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Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon Date and Time

Wednesday, July 13 11:39 AM, West Coast, USA 2:38 PM, East Coast, USA 8:38 PM, Rome, Italy Capricorn 21 degrees Super Moon = Super Bright and Closer to Earth

Capricorn Full Moon and Sun in Cancer

The Capricorn full moon has potent energy signatures. Things brewing and boiling under the surface may erupt. There is a mental and intense tone to the Capricorn full and super moon. Over the next few days a situation can reach peak intensity, a choice may be made, or two viewpoints may clash.

Full moons are always about two different signs, Cancer and Capricorn this month. This pair of signs are opposite each other in the zodiac which has significant meaning in astrology. It’s not a random pairing, it’s two sides of an axis. I’ll explain.

The zodiac is twelve signs, and six pairs of signs that go together. Think of the twelve zodiac signs making a circle starting from Aries going through to Pisces. The order of signs doesn’t change. The signs opposite of each other in the circle are the six pairs.

Each full moon represents a pair of planets on this line. This is because the full moon phase is when the sun is opposite the moon in the sky, beaming in the most amount of light possible. It is when the Moon reflects the most amount of the sun’s light and we see the full diameter of the full moon.

This full moon, the signs are the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer. These two signs are on the opposite ends of the same line. They share some qualities, have some opposite qualities, and highlight the extreme ends of the topics represented by the pair of signs.

Balance is important when considering the meaning of pairs of signs.

Capricorn represents structure, tradition, discipline, leadership, and has a correlation with the CEO archetype, business person, and ladder climber. Cancer represents family, home, tradition, sentimentality, nurturing, leadership, and the archetype of nurturer, mother, and compassion.

You could look at these two signs like the archetypal mother and father. Or as career on one end and family on the other end of the spectrum. There could be some sort of choice that comes up, or feeling like you are in a power struggle between these two ends of the line during this Capricorn full moon phase.

Capricorn Full Moon Unique Features

There is always built into the full moon the sense of being full, completing something, taking things to the next level, being full of energy, urges to take action, and a peaking of energy. Sometimes other planets are making connections with the sun or full moon, and other times not so much.

Other planets’ relationships to the Sun and Moon during a full moon phase can modify the tone, energy, and experience of a full moon phase. Not only month to month as we experience the rotation through the different pairs of signs during the year, but year to year.

You probably already know that we have a full moon in each sign every year, taking us through the zodiac. But year to year there are differences in the energetic signature of the full moon in the same zodiac sign depending on the other planets involved.

This year, we have some significantly intense vibes going on. There are two planets that are highly involved in this new moon, Pluto and Mercury. Pluto brings intensity and Mercury opens the doors of communication.

This can be a time period of intense communication. Things may come out of your mouth more intensely than you intended. You may experience increased bluntness from others or honesty that can hurt.

It may be you letting off steam with others, you on the receiving end of someone else’s steam, or your own internal dialogue becomes intense. If you encounter this, look for the deeper meaning of purification, what is being shown to you that could be beneficial to pluck out of your life right now.

Remember that in astrology some people are more impacted than others with these zodiac meetups in the sky because general astrology cannot take into account your personal chart. It is likely that if you don’t experience intense communications yourself, someone around you will.

The beauty of astrology is informing you ahead of time so you can best prepare yourself for the energetic vibes that are reflected from above describing what is likely to be experienced below.

Practical and helpful ways to embrace Capricorn Full Moon energy:

  1. Use positive and compassionate self-talk.

  2. Reframe uncomfortable and difficult situations as an important lessons and focus on finding solutions by employing creative problem solving. 

  3. If you are dealing with difficult external situations, remember that you cannot control them, but you can change the way you respond to them.

  4. Use mindful approaches to your thinking, responses, and actions. If you are not sure how to do this, read my blog post on ‘Mindful Approaches to Well-Being.

  5. Remember that this energy will pass. Treat this time period as an information collecting time, and take care to look at all angles. This is especially important if you have to make an important decision or choice.

  6. Take breaks when conversations become heated or too intense. If you intend to have a difficult conversation with someone, talk about taking breaks beforehand so it’s easier to take a pause during the conversation.

