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Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon Date and Time

Friday or Saturday 23 | 24 July Rome 7:37pm, West Coast, USA 10:37pm, East Coast, USA 4:37am, Rome, Italy 24 July 1 degree Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon

As I looked at the chart of this week’s Aquarius full moon, I was reminded of the energy backdrop we have for the whole year of 2021. There is a powerhouse of energy culminating at this full moon. Things may feel wound up, anxiety provoking, and stubborn.

This rigid stubbornness may produce sudden and disruptive energy, like a dam holding back water, that suddenly breaks and all that water is released. It’s a time where rigid things are at risk of breaking down.

This week’s full moon highlights the archetypes of the Rebel and the Traditionalist. Think of it like a story that goes something like this: A rebel with a just cause for the people going up against the stoic CEO of a corporation trying to maintain the old way of power coming from the top down. The Rebels going against the Empire.

This is a time to be prepared for anything. Adaptability skills are needed. The full moon is a great time to release obstacles that are fixed, stubborn, and blocking future oriented progress. We can’t always control what happens outside of us, but we can control how we respond to it. And we are each responsible for our responsive behaviors.

If you are white knuckling it through something right now, I have some activities, solutions and ideas you can start using right now so that you can handle what comes your way with grace, and do releasing rituals to start moving out what is no longer needed.

In this blog, I’m sharing with you how to understand Aquarius by looking into its symbol, the Water Bearer, how to be more self-compassionate, and how to adapt with grace.

Aquarius Full Moon: Sign of The Water Bearer

I love the description of this archetype, the water bearer, because it has such great importance for the community. Leaders who carry this signature do amazing work for causes and groups of people. The water bearer is a progressive, idealistic, and pragmatic archetype who is motivated to reform and bring innovation to the world.

In other words, the Rebel.

They carry the voice, the important message, of the people or the cause represented by the vase. The air element signifies the carrier of the vase, the water bearer, who maintains objectivity and can speak for the cause without losing control, becoming angry, overly emotional, or hysterical. This rebel leads the cause with intelligence.

Aquarius is an air sign often mistaken for a water sign because of the symbolic name. But Aquarius the water bearer is an air sign. Aquarius is one of Saturns signs, which means there is a serious tone, some rigidity, and a rational structured approach to things. Their cool objectivity allows them to stay calm under pressure.

Water bearers are driven by their ideals. They can be stubborn, idealistic, intellectually focused, clever, creative, and carry utopian like aspirations. The shadow side is they can be cold, detached, get lost in intellectual details, recluse into their head, and physically isolate.

If you have had difficulty understanding Aquarians, this may help shed some light. Often called rebels, Aquarians walk to their own beat. They like to be a little different, and are unlikely to be offended if you call them offbeat and a little on the eccentric side.

These progressive rebels are challenging the traditionalists to look forward rather than backward to the ‘way we have done things’ in the past.

Self-Compassion is Important

It can be difficult to manage these two co-existing characters when they are both chattering in your head. You have the Rebel on one shoulder and the Traditionalist on the other. One skill you can start using right now is self-compassion with your self-talk, your inner dialogue.

Practicing self-compassion is a lifelong balancing act, great for this full moon, and any other moment in life. It can be stressful to be torn between moving forward into new territory and being stuck in old worn out patterns that are no longer useful. It’s not always clear which direction is the right way. This is where self-compassion comes in.

As humans, we are constantly trying to find peace and bring balance in our lives. Peace and balance are not static points that we achieve, and then they remain fixed in place. We flex and flow through life. Self-compassion through positive self-talk is a mindful approach for well-being and for balance.

Using self-compassionate positive self-talk is taking a mindful approach to living that allows you to be human, imperfectly perfect. Rebel against negative self-talk, and be intentional with positive, self-compassionate, self-talk. Use the same language and voice tone you would to talk to your most loved and cherished.

Notice your inner dialogues and use self-compassion in your self-talk. You talk to yourself more than anybody else does. Why not be the nicest person to yourself too?

If you are already in the practice of using positive self-talk, yay you! If you are really good at beating yourself up, stop it! Commit to being nicer to yourself right now.

Make this promise to yourself (say it out loud, write it in your journal too):

I promise myself that I will replace harsh words with kind words and I will use kind words with myself more often.

Use these Self-Compassionate Mantra Statements or Write your Own:

I will get through this.

I am brave.

I can do this.

I believe in myself.

I deserve the time to take care of my health and well-being.

Taking care of me takes care of everyone I love.

Use these positive self-talk mantras often. Make up your own to fit your unique life situations. Create them ahead of time so you know exactly what to say to your beautiful inside self any time negative self-talk starts.

I wrote a whole blog on ways of approaching mindful living. You can read more here.

Aquarius Full Moon: A time for Adapting with Grace

Adapting with grace starts with recognizing that in life, we will be called on to be flexible at times. Aquarius is not known for its flexibility skills, which is why it’s important to talk about this topic now.

We have all this fixed energy somewhere in our chart. If you already have your astrology chart, look for where Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus are. Those places, or houses, represent the topics that will be highlighted by this energy.

