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Make Mercury Retrograde Work for You!

Free Mercury Retrograde Guide & Workbook

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Retrograde Reflection for Lasting Change

Start looking forward to Mercury Retrograde cycles!


Each time Mercury goes into retrograde, it offers an opportunity to reflect on and improve the work you've been doing over the past few months and in previous cycles. Time progresses like a spiral, not a straight line, so Mercury retrograde periods can provide valuable wisdom and guidance.

Download the free Mercury Retrograde Guide and the free Workbook companion.

Download Now & Get:

  • The free 'Mercury Retrograde Guide'

  • A 12-month Companion Workbook with Journal Prompts

  • Remember to download both, there are two files

Stop fearing Mercury Retrograde! Learn how to work with the cycle and flourish.

Get the Free Mercury Retrograde
Guide and Workbook

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