  7. Reach out to your supportive community and only communicate with those who lift you up. Asking for help takes courage, give yourself permission, you can do it!

Capricorn Full Moon: Mercury in Cancer, Watch your Words

Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, and commerce. With Mercury traveling with the Sun, there is a desire to express oneself. In the sign of Cancer, there is a desire to express oneself through compassion, nurturing, and through taking action.

That sounds so sweet. It can be oh so sweet. If we look at this energy alone, there is a nurturing and compassionate expression that is healing. Cancer is a water sign, the natural home sign of the Moon. There may be a hard shell on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside.

It’s not the Moon traveling through Cancer though. The Moon is actually traveling through the sign opposite Cancer, Capricorn. This indicates looking at situations from different angles. There can be a breakthrough on something stuck.

Mercury traveling with the Sun in Cancer is about expressing compassion, lifting up others through words, and indulging in conversations that reminisce on fond past memories. It’s a different flavor than when the Moon is moving through Cancer because the Sun is about self-expression and your core essence and the Moon is about finding security and your emotional nature.

The Sun in Cancer may encourage you to express yourself through the past, your family, and sentiment. There could be a desire to pick up old photo albums, cook your mom’s favorite recipe, or dig into a box of things in the attic that was your grandparents to learn more about yourself through your family.

You may want to gather with your family or extended family. It’s a great time for a family reunion. Only, with the Capricorn full moon, that family reunion could be a hotspot for bringing up old family wounds and remembering why you don’t do family reunions.

If your family and/or extended family tends to get along well at get togethers, you may want to do something like this. But if there is an underlying incompatibility with your family, this would not necessarily be the time for large gatherings if you want to avoid a blow up.

It is a potent time to work through something with a family member if this is something you have been wanting to hash out. The astrology of the sky is reflecting this type of energy, so why not use this timing to try to work through and heal a wound.

You will likely find it easier to work through old wounds, especially familial ones, in one on one or very small groups to help manage the intensity and difficulty of this type of healing.

If there is any history of violence or abuse with someone you want to work on healing with, this would not be a time to get together with that person alone, without the safety of a counselor or mediator of some type to ensure your physical safety. 

There is renewing energy at hand. Please use all of your skills around having patience to work through any difficult situations that may come up for you during this full moon.

Capricorn Full Moon: Pluto in Capricorn, Purify your Priorities

The Capricorn full moon is traveling close to the planet Pluto at the time of the full moon. Pluto is about purification, cleansing, power, and clearing out what is no longer needed. 

Remember that Cancer and Capricorn are a pair of opposite signs. This Capricorn full moon line up is a mix of Sun and Mercury in the sign of Cancer opposite Pluto and the full Moon in Capricorn. This is where that intensity and communication vibe comes from.

Pluto is not known for having manners and etiquette. There is an intense focus to get the job done no matter what is in the way. Pluto in Capricorn is no nonsense. It is known for determination, tenacity, rigidity, and nerves of steel.

I think the words collateral damage are a good metaphor for this energy. Pluto doesn’t care about collateral damage, it wants to weed out what it considers impurities. This is easiest to understand by looking at the recent world events like the Russia-Ukraine war and the Roe vs Wade decision in the US.

This is not a statement about who is right or wrong, obviously both sides in these examples think they are right. Both situations have caused a large amount of human suffering and collateral damage, regardless of which way may be the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way.

Pluto is about purification, power, empowerment and big change. It just operates without manners and etiquette. Oftentimes we look back and appreciate the growth and lessons learned after the fact when things have calmed down.

It may be the case that you enter a purification process in your life during this full moon and only when you look back will you be able to appreciate the change that comes out of this time period. I truly hope that learning about this full moon helps you gain the most out of it.

You can see how this Capricorn full moon can shape up into a situation that is direct and to the point. Brutal honesty may trump compassion. If you are someone whose feelings are easily hurt, you will want to prepare yourself so you squeeze out all the benefits rather than trying to bury your head in the sand or avoid difficult feelings that can help you.

