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Libra New Moon

Reframe and Reflect for Balance

Sunday 25 September 2022 2:55 PM, West Coast, USA 5:55 PM, East Coast, USA 11:55 PM, Rome, Italy 2 degrees Libra

Libra New Moon Overview

The Libra new moon arrives shortly after the Sun moves in the sign of Libra on September 22 or 23 depending on where you live. When the Sun moves into the sign of Libra, it marks the time of the equinox, which means equal day and night.

The theme of balance is strong in the Libra new moon as it coincides with the Equinox and Mercury retrograde asking us to reflect backwards. Libra is represented by the scales and the equinox represents a balance of light.

The Mercury retrograde cycle started in the sign of Libra on September 9 and is going to move from Libra to Virgo on Friday the 23rd. It’s important to note what gets stirred up in your life in September leading up to this Friday when Mercury moves back into Virgo. This will guide you to the parts of your life where you could most benefit from focusing on reframing, realigning, and readjusting.

When Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo, it will be traveling through its own sign. It feels at home in this sign. It is covering old ground, it has been in this same place before, and is bringing you messages about what may need attention, resolution, or adjustment to move forward productively in October when Mercury goes direct.

As the Mercury retrograde moves into Virgo, you may get some insights on how to organize your response to those things that have come to the surface in September. Virgo can bring some self-critical moments, remember to be kind to yourself, tell your inner critic to take a vacation, and look for lessons learned rather than criticism.

Jupiter plays an active role in the Libra new moon as it travels through Aries, the opposite sign of Libra. This may indicate that you will encounter a massive amount of information about how you are maintaining boundaries, and if you are experiencing extreme imbalance in being overly selfish or selfless.

We can all be guilty of giving or taking too much from time to time. The Libra new moon will help you become aware if you are doing this to an extreme and/or too often. It is possible to give to the extent that you sacrifice yourself and your well-being.

We can also find that at times we are too selfish. Be careful that you are accurately evaluating yourself. Believing that you need to give more when you are reaching martyrdom can be as hurtful as believing you give too much when you are actually giving too little.

The Libra new moon is about helping you become aware of this imbalance. The Mercury retrograde will help you reflect back and become aware of past obstacles leading to the present. Jupiter opposite the Libra new moon in Aries will bring awareness in a big way and with a touch of optimism.

During the Libra new moon phase this weekend, the sky will reflect down upon us a tension relationship between Saturn and Uranus in the sky. It’s the story of the reformer trying to do something new and innovative while the stuffy CEO says no and only wants more profit.

While this energy plays out in the news daily, some of you will feel this directly in your life. Some of us have charts that directly connect with this tension energy, and some of us don’t. If it’s there in your chart, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the kind of tension you don’t need anyone to point out because you are experiencing it first hand.

Click below to watch the Libra New Moon video on my YouTube channel. Keep reading as I go into more detail on the energies reflecting from above to us below this Libra new moon weekend.

Libra New Moon and the Balsamic Phase this Weekend

Symbolically the new moon represents the beginning of a lunar cycle that takes around twenty-nine and a half days. That means there has to be an end to the cycle leading right up to the new moon. The end of a lunar phase cycle is called the balsamic phase.

The balsamic phase is about wrapping up the previous cycle. It can be a time of going within, slowing down, and letting go. Our Libra new moon is on Sunday. This is important to know so that you can plan to do your new moon ritual in the actual new moon phase.

If you start your new moon intentions or ritual before the new moon phase starts, you are working in the previous cycle. Please note when the Libra new moon phase starts where you live and plan to do your new moon ritual after the phase starts.

Libra New Moon and the Equinox

The Libra Equinox coincides with the day the Sun starts traveling through the sign of Libra. This year it happens on Thursday, September 22 or Friday, September 23 overnight in Europe.

The two equinoxes in March and September mark the times of the year when there is equal light and dark. The symbolism that nature provides us is full of wisdom. We know the expression of the sign of Libra is about finding balance and making judgment based on fairness. Just as the earth moves through the year going from equal day and night to extreme longest and shortest days. Thanks mother earth for your wisdom!

One may misinterpret the symbolic Libran expression as always being in balance. To really understand the nature of Libra is to understand the constant ebb and flow of finding balance. It is impossible to maintain exact balance over a long period of time.

