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Aquarius New Moon

New Moon in Aquarius Date and Time

Saturday, 21 January 2023 6:53 PM, West Coast, USA 3:53 PM, East Coast, USA 10:36 PM, Rome, Italy

New Moon in Aquarius Overview

The Aquarius new moon is the first new moon of 2023. This year started off with Mars and Mercury retrograde, but by the time our new moon rolls around, both of these planets have already gone direct. It is time to move out of reflection and look forward towards what is next.

We will have all of February and March with no planets retrograde. This is a big green go light from the universe to get moving. The Aquarius new moon represents the time to hit the start button. It’s time to go, move, take action, and kick off the new year, for real.

While all signs are a go, do be careful to pace yourself as you pick up speed. We have two and a half months to push forward our goals, desires, and to make progress on self-development, and aligning ourselves with our truest desires.

There is plenty of other planetary activity flavoring the new moon. Generally, the vibe is forward moving, reform oriented, innovating, and highlights where we can bust through old worn out ways as we start trendsetting a new way forward in how we do things.

A new moon means both the Sun and Moon are in the same place, the same sign and degree. Aquarius is the sign of the new moon. This sign is an air sign, giving it a social quality. You may feel more like networking than you have in the last few months with the retrogrades.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and can indicate that some of the old worn out things that came up during the Mars and Mercury retrogrades can finally get busted up so you can realign the pieces in a way that is more supportive for where you are going in the future. The key here is to avoid stubbornly holding on to the way it used to be.

While Aquarius can get stubborn and fixed on idealistic ways of doing something, we have the planet Uranus active. Uranus is where we find disruption, unexpected happenings, and brilliant insight. There can be a feeling of chaos because things keep happening that throw you off balance.

Adjust your mindset and reframe your experiences with the Aquarius new moon to embrace change. See any chaos, disruptions, and unexpected change as a guide leading you in a new direction. A new direction that may be outside of your comfort zone, or pioneering a new path. Aquarius is about harnessing your unique qualities and using them to better your life and the world around you.

Overall, there are many different planetary connections that are complementary at the new moon. It’s like a universal launch party for 2023. In addition to Uranus keeping us on our toes, we have some lovely connections involving Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus.

It’s a mixup, there are some undertones of challenge. There is also an interesting twist as both the Sun and Moon will have just passed Pluto in Capricorn before changing signs and meeting up for the new moon in the first degree of Aquarius.

This new moon can be a time where you feel like you are coming out of the depths. You may have experienced some transformational experiences over the last few months, and the new moon brings it all together. It’s time to consolidate and move forward with confidence, determination, and a growth oriented mindset.

The new moon is a time to pull together what you have been working on during the retrogrades going back to late October, finalize your 2023 goals, get your to-do task list ready for the first quarter of 2023, and then hit the start button and go on Sunday.

Sunday we will be fully in the new moon cycle and ready to take on 2023.

Emotional Focus - Time to Hit the Start Button  

Aquarius New Moon and the Current Sky

Now that the Mars and Mercury retrograde are in the rear view mirror, it’s time to get going. If you want a quick reminder on the dates, including when the post-shadow ends, here they are:

Mars Retrograde December 2022-2023

  1. Pre-shadow Begins: 4 September 2022

  2. Retrograde Begins: 30 October 2022

  3. Direct: 12 January 2023

  4. Post-Shadow Ends: 16 March 2023

  5. Sign: Gemini

  6. Degrees: 25 – 8

Mercury Retrograde 2023 December

  1. Pre-shadow Begins: 3 December 2022

  2. Retrograde Begins: 29 December 2022

  3. Retrograde Ends: 18 January 2023

  4. Post-shadow Ends: 7 February 2023

  5. Sign of Retrograde: Capricorn

  6. Degrees: 24 – 8

Easy Going, Flowing, and Supportive Vibes for the Aquarius New Moon

There are a few different aspects happening at the new moon that are helpful for moving forward and finding optimism for the new year. The Aquarius new Moon and Sun will be at a nice angle with Mars in the sign of Gemini.

Recently moving forward, Mars is ready for renewal and action. Not only is it friendly with the Sun and Moon, but Jupiter is sending a lovely angle from the sign of Aries, Mars’ own sign, which is supportive for taking action.

If you have felt recently like your shoes were filled with cement, things should change pace. The Sun and Moon are exchanging the same type of energy with Jupiter as with Mars. It’s called a sextile, an angle of opportunity and smooth, easy, exchange.