While the cleansing and purifying nature of the Capricorn full moon can help you clear out some cobwebs that needed clearing out, the experience may be momentarily uncomfortable. It can be a minor annoyance or bring a few tears. Think about weeding your garden, it’s purifying the land so the things you want to grow can thrive.

Those of you who pride yourself on having thick skin may be better prepared to weather the storm. The ideas I listed above will help anyone ready to look honestly at your individual life situations, and purify, weed, and prioritize what is important in your life.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, if you experience some tense moments, know that they will pass, and will help you clear out and/or let go of something in your life so that you can move forward with momentum, focus on your priorities, flourish, and thrive.

It doesn’t have to be an external thing, it may be a mindset adjustment, a brilliant idea where you realize you need to let something go to move forward, or maybe you just needed to hear something in a sharp tone to shake you into taking action.

There is potential for a power play if situations come up with another person. Because this Capricorn full moon has an energetic vibe of power and empowerment, and choice or decision making, you may have to sort through your priorities vs others priorities for you.

This is a caution for you to really think about your choices, mindset, and actions. Are you making decisions that are best for you? That please you? Or are you trying to please someone else? Live up to someone else’s version of who you should be? 

This full moon can be about calling your attention to your life choices and who you are living your life for. Obviously if you have kids, you will have to make choices that are best for your family. But that does not eliminate your need for self-care and preservation.

Balance is key. Weighing your options and finding solutions that work for all parties, not just others, is important. If you are unhappy and unfulfilled, it’s not good for anyone in your social and family circle. Open yourself to solutions that work for everyone, including you.

Empowerment is another way this energy can manifest. This is a great time to engage in things that empower you. If you face situations where you are called to make a decision or choice, evaluate how each choice empowers or disempowers you. Move towards empowering choices.

You can purify a situation in a way that leaves you feeling more in control of your life or a particular situation. You may have been pushed to the point where you are ready to make a change that will put you on the fast track to achieving something.

The determination that comes with Capricorn cannot be underestimated. Pluto in Capricorn has a tremendous amount of energy to make change. Think of it like jumping on a powerful horse and charging forward with the help of this amazing creature.

If you don’t experience any of these things, you are primed and ready to help others in your life who may be experiencing some raw emotion. Look around, it won’t be hard to find it. I have already had a number of friends talk to me about something going on in their life and I thought, hmm that sounds a lot like this upcoming Capricorn full moon.

There are many ways this energy can play out. You may want to proactively use this energy to weigh a decision even if there are no imposing reasons to do so. Not having something significant show up doesn’t mean you can’t purify and prioritize. Go for it!

This information is not to send you hiding at home over the Capricorn full moon phase, but to prepare you to welcome the purifying messages you may receive or deliver.

The best way to use this full moon energy is to go with the flow rather than resist. To best use this energy, watch your words. Listen for the words coming to you. Distill those words with an assumption that there is something positive in them, even if they were delivered harshly. 

If you need to deliver words to someone about something that feels intense, watch the words you use, but don’t hold back on the honesty. You can deliver a brutally honest message with compassion.

There is a possibility that you can get sucked into power plays. I used to work in schools with kids, for years. One of the most common things that would happen is staff getting pulled into a power play with a student and not realizing they are stuck.

The best way to deal with a power play is to not engage. Not directly. There are other ways to solve problems. The core meaning of power play is that each person is vying for control and neither is willing to give it up. It’s a stuck situation, something needs to change.

Whether it’s going back to the drawing board to find new and creative solutions, plucking something out of your life, or finding ways to balance situations that are unbalanced, you have options.

I love the concept of this Capricorn full moon being a purification. That’s why the theme of this month’s Capricorn full moon video is ‘Purification of your Priorities.’ It’s like pulling weeds from the garden. Removing unhelpful obstacles helps clear the way to grow what you want to flourish.

Capricorn Full Moon: Purify your Priorities

If you really want to tap into the enormous power of this Capricorn full moon, be proactive about purifying your goals. This is a great time to evaluate your goals and determine if you are working on the priorities, or not.

There are a few things that align nicely with this Capricorn full moon to support focusing on your priorities. First, Capricorn is of the earth element. This is energy that is grounded, realistic, and no nonsense. Capricorn is one of the leadership signs ready to take action.

