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Aquarius 6 Planet Pile Up, are you ready?

Aquarius is highlighted this month with a 6 planet pile up. Let’s go through the important astrological events of the month. The Astrological term for when 3 or more planets are in the same sign is called a stellium. We have an Aquarius 6 Planet Pile Up stellium.

Aquarius 6 Planet Pile Up

A stellium in any sign will create an imbalance in the quality of the energy of that time. Last year we had an imbalance in Capricorn, which was caught up in the events of 2020. This year we have already experienced a shift in energy. That shift started in mid-December 2020 when Saturn and Jupiter moved into Aquarius.

Of all the planets in Aquarius, Jupiter and Saturn move the slowest, so they will be in the sign longer. Jupiter will dip out of Aquarius and into Pisces from May to July, and then return to Aquarius until the end of December. So the majority of 2021 Jupiter will be in Aquarius. Saturn will be in Aquarius for a few years. My astrology mentor Kelly Surtees wrote a great article on the Jupiter and Saturn move to Aquarius in mid-December 2020. If you want to read more about it click below.

You may have heard already that Mercury is Retrograde, in the sign of Aquarius. Yep that means Mercury stays longer than usual in this sign and will be there until mid-March. Mercury is the planet of communication and has a natural relationship with socializing. You can expect a lot of mental chatter if you are an air sign. Mercury joining this Aquarius stellium brings some static electricity, nervous energy, and information overload.

The faster moving planets Sun will be in Aquarius until February 18 and Venus until February 26. The Moon is the fastest moving body. She makes planet 6 when she transits through Aquarius a few days and conjuncts the Sun for the New Moon. You can read about the Aquarius New Moon here.

Water Bearer Man pouring water

The Water Bearer

Aquarius Stellium Energy Forecast

I expect people to be abuzz with ideas for change. These ideas may be quite fixed and unchangeable. There will be sides that believe their views, and not others views, are what is best for all of humanity. The fixed side of Aquarius is stubborn and unwilling to accept another belief system has valid points.

But can’t we just all get along? While most of us want that, there are some hellbent on their way or the highway. This energy is already at play and will hopefully peak and calm down as some of these planets move out of Aquarius. Since change is a constant, we know that things will change.

We are currently in the midst of great social division in many of the so called civilized nations. A division that will define the quality of this time historically. As these two sides hash it out, stubborn and unwilling to compromise, change is inevitable. With the abundant Aquarian energy blowing the winds of change, we will see it coming from the people. Not top down Capricorn power, but from the grass roots ‘power up’ of the people.

The problem is, the grass roots is where this division lives. So what do we do? Make an effort to be part of the solution. Change how we argue and disagree with each other to allow for conversation, understanding, and an opening for mutual agreement. We cannot make needed change without the two opposing forces finding a way to come together.

Finger pointing, name calling, and blaming do not solve problems. Everyday I read the news and see the same thing. We are stuck. But if more and more of us stop engaging in the non-productive banter, fact check, and ask questions rather than make assumptions, we can make change. Start with yourself.

The opposite sign of Aquarius can offer some energetic solutions. Leo is the sign of individuality, self-expression, and ego. Where Aquarius is about social connection and reformation, Leo is about the individual and ability to assert oneself. We must get our egos in check and take a full stock of ourself. When we check our ego at the door and bring our full creativity to solving problems we have a chance.

Venus in Aquarius and Valentine’s Day

Venus travels through Aquarius from February 1 to 26.

With Valentine’s falling smack in the middle of the Aquarius 6 Planet Pile Up, I expect that online dating sites will be super busy. Conversations can be charged with what may feel like electricity. Stimulating conversation will be more of a turn-on than usual. People may be meeting through their social groups. Especially those that are true to your passion, interest, ideals, and belief systems.

I think the Aquarian energy is going to draw people to one another romantically through a connection on ideals. It’s very difficult to spend long amounts of time with someone who disagrees with your own core belief system. If breaks-ups are happening now, it’s because people want to align themselves with like minded people. It’s far less stressful to be with someone who fundamentally agrees with you and your belief system.

In a month and holiday that is supposed to be filled with chocolate and romantic dreams, we should see a different kind of pulse this year. It will be a unification of ideas that sparks that romance. The chocolate and romance are still important. Be sure and order early because Mercury is Retrograde. Don’t expect a stop at the market to be fruitful on Valentine’s Day, plan ahead.

