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Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon Date and Time

Sunday, 9 October 2022 1:55 PM, West Coast, USA 4:55 PM, East Coast, USA 10:31 PM, Rome, Italy 16 degrees Aries

Aries Full Moon Overview

The Aries full moon culminates this weekend on Sunday. There is a predominance of mental and physical active energy building up from now through the weekend. Aries is the first of the three fire signs and the first sign of the zodiac. It symbolizes youth, creativity, passion, and energy. Aries is the warrior, the martial artist, the creator, pioneer, and loves a challenge. Aries tend to enjoy physical challenges and often have a love for sport.

The extra mental stimulation comes from a number of planets traveling through air signs in a trine astrological configuration. A trine is a relationship between planets that makes for an easy flow of energy between them. We have Mars in Gemini, Sun and Venus in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius, the three air signs.

Air signs are about communication, socializing, mental activity, and an increase in expression through words, writing, and teaching. There is an energetic vibe of increased communication and expression of opinion. Opinion is something that everyone has, but not everyone agrees with each other. This can indicate that there may be an increase in the exchange of words, and we should all be careful with how we communicate with others this full moon.

A lot of free flowing energy is great and welcome for some of us. But not everyone enjoys an increase in mental activity. For some, it can be overwhelming. This full moon can indicate that there is an overload of mental stimulation. There can be a tendency for overthinking, worry, and ruminating thoughts. When this happens, the focus of our mind tends to focus on the past or the future.

The best way to combat overthinking, self-criticism, and worry about the future is to employ mindfulness techniques that help bring you back to the present. There is a lot of creative energy available to tap. In order to do that, you want to be in the present moment focused on solutions. Neither regrets from the past or worry about the future will help you.

Mental and emotional overload can be stressful for some, and exhilarating for others. Notice how stimulated your mind is. If you are loving it, you are receiving many bolts of brilliant ideas and witty words, enjoy the ride.

If you feel like your mind is overstimulated and you feel nervous, stressed, fidgety, or unable to sleep, you will benefit from doing grounding exercise like yoga or Qi Gong, physical exercise, meditation, or walking. Holistic grounding activities help soothe and regulate your mind, body, and spirit. This full moon calls for a great amount of energy, and a great need to ground yourself as you experience this abundance of physical and mental energy.

Aries Full Moon and Libra Sun

The full moon is in Aries, which means the sun is traveling through Libra. Moon phases are about the relationship between the sun and moon as it beams from the sky how much light the moon is reflecting from the sun. 

Each of the six pairs of zodiac signs has its relationship axis of meaning. The pairs of signs complement and are opposite of each other. They are two sides of the same thing or topic, and are joined in astrological symbolism.

When we talk about the Aries and Libra axis, it is about the self and others. Me and you. It’s about our personal freedom and how much time we give to others. It’s about the balance between being self-focused and other-focused.

The extreme ends of each sign indicate a lack of balance. This was the main topic of the beginning of this moon phase when we had the Libra new moon two weeks ago. Now the Aries full moon asks us to recognize when we need time to ourselves for self-care, our well-being, to focus on our personal life mission, and to thrive.

Aries on the extreme out of balance end is self-focused to their own detriment, and usually to the detriment of others. The negative consequences of the extreme side of Aries often causes harm to others directly or indirectly. These could be the narcissists of the world who can’t see past their own needs to care or make a change to how it impacts others. Even if the results are hurtful or negatively impact others.

However, most of us do not operate out in the world as narcissists. Many of us do balance our well-being needs with how much we take care of others, our job, our relationships, and our responsibilities. We often dip out of balance and realize we need to get back in balance. The Aries full moon is a time to do just that.

Take an active role in getting yourself back into balance. Make schedule adjustments to ensure you have time for your self-care. And push your own needs, desires, wishes, dreams, and goals into the number one spot for your time and energy. Do this consciously with the intent and purpose to take care of yourself, while being aware and ensuring that you are not causing unnecessary hurt or harm to others.

The Libra extreme end is someone who is a martyr. Someone who is always giving up their own needs in order to care for another. It is the idea that you have to give up your own well-being in order to stop the suffering of another person or persons. It is often enabling another person to remain in need of them and removing the opportunity for that person to challenge themself and overcome the obstacles needed to grow as an individual.

