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Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon Date and Time

Friday 9 February

2:59 PM, West Coast, USA

5:59 PM, East Coast, USA

11:59 PM, Rome, Italy

20 degrees Aquarius

Sun and New Moon Cycle

We have a new moon coming up on Friday, February 9, 2024 and it takes place in the zodiac sign Aquarius. New moons happen when the Moon moves into the same sign and degree of the Sun kicking off a new monthly moon cycle.

The Sun has been in Aquarius since Saturday, January 20, and will move into the next sign Pisces on February 18 or 19 depending on where you live. While the Sun takes around four weeks to move through a sign, the Moon goes through the entire zodiac, that’s all signs, in a little over a month.

That’s why each month the moon runs through the entire zodiac and catches up with the Sun in the next sign. We are in Aquarius season because the Sun is there, and when the Moon joins it, we have the Aquarius new moon.

New moon symbology is about new beginnings, growth, action, refocus, refreshing, a new cycle, preparation, rest, and quiet time. With all planets in direct motion, which is not retrograde, this new moon is bursting with the energy of a new beginning. 

A new seed is planted under this new moon that is forward and future-focused. The new moon is the darkest phase in the night sky, there is no moonlight when the new moon is exact. But as we progress through the few days in the new moon cycle, the crescent light is born. 

Metaphorically, you can think of the new moon as when the seed is sown. When you see the crescent sliver of moonlight, it represents the sprouting of that sown seed. As the moonlight grows, or waxes, the metaphorical seed continues to grow into its fullest self and culminates at the full moon, halfway through the cycle.

The full moon of this upcoming Aquarius new moon cycle will take place on February 24 in the sign of Virgo. Every other week we collectively experience the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle going from a new moon to a full moon and back to a new moon and a new monthly cycle. 

It’s the most visible astrological cycle that we can see unfold in front of us every night by looking up into the night sky.

Aquarius zodiac sign glyph

Aquarius New Moon Overview

There is abundant Aquarian energy leading up to the new moon on Friday. This weekend and next weekend sandwich Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Keep that in mind if you plan on doing anything special. This blog will help you understand the energetics at play for this day of celebrating love.

Aquarius is one of the fixed signs along with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. Fixed signs can be stubborn and resistant to change. That is one thing to look for under the new moon.

Any resistant or stubborn refusal to embrace eminent change can cause stress and tension. Your best way to handle this type of situation is to find a way to embrace change and reframe negative thinking. Intentionally reword your thoughts to be more useful to you.

Aquarius is an air sign, along with Libra and Gemini. Air signs share the quality of being social. But they differ when you combine the modality and element. Aquarius has a fixed modality, the ability to stay the course and maintain focus. And as an air sign, a generally social nature that values what benefits the greater good.

Being a social new moon in Aquarius, if you want to meet someone during Valentine's week, go out and socialize. The planets Venus and Mars support starting or solidifying a long-term relationship. You could meet someone new or take a current relationship to the next level.

Aquarian energy is social, eccentric, enjoys independence, and follows the beat of its own drum. It is motivated by innovation, creating something original, and takes a broad and objective approach to things, especially as it relates to masses of people. 

Aquarius is the water bearer who carries a jug - or the weight of the world - on its shoulders. It can represent the people and the masses, by objectively stating their cause and advocating for the benefit of all, not those at the top of the hierarchy, the rich or powerful. 

The objectivity of Aquarius helps ground their thinking so they don't get carried away by their emotions. They can hold the emotions and needs of the underserved, forgotten, or masses and represent them in a way that can be heard because of their pragmatic and rational presentation of facts.

During this time of greater Aquarian energy in the air, you may experience increased qualities of originality, innovation, quick-witted or rational thinking, and objectivity. It can be you experiencing this, and/or the people around you.

There is a rebellious nature to Aquarius. Uranus increases the rebellious nature of the new moon as it makes a tense relationship with both Sun and Moon. Those of you who naturally have a rebellious quality in your character may have a lot of fun with this new moon.

However, those of you whose nature is more fixed and resistant to change may feel increased tension in some areas of life that are ripe for change. 

Uranus can represent disruptive, sudden and unexpected circumstances. These circumstances are likely to highlight stuck and stagnant parts of your life ready for change, event if you aren't.

There is increased tension around doing things the same way you always have. Take time during the new moon to objectively look at change that is knocking at your door. Rather than refusing to open the door, be brave and see what new energy is being ushered in.

Challenge and tension experiences usually provide the motivation and push to make needed changes. Questions to ask yourself are:

Are you rebelling against change?

Are you leading the change or advocating for a cause?

Are you sitting on the sidelines hoping change won't impact you?

Your chart will help you better understand how to answer these questions and I'm happy to help you figure that out if you aren't sure how to read your chart.

Click below to schedule a consultation with me:

Aquarius in Your Chart

Looking at your chart, the place, or astrology houses, occupied by Aquarius, Capricorn and Taurus will provide more in-depth information about where you are likely to experience the energy described above.

The Aquarius house is where the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are traveling through right now. The Capricorn house has Venus and Mars, and the Taurus house has Uranus and Jupiter.

The planets are like a clock. The clock shows us the time, but doesn’t make the time. The planets show us what parts of life are activated by the part of your chart they are traveling through.

They reflect the quality of time and the relationship of the current planets to your natal planet placements in your chart. But they don't make the behaviors, actions and thoughts happen.

You get to decide how to respond to what comes up in your life. It will be difficult to keep things the way they are if this activity is closely activating something in your chart. It’s likely that you already know this part of life is ripe for change.

