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The Year Ahead

Service Description

Want to get an edge on the next year? Your Year Ahead horoscope takes a look at the next 12 months. It’s like checking the weather report. Are there sunny skies ahead, a few clouds, thunderstorms and lightning? We can’t stop the rain, but we can show up prepared by bringing an umbrella and wearing our rain boots. The Year Ahead horoscope helps you prepare for the Astro Weather of the year according to your chart. This consultation is great for those who have already had a Natal Consultation, the foundation of any kind of predictive work. The planets keep moving after your birth, and their energetic relationships with the positions of planets in your natal chart change. In this consultation we look at where the Planets are in the sky at the time of the consultation and how they interact with your natal chart over the upcoming year. We also consider your current Lunar Phase cycle and your birthday chart for the year. Examples of Questions - What challenges and opportunities will I face this year? - How can I focus on my destiny with current transits? - Why is my relationship changing? - Will I find love this year? - Is it a good year to buy or sell a house? - Is this a good time to change jobs? - Should I go back to college this year? - Is this a good time to move? -Why do I feel so stressed? Planetary Energy Saturn: Increased responsibility, commitments, limits Jupiter: Growth opportunities, abundance, travel, education Mars: Action, drive, assertion, energy Venus: Socializing, relationships, appreciation of the arts Mercury: Paperwork, communication, ideas Sun: Your vitality, identity, personality and ego Moon: Your needs, receptivity, security, emotions, body

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 120 US dollars

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