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Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse Dates and Time Wednesday or Thursday April 19/20 9:13 PM, West Coast, USA 12:13 AM, East Coast, USA 6:13 AM, Rome, Italy 29 degrees Aries Solar Eclipse

Aries New Moon Overview: Three Important Astrological Events

The Aries new moon is the second consecutive new moon in this zodiac sign. The first one happened on March 20 at the Equinox marking the beginning of the astrological year in 0 degrees Aries. The first Aries new moon at the equinox reminded us to evaluate balance in our life.

Aries asks us to look at how well we balance self-focus and other focus. It is a reminder to be sure you take care of yourself first before you can help or take care of others. It is a creative sign full of dynamic energy and a warrior like spirit ready to take on any challenge.

This second Aries new moon, taking place at the end of Aries at 29 degrees, has three major astrological events connected to its energy. We have a solar eclipse, Mercury going retrograde, and a tight square between the Sun and Moon, and Pluto.

The Pluto square with the Aries new moon becomes exact within a few hours after the Aries new moon cycle begins and after both the Moon and Sun move into Taurus. While the Sun and Moon square Pluto passes quickly, many of you will have your natal chart activated by this lunation, and that can create tension starting a few days before and a few days after the new moon.

If you have any planet, angle, or nodes in the late degrees (27-29) of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or the early degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) then will feel this energy in a more potent way.

These planetary configurations tied into the new moon are asking you to take a new look at something from the past with Mercury going retrograde.

If you don’t have any planets, angles, or sensitive points in the late cardinal or early fixed signs, the energetic activations won’t be as prominent for you, but could still impact those around you and it can help knowing about this in order to understand what is going on with you, or some of your close friends, families, or colleagues.

Typically these types of energies show up as challenging situations. That is because when things are going smooth and easy, we are comfortable and not motivated to change. But where there is some tension, challenge, or uncomfortable situation we are experiencing, we want to take action and make things better.

You could say this Aries new moon indicates an instigation or prod by the universe for some change, breaking of patterns, reformation, reflection on what isn’t working from the past so we can make it better moving forward.

Because of the fixed energy between the Pluto square to the Sun and Moon, there are likely to be stubborn holding on to old ways of doing things. There is difficulty accepting or embracing change, and so tension rises to a breaking point.

Even if you don’t experience this directly, it is likely we will see some of these vibrations playing out on the world stage through politics, weather, and economics.

Aries New Moon and the Eclipse

The solar eclipse will be visible in South and East Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and the Pacific and Indian Oceans. If you aren’t in any of those locations, you can watch it online. Time and Date usually streams the event live if you want to watch it there.

A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. The Sun is the life-giving light that allows all life on earth to exist. When that light is eclipsed, it is disrupted. The ancients saw eclipses as bad omens indicating great change to the king or leader.

Solar eclipses are related to solar energy, which is external, visible, related to the daylight part of the day, and new beginnings. Lunar eclipses are related to the night time, darkness, and can have a more internal energetic vibe. The lunar eclipse will be at the full moon May 5.

When an eclipse activates a planet or point in your chart, it has an extended window of time for which it is active. Astrologers don’t agree on one period of time. It is likely to be up to six months, and some astrologers extend it to a year.

This part of your chart where the eclipse is taking place is sensitive to other planets coming around and activating it. For example when Mars reaches late Cancer (27-29 degrees), on May 16-20 next month, and squares the solar eclipse point at 29 Aries, you will likely experience the activation of the eclipse in your chart if there is a planet or sensitive point located there.

Mars will move into Leo and oppose Pluto in Aquarius May 20, still traveling in the first degree of Aquarius. This can irritate and bring up some conflicting views as it activates the same parts of the zodiac. There will be reminders of what was stirred up after this week’s Aries new moon solar eclipse when the Sun and Moon make their square to Pluto.

An eclipse new moon has more potency than a regular new moon. I wrote an article about eclipses where you can learn more by reading here. Remember that you may not have a significant shift or event happen in your life if the solar eclipse isn’t activating a planet or point in your chart.

Like any lunation, each eclipse will have a different vibe depending on what else is happening in the sky and how it relates to your chart. The Pluto square and Mercury retrograde add their qualities to the synastry of the new moon making it different from previous Aries new moons – which happen every year. Sometimes twice a year like this one.

Eclipses can mean big change, and so can Pluto. When planets and the luminaries change signs, it is the end of one sign and beginning of the next, also symbolic of a shift or change of energy. So the fact that right after the new moon solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon change signs and square Pluto, and a day later Mercury goes retrograde, bodes a significant shift of energy.

The solar eclipse, Pluto square, and Mercury retrograde are likely working together to pull your attention to some place in your life that needs some shifting, realignment, review, or refinement.

