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Aquarius New Moon Ritual

Aquarius New Moon Ritual for Information Overload

The Aquarius New Moon Ritual is a lovely way to practice self-care. The Moon sets a rhythm of life. A flow of energy. When you connect in it helps you restore balance while you soothe and nurture your soul.

This months ritual resonates with the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius is one of the air signs, associated with social connections and communication. When we spend too much time on social media, watching the news, or engaging in stimulating conversation, our minds and mental energy can get fried with information overload.

The New Moon is a great time to cleanse, nurture and soothe frayed nerves. It’s time to clear the slate and blow out the accumulated build of up toxic thoughts and over saturation of mental energy. During the New Moon is a great time to clear space for new and refreshing ideas.

The New Moon is a reflective time that is good for assessing and setting intentions. It is a time for grounding, preparing, and helps you stay in touch with your long term goals. 

New Moon Intentions

New Moon rituals are a method for capturing your intentions and a way of reflecting and assessing your growth, patterns, and progress. Intentions and Goals are not the same, although you can use either or both for your New Moon Ritual.

Intentions are how you want to feel. Your vision on how you want things to work out. They are your dreams and wishes. They can be a feeling, a hope, an image, an experience. Goals are specific, and measurable, like SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, timely).

Before you start your New Moon ritual

  1. Be sure it’s actually the New Moon phase.

  2. The time leading up to the New Moon is called the Balsamic phase, or the waning moon phase. It is a time of endings, rest, and letting go, which is why it’s important to wait until the Moon meets or passes by the Sun.

  3. The New Moon phase starts after the Sun and Moon have met in the same sign and degree. When the Moon moves from that degree, it’s like she is being born into the next Lunar Cycle.

  4. Start anytime after the New Moon phase starts and up to 3 days after, but not before.

  5. Get your supplies ready. Here are some examples:

  6. Journaling: Journal, pens or pencils, different color options optional. It’s okay to type or voice dictate them too.

  7. Monthly Vision Board: Magazines +, glue stick, scissors, etc.

  8. Art (e.g. painting, drawing, pastels): Canvas, utensils, colors

The Aquarius New Moon Ritual

Get into your ritual groove in your way.

  1. Find a private and comfortable place where you can do your ritual without being interrupted. Supportive items can really help getting grounded and ready. Here are some examples of the different things I use:

  2. Light a candle

  3. Use crystals, rocks, and gems

  4. Burn sage or any other type of incense that calls to you

  5. Make an herbal tea or prepare your beverage of choice – one that calms

  6. Play soothing music or nature sounds

  7. Turn off bright or harsh lighting and use soft or color lighting for atmosphere

  8. Use a set of oracle cards to help tap into your subconscious mind

  9. Stretch and practice some deep breathing to ground yourself and clear your mind

  10. Use essential oils

  11. Look at last month’s ritual, read it, let it sink in. Don’t judge, just acknowledge where you were, where you are now, and start thinking about what your intentions are for the next four weeks. Remember to take deep breaths. If you get stuck, breathe.

  12. Let your intentions pour out. Express them through your journal, art, vision board, or whatever method you choose.

  13. What do you need, what does your heart want?

  14. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

  15. Manifestation tends to work when it’s from the heart, are you being true to your desires vs what others want from you?

  16. What types of information do you want to attract? What groups do you want to interact with?

  17. This is an air New Moon, and fixed sign Aquarius. To work with the energy of this Aquarius New Moon, include something in your intention about manifesting the positive side of these questions:

  18. Are your thoughts overly positive or negative? Do you have too much negative self-talk? What is some positive self-talk or statements you can use as a mantra (e.g. I can do it, I have important and positive things to do with my time, the solution is).

  19. Do you take in too much negative information via news, social media, friends and family? Will you benefit from intaking more balanced words in your mind?

  20. How do you want to engage in positive social reform AND protect yourself from imbalance?

  21. How are you socially engaging with others, and do you want to change or maintain?

  22. How will you respond to information overload when/if it happens to you?

  23. When you are done, hold your intentions in your mind and imagine what they look like.

  24. End with a moment of gratitude. Your attitude of gratitude will invite the manifestation of your intentions.

  25. Make a statement out loud or to yourself that signifies it is done.

  26. I am ready to receive

  27. I Visualize and I will Materialize

  28. So mote it be or And so it is

  29. Amen

  30. Invite the deity of your faith to intervene for your greater good

  31. Say Thank You

Optional: Light a candle and infuse it with your intentions. Imagine them manifested while concentrating on the flame. Let the candle burn until it finishes. This is best with a small candle. If you don’t have Aquarius colored candles, use a white candle. Colors for Aquarius: Blue, violet, and purple.

It can be incredibly soothing to catch a breath of fresh air after you finish, since this is an air New Moon. Go for a walk, open the window, or breath in essential oils.

How to use your Intentions from the Aquarius New Moon Ritual

  1. Look, read, or listen to them throughout the month when you want a boost

  2. If you used a particular EO or incense, use it more often during this Moon Cycle.

  3. Meditate to the same music.

  4. Take in more of the element of focus, in this case air.

  5. Use positive visualization of your intentions by imagining they have already happened.

  6. Give yourself a break and always be supportive of progress you made, not what you haven’t

  7. Come up with a positive re-frame, or positive self-statement for particularly difficult thoughts and feelings that are repetitive. Use it like a mantra and repeat it over and over when that toxic thought or emotion comes up. Repeat it until you are tired of saying it and ready to start a different task.

  8. Review the previous month each time you do the ritual.

  9. Once a year, read your past intentions, all of them. Sync this up with your yearly goal setting, it will give incredible depth to your self-development.

I would love to hear how this ritual works for you. Feel free to drop me an email, or join my private Facebook group to be notified of upcoming events. Subscribe to my email to receive free astrology blogs, videos, and special offers.


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