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April Horoscopes 2022

April Horoscopes 2022 Introduction

If you are living in the northern hemisphere like me, it’s time to transition from the cold winter to the rebirth of spring. If you are in the southern hemisphere, you are ready to retire from the heat into the cool breeze of fall.

Whichever hemisphere you are living in, it’s a time of pivot and change. It’s important to give notice to the seasons as nature’s way of teaching us about the cycles of life. One of my favorite things to talk about is cycles in astrology.

In my practice I hope to dispel the myth of western culture that life travels a one way linear direction. The seasons show us this cyclical spiral upward. Though we spin through the seasons, not all seasons present themselves in the same way.

Some seasons have droughts, others have floods. Some have more opportunities or creativity, and some have more challenges. Some are smooth and some are chaotic. We spiral around, and upward, into new seasons of life.

It is with this perspective we will look at April of 2022. As we transition into another season, like we have for years past, there is a different flavor.

We can use astrology to help us understand what is happening in our community, country, and personal life in this season of April 2022. Most seasons contain a variety and mix of energies, and this April is full of a mix of energetic reflections from the stars.

As a species, we have some unique experiences that we are living through together. It cannot go without saying that technology has made it possible for us to have communication at a level past generations never had.

We are enduring a pandemic, and now a war in Eastern Europe that has caught the attention of the world. Those of us who have not been forced to flee our homes are trying to live as normal of a life as possible.

We sit on the edge of our seats hoping for the best outcomes. If only we could all agree what the best outcome looks like. We don’t. This month’s astrology reflects back to us this underlying tension that we see on the world scale, and possibly in our personal lives.

My blogs focuses on how we can best work with the quality of the energy of our times. Some things are represented by external events that happen to us. Other things are within our control and have to do with our actions, emotions, and responses. Our horoscope reflects our experience as above, so below.

I hope the review of this month’s astrology helps you plan and prepare for April. Whether you are pulling out your summer clothes, or packing them away, we will all collectively experience the same quality of energy. How this energy is experienced, and how we respond is individual.

Your chart is one way of understanding the unfolding of life. Past, present, and future.

How to Read Your April Horoscopes

I write based on your ascendant, which is also called your rising sign. I do this because you can get far more personalized information than when reading for your sun sign alone. Your sun sign is based on your birth date. Your ascendant is based on the date, time, and location.

You can read more about the ascendant in your chart in my Ascendant blog post here.

It’s important to find out the exact time you were born, or as close as possible, to calculate your ascendant. Find yours quickly by using this free online ascendant calculator. Remember to get your birth date, time and place. Click here for the free online Ascendant Calculator.

At the bottom of this blog I have graphics that will show you where each of the zodiac signs fall in your chart based on your ascendant. Your ascendant sign will always be on the first (as designated by the number 1 on the wheel) of the twelve astrology houses. Each house will be numbered 1 through 12.

With this information, you can narrow down general horoscope information to how it represents a particular topic, event, or person/people in your life by finding the house number for that sign, and then refer to the descriptions of each house, which I provide below.

For the April 2022 horoscopes, I will talk about how planets are traveling through Aries, Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces, and Gemini. Even if you are not one of those signs from a sun sign standpoint (your birthday sign), you have all twelve signs somewhere in your chart.

Look at the wheels at the bottom of this page for examples.

By knowing which events, topics, and people are connected to a particular sign in your personal chart, you will gain more information from reading horoscopes. Not just mine, but most of the horoscopes you will find printed, in apps, and online. 

Meaning of the Twelve Astrology Houses

  1. The house of you. Your image, appearance, body, personality and how it is projected in the world.

  2. The house of what is yours. Your resources, earned income, money, possessions, self-worth, and security.

  3. Your siblings, what is local and your community, neighbors, near journeys, education and learning style.

  4. Your home, family, roots, tradition, land and real estate.

  5. What pleases you and experiencing pleasure, your creativity, kids, your passions, sport, where you take risk, sex, passion, love affairs, and luck.

  6. The domain of hard-work, service, employees if you have them, anyone who provides a service to you, health problems, domestic animals, and those you are responsible for (not your children). This area highlights providing service to others. From social services to the President or military.