Change may come your way from external sources. This is especially true if you struggle with change, don’t want change, or are projecting change onto others. Change from external sources may be needed to help move you out of a rut and/or show you where you may be stuck in life.

Fixed signs tend to get more stuck and attached to routine that cardinal or mutable signs. If you have your natal chart activated with planets or points at 0-2 degrees of a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), be on the lookout for where you may be stubbornly holding on to outworn ways of doing things.

The universe may be breaking up what you are holding on tightly to in order to help bring something better and more aligned to where you want to go in the future. If you don’t break outworn patterns yourself, the universe has a way of coming in and doing it for you.

Be gentle with yourself if you are experiencing this. Slow down and take a pause while you process and evaluate what is being presented. The Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to let yourself slow down as you work through re-patterning outworn and outdated ways of doing things.

Eclipses happen when the traveling lunar nodes are close to the new or full moon. The nodes in this solar eclipse are in the signs Taurus/Scorpio. They travel retrograde most of the time, and will transition into the Aries/Libra signs in July of 2023.

When the north and south nodes cross over the place where this Aries new moon solar eclipse takes place, it activates (or reactivates) that point again – remembering that Mars will activate it May 16-20. July may show more information on how this solar eclipse manifests in your life.

How these energies show up for you depends on your natal birth chart. There are parts of your chart that impact things that are more visible, like career, relationship, home, and self. Or more internal, like your communication style, routines, spirituality, and your belief system.

Finding out where (which houses) Aries, Taurus, and Aquarius are in your chart will provide more information. Also look for any planets, angles, and sensitive points at the locations I listed above for the cardinal and fixed signs.

Mercury Retrograde

New moons are known for the symbolic representation of new beginnings, new phases, and fresh starts. This new moon has a more reflective quality due to the Mercury retrograde coming on the heels of the new moon.

In fact, Mercury goes retrograde the day after the new moon indicating that any new starts should be centered on looking backward to move forward. Rather than starting something brand new, you may find that you gain more in the long term by reflecting, reviewing, and realigning something you have already started.

Mercury retrograde is one of the best cycles to work with to get in alignment with the cyclical nature of life and nature. When we expect life to go in spiral cycles, rather than linear, there is relief from the pressure of always going forward, faster, better, stronger, higher, and in a straight line. We acknowledge that life has ups and downs. Times of growth and times of going to the ground to prepare for the metaphorical renewal and rebirth.

We know that nature works in a cyclical way. We see it every day in the ground, trees, fields, and the life, death, and rebirth cycles of all living things. Three times a year Mercury goes retrograde reminding us to slow down, take a pause, and take stock of what we have done since the last retrograde.

When you do these reflective practices each retrograde, you loop back to catch errors, strengthen the foundation you are building on, and improve on what you have already done. You can catch little things that need fixed or adjusted before they become big things.

Too often those who are unaware of Mercury retrograde try to keep moving forward at the regular pace and become frustrated and overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned. Business as usual isn’t likely to be business as usual and time can be wasted trying to push forward when you are better off reviewing and reflecting.

It’s when we try to run contrary to the natural cycle of slowing down for reflection time that we tend to run into problems. Not everyone can stop new things from being launched during a Mercury retrograde, but if you can plan around it, please do so.

For many years in my corporate job I would cringe when a new launch of something was scheduled during a retrograde. I was so relieved and happy in my last corporate job when I was taken seriously when I advised our group to plan around retrogrades in the calendar.

I took a risk to bring astrology to the corporate big table meeting. They gave me a chance and listened to me. After a few years, the managers of the different teams would start asking me about retrograde dates to plan around them because they experienced value in listening to one of nature’s cycles.

When you embrace the Mercury retrograde cycle and use it to plan for your active fast paced forward focused times, and your slower reflective and realignment periods, you are working with the flow of the cycle.

You discover that even with the annoyance of the delays and communication problems that can come with Mercury retrograde, there are great benefits you experience by changing your pace and focus of direction. It’s not to live in the past, but to reflect back to move forward.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle takes place in the sign of Taurus. Your natal chart will provide more depth into what part of life is activated by the retrograde. Take your chart and find what house or houses Taurus occupies. If you don’t have your chart, get it from one of the free online calculators like this one.

I have an article that describes what part of life is associated with each of the twelve astrology houses. Read about the house(s) where Taurus is in your chart and watch for how the retrograde shows up in your life. It is likely to activate the people, topics, and events associated with that house.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus and so you can also look at where Venus is in your natal chart. That may provide further information as to how to work with this Mercury retrograde. The dates of the Mercury retrograde are listed below.

If you would like to get the dates for all the Mercury retrogrades in 2023, I have the yearly calendar here.

