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Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon Day and Time

Tuesday 7 March 2023 4:40 AM, West Coast, USA 7:40 AM, East Coast, USA 1:40 PM, Rome, Italy 16 degrees Virgo

Virgo Full Moon Overview

As we move into this weekend the full moon is growing and it will culminate on Tuesday March 7. The pace of time is fast with no planets retrograde all through March. We don’t always have these patches of time with no planets retrograde so take advantage of this time period to push forward your highest priorities.

In fact, we won’t have any retrogrades until April when Mercury goes retrograde on April 21. You can put April 7 on your calendar for when the pre-shadow will begin and if you work with this cycle through the year, that is the date to start your shift of focus from new things to reflecting, refining, and realigning what you have already started.

The full moon in Virgo is the culmination of the Pisces new moon cycle that started on February 20. Full moons are peaks in the monthly moon cycle that are full of energy. All things move in cycles, and there can be cycles within cycles. There may be endings, or the end of a phase and a beginning of another. What are you bringing to fruition or culmination under the upcoming full moon? The signs of Pisces and Virgo shine light on how to work with full moon. I will talk in detail about that in this blog.

March is a busy month that includes the usual new and full moon, the Aries Equinox marking the beginning of the astrological new year, Saturn moves into Pisces, and Pluto moves into Aquarius. There are interesting aspects with the full moon, and the usual sign changes of faster moving planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars, which I have listed at the bottom of this page.

Virgo Full Moon and Planetary Activity

Sun Moves into Aries and the Equinox

The Virgo full moon in March takes place with a backdrop of a significant month of planetary changes and the annual Aries Equinox cycle. Equinoxes happen twice a year, in between the Solstices. While the Solstices represent the extremes in longest or shortest days of light and dark, equinoxes represent the balance of daylight and dark night.

The Aries Equinox happens when the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. That means it is a new astrological year, and marks when the astrological community celebrates Astrology Day each year.

Happy Astrology Day to all my fellow lovers of astrology!

Take some time during the Virgo full moon to think about how you manage balance in life. In particular, how well you do balanced flexibility. Balance is not a rigid place that you reach and remain. It’s impossible to maintain rigid balance, it’s not normal or human. What you want is balanced flexibility.

Balanced flexibility is when you aren’t so rigidly holding on to something that you could easily break nor are you so flexible and elastic that nothing gets done because you keep changing your direction. Balanced flexibility is maintaining your course while making constant adjustments and evolving to circumstances.

Think about driving a car down a straight road. What if the steering wheel was locked and you couldn’t correct that slight angle that will eventually lead you off the road. You will crash, right? If you are turning the wheel back and forth and all over the road, that’s not safe either. Neither way will get you where you want to go.

When we drive we make lots of small corrections with the wheel to maintain our direction forward, but not letting ourselves veer off track. This concept can be applied to any part of your life.

Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces

We know March is bringing some change due to planetary positions. We can use the vibration of the full moon to help us work our way through these shifts. Starting with the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is about details, analyzing, critical analysis, and perfectionism. Virgo is the type of energy we want to tap into when we need to make a detailed or logistical spreadsheet, when we want to de-clutter, or do some spring or fall cleaning between seasonal changes.

Virgo is a Mercury sign. It is related to communication of information. It is an earth element sign and a mutable or adaptable sign. Grounding is important to Virgo energy. Virgo’s like to put things in their place and develop a maintenance plan for keeping them there. Plus regular evaluation to adapt to changing circumstances.

Virgo’s like to be of service and are often concerned with health and clean living. There is a connection with Virgo to your nervous and digestive systems. As we move into the full moon culmination, you may want to think about what is no longer needed in your health routine and how you can increase more healthy practices for your mind and body.

Pisces is a Jupiter sign. It is related to creativity, service, unity, merging into the bigger picture, optimism, and envisioning the grand plan. Where Virgo sees the details, Pisces sees the whole.

Are you on the extremes of Virgo or Pisces where Virgo ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ or Pisces who sees the forest as a whole but not the trees, animals, and vegetation that it is made of. Or do you find yourself balanced in your approach to details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. The Virgo full moon is the perfect time of the year to think about this.