  7. Your committed relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners, clients for freelancers (not employees). This is the house of others and can also represent the competition or adversaries.

  8. Shared resources, creditors, inheritances, others possessions, death, psychology and depth work, experience of grief and loss as part of the human condition.

  9. Your faith and belief system, how you seek higher knowledge, religion, advanced education, long-distance travel, foreign affairs, travel, and journeys.

  10. Your profession, where you find meaning and purpose in life, your direction in life, public life, reputation, authority, your boss (if employed), your highest potential, where you stake your claim in the world, and success.

  11. Your friends, network, colleagues, hopes and aspirations or ideals, good fortune, and how you receive love.

  12. A mystical house, the collective unconscious, hidden places, institutions of containment like hospitals and prisons, potential for self-sabotage, secrets, profound mystical experiences, being part of a mystical group, and loss and sorrow.

April Horoscopes Moon Phases

I do a monthly blog and video for the new and full moons where you can find more information and details on these moon phases. Go to the Astroblog to get the latest moon phase blog. In April, here are the dates:

New Moon in Aries: 1 April Full Moon in Libra: 16 April New Moon in Taurus: 30 April

We have a new moon on the first and last day of April. What is notable is that we have a solar eclipse coming up at the end of the month. Solar eclipses indicate a more potent lunation.

A solar eclipse happens when the new moon happens close to the point in the sky where the orbits of the Sun and Moon meet. The nodes have to do with fated events, where we can over indulge, and where we need to release.

The nodes have more meanings than overindulging or releasing. They can show us new ground to cover in this lifetime (north) and gifts and talents we already have (south) but may need to move away from and develop new ones (north).

Think about the nodes’ meaning, the signs they occupy, and the houses they are traveling through in your chart to get personal meaning at the solar eclipse. You will want to know where Taurus (north node) and Scorpio (south node) are (astrological houses based on your ascendant).

Remember to calculate your ascendant first, then check the diagrams below to find the Taurus and Scorpio astrology houses. The list of houses above will tell you the topics, events, and people likely to be activated at the solar eclipse in your chart. The solar eclipse will take place on the new moon Saturday, April 30. This gives you a month to prepare for this date. To see it you will need to be in southern South America or Antarctica. For more information on this eclipse, the path it will take, and dates of future ones, check out 

April Horoscopes 2022 Planetary Action

There is a lot of planetary action going on this month. The tension I referred to last month as ‘A Growth Spurt’ continues on this month.

Remember that astrology reflects many things that are all happening at the same time. This is just like life. We can have stressful things happening at the same time as really amazing things. We can have loss and gain at the same time.

For example, we can lose money or a job, and gain a grandchild or sense of purpose. The mixes of energy are infinite, while at the same time predictable. Most astrologers refrain from predicting exactly what will happen because we still have free will.

Astrologers can narrow energy signatures down to what is likely to be the type of energy based on the planetary body, how it will be expressed depending on the sign, and where it will be expressed by looking at your chart and finding the sign and house that is activated.

There is tension in the air this month. And there is also some beautiful creative energy that we can tap into for creative work, visioning ideas, or just putting on our rose colored glasses for a few minutes and stepping into some peace and bliss.

April Horoscopes 2022: Saturn, Mars, and the Nodes

The first energy signature I want to talk about has to do with a highly activating, possibly challenging, and growth inducing configuration between the planets Saturn and Mars. Additionally, together they will be in a relationship with the nodes I talked about above.

This is important because of the upcoming solar eclipse. This means that this part of your chart is highly energized. If you have planets or sensitive points like your ascendant sign activated in this same place, you are most likely to experience this energy more fully.

This configuration relates to the tension in the air that I have been referring to, but with a twist. There has been this tension filled underlying energy around since the beginning of 2021. It was focused on the relationship between Saturn (tradition) and Uranus (innovation).

This dance between Saturn and Uranus has peaked and will fade away as time moves forward. However, it is still relevant, especially as we have Mars coming into the picture giving it a twist. We have seen this rupture between innovation and tradition in many ways.

Politics, war, climate change, natural energy, corporate vs. lifestyle. The Uranian energy wants to innovate, be free, and independent. The Saturn energy wants to rule top down, control, and follow rigid tradition.