If you don’t have your chart, you can use a free online chart calculator like this one. Or you can contact me and I will be happy to send you one. You can contact me here.

Challenges to what has been working in the past, the tradition, or ‘the way we have always done it’ will come up against an idealistic and rebellious spirit. I remember when I first started working for Warner Bros. home video and we had just taken over distribution for MGM.

I was so excited just to be working there, but I noticed right away there was a lot of complaining and disgruntled people over this huge change. Systems were changing, people were changing, and jobs were changing. So the company did this amazing thing. They sent all staff members across the country to workshops about embracing change.

Now I am certainly not suggesting we get all woo woo about this. All the feelings were valid and needed to be attended to. While at the same time, change was coming, ready or not, whether we want it or not, change happens. This was about how to adapt with grace, or you could say, to embrace change.

We can choose to adapt with grace to inevitable change, to honor our own emotional and mental well-being, and respect others around us. Or we can choose to hold on to the old ways that can no longer continue in the same way. It is not to say all traditional ways should be left behind, but to be aware of those that are inevitably ending.

A practical and mindful approach to adapting with grace to change goes like this: Take a pause, take a few deep breaths, and count to 10 before reacting to anything upsetting. Learn other ways to adapt with grace in my article on Mindful Approaches to Well-Being.

Adapt with Grace using Essential Oils

I co-host Natural Health and Astrology with Annabelle Fraser, a naturopath and gut health specialist, where we talk about the energy of the full moon and essential oils. This month Annabelle suggests an adaptive blend of oils including Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, Sweetgum, Wild Orange, Spearmint, Copaiba and Rosemary.

The stress relieving oils are Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli, and Sweetgum. The energizing oils are Wild Orange and Spearmint, while Copaiba and Rosemary help to soothe anxious feelings. They cover the broad spectrum of emotions that come with leading change, or resisting it.

The mix that Annabelle suggests is available through the brand she uses, doTerra and it is called Adaptive Calming Blend. Whether you are feeling fatigued, restless, indecisive, or irritable, this blend will help your body and mind stay balanced and adapt with grace.

To use these oils, you can soak in a relaxing epsom salt bath by adding 3-4 drops of the blend in your bath water. For massage, mix 3 drops with fractionated coconut oil. Other applications include diffusing in the air, apply a couple of drops to your hands, rub them together, and inhale deeply, or rub a few drops to the soles of your feet.

Check out our live video on YouTube or Facebook. For more information on natural health, contact Annabelle and check out her Facebook group, Natural Health Italy.

Aquarius Full Moon Activities

  1. Release obstacles that are fixed, stubborn, and blocking future oriented progress by doing the air releasing ritual at the time of the full moon.

  2. Let your rebel out. Release old worn out and traditional obstacles blocking growth.

  3. Practice self-compassion and write some positive self-talk mantras.

  4. Do the Body Scan exercise (details in blog – brief overview here)

  5. Recognize your perceptions and responses by using these Mindfulness approaches.

  6. Clear your mind by talking walks in fresh air.

  7. Do something uniquely you and savor the moment. The more unique, the better.

Adapting with Grace Journaling Prompts

Choose one or more of these questions to journal about. These are just starters to help you journal in a rhythm with the moon. What is important is the journaling, or vision board if you prefer to journal visually. Journal 5 minutes or an hour, whatever your schedule allows. A little is better than nothing.

  1. Where are you most adaptable?

  2. Where are you most stubborn and fixed?

  3. Are you trying to hold something in place putting it at risk of breaking from over rigid control?

  4. Is there a part of you that wants to rebel, be progressive, aspire to new great heights?

  5. Is there a part of you that is conservative, responsible, averse to risk taking, and focused on security?

  6. Can you relate to the rebel or traditionalist to something happening in your life right now?

  7. Ask these questions for different areas of your life:

  8. Relationships, family, romantic partner, work, friends.

Things to Do between the Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Have a chat with your objective, pragmatic, and rational friends.

  2. Get involved and take action on a cause: Volunteer, join an organization whose mission you have a passion for, learn something about the world and how you can help it.

  3. If you have been holding in (hiding) some of your uniqueness, let it out.

  4. Use your mantras daily to replace negative self-talk inside your head.

  5. Practice taking a pause, taking deep breaths, and counting to 10 before reacting to anything upsetting.

Wrap up

The theme of this month’s full moon centers on the ‘Rebel’ and the ‘Traditionalist’ archetypes. The rebel and traditionalist archetypes live inside each of us. One or the other may have a louder voice at different times in your life, in different situations, or with different people. Consider how well balanced these energies are in your life.

You may relate more to one archetype than another, or even different ones based on a particular topic. Like at work you are the traditionalist, but when it comes to a hobby or with friends, you take on more of the rebel archetype. Balance is key.

Remember to use self-compassion toward both characters as they show up in stories inside your head or in the environment around you. Be self-compassionate to your internal rebel and traditionalist. With self-compassion, you can adapt with grace and lookout for your own well-being.

Now you have some extra ideas and tools to add into your well-being routine. I would love to hear your feedback on how this month went for you. If you would like to get monthly moon information delivered to your inbox, drop your email below.

May the grace be with you!


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