As the old adage goes, the only constant in life is change. Libra is about this concept, of doing our best to find and maintain balance as we move through the changes of life. And to be aware of when we fall out of balance. We are not robots or computers, we cannot maintain a static course without falling out of balance.

Life is messy and full of ups and downs. Situations, events, and people constantly provide variables that we have to shift to in order to maintain balance. Not to mention the change and evolving needs that we impose on ourselves over time.

When we look over a lifetime, we can see how we transition and evolve through life. That is the expression of balance that Libra energy represents. It’s about how we navigate life in a way where we can adjust so we don’t fall into extremes. We want to evolve and transition as gracefully as possible. This is not always an easy task.

Not everyone adjusts well, and some attempt to not adjust at all. When we don’t adjust to the changing times, we tend to end up in a pickle. It’s best not to work against the nature of the universe, but rather flow with it.

During Libra season, we are asked to evaluate how balanced we are in the different areas of life and make adjustments as needed. This message is reinforced this year by Mercury in retrograde in the sign of Libra. Reflect back, realign, and move forward without judgment, just lessons learned.

Libra New Moon, Aries, and Self-Care

To understand Libra, it helps to look at Libra and Aries as a pair of signs at opposite ends of the same line. Libra is about the other and partnership. Libra energy can sometimes put others’ needs before their own and become so self-involved in relationships that they lose their sense of individuality. This is the extreme end of an imbalance in Libra energy.

Aries is the opposite end of the same line. The extreme end is being impatient, self-focused, and putting one’s own needs before anyone else. Selfish is an Aries word and this describes an imbalance in Aries energy.

Both of these signs have positive, healthy, and balanced expressions. Libra can be an incredible listener and supportive partner. Charming, sociable, easy on the eyes, intelligent, and fun.

While Aries can be an incredible problem solver, creative, full of energy, and always up for doing something challenging, exciting, and adventurous.

The Libra new moon is a time to become aware of where you have imbalances in the area of self-focus and other focus. It won’t look the same for everyone because we all have different charts, life experiences, and in various phases of life. 

Since this is a Libra new moon, the focus is on balancing how much we give ourselves to others. It’s about being aware of imbalance by weighing the Libran scales and making adjustments that bring you to your center.

Mercury moving into Virgo asks us to reflect back on the past. Have we tried to find perfect balance? It’s not possible to find that perfect center point and stay there. What is most important is to hover around the center point. Strive for flexible balance rather than unrealistic perfect balance.

Give yourself the space to move back and forth around your center, that’s what balanced flexibility means. It’s the extremes that can cause larger problems. If you find you have extreme imbalance in either selflessness or selfishness, it’s time to readjust and realign yourself for greater well-being and balance.

Remember that we all go to the extreme ends from time to time as life necessitates. What you want to watch out for is when go to the extreme end of self-focus or other-focus and get stuck there indefinitely.

Libra New Moon and Jupiter

Jupiter is moving through the sign of Aries. This is a dynamic combination and it is very much playing a role in the Libra new moon. If you are experiencing an imbalance like described above, having Jupiter here will make it highly obvious.

Jupiter has qualities of growth and expansion. It may represent events that come up in your life at the Libra new moon that bring to your attention where you feel torn between focusing on yourself and someone or something else.

For some of you, the imbalance discovered may not involve a relationship with yourself or a person, but a situation, like between career and family, my money and another person’s money or a creditor, or your belief system and your faith. Be open to receiving the message and you will benefit from doing something about it.

What is right for you depends on your situation and your astrology chart. If you would like to schedule a consultation to find out what is going on in your chart, schedule a consultation with me here.

What is important is that you take note of what is happening around you as a message. Look deeper into the situation, and start planning for how you may want to make some adjustments and realignments in your life.

With Mercury retrograde at the same time, it opens up great possibilities for change that will have a positive outcome. You may feel overwhelmed with the large amount of energy happening at the Libra new moon. But nothing is more important than taking care of yourself. This is a great time for making adjustments that improve your well-being.

Libra New Moon, Venus, and Mercury Retrograde

Once Mercury moves out of Libra and back into Virgo, it will encounter Venus, who is also traveling through Mercury. Their exact meeting takes place during the week after the Libra new moon phase starts. But they are super close as we move into the new moon phase.

