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Relationship for Two

Service Description

This is a reading for two people. Any type of relationship can be discussed here. Committed love relationship, familial, or even co-workers. We will talk about the interaction of the personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. How you perceive each other through your ascendant, Mercury communication style, Mars energy drives, Venus social drives, and how patterns from each of your natal charts impact the relationship. We will look at a chart that is just for the relationship, called a composite chart. Plus how current transits to that chart indicate how to prepare for the coming year. For ethical purposes, both people in the relationship must be present. If this is not possible, we can do a Natal Chart reading for you, where we can still find a vast amount of information regarding you and how you engage in relationships. Examples of Questions - How can we improve our communication? - Why is our timing off in the bedroom? - Why does my partner misunderstand me? - What challenges and opportunities are coming for us? - Why do we always argue about the same thing? - What is the Lunar Phase of our Relationship? - How can Astrology help become aware of unconscious patterns? Planetary Energy Saturn: How limits and boundaries are set in your life Jupiter: Where you find luck and opportunity Mars: Action, drive and energy Venus: The pleasurable things in life, sex, relationships Mercury: Your communication style Sun: Your vitality, identity, personality and ego Moon: Your needs, receptivity, security, emotions, body

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 US dollars

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