The Virgo full moon rides in on waves of change and a new flame is sparked when we reach the new moon and Equinox later this month. There are many cycles of endings and beginnings that overlap each other every month. March is especially highlighted because of the transition of energy coming through Saturn changing signs at the same time as the Virgo full moon and Pluto changing signs just a few days after the Equinox and new moon.

Saturn Moves into Pisces

We all have Pisces somewhere in our charts on the wheel of astrological houses. If you want to know more about how Saturn in Pisces will be active in your chart, you will want to get a copy of your chart. If you don’t already have yours, use a free online chart generator like this one. Or schedule a consultation with me to get a better understanding of your chart.

For example, if Saturn is moving into your first house, it is going into the same sign as your ascendant. This can represent a two and a half year time period where you take on extra work, responsibility, or authority. If you are avoiding these things, you may experience more hardship and be called on to endure some testing to build your personal fortitude in life.

If Saturn moves into the third house, you could get more serious about teaching, writing, and communication. You could write a book, or some other big project in the area of teaching, education, or with a group of colleagues that requires your hard work, discipline, and structure to complete it. If you are a teacher, you may take on extra work or restructure your course materials.

Each astrological house represents different topics, events, or people. Knowing where Pisces is in your chart will provide you with a deeper understanding of Saturn in Pisces for you. To get a better understanding of the different astrological houses, check out my blog that covers each house by clicking here.

Mars is Actively Involved in the Virgo Full Moon

Before Mars leaves the sign of Gemini later this month, it gets active in the Virgo full moon. Mars has been traveling through Gemini for an unusually long time, since August of 2022, because of its retrograde. Mars only goes retrograde around every two years.

A Mars retrograde is significant. Mars is like a militant mediator for the Virgo full moon as it sits at a right angle to both the Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces at the full moon. Last month we talked about Uranus breaking up the energy between the sun and moon, this month we have Mars.

Last month we were dealing with more fixed energy that needed to be broken up to get out of a rut. This month we are working with signs that are mutable, changeable, and needing to move around to find their best fit. Mars is playing its part in Gemini, the sign of the twins, to see both sides and to demand like a good strategist to get things in order.

Virgo loves to get things in order, sometimes too much so. Pisces loves to mix things together and unity. Mars there is asking us to find balance between these two energies. Mars is in Mercury’s sign Gemini while the full moon is in Mercury’s other sign Virgo. There is a mental quality to the Virgo full moon and our minds can be especially activated as we move through this weekend and next week.

Mars is approaching the degree from which it first went retrograde way back at the end of October 2022, but it’s not quite there yet at the full moon. This is the very end of the Mars retrograde cycle as Mars continues to cover the same ground, or degrees, it passed through twice already in its retrograde cycle. Once Mars gets to 25 degrees, it crosses the threshold over to new ground and leaves the retrograde cycle in the rearview mirror.

Mars is approaching a part of the zodiac it hasn’t covered in two years. So as you think about this Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini energy working on balance, consider what the Mars retrograde cycle brought up for you in the last quarter of 2022.

What things did you realize were weighing you down, holding you back, taking too much of your time, or just extra stuff that was taking your time away from things that are more important to you. It’s important to integrate all of these concepts into the changes that March is bringing. Mars will finish its post retrograde shadow phase on March 16 and it will leave the sign of Gemini for Cancer on March 25.

This Mars change of signs is on the heels of these significant other sign changes happening in March. Integrate what you learned through the Mars retrograde with the fresh new energy coming your way this month.

Virgo Full Moon and Uranus

Uranus will be active with the full moon in supporting aspects of a trine to the Virgo moon and a sextile to the Pisces sun. There may be some unexpected things that come up at the full moon, but they are likely to be helpful, even if surprising or throw you off for a moment or two.

It may bring to light areas where you need to update or change your routine, or where you may be too unorganized and need to put some routine into place. You may also become aware that you are overdoing it when it comes to perfectionism and a Uranian surprise can help jolt you into acknowledging a need to let go of control and tell your inner critic to take a hike.

The Aquarius Part of Your Chart

It’s important to take note that the Aquarius part of your chart is going to experience a shift of energy. Saturn will depart from this part of your chart on March 7. You may feel a shift right away, especially if you have planets or points in the late degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, or Scorpio.

