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Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon Date, Time and Degree

Saturday 29 September 2023

2:58 AM, West Coast, USA

5:58 AM, East Coast, USA

11:58 AM, Rome, Italy

6 degrees Aries

Aries Full Moon Overview

The environment around us is a mirror of many lessons. The Aries full moon coming up this Friday asks us to look into that mirror with an open mind and willingness to learn. The question to ask in the reflection is, how well balanced are you?

This month's Aries full moon shines the light on where you may be out of balance in relationship with others, and taking care of your own well-being.

Full Moons are generally about releasing, culminations or endings, compromise, making choices, and bursting with energy. The sign of the full moon, which is Aries this month, represents the expression of the lunar energy.

The Sun is the source of light for the Moon, and the axis of the two signs making up the full moon provide clarity to the energetic expression of lunar phases. The Sun is in Libra and the sunlight is coming through in Libran style.

Libra and Aries: Seeing Your Shadow Side in Others

Aries and Libra full moon phases always have a theme of self-focus vs other-focused - whether it’s the Aries or Libra full moon. The Libra and Aries axis is especially important for becoming aware of projections, where hidden lessons are waiting to be uncovered.

Whether it is you seeing part of yourself in someone else and in denial of your own behavior, or experiencing someone else seeing their own projections in you, this time period is sensitive for becoming more aware of shadow work opportunities in your life.

If you find yourself blaming others or seeing problems only coming from others or the outside, you are likely doing some projection. It’s a perfect time to become aware of any projections you are experiencing so you can integrate them back into yourself, learn and grow.

Take time to think about what is really going on when you are upset with someone else, having an argument, disagreement, or seeing the worst aspects of someone’s personality. These are usually things for you to work out with yourself, and when you do, things tend to shift rather quickly and pass.

The Libra Sun encourages you to look at life experiences from a variety of angles, from different perspectives and how others may experience the same encounter with a different perception than yours. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s understanding how to live in a world where there are others.

That’s why I’m calling the theme of the Aries full moon ‘The Mirror and its Many Lessons.’

The Aries Moon encourages you to embark in activities that are meaningful to you and to take action that benefits you. This may mean disappointing someone else. Balance is key. At the Aries full moon, look at your regular schedule and decide if you have put enough resources towards yourself, your desires, and your dreams.

The best way to use the energy of the Aries full moon is to sort out any of your behaviors that are overly focused on pleasing someone else AND when this behavior is keeping you from focusing on your growth and success.

When you regularly adapt to what others want, you are denying yourself. Aries is a sign that is about self-focus. Under the Aries full moon, what can you do that focuses only on your personal self-development?

One note of caution, if you see someone you know operating in their shadow projection, it is often very difficult to point that out. People don't tend to 'hear' what you are saying because they are in their shadow. This Aries full moon is about you tending to your own shadow, not anyone else's.

Sun in Libra

The Sun is vitality, our central guiding system, and the core expression of who we are. The sign the Sun travels through each month receives a boost of energy, which means the astrology house in your chart where the Sun is traveling receives a boost of vital solar energy.

That would be the astrology house of Libra in your chart that the Sun is traveling through right now. The Sun is usually more self-focused by nature, and when it travels through Libra, it expresses itself differently because the sign of Libra is all about the other.

Libra is about mediation, grace and diplomacy. Justice for all! Libra is an air sign known for social grace, an iron fist in a velvet glove and willingness to go to war in order to achieve peace. It will always consider others viewpoints and tends to make decisions best for all, even if it's not the best for the self.

The Sun expressing through Libra takes an indirect and non-traditional way of expressing itself because the other must be considered and all options weighed before making a decision. In fact, Libra is called indecisive regularly, when really, Libra is taking the time to look at all the different viewpoints and making a decision which suits everyone.

It is even more difficult when Libra sees multiple equally beneficial responses because it’s hard to choose one. I’m a Libra and I can say one of the most difficult things for me to do is choose a restaurant when I love all the choices, someone else just has to choose. But when it comes to making an impactful decision, one that affects multiple people, Libras are amazing at evaluating all sides and making the choice that is best for everyone, not just the Libra.

Aries Full Moon

Aries approaches things differently than Libra. Aries takes a direct approach and makes decisions that are best for the self. Sometimes impulsively, but with great instincts, youthful energy and a conquering spirit. Not much can stop Aries from taking action after a lightning quick decision.

This can be very helpful in a fast paced environment, but can have its drawbacks when the time isn’t taken for considering all perspectives and there is an increased chance of having to backtrack to fix things or in the worst case, start all over.

Aries are known for jumping into something with great enthusiasm, and losing interest shortly after. Many things can get started, but also many things don’t get finished. Aries is great for starting something and handing off the detail work and maintenance work to someone else, like a Virgo or Taurus.

The Moon in Aries wants to be heard, she can be easily frustrated and is most interested in self preservation and getting her emotional needs met. Aries is a leader, a starter, highly creative, dynamic in presentation and energy that can seem endless.