This kind of care giving and over-focus on another can be perceived as heroic and saintly. But over time it erodes the ability to actually care for those you are trying to help and in the end it doesn’t tend to workout. The extreme other-focused Libra giver tends to burn out and in extreme cases, becomes unable to function any longer due to the deterioration of their own physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

While most of us do not operate on the extreme ends of the Aries Libra axis. It is important to check-in regularly with ourselves to see if we are straying too far from the balanced middle. The Libra and Aries moon phases bring this into our consciousness in the spring and fall every year around the equinoxes.

We are reminded to check in on how well we balance our own needs, self-care, and well-being with how much we give our time and energy to other people and situations, like work. In addition to your time, consider how well you balance your emotions and mental energies as they relates to self-focus and other-focus.

Aries Full Moon and Planetary Activity

Like all full moon phases, the other planets’ activity and relationships create a unique energetic vibe. Here are the main planetary activities happening at the full moon.

Aries Full Moon and an Air Trine

This Aries full moon highlights an air trine between Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius, and Venus and the Sun in Libra. All three air signs are active at the full moon.

Since the Sun is activated by the trine, and the Sun is in a significant relationship with the fiery Aries Full Moon, it makes for a very active Aries full moon. The air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are known to be proactive as opposed to receptive. 

Mars is the planet of action, how we go about doing things in the world, and speaks to the energetic quality of how we get things done. In Gemini, the expression can be of going in two directions at once, a curious drive, and somewhat nervous and fidgety energy.

Saturn is the planet of determination, building structure, strategy, and rigidity. This is a grounding planet that will use strategy to reform and build initiatives that have a lasting effect. The Sun is about personal definition, what or who we strive to be, and our essential personality. Venus is about our relating style with others.

All four of these moving bodies will be in air signs in an easy exchange of energy. Once Mercury joins these planets in air sign Libra, just two days after the full moon, there will be a predominance of air sign activity. You will want to tap into the creativity and brilliant idea making and social networking that can come out of this configuration.

At the same time, if your mind starts feeling the overwhelm of activity, please be sure to ground your body. Move your body, and soothe your nervous system. This is an amazing period of time to tap into your mental prowess. Take care of your nerves, mind, and nervous system so you can take advantage of the possibilities of the Aries new moon and the two weeks after it leading up to the next new moon.

Mercury Direct connects with Jupiter

The planet Jupiter (expansion) is traveling through the sign of Aries. Just two days after the Aries full moon culminates and kicks off the second half of the entire moon cycle, Mercury travels from the sign Virgo into the sign Libra connecting these two planets.

As Jupiter and Mercury travel through this pair of opposite signs, it is a time where any imbalance in self-focus or other-focus may come to light in a big way like what I described above. It can be a time where you have a seemingly endless stream of ideas and access to creative problem solving.

This is a very nice follow up to Mercury going direct on October 2. Though Mercury is not fully out of the post-retrograde shadow, it is certainly speeding ahead. It moves from Virgo into Libra shortly after the Aries full moon and can indicate a significant jump forward in things that slowed down during Mercury retrograde.

The moon will still be beaming down a great amount of light when Mercury connects with Jupiter. So saying that things will come to light in a big way is reflected by the sky as a metaphorically large spotlight.

Mercury is the planet of communication, our communication style, learning style, and represents commerce. Jupiter is where we look in the chart for growth, expansion, doing things in a big way, luck, and opportunity.

This configuration can also indicate over-stimulation of the mind and a need for grounding your body in a holistic way. A way that soothes your body, mind, and spirit. You want to be able to get as much insight, inspiration, and creativity as possible out of this full moon by planning ahead on how you will soothe your nervous system and ground your body and mind if you get into overwhelm or overthinking.

Overthinking is like an invitation for your inner critic to come out and tell you all the things you can’t do, don’t do well, or that you don’t belong. Send that inner critic to the no judgment zone and bring yourself into the present moment. Your mind time is much better spent on creating something in the present moment than languishing in retreats from the past for fear of what might happen in the future.

Remember that fear is false expectations appearing real. And that the law of attraction does tend to manifest what you believe.

