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Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon 2021 Dates and Times

Friday 9 July, 6:17pm West Coast, USA Friday 9 July, 9:17pm East Coast, USA Saturday 9 July, 3:17am Rome, Italy 18 degrees Cancer

Cancer New Moon: A protective shell

During this Cancer New Moon phase nurture and empower yourself with a protective shell. A protective shell is holding healthy boundaries for your time, your emotional availability, your work, family, and friends. Even your pets.

One of the descriptive words often used to describe Cancer is nurturing. Cancers are known to be nurturers and caretakers. This is a sign that can shine the light on where you may be super nurturing AND where you may want to watch your boundaries. The quality of this Cancer New Moon holds a vibe asking us to self-evaluate our personal power. Do this self-evaluation with self-compassion, and through this process empower yourself to be loving, giving, and nurturing while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Self-compassion can be a hard thing to do. For many of us, we are our harshest critics. Take this Cancer new moon time to appreciate all the positive things you do. Provide caregiving for yourself like you would your most precious family and friends.

Allow yourself to receive love and nurturing as you pass through this new moon phase at the end of the week and over the weekend. If you have difficulty accepting nurturance or nurturing others around you, this is a time to try to bring some balance in this area.

Those of you who are caregivers by nature, employment, or parenthood may need to pay special attention to feeling emotional burnout from caregiving. Take some personal time this new moon and pamper yourself. Even if that means doing nothing. It’s what feels soothing to your soul.

Caring for others can be depleting if you do not set healthy boundaries and protections around yourself. There is always an opportunity for helping and giving. The question is, do you know when to stop? Or do you hold back when someone is in need of your help?

Having a protective shell is a powerful way for nurturing caregivers to continue to give, while ensuring your own needs are cared for. That protective shell is the healthy boundaries you choose that allow you to keep going over time.

You can be empowered or overpowered. You can have power over others or empower them. Take some time to devote to yourself this weekend and ponder your personal power.

Pluto, Power, and Empowerment

This upcoming Cancer New Moon involves the planet Pluto. Pluto represents power. Configured with the few days around the new moon, it can describe a time where emotions or events pop up that have to do with your personal power, and/or how others have control and power over you.

How it manifests depends on if, and how, there is an imbalance of power in your life. It can be a time where we experience things outside of our control that leave us feeling powerless.

This can be likened to the pandemic, fires burning, and climate change. These are powerful events that change our lives and we have no control over these events. We can only control our perception and response.

While Pluto may be reminding us that there are things that happen outside of our control, we also hold a great amount of personal power.

Planetary forces in the sky above, reflecting what is below, offer great wisdom, and with that, great freedom to take action with what we learn by its symbolism.

This new moon is a perfect time to devote to self-nurturing and self-empowerment. If you have been struggling lately, feeling out of control, or feeling controlled by others, set intentions under the new moon to make a change. Start with baby steps.

This is a time to be reminded to take care of yourself first. Give yourself permission to see the best in you and focus on your strengths.

Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries may feel this theme of power and control more intensely. Especially if you were born between the 8th-14th of July, January, October or April.

Natural Health and Astrology Cancer New Moon Episode

Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the New Moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy. For this months Cancer New Moon our topic is ‘Power and Protection’ and it premieres on Facebook Thursday, July 8, 2021.

This essential oil recommendation we talk about on the show, and the description below is from Annabelle. You can purchase the doTerra oils from her if you wish. To participate in the live show, join the Facebook group Natural Health Italy. Or you can watch the replay, which is available on my Astrology Facebook page.

Clove Essential Oil for Healthy Boundaries

Clove is the essential oil known for its emotional benefits regarding boundaries. It supports letting go of a victim mentality and feeling overly influenced by other people and outside circumstances. Clove essential oil can help us feel more empowered, protected, courageous, and independent.

Clove essential oil is a hot oil, so less is more. Be careful to always dilute when applying to your skin. Apply the diluted clove essential oil to the soles of the feet, or simply inhale it from the bottle.

Clove essential oil can help support us physically. It is extremely high in antioxidants so it is great for boosting the immune system. It is also a great essential oil to use for dental and gum wellbeing.