The Capricorn full moon is a supermoon, the brightest supermoon of the year. A supermoon is when the Moon is closest to earth and appears larger and brighter in the sky. This is the closest full moon of 2022, so it will be big and bright.

Learn more about the Supermoon, which is also called the Buck Moon, at

This brighter full moon can symbolically help shed greater light on how you are addressing your priorities. It can help you see those things that may need to be carefully plucked out so that you are left with the most important parts. This can be applied to many things.

It can be internal, external, physical, or conceptual. It can relate to a relationship with others or your relationship with yourself. You get to decide how to practically approach something important to you during this Capricorn super full moon.

If you have goals, start there. If you are moving through life and unsure of where you are going, this full moon can help you get grounded and strategic.

With Mercury involved, there is a mental and intellectual component. Mercury in Cancer is a combination of compassion and intellect. Compassion alone can have difficulty bringing rationality to the emotions.

Intellect alone lacks the compassion needed to include the human element. Combined, you can tap into intellectual ideas that have compassionate undertones that respect humanity and other people.

However, it’s not so simple, it’s complex like human nature. Because the extreme ends are believing that your ideas and compassion are the right ones, which invalidates the ‘others’ ideas and expressions of compassion. This is what we are seeing play out on the world stage.

The Russian-Ukraine war and the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs Wade. Both sides think they are the correct ones. We can’t control others’ ideas or expressions of compassion, but we can take control of our own.

We can commit to living our own authenticity. I think that is the core message of the strong and intense Capricorn full moon. It is one of the most potent full moons of 2022 and it provides a wealth of energy and opportunity to those who tap into its regenerating force.

Capricorn Full Moon – Rise like the Phoenix

The Capricorn full moon is full of potential. When you proactively climb the spiral cycles of spiritual development and self-growth, you go through the process that can be likened to the symbology of the snake, or the phoenix.

The snake sheds its skin as it transforms, and the phoenix burns up in the purifying flames of transformation symbolizing renewal, harmony, peace, and balance and is reborn. Take the opportunity imbued in this month’s Capricorn full moon to transform a part of yourself.

It may be a tiny part that brings relief. Or it may be that great change is happening to you, or in life around you. Remember the old adage that the only constant in life is change. When you open your arms and embrace change, even difficult change, you transform to the next phase of your life.

Your mindset will have a lot to do with how you embrace change. How you perceive external and internal influences that mean inevitable and irreversible change is going to determine how you respond to the influences that you may experience this full moon.

I worked for a company a long time ago who had just merged with another company. The staff were struggling with this merger, their new roles, and a negative perception of this merger. We all went to ‘Embrace Change’ training that was provided by management who was smart enough to recognize the staff struggle.

I remember the empowering motivation that came out of this training. I will never forget it. The positive experience I encountered impressed me so much that 30 years later I still think about it. Especially as an astrologer constantly watching the unfolding of the stars.

They were teaching about mindset, but back then it wasn’t a buzzword like it is now. The message was just as powerful then as it is now. Thankfully, we have much more knowledge through the amazing research coming out of Positive Psychology about how much a positive mindset fosters personal growth.

Resources are abundant for learning about and using a positive mindset. I teach how to develop and use a positive and growth oriented mindset in my new program, ‘Functioning to Flourishing: Goal Setting with Astrology.’ Click here to learn more about my Flourishing program.

Astrology and Essential Oils

Purifying your priorities is about taking the time to recognize things that you can let go, and when you do, it frees you up to do more authentic and meaningful things for yourself and your future.

The full moon video series that I co-host with Annabelle Fraser is available now. Annabelle is a naturopath and gut health specialist who is trained in utilizing essential oils to support our emotions. 

In the video we talk about the energetics of the Capricorn full moon, essential oils that help support our emotions, inspirational quotes, and things to do during a full moon ritual.

This month Annabelle recommends a purification blend of oils. You can get a premixed blend through doTerra called purify, or mix up what you already have at home. The essential oils in this cleansing blend are lemon, lime, Siberian fir, Austrian fir, pine, citronella, tea tree, and cilantro.