Jupiter mixed with the Sun and Moon in this lovely sextile angle brings an air of optimism, hope, and a can do attitude. It’s a great time to envision what you want and make a formal start on Sunday. Any new beginnings will kick off with a very good start chart. You could have a fun time making a vision board on Sunday for 2023.

One more aspect to mention is a trine between Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. These two are in the grounded earth sign Capricorn. A trine is a smooth flow of energy, Mercury in Capricorn is strategic. Beams from Uranus can help you with creative problem solving, bolts of brilliant insight, and innovative ideas for your new year.

Some Surprises and Getting Pushed into Action

We have four bodies traveling through Aquarius at the new moon. In addition to the Sun and Moon, Venus and Saturn are also traveling through the sign, though they are later in their voyage through Aquarius.

Venus moves much faster than Saturn. At the new Moon Venus has just caught up with Saturn as she is getting ready to pass by. That means there are two pairs of bodies sitting at the beginning of Aquarius and another two bodies, Venus and Saturn, later in Aquarius.

What makes it interesting is how Uranus sends a bolt to the middle of these pairs of planets in Aquarius from the sign Taurus. It’s like a laser beam or wrecking ball sending vibrations to break up stuck energy in a square aspect. Even if uncomfortable, this is likely to indicate that this is a good time to break up outworn things so you can rebuild them in a way that better serves your future.

Venus, together with Saturn, softens demanding, controlling, and rigid Saturn and helps shape relationships with others in a strategic and straightforward manner. It’s like a business deal that is charmed, forward thinking, objective, fair, strategic, and very likely to succeed. This energy supports moving forward with new business deals, a business plan, or launching something.

Even with this possibly challenging aspect of Taurus square the Aquarius bodies at the midpoint, it’s like this magnificent symphony coming together at this new moon to celebrate the new year by thrusting us forward, encouraging us to take action, and setting up the stage for success. It’s up to us to take action.

The only way we will bring change and new opportunity is if we take action and do something. The best planetary configurations will do nothing if you sit at home doing nothing. When Saturn is involved, only effort and hard work are rewarded. But when you do take action and put forth the effort, the results can be spectacular.

There is also a prodding aspect of Jupiter in Aries as it is square to Mercury in Capricorn. A square is activating and can be challenging, or simply represent a catalyst for action. There is optimism even as problems need to be figured out. Jupiter is poking Mercury to find an answer to something that is on your mind.

This interaction is dynamic and cannot help but push us to solve problems, think big, come up with solutions, and draw upon the vast reservoir in our minds. Though you may have difficulty deciding what to do as you vacillate between jumping into action or overthinking your strategy, eventually you will make a decision and go.

Aquarius New Moon: A Coming Out

Pluto has been in the late degrees of Capricorn for some time now, as it slowly makes its way towards moving into Aquarius in March. Pluto has been traveling in Capricorn since 2008, a long time. The Sun and Moon move much faster. What’s interesting is that they both just passed Pluto right before they changed signs and met in Aquarius for the new moon.

With Pluto being the last planet both the Sun and Moon passed before changing signs means they both carry a bit of that energy with them. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are Saturn signs, so there is a seriousness to the new moon as Saturn is involved with the transition of the Sun and Moon through its signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Pluto represents big change, deep depths, and events that leave you forever transformed. While transformation is part of the energetics of Pluto, it is really about what happens that brings about that change. As we are coming out of Mercury and Mars retrograde, it is likely that any life changing events you experienced since the end of October are transforming into something new. The new moon is a time to reinforce the new phase starting.

The Aquarius new moon carrying this Plutonian energy can feel like coming out of the depths of a deep sea. Maybe you went deep into unresolved things from the past during the Mars and/or Mercury retrograde and you are coming out of this period feeling like a new person.

Not everyone may experience a huge life shift, but it’s interesting to think that this is the type of energy on tap at the new moon. What deep experiences can you draw on from the last few months to help you hit the start button and start paving your new pathway in 2022?

If you are starting something new, like kicking off a new business, launching a sales page, or a new routine, there is another configuration worth mentioning. The Sun and Moon will be moving toward the middle of the Lunar Nodes.

Involvement with the Lunar Nodes has a fated quality that can have ties with the past, future, or both. If you are starting something on Sunday or under this new moon phase, you are building in a bit of fate energy into the chart of your new beginning. Like it was supposed to happen now, or fated things came together to launch your thing at this moment in time.

It’s Time to Hit the Start Button

Now that we are moving away from the retrogrades into a fast paced period of time, it’s time to hit the start button. The path is clear, the time to go and take action is now.