Cancer New Moon Intention Setting

  1. Take some time alone, in silence, and check in with yourself. 

  2. Journal intentions for how you will set healthy boundaries and empower yourself.

  3. Include water in your New Moon Intention setting (water or ocean sounds, go to a body of water, take a candlelit bath, use a water diffuser and essential oils).

  4. Write down a list of how you have nurtured others over the last month. Then write a list of who has nurtured you over the last month. Then write about how you have self-nurtured over the last month.

  5. Set an intention based on what you discover as part of your new moon intentions. Do you want to nurture more, or do you need to set healthy boundaries? Did you discover there is balance?

  6. If you have picture albums, pull out some old ones. Look at baby pictures, or ones from your youth. Look for the ones with the happiest memories, what made them special? What can you do today that nurtures you in a similar way? Set this as an intention.

  7. Give some love to your inner child. See those baby pictures of you and send loving, caring, and healing energy to that inner child that still lives within you. Set an intention to care for your inner child over the next few weeks and notice any changes that come.

  8. Only do nourishing things for the day: eat healthy, pleasant sounds, no news and limit electronics, sweet aromas, and get a massage.

Empowering things to start over the next 2 weeks

  1. Make your own well-being part of your daily routine and set it as a high priority. Treat your self-care time like you would an important meeting you would never miss.

  2. Make appointments with yourself to do something only for you. Schedule it ahead of time with your family or house mates and ask for their support for no interuptions. Schedule regular self-care appointments like a massage, acupuncture, or getting your nails done.

  3. Write down your goals, and then break them down into small steps that you can take action on daily and weekly. Celebrate the small accomplishments and review your progress regularly.

  4. Start a gratitude journal and write in it every evening before sleeping. It’s okay to write short and quick entries. What is important is to identify things that you are grateful for regularly. It can be simple, like the smile you saw reflected back to you. Or an accomplishment, like a successful presentation at work.

  5. Practice saying ‘no’ if you say ‘yes’ to too many things. This can be hard but super important if you are someone who takes on many things, and then later is working harder than everyone else and you become resentful. If this sounds like you, it is important you start to recognize when it is happening, and say ‘yes’ less often.

  6. Food is a basic necessity in life and Cancers are known for their amazing home cooking. Make your favorite recipe or create something new. Remember the most important ingredient is to make it with loving thoughts.

  7. Have potluck dinner parties to share the load of cooking and cleaning.

  8. Get the right amount of sleep so that you feel refreshed.

Journaling Prompts and Questions

  1. Are you regularly angry at someone over the same thing with no resolution in sight?

  2. Do you habitually put other people’s needs before your own regularly and wonder why you are being taken advantage of? Are you an over giver who feels disempowered?

  3. What does power and control look like in your family of origin? How does that affect you today, and what do you want to stay the same? What do you want to be different?

  4. Are there imbalances in the way you express your nurture nature? Do you over give with some people and under give with others?

  5. Evaluate your protective shell. Is helping you maintain healthy boundaries? Or is it cracked and allowing your emotional stability and security to be depleted.

  6. Do you regularly hold healthy protective boundaries?

  7. Is your protective shell so thick that you do not allow yourself to nurture others or be nurtured by others?

  8. Are you in control of other people and aware (or not) of how your behavior affects others?

  9. Do you feel balanced in how much you give and take?

These are profound questions, and the answers are just as complex and deep, which is why I cannot provide a simple answer to how to address your answers to these questions. Rather, there are a variety of modalities that help people everyday with self-discovery.

Astrology is one roadmap for how to identify power in your personality, and skills for improving your nurture nature. There are many other modes as well like the therapeutic arts of music, dance, and yoga, traditional psychotherapy, coaches, and self-help books.

I highly recommend journaling on the above questions to see where it takes you. If you would like an astrological consultation, please contact me.

Wrap Up

Power, empowerment, nurturing and caregiving are all topics highlighted this Cancer New Moon. It is a time for contemplation around protective healthy boundaries for your well-being. Take some time over this weekend for self pampering and setting your new moon intentions. Use some of the above ideas to dive deep into this months Cancer New Moon.

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Enjoy! Lori


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