Single wanting to meet Someone

Look your best and prepare yourself for chatting. Plan to do something that involves communication about something you love. I know it’s hard when we can’t just find an event and go, because so many things are closed. There are places on line where there are others who share the same interest as you. Go there, reach out and interact. Talk about your interests and ask others about theirs.

Online or not, you want to socialize and talk. Just be sure it’s something you really enjoy. When you are doing something you love, others will be attracted to you. Aquarius does tend to be the rebellious, independent and different one. So you might do something offbeat or unusual and meet someone super interesting along the way.

Volunteering for a cause that you are passionate about is a great idea. Get involved with something that makes the world a better place. You will find others who have the same or similar beliefs as you. It’s a great way to meet a new romantic interest.

Attached and want Romance

With so much air energy do something fun, where you talk and you laugh. Where you relax through conversation. Listen to some great music and dance. Movement is a great way to channel the nervous energy in the air. How about game night before that romantic dinner and bottle of wine. Something that gets a warm conversation going with your honey.

Other ideas, write a love letter. When was the last time you did that? Record a Valentine’s video instead of a card. Read more about Valentine’s Day in the Aquarius New Moon Blog.

Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus

Exact February 17

Against this backdrop of Aquarian rebelliousness and social reforming energy we have a growing tension between the planets Saturn and Uranus. This is the signature astrological event of 2021 and will be energetically active all year.

Modern astrologers connect Saturn and Uranus to the sign of Aquarius by rulership. Traditional astrologers ascribe Saturn as the only ruler of Aquarius and don’t assign rulership to the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). Uranus is related to the nervous system, rebelliousness, innovation, and sudden or unexpected disruptions.

At the moment, Saturn is traveling through the sign of Aquarius. He really likes to be in a sign he rules. Uranus, who typically also really likes to be in Aquarius, is traveling through the sign of Taurus.

Taurus and Aquarius provide a challenge to each other. They come from different points of view and need to work together to figure things out. This working together often takes a lot of energy and it can be a difficult process.

The position of Saturn in Aquarius is called a square to the Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is of the earth element characteristically practical and reliable. Aquarius is of the air element which is associated with communication. It is intellectual, aloof, reform and freedom oriented.

Both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs, they can be stubborn and refuse to budge or compromise. Taurus is great at maintaining the status quo, prefers routine and stability, and is driven by security. Aquarius is driven by social connection, independence, and humanitarian causes.

You can see how these two signs are working at cross purposes. You put the planets Saturn and Uranus in these signs, working at cross purposes, what do you get? Attempts at social change and reformation met by stubbornness to hold on to the status quo.

The stubbornness is represented by both sides, one for change, one not so much. But, one caveat, it is Uranus in Taurus. Uranus by nature wants to disrupt and clear out making way for needed change. The method will be expressed in a Taurean way, practical, slow, and steady.

This energy is being played out as we see it in US politics at the moment, and in the after effects of Brexit. We all know change is inevitable, we just don’t know how it’s going to play out. We have political parties that are unyielding or willing to bend. Or have been swept into change they don’t agree with.

One thing we can expect is a lot of social chatter. With such a big pile up in an air sign, one that has social change as a keyword, we can rest assured communication will be the primary express.

Elements come up often in Astrology. A quick review. If fire was involved it would be more dynamic and there would be more sparks. If water was more involved, it would be more emotional. We have air and earth. The dust is getting blown around, and when it settles, things will be different.

Air is represented symbolically by the sword, the double edged sword. It can cut away the cobwebs, illusion and confusion while it can also cut, would, and damage. Earth is represented by the material and physical things we can see, touch, feel, taste and smell. It can get stuck and crystallize making it difficult to change. But earth can dry up and turn to dust that can be blown about by air.

I think of the earth and air combination in the Saturn Aquarius square Uranus Taurus as a dust storm. The Saturn Uranus square will be active all of 2021, but extra potent when they are in the same degrees. Those higher sensitive times are:

Saturn Square Uranus Strongest Time Periods

February 17, 2021

June 15, 2021

December 24, 2021

Mercury Retrograde

As if the Saturn Uranus square wasn’t enough in February, we also have the Mercury Retrograde happening. Mercury is the planet of communication and connected to our nervous system.

You may be feeling more overwhelmed than usual with the news, social media, and conversations with others. Especially around the New Moon on February 11, in Aquarius when we have 6 planets in the sign.

I am calling it Information Overload. My advice is to find ways to flush toxic thoughts and negative thinking out of your mind.

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