To improve the outcomes of your personal experiences, let astrology help you recognize what, if anything, is activated for you right now. Resistance can make it more difficult while embracing change can make it exciting.

Take an intentional decision to make it an adventure, come what may, and tap into the innovative problem solving this new moon in Aquarius offers us.

The themes and topics associated with the Aquarius and Taurus houses in your chart will give you more personal information about where you are most likely experiencing tension or challenges to break up stuck energy and what parts of life you will benefit the most from focusing on during the new moon.

If you are just getting started with astrology, I have a link below to my blog that explains the astrology houses. If you would like help from a professional astrologer to understand what is going on in your chart, I would love to help you with that.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get a free one online at either Astro dot com or Astro-seek dot com, those are sites that I use and recommend.

Venus and Mars glyphs

Planets in Capricorn: Mars and Venus

We had a lot of Capricorn energy happening in January that has now shifted in Aquarius. That said, there are still two important personal planets traveling through Capricorn.

They are Venus, the planet associated with relating to others, our values, and where we take pleasure in life, and Mars, the planet that describes how we take action, our determination, and will.

There is still a great deal of strategic and realistic energy to tap into to move forward with the priorities and goals in your life. Especially long-term goals. To get the most out of this energy, keep on keeping on.

Put your energy into whatever you are most excited to work on since the new year. The results will have long-term effects. That’s why this continues to be a good time to put together your 2024 strategy and do some long-term planning around your most important goals.

Since it's Valentine's Day, if you are looking to meet someone new or move a relationship to the next level, these two planets in Capricorn indicate longevity.

If you are already in a committed relationship, you can solidify your relationship and look at your long-term plans together. Do something out of the norm if you are celebrating Valentine's Day. Be free and uninhibited to take advantage of the Aquarius energy.

Pluto glyph

Pluto and the Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius is the sign the new moon and Sun are expressing through and they are not alone. 

Pluto recently entered Aquarius making an impactful energetic shift in the world. You may be feeling like something significant has shifted for you if you have any of your natal chart placement in the early degrees, 0-3, of a fixed sign: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio.

Placements in later degrees will be activated by Pluto much later, years later - it will take around 20 years for Pluto to make its way through Aquarius. So the later in degree your natal placement is, the further down the timeline you will experience the activation.

Mercury planet glyph

Mental Stimulation with Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is also in Aquarius fueling the mental activity of the new moon. You may have brilliant ideas to shake things up and make progress.

Or you may have lots of ideas for how to evade change and hold on tightly to how things are. This likely won’t work and you may want to consider how to move forward and embrace change that is coming into life now.

Mercury in Aquarius can open your mind for innovative new ideas. If you resist change, you could miss the opportunity to discover a creative solution or a brilliant idea. Brainstorming with a group of like-minded people could produce amazing results.

Chiron Sends a Message

The asteroid Chiron is traveling with the North Node right now. Chiron calls attention to where we experienced wounding in our past and through that experience, we can grow and learn. 

If you have any natal placements in your chart in the middle degrees (15-18 degrees) of cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, the nodes and Chiron are activating that part of your chart right now. Look at 15-18 degrees for the most potent activations. 

If this is you, pay attention to themes from the past that have to do with pain, trauma, and grief. This is an opportunity to work with those wounds.

It may be a good time to access a healing modality such as psychotherapy, sound healing or somatic experiencing. Though you can’t erase the past, you can reframe it and use your experience for personal growth and development.

With the north node involved, change and experiences have a fated feeling to them, and the work you do during this time can have a long-term impact as it relates to karma & destiny.

All Planets Moving in Direct Motion

Determination is in the air and planets are all moving in direct motion. We have all of February and most of March with all planets direct. This is a great time for focusing on current and future priorities. As we move into late March, the pre-shadow phase of the next Mercury retrograde will begin.

Late March is when we start to slow down starting entirely new projects or phases of a project and shift into a reflective mode. We have three Mercury retrogrades a year which is a perfect time to reflect on the progress you have made, revise as needed, and realign your priorities.

Aquarius New Moon Activity Ideas

  • Do a New Moon Ritual that includes air, the element of Aquarius. If the weather permits in your location, do your ritual outside or with the window open to let fresh air inside.

  • Notice where there may be stuck energy in your life trying to break up or where you may be resistant to change. Use the mantra - I embrace change.

  • Aquarius is the sign of the rebel. Do something out of character, experimental, unique, wild, adventurous, or propels you out of a rut. Do something that brings feelings of being free, liberated, and uninhibited. This can be something unconventional that breaks self-limiting thoughts & behaviors. Though this can lead you outside of your comfort zone, it can be thrilling, fun and exciting.

  • Spend time thinking and solving problems, this time period could bring some brilliant and innovative ideas.

  • Plan a Valentine’s Day activity that is different than usual.

  • Get a copy of your natal chart and find the houses that Aquarius, Taurus and Capricorn occupy to better understand the areas of life that are activated in mid-February.

  • Aquarius is a social air sign, spend time with groups of people who share your ideals or form a group think tank for finding innovative solutions (perfect for work and career projects). Personally, you may enjoy volunteering for a cause close to your heart.

Inspirational Quote

‘For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.’ - Nelson Mandela

Wrap Up Recap 

The rebellious Aquarian new moon is a time for breaking out of limiting situations and thinking patterns and a great time for innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

Venus and Mars in Capricorn continue to support strategic planning and efforts toward your priorities. All planets are moving direct, the energy flow is forward-focused and ripe for breaking new ground.

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