Remember to dilute essential oils before using on your skin and consult your physician before using internally or for medical purposes. The purification blend helps cleanse our thoughts, our homes and our lymphatic system.

It is great for killing germs and microbes as a surface and floor cleanser, and as an insect repellent. It has citrus tones great for motivation, and grounding tones of fir and pine. I am diffusing this blend as I write to you and it’s lovely, uplifting, and grounding.

You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils from anywhere in the world.

Check out this month’s Capricorn full moon video on YouTube, my new channel. If you subscribe, you can be notified when the videos are posted. You can still catch the video on Facebook if you prefer.

For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle through her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy. 

Capricorn Full Moon Inspirational Quotes

“If you start thinking of stress as not a bad thing but inevitable, resulting in change that itself leads to transformation that leads to sharp and radical changes… it can be a very useful way of thinking.” – Marilyn Ferguson
“Transformation is an ongoing process that tends to appear ordinary, when, in fact, something extraordinary is taking place.” – Suzy Ross
“Transformation does not happen by learning new information. It happens when you change how you view and react to other people, events and things around you.” – Med Jones
“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ― Maya Angelou

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the earth element. Focus on clearing away mental distractions and obstacles that are in the way of achieving what is important to you. Think of this exercise as a purification process. Like you are pulling weeds from your metaphorical priority garden. 

  2. The Capricorn full moon is a great time to release and purify parts of yourself no longer needed. Hold the intention to manifest renewal, regeneration, and fortification of your strengths.

  3. Take action toward bringing balance to life situations that are swinging to extremes. If this applies to you, do the earth releasing ritual to let go of obstacles in the way of balance. Be open to compromise, seeing the situation from the other person’s perspective, and use I statements. Remember that your priorities and needs are important and living in an authentic way is more fulfilling than trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.

  4. You may want to spend some time alone considering two sides of something in order to make a decision. Or you may feel driven to take action by making a decision, or having a much needed conversation with another person. Be aware of how you use your words. Brutal honesty can be delivered with compassion.

  5. This full moon calls for calming of the nervous system in order to allow for rational and intense thoughts or negotiations. Carry a calming and purifying essential oil with you for the days surrounding the full moon. Some ideas for essential oils are above.

  6. Review your goals and meditate on how you are prioritizing your time. Are you in sync with your goals, or is it time to make adjustments and pluck out things that are not moving you toward your goals.

Capricorn Full Moon Two-Week Phase

  1. Be aware of the possibility of power plays so you can defuse them early.

  2. Take action to heal old wounds. Use compassionate language to deliver brutally honest messages to others and yourself. 

  3. Spend some time meditating on balance between your career and leisure time. Track where you are spending your time and evaluate if there is balance or not. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

  4. This is a time that great growth opportunities may arise through a tense situation which results in change, transformation, growth, and purification. Engaging in the process will work better than fighting against it.

  5. Work on a business plan or put structure to a project that has great meaning to you, take this important project to the next level. Take it to its next iteration and purify it if things aren’t going the way you want.

  6. This can be a time of great breakthroughs, flashes of ideas or brilliant insight, and a vision of what could be. Let yourself be motivated by these inspirations and take action. It may require a lot of effort, but it will be worth it.

  7. You may find that you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do in this period of time. Take a hard and honest look at how you spend your time and prune what is necessary to achieve what is most important to you.

Capricorn Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Where are you struggling to maintain a healthy balance in your life? For example, career and family, time for yourself and time with your partner, time with your children and time with your friends, managing your money and your shared bank account. What do you need to release and purify in your life that would result in more balance in this area of your life?

  2. What activities leave you feeling empowered?

  3. Do you have written goals and set priorities? If not, write some now.

  4. What things in your life and lifestyle do you want to pluck out to make room for moving forward toward your goals and priorities?

  5. Are your priorities self-focused, or are you trying to live up to someone else’s idea of who you should be? How can you release the need to please others and be more self-authentic in your priorities?

Wrap Up

This month’s Capricorn full moon is one of the most potent of the year. It is a supermoon, which means the Moon is orbiting closer to the earth than usual and will appear very bright in the sky. It is a great time to purify, renew, and focus on your priorities.


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