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Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon Date and Times

Sunday 22 August 5:02am, West Coast, USA 8:02am, East Coast, USA 2:02pm, Rome, Italy 29 degree Aquarius

About the Aquarius Full Moon

It’s an Aquarius full moon, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because last month’s full moon was also in Aquarius. That happens every now and then. When a full moon is in the first degree of a sign, it will be in the last degree of that same sign on the next full moon. The same concept goes with a new moon, in case you were wondering.

The universe is serving up a double dose of Aquarian full moon energy, but not exactly the same energy. There’s two things to think about. The first is to consider the degrees from last month to this month. The second is the interactions going on between all the planets.


The first degree is like starting off new. It’s fresh and ready for growth, action and change. Consider this first degree happened last month on a full moon. A full moon is full of energy and a first degree is young, active, and ready to grow through its own cycle through the 30 degrees.

This month we are in the last degree of Aquarius. The last degree is like a signal that something is about to change. There will be a shift in energy. So it’s a time of culmination by degree, just like the full moon is a culmination of light. It’s full of wisdom and ready to apply that wisdom to the next cycle.

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Planetary Interaction

Last month the vibe was tense, challenging, and required us to adapt with grace. That’s because there were different planetary interactions during last month‘s Aquarius full moon. Mainly the square off between Saturn and Uranus. You can read more about these two planets and how they are impacting all of 2021 here.

This months Aquarius full moon has the quality of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity. The energy is lighter, the voices of our muses is more audible, and we can tap better into our ideas and inspiration.

The planet Jupiter is involved with this upcoming Aquarius full moon. Jupiter is about pushing ourselves forward with optimism, faith, and wisdom. With that in mind, I am calling this month’s full moon theme ‘Ideas and Inspiration.’

Ideas and Inspiration: Calling All Muses

Who is your muse? Call on him/her/they/it during the full moon Sunday. Invite anything that inspires you to show up on Sunday and the two weeks following this full moon. Be sure to listen. If you are an artist, do your art. This is a day you may be closer to tapping into your spiritual guides than most.

Even if you are the most grounded realist in your social group, there are things that inspire you. This is a full moon that is bursting with ideas to inspire you. The best thing you can do for this full moon is to contemplate what is most important to you in life and let those things, or muses, that inspire you flow into your consciousness.

Muses are the archetypes or unseen forces that you feel flowing through you and come from outside of you. Like you plug in to some forcefield full of creativity and download what speaks to you. These muses can call you from nature, the trees and forests, or the water in the oceans, seas, and lakes. Or it can be through music and dance.

Spend time in nature, or your spiritual place at home, find a quiet place where you can be in the flow and just listen. See what pops up and capture it. Capture it in your own unique way. Some ideas are to journal, do a vision board or collage, find images online, write music, create art, dance or sing.

Prepare to be inspired. Believe you will be inspired. Because whether you believe you will be inspired, or you believe you won’t, you are right. Yeah that is a Henry Ford quote, one of my favorites. Here is what he really said:

Last month I wrote all about the archetype or Aquarian symbol, the Water Bearer. If you want to learn more about this intriguing sign, read about it here in last month’s full moon blog.

Idea and Inspiration Stimulating Essential Oils

I co-host Natural Health and Astrology, a video series, with Annabelle Fraser, a naturopath and gut health specialist. Each month we talk about the energy of the full moon and essential oils that support the vibe. This month Annabelle suggests Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils. The information below is provided by Annabelle.

Peppermint oil is great for helping you feel alert, energized, and creative. You can put a few drops in your hand and rub your palms together, then inhale for a quick boost. Mix it with a few drops of Wild Orange in your cold water diffuser to promote concentration and focus.

Peppermint essential oil is great for easing headaches. Dilute the essential oil and apply it to your forehead, temples, and the back of the neck. It is useful in the case of a high fever to help the body during that phase of the illness. Consult your doctor first before using oils to treat an illness.

Check out this month’s Aquarius full moon video on Facebook. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up here.

Aquarius Full Moon Activities

  1. Release obstacles that block your creativity by doing the air releasing ritual at the time of the full moon.

  2. Release self-limiting thoughts about your creativity. We all have creative gifts. You want to symbolically remove the obstacle so your ideas and inspirations have a clear pathway to come through. The air full moon releasing ritual is a great way to send the message to the universe that you are ready to receive some inspiration.

  3. Do your Full Moon Releasing ritual Sunday evening.

  4. Make a vision board about self-expression, creativity, and things that inspire you.

  5. Bring yourself into the present moment and meditate by using these mindfulness techniques. This will open you to receive ideas, inspiration, and messages from your muses.

  6. Clear your mind by taking a walk in fresh air.

  7. Use essential Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils in an air diffuser.

  8. Do something uniquely you and savor the moment. The more uniquely you, the better.

Ideas and Inspiration Journaling Prompts

Choose one or more of these questions to journal or vision board about. These are just starters to help you journal in a rhythm with the moon. What is important is actually doing the journaling, or vision boarding if you prefer to journal visually. Journal 5 minutes or an hour, whatever your schedule allows. A little is better than nothing.

  1. What are your most creative qualities?

  2. Who are your muses, what does inspiration look like uniquely for you, and how do you receive the inspiration?

  3. When and where do you feel the most creative? (e.g. cooking, playing a musical instrument, building a website or presentation, organizing the weekly schedule).

  4. Think of a time recently when you felt peace, joy, or pride. What inspired the moment that made you feel that way?

  5. Where is your favorite quiet place where you can still your mind? Go there and journal about something that would make you happy and is realistically within your reach. Now write about the steps you can take to make this vision come true.

  6. What people in your network inspire you? What people in your network drain your energy? How can you spend more time with the people who inspire you and less time with those who drain you?

  7. Ask these questions for different areas of your life: Relationships, family, romantic partner, work, friends.

Things to Do between the Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Volunteer for a cause that inspires you.

  2. Read an inspiring book.

  3. Inspire others by expressing your personal creativity.

  4. Join a network of inspiring people.

  5. Watch an inspiring movie.

  6. Take a dance lesson, or other type of class where you can express yourself.

  7. Do karaoke. Play a musical instrument. Sing to your favorite music. Create anything artistic.

  8. Write an action plan and set achievable goals in small steps to make your new ideas a reality.

  9. Collaborate with other like minded people.

  10. Get out in the open air.

Wrap up

This month’s Aquarius full moon energy vibe is inspirational, light, and creative. Take some time Sunday evening to let your muses inspire you. Take those inspirations and form them into ideas. Then over the next few weeks let yourself creatively take steps to make those ideas realities.

Our next new moon is coming in a few weeks and it will represent a great time to get going on your action items. Check out the ideas above to help you get in the mood to be inspired and let that creativity flow through you.

Happy full moon. May you find inspiration through your ideas, and ideas through your inspiration!


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