Having Mercury close to Venus at the Libra new moon is important because Libra is one of Venus’ signs. This links the Libra new moon to the Mercury retrograde. Whatever is coming up for you in September will be connected to the messaging you receive through the Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

This creates a vibe that is very astute at analyzing, creating a detailed and realistic plan, and creative problem solving. Because it is a retrograde Mercury, the benefits will be far greater if you are focused on adjusting imbalances and situations from the past rather than starting brand new ideas, wait until mid-October for that.

To learn more about navigating Mercury retrograde, check out my ‘Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide.’ Here are the Mercury retrograde dates for this cycle so you have them handy:

Mercury Retrograde 2022 September

  1. Pre-shadow Begins: 20 August 2022

  2. Retrograde Begins: 9 September 2022

  3. Retrograde from Libra to Virgo: 23 September 2022

  4. Retrograde Ends: 2 October 2022

  5. Post-shadow Ends: 17 October 2022

  6. Signs of Retrograde: Libra and Virgo

  7. Degrees of Retrograde: 8 Libra back to 24 Virgo

Libra New Moon and Saturn Uranus Tension

This is another vibrational energy happening in the sky at the time of the Libra new moon. This is not the first time we have encountered this Saturn Uranus energy. In fact, it was active most of 2021. It involves Uranus, the planet of surprises, unexpected events, and disruption.

Uranus is having a tense relationship with Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and rigidity. Uranus is about innovation where Saturn is about tradition. There can be situations, people, or events happening around us that involve this tension.

Whether you are impacted directly by this, or not, it’s important to be aware that there can be some tension in the air. If the tension is showing up for you personally, ask yourself how this is impacting how you maintain balance with your relationships, and with yourself.

Essential Oils for the Libra New Moon

Diffusing or wearing diluted essential oils is one way you can embellish your daily routines and sync up your schedule with your mood. A spiritual ritual like doing new moon intentions combined with essential oils is a match made by nature. We respond to essential oils by smelling, wearing, and taking them internally.

Not all essential oils are safe for internal use, and not all of them are harvested in a way that is safe to ingest. Be sure you are aware of the quality of your oils.

Here are the oils I recommend diffusing, or wearing diluted in a carrier oil, for your Libra new moon ritual and intention setting. I started diffusing them on Wednesday and will keep them in my diffuser well into next week as part of my new moon ritual.

Frankincense is the number one essential oil I recommend for this New Moon. Frankincense is known to promote equilibrium and balance, supports opening your heart to change, and is associated with spirituality. It is widely used for meditation, as it is grounding, yet opens your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Sandalwood is a woody and sweet essential oil that is associated with spirituality, like Frankincense. It is used to help calm and clear your mind, and increase mental clarity and memory. It is widely used in meditation to align your energy centers and open your mind to a higher consciousness.

Cedarwood is a calming and soothing essential oil that has a sweet, earthy, and wood like aroma. It is warming and promotes a sense of well being. It is widely used in meditation and I like this one to help recognize obstacles on your spiritual path and reframe, realign, and readjust.

You can blend all three of these together for an incredible meditation session. Because Frankincense and Sandalwood are quite expensive, only use a drop of each in your diffuser. You can also put a drop in a carrier oil and wear them as perfume. Cedarwood is less expensive if you are looking to purchase one of these.

Having these three oils on hand in your essential oil collection is a great investment and if you use them sparingly, they can last a long time.

Libra New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins.

  2. Set intentions to reflect on the past in order to effectively realign, reframe, and readjust as needed under the Mercury retrograde cycle, Equinox, and Libra new moon phase.

  3. Set intentions to find balance in the parts of your life where you feel like imbalance is having a negative impact on your relationships, with your personal boundaries, or an important life situation.

  4. Self-evaluate. Ask yourself if you are on the extreme end of either self-focus or other-focused. Either extreme has difficult consequences if you remain there for an indefinite period of time with no end in sight.

  5. Set intentions to be open to making adjustments, event if they seem overwhelming at the moment. Being open is the beginning, there is always a pathway once you have decided to move forward. Reframe obstacles as challenges awaiting creative solutions.