  1. Mercury retrograde in Taurus

  2. Pre-retrograde shadow: April 7

  3. Retrograde April 21

  4. Direct May 14

  5. Post-retrograde shadow ends June 1

Aries New Moon and the Pluto Square

Pluto recently moved into Aquarius and will retrograde back into the late degrees of Capricorn a couple of times before it stays in Aquarius for the next twenty (20) years. Pluto moves slowly through the zodiac taking 248 to complete a cycle.

No one lives long enough to experience a complete Pluto cycle. We are all experiencing Pluto in Aquarius for the first time collectively. It would be beneficial for you to know which astrology house is occupied by Aquarius to better understand the impact of this placement in your life.

Pluto went into Aquarius on March 23. As it sits at 0 Aquarius, it is highly active in this month’s Aries new moon at 29 Aries, the last degree of the sign. When any planet in the sky transitions from a cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) sign to a fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), it activates the 0 degree by aspect. Fixed signs always follow cardinal signs.

The Sun and Moon squaring Pluto at the new moon can be insignificant as these two luminaries move quickly away, within days. However, this point will be reactivated by Mars and in July by the nodes.

You will want to know if you have natal positions being activated by transit as you are going to feel this energy in a personal way. If you don’t, you will see it all around you and may have family, friends, or coworkers working through this challenging but growth oriented energy.

Pluto represents big change, purification, destruction, and clears the path for new regeneration and transformation. It is not so much the planet of transformation, but the planet that causes the catalytic events which result in great transformation, whether you want it or not.

Aries New Moon and the Planet Mercury

In addition to going retrograde, Mercury will make some contact with other planets. Mercury is applying to the planet Uranus in the same sign, Taurus. Mercury with Uranus indicates a great amount of mental activity.

Creative ideas about reform may abound while these two planets travel together in Taurus. Because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the creative ideas will be practical and realistic. Look to the Taurus house(s) in your chart to understand where this energy is likely to show up.

Uranus and Mercury together can indicate difficult sleeping or turning the mind off. While it won’t affect everyone in the same way, if these two planets in Taurus are activating your chart, it is where you may feel a buzz of energy, creative ideas, and independent thought.

Mercury is also sextile Mars, which is traveling through Cancer. The relationship is an easy flow where Mars can stimulate Mercury thinking and communication. Mars is expressed through Cancer which makes the action taking nature of Mars behave in a non-traditional manner.

Mars in Cancer is like zig zagging toward the goal instead of the direct route Mars likes to take. This combination can result in some unique problem solving at the Aries new moon. There may be longer routes to finding a solution, but that longer route tends to be the fastest way toward creative problem solving.

Mercury is conjunct with the fixed star Menkar at the new moon. Bernadette Brady describes this combination as ‘symbolizing unconscious forces in the human collective. Achieving something for or a victim of the collective.’

As we watch the manifestation of this potent Aries new moon solar eclipse unfold in our lives, it also unfolds in the world. There may be messages that come out at the Aries new moon and eclipse, or just after when the Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto, that speaks to the collective, the masses.

Considering Mercury will go retrograde right after the Aries new moon, there may be something uncovered as we go through the retrograde cycle.

Aries New Moon and Mars

Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries, and the ruler of the new moon. This increases the importance of Mars in the new moon configuration. We know that Mars is in a sign that expresses its energy in a very different way than Mars’ natural state.

Since Mars is zig zagging rather than straight forward and Mercury is going retrograde, there can be confusion as to the directionality of which way things are going. You can get a better sense of where this may be prominent in your life by looking at where Cancer (Mars) and Taurus (Mercury) are in your chart.

Plus, Mars, along with Venus, are both out of bounds at the new moon. This makes Mars action more likely to push boundaries and take actions that are over the top. Even internally, the will to push forward determination and will toward something desired will seem more intense.

Aries New Moon and Saturn

We talked above about the placement of the nodes in relation to the full and new moon indicates when eclipses happen. The nodes are sensitive points where if another planet is in the same degree, indicates some prominence of that planet at that time.

Saturn happens to sit at the same degree of the nodes at the Aries new moon. Saturn is not alone, a fixed star is also at 4 degrees of Pisces with Saturn. Fomalhaut, the fixed star, is about bringing higher ideals to fruition (according to Bernadette Brady).

There may be idealism in the air, or in the news, as this multifaceted Aries new moon solar eclipse comes to pass, handing off a Mercury retrograde, and Sun/Moon square to Pluto. The thing is, we are likely to see combating factions of idealistic groups.

While we have a few months before the nodes travel to the eclipse degree of 29 Aries, it may portend the conflict of idealistic views growing more heated and combative at the new moon and the days following.

Aries New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins.

  2. Allow yourself to focus on yourself. Be a little self-centered and consider how well you take care of your own needs vs taking care of others.

  3. Because of the imminent Mercury retrograde, plan, prepare, and start moving into a reflective mode where you realign and refine what you are currently focused on.