Take an active role in minimizing the time you allow your mind to drift in the past and future. You will gain much more in life by using mindfulness techniques to help bring you back in the present moment. It is inevitable to drift out of the present moment, they is recognizing when you do, being gentle on yourself when it happens, and bring your attention back to the moment.

It is a super creative Aries full moon, full of passion, excitement, and breakthrough. What’s important is that you manage your nervous system so you are able to access the amazing energy without overloading and blowing a metaphorical mental fuse.

Saturn and Uranus – The Last Dance

There is an underlying tension in the air that relates to major things that came up in the year 2021. This period of time would likely be the last act or dance of the theme of 2021 for you.

It is time to wrap up that period of time and move forward with the creative and innovative changes that are results of the Saturn Uranus square that permeated 2021. Think back to what 2021 was like for you. Was there a predominant theme? This theme is likely coming up going back to September and running through the rest of this year. It will be fading away by the new year 2023.

This interaction between Saturn (structure, discipline, tradition, and rigidity) and Uranus (innovation, reform, erratic behavior, disruption, and surprise) may or may not directly be active in your astrology chart. But it is active in the world.

If you did have an important theme in 2021, this is a chance to resolve the situation and move forward in a new way. If you are unsure or would like to know more about how this energy is reflected in your chart, book a consultation with me.

Aries Full Moon and Managing Your Nervous System

Aries is known for having physical prowess. Whether it’s martial arts, a military soldier, a mountain climber, runner, or gymnast. Any of these things are Aries like. It has an association with metal and metal instruments. Think about surgeon’s, metal workers, welders, metal artists, chef’s and their knives, and swordsmanship. Aries is about youth like energy, lacking patience, loses interest easily, needs constant stimulation, and is easily bored.

This month’s Aries full moon has a lot of mental activity happening at the same time. The best way to combine the Aries energy with all the mental and possibly social activity, is to regulate your nervous system. There are many ways to do this and what you do needs to work best for your mental, physical, and emotional needs. There is a quickness to thought, and an Aries full moon that is quick to act and easily bored.

For Aries, what will help is any type of physical movement. When you move your body, it helps regulate your nervous system. You know best what your physical limitations are. Do the type of movement that works for you. Just getting out for a walk around the block can clear your head and reset your mood.

Aries likes to be busy. Allow yourself time for physical movement. It’s important to keep this in mind as your social calendar may get very busy in October. You may find your mind needs more stimulation as well. Flex your mental muscle and create new and pioneering ideas. Do something you haven’t done before. Or push a project into the next phase. Creativity is highly accessible under this energy.

You can create something in your mind, but to manifest your ideas, you have to do something. The energy of the Aries full moon and the two weeks after it leading up to the next new moon is the perfect time for inspired ideas and taking action to execute.

I recommend approaching this weekend and the next two weeks by moving your body daily. This will help your body balance and regulate any overload of mental thinking. Then access all the ideas coming into thought and put them into form.

Write, journal, create, share your ideas. Whatever makes sense for your situation, get busy. This is an active time. It’s not one for seclusion or zoning out. It’s one for moving, thinking, creating, and taking action based on what has inspired you.

You can be flooded with ideas and thoughts making it difficult to focus on one thing. Reframe overthinking you may be experiencing by framing this period of time as presenting you with a universal pot of creative solution finding energy to draw from.

Imagine yourself tapping into this bucket of creativity to find solutions unique to your unique life situations. Mercury will move out of its post-retrograde shadow on October 17. From now until then is a great opportunity to tie up loose ends and move forward with delays that came up during September.

The full moon is a culminating energy that can indicate this is a time to wrap up projects and prepare to move forward to a new phase, or start a new project.

Aries Full Moon – Mind your Words

This is a highly creative and social new moon, and also one where prudence might be lacking. There is an impatience to this energy and a tendency to act quickly before vetting outcomes and consequences. Plus, emotions tend to run high during a full moon. With the dominance of air energy, you could speak without thinking and wish you would have said it differently. Try to watch how you speak to others.

It will be harder to hold your tongue during this period of time. If you are someone who is already fairly blunt and often speaks without thinking, you will want to be diligent about watching your words. You can’t unsay something. Proactively plan for how you will manage your filter when responding to heated conversations.

If you are someone who finds it hard to express your voice, this can be a productive time period for you. You many want to plan to have some conversations that you have been avoiding and access the help of the planetary line up in the sky right now. It should be easier for you to express yourself with the amount of planets in air signs, and the Aries full moon.

