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Aries New Moon

April New Moon Date and Time

Friday 1 April or Tr 31 March 11:24pm, 31 March, West Coast, USA 2:24am, East Coast, USA 8:24am, Rome, Italy 11 degrees Aries

April New Moon 2022 Overview

The first of April ushers in an Aries new moon. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents the beginning of the astrological year. In the northern hemisphere the Aries new moon comes with the beginning of daylight savings, the equinox, and spring.

The southern hemisphere is going through a seasonal change moving from summer to fall. The entire world is pivoting from a seasonal standpoint.

This is an active new moon highlighted by many planets occupying proactive signs Aries and Aquarius. These two signs share the qualities of independence and individuality. Aries loves a good challenge and Aquarius thrives on innovation and independence.

This pivoting change of the season nicely represents the cyclical nature of time as we move through another cycle, experience the rhythm of change, let go of what is outworn, and move forward to new things and new phases.

The Aries new moon, and the seasonal axis of spring and fall, ask us to look at how we balance self-focus with other focus. The spring and fall coincide with the equinoxes, a time of balancing, represented by nature in the balanced amount of light and dark in a day.

In our lives, Aries and Libra run the astrological axis of me and others, that is the astrological pair of energies that are considered through their opposite natures. Aries season is a time to invest extra focus on yourself. This is a time period for self-focus, self-development, self-growth, and spending more time focused on your priorities.

It is a time of balance. If you tend to live your days out of balance when it comes to how you spend your time on self-focused and other focused activities, this is a time to work on balance. At the new moon do a self-evaluation of where you fall on the scale of self focus and other focus.

You can use this visual scale example to help. Consider yourself, and the different people in your life. You may find you have balance with some, and are more out of balance with others. Remember that those who you care for, your dependents, will naturally require more of your time and focus.

Draw a line on a piece of paper and then put a vertical line for each person. The more extreme you focus on yourself or another person, the more out of balance you may be. The closer to the middle that person is, the more in balance your relationship is.

Aries New Moon: Pioneer Your Path

The theme of this month’s Aries new moon video is ‘Pioneer Your Path.’ This is the time to launch out and take up a challenge, take action toward your goals, and conquer any fears you have about attending to your needs and desires.

This is not a time to bow to others’ wishes, desires, dreams, or hopes for what you should be doing with your life. This is a time to be truly honest with your dreams, ideals, and wishes. You want to be realistic of course, but think big. Dream big.

This Aries new moon and the two weeks following it is a time to step out on your own. Do things solo, or with others who feed the fire within you to pursue what you want. 

Take this time to learn about yourself and where you are in balance or out of balance in your relationships. This Aries season is a great time to work on bringing balance to how you relate with others, and most importantly, how you are finding balance within yourself.

The message here is to look at both sides of self focus and other focus, and take advantage of this period of time that highlights focusing on yourself. As we transition out of Aries season and further along into spring, you can implement balance where it’s needed AND push along your near and dear goals, priorities, and desires.

Aries New Moon and the Visionary

This Aries new moon has a special vibe happening in the background that can put creativity and flair in your 2022 Aries new moon time period. That is because of a lovely connection between the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

What’s synchronistic about this energy is the combination of creativity to envision what you want and the active energy to propel you into action.

If you want to go deeper in your astrology chart to find out how this will affect you, look at where Aries is in your personal astrology chart. That part of your chart representing Aries will reflect to you how this energy is likely to manifest through people, topics, and events in your life.

My Ascendant blog will help you figure that out if you aren’t sure where Aries is in your chart.

Aries New Moon and Aquarius

There are three planets traveling through Aquarius during the Aries new moon. These two signs, Aries and Aquarius, dominate this Aries new moon.

Aries is the warrior, the one who loves a good challenge. Known for its youthful energy and inextinguishable fire. Aries represents the type of energy of one who will fight to the end and does not easily give up. The downside is impulsivity, impatience, selfishness, quick to argue, and can lack tact.