We can see on the world stage how this energy has set into motion actions that may take decades to fully play out. Stepping away from the world out there, we know that this same energy is reflecting to you personally in your life.

This is why I say it is so important to know your rising sign, because then you can look deeper into your horoscope to see what part of your life is being activated by this same energy. Some of you will feel this more strongly than others.

Now we have Mars coming into the picture. Mars is going to join Saturn in the same sign and same mathematical degree. It’s called a conjunction in astrology. They will both be expressing the same type of energy in the same part of your chart, Aquarius.

Saturn and Mars are two very different types of energies and they have different agendas. This is where it can get tricky, and interesting. Mars wants to hit the gas pedal, while Saturn wants to go slow, make a strategy, and do things in a structured and disciplined way.

Saturn and Mars do not go about doing things the same way. In the world, Mars can appear as aggression. Aggression is played by two parties, the aggressor, and the one being aggressed on. This energy can be projected when it is not recognized as one’s own.

In our lives, we can experience trying to do both. On one hand, you can want to have a strategic and constructive plan that is put into action with careful thought. While on the other hand, there is a sense of needing to take action right away.

This can be a feeling of frustration or even hardship. Like wanting to take action but being blocked in some way. Wanting to move faster but being held up by details. Or trying to push forward without a good strategy and having to restart or do more work because of faulty planning.

There are infinite ways of this energy to play out. How intense this energy may show up for you will be reflected by how it shows up in your chart. Remember that some may not feel this energy strongly if it is not engaging with something in your chart – but it will still be there.

The last thing that I want to say about this meeting between Saturn and Mars is that they will make a relationship with the lunar nodes. This is significant if something major does transpire in your life. It may change the trajectory of something.

The exact date of this meeting is April 5th

The energy will already be building up as the month starts and will take some time to fade away. Mars will change signs on April 15. I expect by then the intense energy will subside.

The most helpful advice I can give you related to this energy is to heed caution to impulsively take action on important things in your life. If you feel the urge to rush into something, ask yourself if you have thoroughly thought through your actions.

Do you have a good strategy? Do you have a plan B? Have you thought through the consequences and uncovered the needed facts. Saturn and Mars can work well together in this placement if you balance the speed of taking action with solid but not rigid strategy.

April Horoscopes 2022: Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus

For a total switch of energy gears, we now move on to look at a beautiful and sweet type of energy coming in April. The planet Jupiter (opportunity and expansion) will meet with the planet Neptune (fantasy and spirituality).

They will be traveling in the same sign of Pisces, and the same degree for a week. Both of these planets are associated with the sign of Pisces making this meeting even more pleasing. These two planets meet in the same sign every 12 years, but to meet in the sign of Pisces, well that is more rare.

April 8 – 16

This is a mystical type of energy we are talking about. Pisces is a water sign that is known for emphatic qualities, creativity, and ability to tap into the collective unconscious.

Neptune is known for fogginess, spirituality, illusion, and disillusion. Neptune dissolves boundaries and is connected with mysticism, faith, and things that cannot be seen.

Jupiter is about how we expand our lives, can represent luck and opportunity, and has an adventurous and optimistic vibe.

Where is Pisces in your chart? This will give you further information as to the people, events, or topics where this creative and inspiring energy will likely show up. During mid-April, take advantage of this creative energy that you can tap into and be inspired by your muses.

There is a caution to note about this energy and period of time. There is a chance you can experience a person, event, or projection of deceit. Watch that what you think is reality is actually reality. Though you may not really know until after this period of time has passed.

To use this energy in its most positive way, do things you consider creative. If you are going to take a risk, do not risk something you cannot afford to lose. Listen to your muses and really tap into your creativity. Invest in your vision that doesn’t require sight.

Venus moves into Pisces early in April and is sending some lovely beams to this configuration as well. By the end of the month, Venus catches up and joins Jupiter and Neptune making it even more sweet.

Venus is the planet of relationship and how we determine what is important in our life. Do be aware that with Neptune involved, things may seem more rosey than they are. No worries, just give it a little time. By May you will know if it really was too good to be true.