  6. Think about or journal about what situations, relationships, projects, or events from the past are coming up now and are in need of reflection, realignment, or adjustment. Relationships in particular may need adjusting. As Mercury moves back into Virgo, you can organize under the Libra new moon how you want to resolve things before moving forward again when Mercury goes direct in early October.

Libra New Moon ideas for the two-week New Moon Phase

  1. Restart an unfinished conversation that is in need of resolution.

  2. Write a plan to create balance in areas of your life that have become imbalanced. The Mercury retrograde is likely reflecting to you what area of life needs your attention. Look out for obstacles, breakdowns, and delays for messages from the universe. Take heed by pausing and looking deeper into the situation. You will likely find that something uncovered was waiting for you to discover it. This discovery will help you move forward in October as we move out of the Mercury retrograde cycle.

  3. Take notice of how you engage in your relationships as you are out and about in life over the next two weeks, including the relationship you have with yourself. Look for how well you balance that relationship and if you are holding healthy boundaries.

  4. If you are aware that you are too self-focused in some part of your life, start making adjustments to be more inclusive of what you have neglected.

  5. If you are aware that you are too other-focused in some part of your life, start working on a plan for keeping better boundaries.

  6. Keep in mind that you can have different levels of balance in different situations and areas of your life. For example, you may give more than your partner, and not give enough to your friends. Consider all the different areas of your life, including time for yourself. If you have dependents, expect that you will have to give more, and that carving out self-care will become more important for you during the time period you are a caregiver. In this case, you will need to reach out to a support network (e.g. your partner, family, friends, contracted help)

  7. Plan to spend time socializing with those who are important to you. However, if this Libra moon has you wanting to spend more time on yourself and making some adjustments, go for it.

  8. Build extra time buffers in your schedule because we are still in Mercury retrograde and it is important to take time to reflect, realign, reorganize, and readjust. Plus it’s stressful when you encounter delays. Be proactive and plan for having less time.

  9. This is a great time to review progress on goals and update your action plan.

Libra New Moon Inspirational Quotes

‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.’ -Dolly Parton, Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Author
‘Problems arise in that one has to find a balance between what people need from you and what you need for yourself.’ -Jessye Norman, Opera Singer
‘The critical part of a balance in life is choosing priorities. If you are trying to balance a family and a career, the choices are complex because both are important.’ -Byron Pulsifer, Writer

Libra New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Consider the different relationships you have in your life and how balanced they are. For example, your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and your self-care time. Are you balanced most of the time, or do you tend toward the extremes of self-focus or other-focused. Neither extreme is healthy for your well-being over a long period of time. Journal about your different relationships and where they fall on the balance scale.

  2. What are the top three things or projects going on in your life right now? Reflect back on your progress since June and journal about adjustments you want to make before moving forward in October when Mercury goes direct.

  3. In what parts of your life do you feel overwhelmed? How can you hold healthy boundaries and bring readjustments to face the overwhelm? How can you reframe the overwhelm in a positive way to inspire you to find a creative solution?

  4. Are you getting satisfaction from your social relationships?

  5. In what part of life will you benefit most from reorganizing?

Libra New Moon Astrology Events

  1. Sun 2 degrees Libra conjunct Moon 2 degrees Libra

  2. Mercury retrograde 27 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus 25 degrees Virgo

  3. Saturn Retrograde 19 degrees Aquarius square Uranus 18 degrees Gemini

  4. Jupiter Retrograde 3 degrees Aries opposite Sun and New Moon 2 degrees Libra

  5. Mars 18 degrees Gemini trine Saturn Retrograde 19 degrees Aquarius

Wrap Up

The Libra new moon cycle kicks off in the middle of a Mercury retrograde which brings a quality of reflection, realignment, and reframing of the past. The message of the Libra new moon is about balance. This message is reinforced as it coincides with the Libra Equinox.

There are a few other potent energetic vibes happening which mix with the Libra new moon for a unique energy signature this year. There is a bit of tension between innovation for doing things in a radically new way against moving ahead with the tried and true. Jupiter will bring messages in a big way, are you listening to what the universe is telling you?

If you want to find out how all of this energy is playing out in your individual astrology chart, schedule a consultation with me. Happy Libra new moon!


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