Aries is a strong natured sign with an unstoppable will. If you want to get things started, Aries is the spark to get it going. Take this burst of energy at the Aries full moon and focus it on important things that you want to get done.

If you want to understand best where the full moon energy is going to show up for you, look at the house of Aries in your chart. Where is this energy focused in your chart? The house of Aries is going to give you more details on how this is active in your chart.

Read about the Astrology Houses here.

Aries Full Moon and the Libra Equinox

The upcoming Aries full moon happens less than a week after the September Libra equinox. It’s an interesting mix and much different from the March equinox when the Sun is in Aries and the full moon is in Libra. Each year we get to experience an Aries and Libra full moon so that we can learn from these two perceptions.

So think back to late March when we had the Aries equinox and full moon in Libra and Sun in Aries. How were you experiencing balance in the different areas of life like career, family, relationships, and friends?

Aries and Libra are the signs that represent the balance of daylight and moonlight at the Equinoxes in March and September. March is when the Sun enters Aries and September is when the Sun enters Libra.

That’s why I am talking about Libra and Aries in relation to the Equinoxes, because every year, it is these two signs that mark them when the Sun enters their sign. Just like the signs Cancer and Capricorn mark the Solstices when the Sun enters their sign.

The Equinox was September 23rd, less than a week before the Aries full moon. The equinox is nature’s reminder to us how life will ebb and flow. As we go through each year, we experience the long days of summer and the short days of winter. In the spring and fall we experience the change of seasons and days with equal sunlight and moonlight.

In one direction we are moving to the longest day and the other direction the shortest day. It depends on which hemisphere you live in, if you are in the northern hemisphere, you are moving into autumn or fall, and if you are in the southern hemisphere, then you are moving into spring.

As nature models going in and out of balance with light, we are reminded that in our lives, we are constantly in a balancing act. We are reminded to recognize when we are out of balance and bring it back in. Just like Libra and Aries show us when we can be too focused on other people and their needs, or overly focused on ourselves.

Balance is important because it is a state that can rarely be maintained forever, that’s just not how the human experience works. We aren’t perfect human beings and we have to juggle many things throughout our lifetime. It’s a balancing act, and if we become good at it, we can keep ourselves from going too far out of balance.

This is the time of the year to evaluate where you may be out of balance, where you are maintaining good balance in your life, and how far out of balance you tend to go.

Do you swing to the outer boundaries of balance, or do you catch yourself when you are a bit off and take action toward bringing it closer to the middle?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can find and maintain balance in any part of your life in a rigid way. Life doesn’t work that way. We can’t grow and learn if things are always perfectly balanced. But you don’t want to let yourself fall so far out of balance that it disrupts your ability to live in peace.

You’ll want to look at different parts of your life and your relationships individually because one area or relationship may be well balanced, but another imbalanced. Remember that with kids and dependents there will always be an imbalance as by nature having a dependent means you have to focus on the other.

If you find that you devote too much of your precious time catering to others needs and wants, it’s time for you to learn how to use the word ‘no.’ Practice saying it and take charge of how you spend your time. Set healthy personal boundaries so you have enough time to do what is important to you, and replenish yourself.

If you find that self-focused behaviors are having a negative impact on your relationships, consider how it would change if you started looking at others perspectives before making a decision. Bringing more diplomacy into your relationships may be the message your life mirror is reflecting back to you.

If you are struggling with this in your life, schedule a consultation with me. I do astrology coaching which is a mix of helping you navigate important life experiences with astrology, positive psychology and coaching.

You don’t have to do this alone, there is help out there if you are swinging back and forth on the pendulum and are having trouble finding peace and balance in your life.

Aries Full Moon and Venus Square Uranus

We have Venus, who represents our values, desires and relating style with others and Uranus, the rebel and disrupter, making a statement in the sky with an exact square during the Aries full moon.

Venus is active in the Aries full moon configuration in a wide sextile with the Sun. Venus is the ruler of the Sun because it is traveling through her sign Libra at the full moon. Let’s break this down:

Venus is in Leo the Sun’s natural home sign and the Sun is in Libra, one of Venus’ natural home signs. When two planets are in each other’s sign it is called mutual reception and the energy flows particularly well. The Sun is receiving direction from Venus to diplomatically engage with the Moon in Aries.

The Sun is beaming energy back to Venus in a sextile connection that is both active and harmonious. There is a desire to express your true authentic self, the creative, beautiful and harmonious parts of yourself.

This configuration wants to be desired and recognized for the beauty that lies within and considering that Venus has spent a long time in Leo after being retrograde, there is a part of her that is ready to come out after a long retrograde this past summer.

Look to the Leo part of your chart to learn more about where Venus is operating in your life. And to better understand what messages Venus retrograde was sending about resolving relationship issues and authentic self-expression of your true desires and values.

Learn more about the Astrology houses here.

Uranus makes an exact square aspect with Venus, indicating tension and a sense of discomfort pushing you to take action, grow and develop.

There may be a feeling of wanting to break free from a relationship, or find more freedom within a relationship. And it is likely that this is coming from what you have experienced over the summer during the Venus retrograde.