It may be more easy to fall in love or believe you have met a knight in shining armor, the perfect vision of beauty, or wonder woman. Remember to give it some time, and don’t hand over your bank account information, until a few months has passed and you figure out how real your new partnership is.

April Horoscopes 2022: Sun and Pluto

This is a fairly quick moving meetup. I just wanted to say that things could be challenging or tricky the few days before and after April 18. Invest in some extra self-care during these days and watch your temper. If you are the explosive type, watch for triggers and use all your mindfulness techniques to temper angry responses.

If you want to know what part of life is activated by this meetup, look for where Aries (Sun) and Capricorn (Pluto) are in your chart.

April Horoscopes 2022: Planets Changing Signs

Venus Pisces

On April 5 Venus moves from the sign Aquarius to the sign Pisces. Venus energy is about mediation, relating to others, and justice. She wants fairness, social justice, and to help out the underdog. Venus is about all types of relationships, love, friends, family, etc.

Venus is particularly happy to express her energy through the sign of Pisces. The boundaries between people are thinner and she can tap into her aesthetic and creative side more easily here.

Look to see where Pisces is in your chart and you will have further information for how this energy is activated in your personal chart.

Mars Pisces

Mars moves from Aquarius to Pisces on April 15. Mars represents action, drive, and carries out the physical needs of daily life.

In Aquarius, Mars takes on a tone of independence. There is a rigidity to movement that stays on track. This is an expression of energy that wants to run its course without being told what to do.

In Pisces Mars energy becomes more diffuse. Like water, action and energy may need a container in which it can find its shape. Pisces takes the aggressive edge off allowing for assertion that is considerate of others. 

Sun Taurus

The Sun’s monthly change of signs comes on April 20 when it leaves Aries and moves into Taurus. The Sun is especially comfortable in Aries. The Sun’s energy is about who we are and the bright light we use to guide us in life.

In Aries, the Sun is guided to fulfill the self’s goals without apology. There is confidence, a love of challenge, and the ability to focus on the self. Taken too far, a person can become overly selfish. The positive expression of Sun Aries is a healthy amount of self-focus.

In Taurus, the Sun is drawn to experiencing the comforts in life, aesthetics, and routine. A pleasant expression of Sun Taurus is to enjoy the pleasures of the senses. A challenge for Taurus is to become too invested in routines leading to stubbornness and laziness.

Mercury Taurus and Gemini

Mercury is speeding through the zodiac as it enters April in the sign of Aries. On April 11 it moves into the sign of Taurus, and on April 30 it moves into the sign of Gemini. By the end of the month Mercury will start slowing down in preparation for its next retrograde.

Mercury represents the energy of thinking, learning, and expressing your thoughts, character, and personality. It also represents trade and commerce, the business side of things.

In Aries, Mercurial processes move quickly, decisions can be made more quickly or even rashly at times. In Taurus, Mercurial processes are routine oriented, based in practicality, and can take on a fixed or stubborn approach.

In Gemini, Mercurial processes are razor sharp as this is one of Mercury’s signs. There is a duality of Mercurial processes, hard to pin down, versatile, adaptable, and ready to pivot as needed to the many different nuances of life.

April Horoscopes 2022: Mercury Retrograde Shadow

As we come to the end of April, we enter a new Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury will go retrograde in May. April 27 represents the start of the shadow period, which is when Mercury starts slowing down in preparation for retrograde.

This is a sign for us to start preparing to wrap up new launches and move into reflective mode when Mercury goes retrograde. Here are the dates:

Mercury shadow begins: April 27 Mercury retrograde begins: May 10 Mercury direct: June 2 Mercury post-shadow ends: June 19

If you are just getting to know Mercury retrograde and want to learn more, read my Mercury Retrograde Survival Skills Guide. If you want to see all the 2022 Mercury retrograde dates, you will find them here.

Wrap Up

April is a busy month astrologically speaking. All months have planetary configurations and this one looks to be a bit more busy than usual. Between the tense Saturn, Mars, and Nodes meeting to the dreamy Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus meetings, it should be interesting.

We also have a solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde shadow popping up at the end of April. Be sure to look and see where these events are happening in your chart for a deeper and personalized approach to April Horoscopes 2022.

If you want to learn more about your chart, schedule a consultation with me. 

Thanks for reading!

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