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Astrology and the 7 Days of the Week

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The correspondence of Astrology and the 7 days of the week can really bedazzle your week! This is no modern concept, it goes way back to Babylonian times, that’s centuries before the Common Era (CE).

Astrology and the 7 days of the week:

Saturn: Saturday Sun: Sunday Moon: Monday Mars: Tuesday Mercury: Wednesday Jupiter: Thursday Venus: Friday

Saturn Saturday

Saturn is the slowest moving of the personal and visible planets in Astrology. The characteristics of Saturn are slow, disciplined, and structured. If you work Monday to Friday, you may be in sync with structured Saturdays of errands, laundry, and house cleaning.

Saturn is a taskmaster and will totally support your hard work cleaning and preparing for the week ahead. You may also find studying and concentration successful on this day. 

What is not listed here is a big party night, date night, or grand socializing. Unless the socializing is for networking your way up the ladder, Saturn does love status and recognition. Looking for romance, socializing, and the best day to look your best? Check out Venus Friday.

Sun Sunday

Pretty obvious on that one, right? The Sun is all about vitality, and life and signifies our well-being. It’s a great day for rest. We all know that balance is key to health. This is why Sunday is the Fun Day to relax alone, or with our friends and family. Get all those tasks and responsibilities out of the way on Saturn’s Saturday so you can kick back, relax, and have fun on Sunday.

Moon Monday

Oh, those dreaded Mondays. Back to the grind. The Moon is about routines, our habits, our needs, security, and habitual responses. The Moon is the fastest-moving body of the 7 Astrology lights and planets. It is changeable, erratic, and fluctuates.

When possible try to schedule light Mondays at work. Ease yourself back into the work week. Hopefully, you are totally prepared for your Saturday task day, and your Sunday Fun Day of rest and relaxation. Mondays find you reorienting yourself to what needs to be done over the work week. Secure a game plan so you can start Tuesday ready to conquer the day.

Mars Tuesday

Looking to Latin and the Romance languages, you can see the root of this weekday. Tuesday in Latin is Dies Martis, Spanish martes, French Mardi, and Italian martedì. This could be the most productive day of the week in terms of physical exertion.

Mars is the planet of energy and drive. Tuesdays symbolically are highly productive days. You want to plan activities requiring strength, action, boldness, and victory. A caution though, Mars is the warrior. So arguments, disagreements, and irritability can be heightened on this day.

Mercury Wednesday

Like Mars, the Latin names are closely aligned with the day of the week. Latin Dies Mercurii, Spanish miércoles, French mercredi, and Italian mercoledì. Mercury is the planet of communication, commerce and wit. Wednesdays are the perfect days for meetings, sales pitches, presentations and speeches.

It’s also hump day, or the middle of the 5 day work week if you do the Monday to Friday thing. Mercury is a planet that can move across dimensions. In mythology the Greek god Hermes and Roman Mercury was a messenger who could enter the underworld, and return back. He is changeable, adaptable, and sly.

If you are thinking Mercury must be associated with politics, you would be right. Mercury has the gift of speech and can put a spin on things. If you want to sway the public to your viewpoint, you want a strong Mercury vibe. If you are in sales or marketing, fill your calendar with meetings on Wednesdays.

Jupiter Thursday

Latin name Dies Jovis, Spanish jueves, French jeudi, and Italian giovedì. Jupiter is the planet of growth, optimism, luck, and good fortune. Thursdays are closer to the weekend and tend to carry some excitement as the work week is coming to a close for Monday to Friday workers. There is a general sense of positive anticipation.

Thursdays are general-purpose good work days. You may be tempted to spend a little more time looking at Facebook optimistically daydreaming your way through the day. Or maybe trying to decide what you will do over the weekend. But Thursdays can be very productive as well.

If you are inspired by your work, you may want to schedule your creative and brainstorming activities on Thursdays. You may even be hit by a bolt of inspiration to develop or pitch an idea. Travel, philosophy, education, and your belief system are all Jupiter areas.