Essential Oils

I choose these essential oils for focus and grounding the energy of the Aries full moon. I recommend using oils that help focus your mind while supporting creativity. Grounding oils to help with the jitters that can come when your nervous system is overstimulated. 

  1. Frankincense (spirituality, woody, purifying)

  2. Vetiver (regenerating, concentration, reassuring, enduring, for the nerves, and grounding)

  3. Cedarwood (for connectedness and getting in touch with your solutions and the root of your intentions)

  4. Ylang Ylang (calming, soothing, uplifting)

A blend for improved concentration and focus: 

  1. 2 drops cedarwood

  2. 2 drops lavender

  3. 1 Roman chamomile

  4. 1 sandalwood

  5. 1 vetiver

Apply to your feet or diffuse. Remember to dilute essential oils before applying them directly to your skin.

Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.’ -Unknown
‘Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.’ -Unknown
‘Art is chaos taking shape.’ -Pablo Picasso
‘Create with the heart, build with the mind.’ Criss Jami
‘Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.’ -Dorothy Parker

Aries Full Moon Ideas

On the Full Moon

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the fire element.

  2. Light a bunch of candles and/or your fireplace.

  3. Be creative in any way you define creativity. It can be making an amazing meal, something artistic like painting or playing a musical instrument, or designing a new look for your business.

  4. Journal about creating more personal freedom.

  5. Open up to expressing your individual creativity.

  6. Let your playful side out. Play like a child and/or with a child.

  7. Reframe problems as solutions you want to find and how much you will grow as you overcome the challenge.

  8. Do things that boost your energy.

  9. Play by doing a sport or exercise you enjoy. For example, a hike, yoga, martial arts, soccer, or tennis. 

  10. Take a long walk in an area with fresh air.

Things to Do between the Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. If you enjoy sport, play!

  2. Make playdates with your friends and have a blast.

  3. Let your inner child stay out and play longer than usual.

  4. Do things you loved to do when you were a child.

  5. Do things with children and young people that make you belly laugh.

  6. Do something that challenges you.

  7. Commit to making progress on a project, or a new phase of a project that you revised and realigned during the Mercury retrograde.

  8. Go to an Escape room or Puzzle room with a bunch of friends.

  9. Take some time to do creative problem solving for a lingering problem.

  10. Capture ideas you have and start to develop a business or marketing plan.

Aries Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. How connected are you to your inner child? Do you remember what is was like to play when you were young?

  2. How can you be more playful in your life?

  3. What is your relationship to challenge? Do you love a good challenge, or does it feel like a crisis and dull your motivation? Aries loves a good challenge, under the full moon, try to reframe your challenges to ‘creative solution finding’ that will bring you peace and opportunity and journal about them.

  4. How do you express your individual creativity?

  5. What does personal freedom mean to you and how do you find balance between your personal freedom and your work, family, and friends?

Astrology Events

  1. Sun 16 Libra opposite Moon 16 Aries

  2. Sun 16 Libra conjunct Venus 13 Aries opposite Moon 16 Aries conjunct Chiron 14 Aries

  3. Air trine Mars 22 Gemini, Saturn 18 Aquarius, Venus 13 Libra, Sun 16 Libra

  4. Last Saturn 18 Aquarius square Uranus 18 Taurus

  5. Saturn goes direct October 23 and will move away from Uranus

  6. Mars 22 Gemini square Neptune 23 Pisces

  7. Mercury, direct since October 2, quickly picks up speed and moves out of Virgo and into Libra on Tuesday, October 11, two days after the full moon.

  8. Mercury is covering old ground from the retrograde and you can tie-up loose ends that came up during the Mercury retrograde in September.

Wrap Up

The fiery Aries full moon takes place as Mercury is moving forward again and many planets are forming a mentally stimulating relationship to each other by occupying all three air signs. You may experience a great amount of ideas.

Your nervous system may be overstimulated. You will gain the most out of this Aries full moon by moving your body using holistic methods like yoga, martial arts, or walking. You want to help soothe your physical body so your mind and spirit can organize the creative solutions more readily accessible in this time period.

Learn more about the full moon in my video which is on my YouTube channel.


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