This can indicate a time where you are ready to break free from, rebel or disrupt an ongoing problem. Look at the astrology house of Taurus in your chart, where Uranus is traveling right now, to get a better understanding of where the root of rebellion and disruption is coming from.

The topics of your Aries, Libra, Leo and Taurus astrology houses will show you what life experiences are activated in your chart at the Aries full moon. If you want help understanding your chart or you would like someone to create your chart for you, please contact me to set up a natal consultation.

Aries Full Moon and Mars, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes

Mars is traveling very close to the South Node at 21 degrees Libra and the South node is 24 degrees Libra retrograde. They are traveling toward each other which means this energy is growing stronger at the time of the Aries full moon.

The Lunar Nodes are a pair of points in the sky that are always exactly opposite and usually travel retrograde.

Contributing to this configuration is Pluto in a square to Mars and the Lunar Nodes, as it is traveling through the sign of Capricorn. This is called a T Square configuration, made up of an opposition (Mars and South Node opposite North Node) and another planet squaring both parts of the opposition.

If you have any planets or sensitive points (e.g. Ascendant, Midheaven. Lunar Nodes) in the cardinal signs Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn, you may feel some tension or some challenge pushing you into action on the full moon or the days surrounding it.

With the Libra Aries axis highlighted, you may be pushed to choose between what is needed for yourself, and what others are wanting or demanding from you. It may not be an easy position you find yourself in, but it will push you to make some needed changes.

The nodes represent fated events and their involvement is usually pushing you to grow into the new territory and opportunities the north node represents. The North Node is always traveling opposite the South Node, so it is in Aries along with the full Moon, while the South Node is with Mars and the Sun, in Libra.

The choices coming up right now may be between caving in to please others, leaving you paying the price. Or you may choose to do what’s best for you, but it leaves others disappointed.

You know your life situation and you have to make the best choice for you. The Mars and Nodes square Pluto configuration is impacting placements in the cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, especially the later degrees of these signs.

Look at those four signs in your chart and look at the descriptions of the houses for personal information on your chart. What planets or points do you have in those signs? Are they closer or further away in degree? The closer in degree, the more potent the configuration.

If you don’t have anything activated in those parts of your chart, you are less likely to experience what I am describing. However, you may see it in the environment around you.

Mercury and Venus Post-Retrograde Shadow Phase Update

Mercury is now direct and the post-shadow period ends on September 30. You should now be wrapping up the work that you focused on during the retrograde. For example, I wrote a course on marketing for astrologers over the summer.

During the retrograde period I completed the final edits and started a beta test. Now I am wrapping up the test, I have completed the final presentation and will teach the course starting in October.

If you are interested in taking this course, please click here to learn more information.

Marketing for Astrologers course, a world with connection lines, Lori Barnes headshot and Kepler College logo. Begins October 22. A professional development course at Kepler College.

The Venus post-shadow retrograde period is also wrapping up. Any unresolved relationship issues that came up over the summer are hopefully resolving for you. The post-shadow period ends on October 7 when Venus moves past the degree where she first went retrograde back on July 22.

Aries Full Moon Inspiration Quote

I was assisted by ChatGPT for these because I couldn’t find one that really fit the energy. So from my prompts and a bit of wordsmithing by me, here are your quotes:

‘In the magic of the equinox, day and night unite in perfect balance, reminding us of the harmony that can be found in the midst of change.’

‘The equinox is a global symbol of balance, reminding us that nature's rhythms are felt by every soul, no matter their latitude. We are all citizens of Earth, under the same celestial sky.’
The Aries zodiac sign glyph. Rams horns/

Here are some activity ideas for you to do on the Aries Full Moon

  • Aries is an active sign, get out and move your body

  • Go on a hike, start a martial arts program or lift some weights

  • Conquer something that has been challenging you

  • Consider different viewpoints on anything that has been challenging you lately

  • Take action toward your goals

  • Start something new now that Mercury retrograde is over

  • Do something with your hands, Aries loves to make things or work with their hands

  • With the Sun in Libra, we are in Libra season so socialize with your friends and network

  • Do fall or spring cleaning (depending on your hemisphere) and organize your space to bring in more harmony, peace and beauty - things that Libra loves

  • Do a checkup on your well-being plan and see how balanced you are in your relationships with others at home, work, family and career

  • Take action towards setting boundaries if you spend too much time focused on others at the expense of losing track of your own wants, needs and desires

Wrap Up

The Aries full moon is also the time of the year for the equinox. The signs Libra and Aries always ask us to evaluate our self-focus and our other-focus balance. This is supported by the equinox where we have equal amounts of sunlight and moonlight.

Look into the mirror of many lessons during this upcoming Aries full moon. It’s a time for self-focus for your own well-being and a time for seeing the multiple viewpoints of important people in your life.

You want to find the greatest amount of balance without giving too much of your precious time away while also maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries.

Treat yourself to one of the most individualized self-growth and development tools, astrology. Learn about your natal birth chart and your year ahead with a package of two ninety minute consultations. Book your first session, and we will schedule your second a week later. Learn more here:

See you next time! Ciao


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