Take note of any shifts you experience. Two weeks later, Pluto is going to move into Aquarius, that same part of your chart. You may feel this shift immediately, especially if you have planets or points in the early degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, or Scorpio.

Pluto will retrograde back to Capricorn twice, once this year, and again next year, before it stays in Aquarius completely until January of 2044. Yep, you read that right, Pluto will take more than 20 years to travel through the sign of Aquarius. It is a very slow moving planet that takes 248 years to travel through all twelve zodiac signs.

The Aquarius part of your chart is one to keep an eye on. If you don’t know where Aquarius falls in your chart, please download your chart from one of the free online chart generators like this one. Then read my article on the astrological houses to understand what topics, events, or people are activated by Pluto moving through this part of your chart.

While last month’s theme of the New Moon was ‘A Change is Gonna Come,’ this month’s full moon theme is ‘A New Focus.’ Look at the Pisces and Virgo parts of your chart for where things are culminating, the Aquarius part of your chart for the energetic shift of Saturn leaving and Pluto arriving, and think about how well prepared you are to engage in balanced flexibility.

Saturn’s visit in the Aquarius part of your chart was about overcoming a challenge, building new structures, using discipline, engaging in hard work, learning to hold effective boundaries, and effort.

Pluto moving into the Aquarius part of your chart indicates this area will experience some level of renewal that can contain significant changes.

Not everyone will have elements in their chart that are active. The level of impact for each person will depend on their chart, mindset, history, experience, and current life priorities. Knowing what is coming can help you improve your outcomes and be prepared for the terrain ahead.

Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Every exit is an entrance to someplace else.’ ~ Patti LaBelle
‘The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.’ ~ John Galsworthy
‘And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.’ ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Virgo Full Moon Ritual

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the earth element. You can find the free ritual here.

  2. Merge, integrate, or streamline things to make them more efficient. For example, bundle tasks that are similar on the same day of the week. Remove things that cause your schedule to be inefficient. Consider what you can delegate or resource out.

  3. Unifying is a Pisces trait and organizing is a Virgo trait. How can you take these words and apply them to your life right now? For the new moon ritual, you want to balance and integrate these two opposite energetic signatures. Pisces calls for being open to mixing and merging while Virgo calls for detailed lists, efficiency, and categorizing. These opposites are on the same line. Check yourself for where you may be out of balance.

  4. One on hand, you may be in a place where you can’t see the big picture because you are too caught up in the details. This is the Virgo state of not being able to ‘see the forest for the trees.’ You could benefit by zooming out and looking at the big picture. Take a cue from Pisces and look at the whole to be sure all the moving parts are necessary, or just details that have distracted your attention away from the end goal.

  5. On the other hand, you may be so diffuse and carefree that your time ticks away without accomplishing anything. You could be wearing the so-called Piscean ‘rose colored glasses.’ Are you fluttering around serving and helping others more than yourself? You could benefit by grounding yourself in some Virgo qualities by taking off the glasses and looking at the details. You may be so interested in a fluffy ideal that you forget to do the calculated steps for accomplishing what you set out to do in the first place.

  6. Take time to meditate and journal on the above for your full moon ritual.

Activity Ideas to do during the Virgo Full Moon Phase

  1. Get your task list in order for March and be sure to build in space for adaptability considering there are significant shifts of energy starting in March.

  2. Virgo is a Mercury sign and is associated with digestion. Take a review of your eating habits. It’s important you focus on what your body needs, not what ‘they’ say is healthy. I know people who have difficulty digesting vegetables and people who become sick from eating meat. There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. Listen to your body and follow a routine that suits you.

  3. Virgo can be associated with nervous energy. Invest time in finding things that calm your nerves so that when it happens, you already have a plan with how you will help calm your nervous system.

  4. Organize your space and get rid of clutter. Virgo is the sign for organization. You can start your seasonal cleaning early under this full moon. It’s great to clear out stuff and make space. This is especially true as we embrace big energy shifts in March.Clearing out physical space can help you clear out mental and emotional space in preparation for energetic shifts coming throughout March.