There won’t be any planets retrograde in February and March. Plan to do as much toward moving your projects forward as you can starting with the Aquarius new moon. It’s time for forward thinking, starting new projects, creating new projects, and taking projects to their next phase. Go forth and conquer!

If you want to learn more about the Aquarius new moon, check out my video on YouTube:

Essential Oils for the Aquarius New Moon

  1. Ginger – Activating for a boost to get you going, it’s accelerating and stimulating.

  2. Lemon – To energize and focus your mind, it’s uplifting, invigorating, and refreshing

  3. Lime – For an uplifting feel good vibe that smells sweet and citrusy. It’s renewing, energizing, and purifying.

  4. Blend the above three oils together in your diffuser for an uplifting, activating, and motivating blend.

  5. Peppermint – For invigoration, motivation, and encourages adaptation to new starts.

Aquarius New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins.

  2. If you aren’t sure of the exact time of the new moon in your location, you can find it here on

  3. Set your intentions around how you are going to move forward after the reflective period going back to late October with Mars retrograde, and December especially, when both Mercury and Mars were retrograde at the same time.

  4. Set intentions around solidifying your 2023 strategy and writing your implementation plan.

  5. If you made a new year’s resolution, now is the time to start doing it.

  6. Write and finalize your action plan for the next twelve months and make sure you have a realistic calendar with your to do lists for the next two to four weeks, minimum. Even better to have the first quarter of 2023 mapped out with your action plan.

  7. Kick something off, get started, take action and go.

  8. Create a vision board representing 2023.

Aquarius New Moon Activities

  1. Kick your 2023 goals off for real, hit the start button.

  2. Come out of your retrograde shell and socialize with your network.

  3. Do something out of the ordinary that you have always wanted to do.

  4. Push forward on any projects that are oriented in innovation, reform, and helpful for the human race.

  5. Start a new project, business plan, launch a new landing page, or start any other project.

  6. Get lots of fresh air since Aquarius is an air sign.

  7. If you can’t get out to walk and enjoy fresh air, open your windows and air out your home, actually do this even if you can get outside for fresh air.

  8. Diffuse lemon, lime, and ginger essential oils together for a fresh and clean smell in the air.

  9. Aquarius loves to be unique, spend some time noticing the things you love about yourself that are different from others. Embrace it, don’t hide it, and be proud of what makes you unique.

  10. Go outside of your comfort zone and do something wildly different from what you normally do.

  11. Join a network or group that does something different to help you get out of any ruts you may have fallen into.

Inspirational Quotes

‘Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.’ – Marsha Petrie Sue
‘Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.’ — Oprah Winfrey
‘When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.’ — Chinese Proverb
‘Time to Hit the Start Button’ Me, Lori 🙂

Aquarius New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. What are qualities you love about yourself that makes you your unique self, not like any other?

  2. The end of the retrogrades marks a new pace in time at the same time as the Aquarius new moon. What are you breaking away from or freeing yourself from so you can now speed forward in the new faster pace in time we have from now until the end of March, when we start preparing for the next Mercury retrograde?

  3. What deep experiences can you draw on from the last few months to help you hit the start button and start paving your new pathway in 2023?

  4. What is something you have always wanted to do for self-development and self-growth, but haven’t, because it is outside of your comfort zone? What would it take for you to give it a try?

Astrological Events

  1. Moon 1 Aquarius conjunct Sun 1 Aquarius

  2. Pluto 28 Capricorn out of sign but 3 degrees from New Moon/Sun 1 Aquarius

  3. New Moon/Sun 1 Aquarius trine Mars 8 Gemini

  4. New Moon/Sun 1 Aquarius square (at the bends) Lunar Nodes 9 Taurus/Scorpio

  5. New Moon/Sun 1 Aquarius sextile Jupiter 4 Aries

  6. New Moon/Sun 1 Aquarius co-present with Venus conjunct Saturn 23/24 Aquarius

  7. Uranus sits in the middle by square 14 Taurus

  8. Mercury 8 Capricorn trine Uranus 14 Taurus

  9. Jupiter 4 Aries sextile Mars 8 Gemini

  10. Jupiter 4 Aries square Mercury 8 Capricorn

Wrap Up

It’s time to move forward and start new things. Take action toward your 2023 goals and kick off your resolutions on the New Moon. The light is green and there is a lot of supportive planetary energy for creative problem solving. Hit the start button for 2023 during the new moon and start something new. Go forth and conquer!


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