  4. Burn away obstacles metaphorically in a fire new moon ritual. Write down on paper anything blocking you from doing what you love to do, and burn it. Imagine you are lighter as these obstacles burn away, let them go, so you can focus on the important things in life.

  5. Do this personal evaluation: Draw a line with self-focused on one end and other focused on the other end. For important relationships in your life, draw a vertical line for how you engage with that relationship. Are you more extremely self-focused, extremely other-focused, or balanced somewhere in the middle.

  6. Do spring clearing, or fall cleaning in the southern hemisphere.

  7. It’s time to clear out the old and make room for the new.

  8. Aries as a sign of Mars is related to knives and cutting. Be careful around sharp objects. If you work with them, like a chef or doctor, this could be an interesting time to evaluate your tools and update or upgrade them. If you are an artist who works with metal, this is a great time to create.

  9. Aries is a dynamic fire sign. There can be an accumulation of energy that needs to be expressed. Get out and move your body. Walking, biking, or tennis could be great outlets for excess energy.

  10. Make a firepit or bonfire, have a BBQ, light candles, immerse in the fire element. Be safe!

Aries New Moon Inspirational Quotes

‘Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.’ John C. Maxwell
‘Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.’ Peter Drucker
‘Your soul needs time for solitude and self-reflection. In order to love, lead, heal, and create, you must nourish yourself first.’ Louise Hay

Aries New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. What progress have you made since the last Mercury retrograde that ended January 18? Now look back over your progress and write about the insight you have gained.

  2. Get a copy of your chart and find where Taurus is. Write about the topics, people, and events associated with that part of your chart and how you can best use the Mercury retrograde to reflect, review, and realign things in those areas.

  3. Do you have any planets or sensitive points in the last degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or the first few degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)? Write about what you are experiencing over the next few weeks as these astrological events unfold.

  4. Write again on and around May 20 when Mars activates the eclipse point and again July 17 when the nodes activate the eclipse point.

Watch the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse Video

If you want to watch the Aries new moon video, here it is:

Astrological Configurations of the Aries New Moon

  1. New Moon in 29 Aries and Sun – second consecutive new moon in Aries

  2. Jupiter 23 Aries separating conjunction

  3. Sun and Moon move into 0 Taurus and make a Pluto Square 0 Aquarius hours after the new moon in Aries

  4. Sun and Moon conjunct Fixed Star Mirach – according to Bernadette Brady, the ‘theme of the star is to be open, receptive and fertile with the shadow of being self-indulgent or personally obsessed.

  5. With Sun, interested in beauty and removing the ugliness of life

  6. With Moon, Peace seeking artist and reflective self-absorbed individual

  7. Solar Eclipses only happen on New Moons when the Moon passes between Sun/Earth

  8. Total Solar Eclipse Visibility: South and East Asia, Australia, Antarctica, and the Pacific & Indian Oceans

  9. Mercury 15 Taurus conjunct Uranus 17 Taurus

  10. Sextile Mars 13 Cancer

  11. Mercury 15 Taurus conjunct fixed star Menkar

  12. Mercury retrograde in Taurus

  13. Pre-retrograde shadow: April 7

  14. Retrograde April 21

  15. Direct May 14

  16. Post-retrograde shadow ends June 1

  17. Mars 13 Cancer sextile Mercury 15 Taurus and Uranus 17 Taurus

  18. Venus and Mars are out of bounds at the new moon.

  19. Saturn 4 Pisces conjunct fixed star Fomalhaut

  20. Sextile north node 4 Taurus trine south node 4 Scorpio

Wrap Up

The Aries new moon looks to have a dynamic vibe. There are three major events happening at the second consecutive Aries new moon. Though new moons are usually about starting a new phase, kicking off something new, or refreshing something, this one has a much different vibe.

We need to plan for some reflective thinking with Mercury retrograde. There is indication that a message is coming to the collective, the world, while idealistic factions may battle out their views, each group believing they know best.

It will take some time for the dust to settle on all of these different astrological events. Mercury will be retrograde until May 14, and the shadow period ends June 1. The nodes will pass over the eclipse degree of 29 Aries. And Pluto is active by square to the Aries new moon.

On May 20, Mars is going to square the 29 degree Aries solar eclipse point, and then move into Leo opposing Pluto at 0 Aquarius. This is another time where the impact of the solar eclipse may become more obvious.

Hold on to your seats, it’s going to be a wild ride. Whether you feel this directly by an activation of something in your chart, or you are a spectator watching others experience this activation, we know some intense energy is coming up quickly on the horizon.

On a positive note, there is creative problem solving ability within reach. The best way to access it is to work with the Mercury retrograde, traveling with Uranus in Taurus, to look backward to move forward by reviewing, refining, and realigning old outworn patterns.


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