  5. If you have been wanting to start an alternative treatment program, this could be the time to get it scheduled. For example, acupuncture, herbology, getting new essential oils for your collection, hydro-therapy, massage, tapping therapy, yoga, pilates, or even martial arts.

  6. Do a cleanse (with approval from your medical doctor).

  7. Volunteer or do something of service to people that you care about.

Essential Oils

  1. Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, and Spearmint: Any one of these oils alone or blended together fill the air with an aroma that will uplift your spirits, invigorate your soul, and energize you through this interesting month of change.

  2. Vetiver and/or Frankincense for grounding and balancing the Pisces and Virgo energies. Or use Frankincense alone to connect with your spiritual side and Vetiver to ground your energy.

  3. Lavender for calming the nerves.

Virgo Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. What projects are you fully immersed in? They can be personal, professional, or a hobby. Are they on the right track, are things moving full steam ahead? If not, this is a time to be open to change. Re-look at your projects from the perspective of balanced flexibility of Virgo and Pisces energy. Are you balanced, or too far in the details, or too far in daydreaming but not taking action.

  2. On the Virgo end, write about how you manage details and routine in different areas of life that are active for you right now (e.g. personal, relationship, career, family, hobbies). Note that your responses may be different in different areas of life. For example, you may feel very balanced in how you keep a schedule for your personal life, but struggle managing the details of your job, or vice versa.

  3. Being too far on the extreme end of Virgo would look like being very good at managing details, but grinding away at the smallest thing in a way that is inefficient in the long-run. There is too much focus on detail leaving you in a state where you can lose track of the bigger goal and why you are working towards it. You can miss deadlines and milestones because you are caught up in perfectionism.

  4. On the Pisces side, write about how well you zoom out and look at the big picture. How much time do you spend daydreaming of what you want versus doing something about it? Are you able to see the big picture, the big goal, what you want to manifest, and take action? Or are you spending too much time daydreaming about what you want without taking any action?

  5. Pisces and Virgo balance would be when you manage your tasks and details, but you let go of perfectionism in order to keep the project moving along. You are able to see the big picture and you evolve, adapt, and change as time unfolds. You are managing your inner critic when it pops up, and you spend most of your time focusing on the present and taking action rather than criticizing what you have done in the past or worrying about the future. You maintain action toward the big goal or future while taking action on the details.

  6. What is your self-care routine when it comes to nutrition, diet, and calming your nervous system. If you don’t have one, write about what you can do to nurture your body. If you have one, evaluate it for right now. Is it still meeting your needs, is there anything you would benefit from adding, subtracting, or adjusting?

  7. How well prepared you are to engage in balanced flexibility? What are some of things that would alert you if you were going to far off balance toward either end of the Pisces and Virgo energies?

Astrology Aspects

  1. Moon 16 Virgo opposite Sun 16 Pisces

  2. Sun 16 Pisces conjunct Mercury 7 Pisces and Neptune 24 Pisces

  3. Sun 16 Pisces sextile Uranus

  4. Moon 16 Virgo trine Uranus 15 Taurus

  5. Mars 21 Gemini T Square Full Moon 16 Virgo and Sun 16 Pisces

  6. Mars 21 Gemini square Neptune 24 Pisces

  7. Mars 21 Gemini sextile Jupiter

  8. Venus 18 Aries sextile Mars 21 Gemini

  9. Venus 18 Aries conjunct Jupiter 13 Aries

Sign Changes

  1. Mercury to Pisces on March 2

  2. Saturn to Pisces March 7

  3. Venus to Taurus March 16

  4. Mercury to Aries March 19

  5. Sun to Aries on March 20 marking the Equinox

  6. Pluto to Aquarius on March 23

  7. Mars to Cancer on March 25 ending an unusually long visit to Gemini

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Wrap Up

While last month’s theme of the Pisces New Moon was ‘A Change is Gonna Come,’ this month’s Virgo full moon theme is ‘A New Focus.’ Look at the Pisces and Virgo parts of your chart for where things are culminating and take some time to meditate on how well you engage in balanced flexibility.

The Equinox is coming up on March 20 where nature models for us the balance of daylight and dark night through the Equinox. The Aquarius part of your chart is due for an energetic shift as Saturn prepares to leave March 7 and Pluto enters on the 23rd. March is indeed a fascinating month.


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