Aquarius is an air sign with many complementary qualities to Aries, and a big difference. The big difference is that Aquarius will tend to be more stubborn and Aries will tend to pivot as needed to keep moving forward.

What they have in common is significant. They both want to walk their independent path. Aquarius’ desire to be different and walk to their own drum fits nicely with Aries’ desire to conquer, face challenges, and do things their own way.

There is a creative spark in Aries that can set Aquarius in motion for creating innovative and reform oriented actions. Aquarius will carry a message that can rationalize Aries energy in a way that tempers the impulsivity of Aries by itself.

Aries and Aquarius energies blend very nicely. Combined with the Pisces energy of Jupiter and Neptune you have a creative pool to jump into, the fire of action and intuition to dynamically activate those ideas, and a keen sense of objective rationality to think of innovative ways to implement those ideas.

Natural Health and Astrology

Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the New Moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy.

Aries New Moon: ‘Pioneer Your Path’ Lori and Annabelle, Episode 29 Natural Health and Astrology

Annabelle’s essential oil choice for the Aries new moon is a blend called ‘On Guard’ from doTerra. On Guard stimulates us to be ready to defend ourselves, just like the Aries Warrior. This is the oil of protection that shields us from the unwanted. The ‘On Guard’ blend is for strengthening our immune system and protecting us from viruses, bacteria and mold. It strengthens our inner self, and our boundaries, so that we can live in integrity with our true selves.

The essential oils in this essential oil mix are wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf and flower essential oils.

You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils. She can send them anywhere in the world with a promotional discount.

Check out this month’s Aries new moon video on my Astrology Facebook page. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle, or join her private Facebook group Natural Health Italy.

Go forth and Pioneer Your Own Path!

Have faith that you know what is best for you, even if it’s different from others It’s okay to be different and unique This is a great time to flex your influencer and trailblazing muscles No apologies for focusing on yourself

Aries New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your new moon intentions during the new moon phase, after it begins.

  2. There is still some leftover Pisces energy in the air, take your creativity to the next step by taking action toward your creative ideas. On the new moon, write your action plan.

  3. This is a great time to start any type of new project, especially creative ones.

  4. Set your new moon intentions around positive self-focus, the kind that is focused on self, but not in disregard of others.

  5. Do something on the new moon that you enjoy without compromise. If you have work or family responsibilities, plan ahead for ‘me’ time.

  6. Light candles, light a fire pit, or make a BBQ. Aries is a fire sign, engage with the fire element in your own unique way. If you cannot be around smoke, try a battery operated candle, a digital fireplace, or fire artwork.

  7. Surround yourself in reds, dress in reds, or embellish with reds. 

Aries New Moon Two Week Phase

  1. Go on an adventure.

  2. Do anything that is physically challenging for you within your doctor approved health regime.

  3. Take more ‘me’ time than usual.

  4. Build a fire pit and make s’mores.

  5. Do an online challenge.

  6. Go your own way confidently. Aries is about independence and taking action.

  7. Take action toward your goals. 

  8. Switch out your seasonal wardrobe.

  9. Take up a challenge you have been wanting to conquer.

Aries New Moon Inspirational Quotes

‘For everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.’ -Albert Einstein
‘Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.’ -Stephanie Garber, Author Caraval novels
‘The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.’ -Bruce Lee

Aries New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Where are you a trailblazer in your life?

  2. As the Pioneer of your own Path, what is the next phase of life in front of you?

  3. In what way do you want to walk to the beat of your own drum?

  4. What would help boost your confidence so that you can move forward on a project close to your heart?

  5. When you think of yourself as courageous, what do you see?

  6. What is your self-care plan? How can you make this a regular practice in your schedule?

  7. Do you need to have more balance in your relationships? With who? How will you take action towards bringing more balance with them?

Wrap Up

The Aries new moon is an active and exciting time to focus on yourself and your personal path. Take some time for yourself during this new moon phase. Embrace your individuality and pioneer your own path.


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