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Scorpio full moon, over the ocean, with twinkling stars

Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio full moon coincides with Mercury retrograde in Taurus and the lunar eclipse. Take time to pause and reflect back on your Taurus and Scorpio houses in your horoscope. This full moon shines the light on what this Mercury retrograde is asking you to reflect on. It’s time to review, refine, and realign the structures of your daily life and the ideal life you want to live.

Libra full moon. Libra glyph. Full moon background in rich pink and purple colors with an emerald green galaxy.

Libra Full Moon

The Libra full moon culminates at the mid cycle of the Aries new moon phase that started March 21. As we move into the full moon phase, the Mercury retrograde shadow starts. Eclipse season starts at the new moon later this month. Learn about the astrology of April, the signs Libra and Aries, and how to prepare for the upcoming Mercury retrograde.

Leo Full Moon. Play and Create. Shadow image of kids playing jumping in the air in neon colors green, pink, green, and yellow background.

Leo Full Moon

The Leo full moon is one to let your inner child out to play. Play with your friends, family, and those who embrace your personal style of self-expression. There is also a pattern breaking energy you can tap into. Old outworn ways of doing things can now find a new and refreshing expression.

Gemini full moon. Endings and beginnings. A starry midnight sky with white luminescent blue clouds.

Gemini Full Moon

The Gemini full moon is conjoined with Mars, giving it an extra spark. Take care with how you use your words. Slow down and enjoy the festive nature of the season. Have some fun and connect with your friends and family. Take advantage of the Mars retrograde and pre-shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle to reflect, review, and realign parts of your life in need of renewal.