disruptive, but things can come up suddenly and unexpectedly.

Now you might be thinking that sounds like what happened on Wednesday, January 6 in the United States Capitol and run off election in Georgia. I would say yes, most those configurations were already building at that time.

Some of those configurations will be at play all year, like Saturn squaring Uranus.

Earth and Air Elements and Fix Mode are Highlighted

On Wednesday, January 13, when the Full Moon is exact you may feel the electricity in the air and a heavy and intense weight sitting on your shoulders.

The three planet pile up in Capricorn, a different stellium than the one in 2020, that includes Sun, Moon and Pluto, is in the earth element. While Mars is moving within a few degrees to Uranus in Taurus, also the earth element. Venus is actually in Capricorn as well, but much earlier in degree, so she is not included in the stellium.

That’s a lot of earth energy. Earth energy is about material possessions, resources, and the establishment. It’s practical, likes the facts, and is sensual and tactile oriented.

Uranus, bringer of change, is activated through the challenging square aspect by Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all in air sign Aquarius. Social change to outworn establishments is highlighted this Full Moon.

Full Moon energy is potent by nature. Emotions run high. However, these are not water signs. These are earth and air signs. The social and material.

Aquarius and Taurus are also fixed signs. Stuck situations trying to become unstuck. It’s like controlled chaos.

Fixed signs like Aquarius and Taurus, by nature, maintain the status quo. But we are seeing a mounting pressure for change, triggered by the square from Jupiter and Saturn in social conscious Aquarius.

This New Moon will intensify and pressure the cracks to the system that have already developed in 2020.

Change is imminent, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t hold on with a tight grip to avoid that change.

In Your Chart

The intensity of the Full Moon in Capricorn stellium is increased by the involvement of Pluto. We may see a power grab, both in the world and in our personal lives.

This is especially true for your horoscope if you have planets in your chart that are triggered by the sign and degree of these configurations:

Cardinal signs of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn around 23-24 degrees.

Fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio between 0 and 10 degrees.

You can get a free copy of your chart here.

So hold onto your hats. This too shall pass. Hold on to your head too and don’t let things push you to the point of lashing out and regretting your actions later.

The Mars conjunct Uranus energy is particularly worrisome for aggressive and sudden action. This energy is building as Mars is moving toward Uranus, not away from it.

It won’t be until the end of January when we start feeling the relief of this transit, when Mars moves further away by degree.

Embrace Change – My Mantra

Change often brings discomfort. When we try to dislodge old outdated ways, it causes fear of the unknown.

With that fear, change is avoided, sometimes at all costs. In the end, change paves the way for opportunity for a different and hopefully better future for all.

What helps is when we embrace change rather than fight it tooth and nail, holding on to a past that can no longer maintain its status quo.

Learn more about the overarching astrological theme of 2021 and the transition astrologically from 2021 in my blog article:

What to do during the New Moon

If you exercise, get out and burn off any extra or nervous energy that comes up. Even if you don’t, try to get a walk out in the fresh air.

Outdoors is best, fresh air and earth under your feet. The two elements involved in this Full Moon. Get out into nature if you can.

If walking isn’t possible, or your thing, do something with your hands. Build something, or make something.

Just remember that you can be more easily agitated than normal. So do something that doesn’t tempt you to throw it across the room if you get annoyed.

Many people like me journal at the New Moon about our goals and intentions for the Lunar cycle. You may find with this earth energy that you can be more structured in your writing and disciplined with your plan.

With so much earth highlighted, do something material oriented. Re-organize a room. De-clutter.

Spending time alone can also be therapeutic. Especially so if there is drama in your environment.

Whether it’s politics, annoying co-workers, or anything else that makes your blood boil. Just taking some me time away from it all can be the best way to diffuse explosive energy while recharging your own battery.

Self-care is always helpful. Under this Full Moon you could benefit from activities like getting a massage, facial, or acupuncture.

Happy New Moon!


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