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Astrology and the planets

Astrology and You

Sometimes the daily grind gets old and you want to seek out something deeper.  Astrology is one of the most fascinating ways to bust out of the routine and align yourself with your potential. Astrology reveals your personal flow of time that was determined the minute you were born. Achievement of your goals is possible at any age and Astrology can help you find your way.  Combining Astrology with your unique skills and experience in life gives you an extra edge.  It’s comparable to a weather report, a life report that you can use to be prepared and plan ahead.  Astrology helps you to get motivated and get what you want out of life.

The Basics

In your first astrology reading, you will learn about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, the Planets, and the sign rising on the horizon when you were born.  

These are the most important parts of the chart and an astrologer reading your chart will always look at these placements. Once you have had a reading, you may want to go deeper in your chart by talking with an astrologer about patterns in your chart and how they manifest.  Like relationships, work, children, family, home life, friends, social groups, communication and finances.  

Moon Sun Monolith

Predictive Work

Your Natal Chart is the foundation for all predictive work.  It gets even more interesting when we talk about how your Natal Chart progresses over time.  It develops and grows just like you do.  The astrological sky reflects the arena of your life from above to below.  There are many techniques an astrologer uses to help you prepare for what is coming.  


The most common are:

  • Progression of your natal chart: Development over time

  • Transits: How the current sky relates with your chart

  • Solar Return: Cast for your birthday every year

  • Lunar Phase Cycle: The relationship of your birth sun/moon placement over time.

What to expect during a Reading

Astrology readings are interactive and you get the most out of a reading if you have a question or area of life you want insight for.  The astrologer will ask you questions to be sure and cover what you want to hear about.  You do not need to have any knowledge of astrological terms, but if you want to learn more about astrology, you can ask for more technical language to be shared with you. It is important to think ahead about what you want to get out of the reading and share that information with the astrologer.  That will ensure that you are hearing about those topics in the reading.


How should I Prepare for my Reading

If the reading is online, try to ensure your space is private, quiet, peaceful and comfortable.  Plan ahead with others to avoid interruption or being overheard as often personal things come up that you may not want anyone else to hear.  Write a list of questions you want to ask the astrologer.  Use the restroom before the scheduled time, burn some sage, fill the air with essential oils, stretch, and grab your favorite beverage. It’s important to set your space to whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready.

The Glyphs

As you can see in the picture, an Astrology chart is made up of symbols, called Astrology Glyphs. These glyphs represent the different planetary bodies, signs, points, and aspects astrologers read. There is a lot of information represented by those glyphs.

One of the first things an Astrologer must learn is what each glyph represents in order to interpret them in a chart. If you have your own horoscope and aren’t sure what the glyphs mean, you can go to my page of Glyph definitions by clicking here.

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