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Aquarius New Moon and Valentine’s Day

Aquarius New Moon

February 11, 2021 11:06am West Coast, USA 2:06pm East Coast, USA 8:06pm Rome, Italy 23 degrees Aquarius

Aquarius and the Fixed Signs are Feeling it

If you are an Aquarius or Aquarius rising, you are really feeling it. Yes, Aquarian Moon and rising signs too. Where Aquarius is in your chart is where you are feeling it the most.

You will also be feeling this increase of Aquarian energy if you are a Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, the fixed signs. These signs are all in a challenging position to Aquarius.

The New Moon is swept up in this Aquarius Stellium of planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn). When the Moon joins them for two and a half days, that will make 6 planets in Aquarius. Wow!

I expect to see clashes of idealistic energies bumping into each other. This stellium is operating with a backdrop of the Saturn Uranus square I talked about here.

What makes it a bit more stressed and aggressive is that Mars is also traveling through the sign of Taurus. Mars has already passed by Uranus so this extra aggression is fading. It was at its most intense around January 21 and will move on from Taurus to Gemini on March 5.

About the Aquarius New Moon

The New Moon is about something new rising up inside of you, a time of reflection, reassessing, and intention setting. It may be a confusing new moon with so much concentrated energy in Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, and Mars irritating the mix.

Connecting with the New Moon phase and understanding the rhythm and cycle can help. This energy has a nervous and electric quality to it. If it is uncomfortable to you, don’t worry, it will pass.

The New Moon rhythm is about fostering growth, an active new time, and energetic burst of energy. While you may not feel like you are physically bursting with energy, your mind just might. Be aware that you may experience some information overload with so much of the social air element in play.

Aquarius is an air sign, it is about communication and socializing. Thinking beyond the self and looking at the big picture. Aquarius is the water bearer who can transport the emotions (water) of many without becoming overly emotional. This is a time of connection where we should be having rational and deep conversations about social reform.

If we let our tempers agitate and we stick our heels in the ground refusing to move, all this energy will get stuck. Remember Aquarius is a fixed sign. Where there are fantastic innovative ideas, there are often naysayers for that same thing.

We live in a world of polarities that are constantly battling for equality and justice. Just like the Sun and Moon go from more light to more dark and back again. It is a constant cycle. What is important to keep in mind with this fixed but reformative energy is the movement or cause but not getting stuck.

This New Moon is unlikely to show much compromise, but instead highlight the stark division present in society today. The fixed nature of the uncompromising ways of the tradition and the system will be put to test.

Any cracks in the system may break, especially with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius asking us to re-look at our current system and make it better.

This is a time to speak up and be heard, but also to listen to what others have to say. It’s a time to loosen our grip on dogma and really listen to the opposition.

After the intense couple of days of this Aquarius stellium, the Moon will move on to Pisces for Valentines day and sweeten up the electricity in the air.

Valentines Day

The shift of Lunar energy from Aquarius to Pisces a few days after the Thursday New Moon will bring some sweetness and romance to the Valentines holiday on Sunday. Yes! We need somma that.

Pisces and romance go so well together. There will still be a lot of planets in the air sign Aquarius, so don’t expect a grand shift. But the Moon will bring that subtle shift to take it down a few notches and find that lovin’ feeling.

Valentine’s day can be quite nice actually. The Moon in Pisces isn’t making any difficult aspects to planets. If you want a quiet, romantic and chocolaty Valentine’s day, you can have it. Just give yourself extra time and plan ahead with Mercury Retrograde.

But, if you are going out with someone new, or you meet someone new, your political views, ideals and belief systems will probably come up right away. You will find it difficult to engage romantically with someone whose belief system is drastically different than your own.

A romantic candlelight dinner at home may be a low stress option couples wanting to dodge Mercury Retrograde. Remember to get your chocolates purchased ahead of time and your orders placed a few days earlier that normal. Then you should be on time even if Mercury Retrograde brings some delays.

Read more about Valentine’s Day in my article Aquarius 6 Planet Pile Up.

Hoping for that question to be popped?

Venus will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on February 6. Venus is about relationships and Saturn is about commitment. Saturn is in a good mood in Aquarius, he is at home there. Engagements are possible under this combination.

Here’s a guide to Valentine’s gifts I found while searching online. It has ideas for every sign if you need a little creative inspiration.

Okay that’s the Astro Weather for the first half of February. I hope you all have a safe and happy Valentines, full of chocolate!


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