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Your North Star is Calling
What if you could create a more fulfilling life for yourself?

Have You Been Asking Yourself,
‘What Am I Meant To Do In This Lifetime?’


About Me

I’m here to guide and empower you to find your true calling.

What if you could get a user manual for your life? Do you relate to having that gnawing sensation that there is something missing, something important that you are supposed to be doing, only, if you just knew what it was?

My background is in positive psychology and astrology. My clients often ask me ‘why am I here’ and ‘what is my purpose in life.’ Like so many of us, these spiritual souls are seeking something deeper,  the true meaning of one's life, they are seeking their true north calling.

The North Star Program combines astrology and coaching to help light the path so you can follow your true north star. Having A Map Will Help You Get There Faster Instead of throwing a dart at the calendar and hoping that your plans work out, astrology paints both short-term and long-term time frames to help guide you in decision making. It will help you understand the message of your chart in a way that empowers you to discover why you are here on earth. And how that unfolds over time.


The North Star Calling Program provides a framework that wraps around you rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. We meet together live and we integrate lessons with astrology timing. The insights that come out of our sessions and your weekly home activities will open you to your calling. You will be more clear on where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go. Here is how the program is broken down.


All her life Alexa had been told to get a good education, career, climb the ladder, and then she’ll be happy. All that happened, and then she started questioning if that was really what she wanted. Moving further up the ladder felt more like a burden than happiness to Alexa. She wanted to step away from the dull life she has been tolerating so she could have more fun, feel more relaxed and at peace with her life direction.

She decided to turn to astrology to seek answers and learn more about what the blueprint of the cosmos could show her. She wanted to navigate a new course on her terms, no matter how different that may be from what she has been ‘told.’ She is now happily working for herself running an online website design business. Your astrology chart speaks through symbols that offer empowerment to navigate smooth water and stormie seas.

Like any map, it only shows you the terrain. It can't tell you how you will behave. You have free will. The knowledge you can gain from astrology, combined with your free will, is a recipe for success. Like Alexa, you too can step away from what you're supposed to do, and instead do what you want to do. Our needs, wants and desires change over time. We know instinctively when we are ready for a change. It takes courage to let go of what everyone else thinks and to focus on yourself. To make decisions and take actions that are completely focused on what has meaning for you. The North Star Program does that.


LIVE 1:1 Sessions

Unlike many programs that are pre-recorded, you and I will meet together face to face. Our interactive sessions are highly personalized and adapted to your needs. We take a journey together in learning about your foundational values, strengths, goals and resources.

We take a deep look into your astrology chart to understand your characteristics, communication style, relating style, action style, and your needs as it relates to career fulfillment and your true calling. Astrology helps you find the answers. It points out challenges and opportunities in your lifetime, and when you can expect them.

When you feel like something is missing, even though everything is ‘fine,’ it may be time to seek your calling in life, your true north. Your true north is uniquely yours, and it can look very different from others. It may or may not be how you make money, but it is what you are called to do in life so you can feel like you lived a fulfilled life. Astrology describes the layers of our personality and provides a framework for understanding the nature of your life, and how life unfolds over time. It will reveal what makes you tick,
environments that best suit your individual needs and how to put you in the best position for

North Star Calling

In eight to twelve live sessions, I will join you on a self-explorative journey that covers:


Your communication style, relating style, and action style

Your personality, needs, and ego development

Your values, strengths, and resources

Goal Setting

Astrological Timing


The program integrates astrology with positive psychology. We will look at your values,
strengths, goals and resources through the lens of astrology and the cycles of your life. The
goal is to help you uncover resistance and obstacles to your desires and destiny.


Three packages

Six (6) Sessions $960

Twelve (12) Sessions $1,860

Twenty-Four (24) Sessions $3,600

One off session $175

Feel like you found the right path, your true calling, in the North Star Calling Program.


Isn’t it time that you focus on you?

“I have had two consultations with Lori so far and I am simply blown away at Lori’s intuitive insight, her deep knowledge and ability to “read the stars”. Her words and revelations were so on point with what I am currently going through in my life, it’s astonishing. I truly appreciate Lori’s gift. She looks at the sky and zooms in and out, revealing what will help you and what you need to be aware of- much like a guide on your path to conquer a summit. I feel so supported and safe under her guidance. She is a genuinely caring astrologer who shares their divine gift to help you live your most fulfilling, satisfying life- embracing and enjoying every little turn. I look forward to connecting with Lori regularly as her insight helps me live in harmonious flow with theUniverse.

How Much Astrology Do I Need to Know

You do not need to know anything about astrology in the North Star Program. Students,
intermediate and advanced astrologers will have the chance to focus on their own charts from
the other side of the consultation table.
With individual sessions, the program wraps around your needs and astrological knowledge.

Why collaborate with me?

I used to be a psycho-therapist, but I was left unfulfilled. Having astrology as a hobby on the
side was a constant reminder of how confined I was without being able to bring astrology into
the consulting room. So I set out on my own journey to find what really makes me tick.
I remember a reading I had with an excellent astrologer. I had two questions. Did my chart
support me having a career in astrology, and ‘what the heck am I supposed to be doing with my
life.’ I said to her,’ just tell me what I’m supposed to do.’
I was so unsure about what steps to take next, I just wanted to be told. She said to me, ‘I see
how a career in astrology shows up in your chart, but you have to decide what you are going to
do.’ I will help you understand the terrain, you will decide how you will navigate it and I’ll be your
empowering cheerleader.


The North Star Program is for anyone who is seeking their calling. You want to invest more time in the things that fulfill the need to live a life of meaning and purpose.Have you ever asked yourself this question:

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

We grow up with expectations of what kind of adults we are supposed to become, but along our life path, sometimes we get distracted away from our sense of “me” by external things like family, work, friends, relationships, career, material possessions, debt, and children. Astrology is tailor made to look at your unique personality makeup. What if You had no responsibilities at all, what would you do with your time? What do you really want in life, what are you called to do? What would bring you joy? Are you able to answer those questions? And if so, are you living the experiences you described? Feeling Joy is one of the best things in life, but in our fast paced, high tech, social media world, those moments are hard to come by. Like when you feel so content you wouldn't want to be anywhere else doing any other thing. The focus of the North Star Program is to help you navigate a life path where you experience more of those moments.

It puts you on a course where you flow with the rhythm of your life, you follow your unique path towards your personal true north. When we move with the flow of life, rather than against it, we are destined to manifest more Joy in our lives. The North Star Program is a guided program that empowers you to find and move toward your true north. Everyone has their own individual experience in life. Stop living another person’s story and start living yours. The North Star Program is a mix of astrology and coaching specifically designed to help seekers find their true north star and set off on their unique path.

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