Some jobs don’t allow for scheduling of your time, rather you follow a routine. But you could still find yourself creating effective ideas for making your work better or get hit by lightning bolts of great ideas.

Venus Friday

Friday night is Venus Date Night. Latin Dies Veneris, Spanish viernes, French vendredi, and Italian Venerdì. Venus is the goddess of pleasure, love, socializing, and charm. She loves to look her best and go out for a romantic night on the town. By she, I mean Venus the mythological goddess, but this applies to all gender identities.

Fridays at work tend to be easygoing. People like to wrap up the week with a day that holds fewer meetings. Finish off all those things that must be done as early as possible in the day. Then the fun can start. How many of you salaried folks like to leave the office a little early on Friday? 

Romance is best suited for Fridays, so if you are attached, plan your date nights on Fridays. Single? Go out on Friday with your friends. Honor Venus and do try to look your best. Go to happy hour after work. Sometimes the work week beats you up and all you want to do on Friday is go home. Venus things to do at home are bubble baths, listen to soft music, put on some essential oils, or go get a massage. 

Feel good Friday is all about romance, socializing, self-care, and soothing.

History of the Astrology and the 7 day week

The 7-day week goes way back to the Babylonians around the 6th century B.C. They developed the calendar using planetary and Astrology-based observations, particularly the cycles of the Moon. It is said the Babylonians used an older Sumerian calendar dating back to the 21st century B.C. I couldn’t possibly go through the history of the calendar in this article. So I will skip ahead and say the Romans switched to the 7-day calendar in the first century B.C. which led to our use of it today.

Planetary Hours Rulership Determines the Order of the Days

You may be wondering why this order of the days in the week. There is a clever explanation using the Planetary Rulership of Hours. As you read above, each day of the week has an Astrological planet associated with it. Each hour of each of those days also has a Planetary ruler. The planetary ruler by hours is how the order of the weekdays was determined. It works like this:

Using Saturday Saturn as the first day of the week. The first hour of the day : 00 am is ruled by Saturn, the second hour 1:00 am is ruled by Jupiter, the third, Mars, and so on. It is based on the speed of the 7 planets, Sun and Moon as listed below in the Chaldean order of the planets from slowest to fastest.

Planets Slowest to Fastest

Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon

Step-by-Step Guide to Determine Planet Rulership by Day

We defined above how planetary hour rulers are determined. To determine the planetary day ruler, we go through an entire 24 hour day. 7 (planets) does not evenly divide into 24 hours. To determine the ruler of the next day, we need to identify which planet will rule hour 1 of the next day (the 25th hour, you could say, based on the current day) using the order slowest to fastest planet.

Using Saturn as the first day of the week Saturn Rules these hours:

1st Hour (Midnight :00) 8 hour (7am) 15 hour (2pm) 22 hour (9pm) – Stop, Saturn rules no more hours in this day 23rd hour (10pm) – Jupiter ruler 24th hour (11pm) – Mars ruler 1st hour (midnight or :00am) next day (25th hour current day) – Sun ruler

The Sun rules the first hour of the next day, Sunday. If we apply this method to Sunday, you will find that hour #1 of the next day is ruled by the Moon, Monday. The ruler of the 1st hour Tuesday is Mars, and so on for the rest of the week.

That is why the days of the week are ordered the way we use them today.

Using Planetary Days and Hours

Using the symbology of the days and planetary hours is fun and interesting. It is one way to strategically use time to be on your side. This is a general all-purpose use of planets.

If you really want to set yourself up to do something at the most beneficial time, use your horoscope. I’m talking about big things like a wedding, starting a business, or buying a house.

You will get the best results when choosing a day and time to start or implement something really important by using Electional Astrology. That way the astrologer can see how all of the current and natal planetary placements are working together and recommend a start date customized just for you.

Learn more about Electional Astrology here.

Read about the history of the week here.

Book a Consultation with me by clicking here.


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