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Sagittarius New Moon

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Sagittarius New Moon Date and Time

Tuesday or Wednesday 12 or 13 December

3:32 PM, December 12, West Coast, USA

6:32 PM, December 12, East Coast, USA

12:32 AM, December 13, Rome, Italy

20 degrees Sagittarius

Sagittarius New Moon Overview

The Sagittarius new moon in December happens hours before Mercury goes retrograde. These two astrological events go hand in hand. Though Mercury will start the retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, it will retrograde back to the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of the new moon.

New moon symbology represents new beginnings, planting a metaphorical seed, growth, rebirth, taking action toward something new or a fresh path, a refocus, a new cycle, and preparation. It’s a time of rest and quiet time as the new moon is born out of the end of the last moon cycle.

Because the Sagittarius new moon and Mercury retrograde happen within hours of each other, we best use this energy by synthesizing them.

Rather than focusing on new beginnings at the Sagittarius new moon, review, refine, and realign the topics and themes associated with your Capricorn and Sagittarius houses.

Think about things that have already started or resolutions that are needed in relationships or situations. By giving extra attention to these things now, it will help you move forward after the new year when Mercury is direct and especially at the new moon in January.

What you do now under the new moon should help you get things in order so you can thrust forward after the new year with confidence and in a highly prepared way. I can’t stress how important reflection and preparation are under this new moon.

The two signs Mercury will retrograde through are Capricorn and Sagittarius. Capricorn is great for structure. During this part of the Mercury retrograde, notice where there may be holes or fault lines in the foundation of something important.

Sagittarius energy is great for tapping into vision and diversification, so reflect on where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go.

By the end of the year, you should be able to put together a visionary plan that gets pushed forward at the next new moon in January in the sign of Capricorn.

Sagittarius: The Sign of the New Moon

The new moon is in the sign Sagittarius and a new moon always means that the Sun and Moon are both in the same sign. With Mars also traveling through Sag, we have an abundance of Sagittarius energy the week of the new moon.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that loves to do things for the experience of it. It's a dynamic and adaptable sign that holds the essence of the saying: ‘It’s about the journey, not the destination.’

Sagittarius is associated with seeking adventure, enthusiasm, philosophy, travel, taking on many things, going in many directions and has a voracious appetite for learning.

On the shadow side, Sagittarius can be tactless, brutally honest, preachy, and pushy with their belief systems. This sign is likely to over commite leaving Sag unable to fulfill commitments, and overdo, which is dangerous when alcohol or drugs are involved.

This is one of the most adventurous signs. People with a lot of Sagittarius in their chart need a great deal of independence and they abhor boredom. In fact, if a Sagittarius is bored, expect them to bolt. They won’t stick around for anything they don’t find interesting.

That said, Sagittarius finds many things interesting and likes to know about different things, cultures, traditions and people. Its archetypes are the explorer, philosopher, adventurer and perpetual student.

astrology sign glyph for Sagittarius

Mars and the Sagittarius New Moon

Mars continues to travel in Sagittarius within range of a conjunction with the Sun, as it has since late October. The conjunction started in Scorpio and now it’s in Sagittarius. The Sagittarius house in your chart is getting an energetic boost from Mars.

The energy of Mars is even more pronounced when it’s traveling in the same sign as the Sun. The desire for freedom, fun, and philosophy is highlighted in the Sagittarius house

of your chart.

Consult my blog on ‘Astrology Houses’ if you have questions. You will be provided with more information about the areas for you to review, refine, and realign from your Sagittarius and Capricorn houses and where you are likely to experience a higher level of energy to tap into with the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius.

Sun Square Neptune

Another important configuration to mention is Mars and the Sun are moving towards a square with Neptune. Mars and the Sun are traveling through Sagittarius while Neptune is traveling through Pisces.

Squares represent tension that helps propel you into action. Though initially it can manifest as something annoying you or a thorn in your side, it pushes you into taking needed action that possibly you would not have taken without the push.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde and Sun square Neptune highlight the possibility that not all things are clear or as they seem. Triple-check your to-do list and give yourself plenty of space and time for snafu's.

This new moon is a time where you may need more rest because things may not go as planned and you could experience a higher level of stress.

On a positive note, creative and mystical ideas are highlighted now. If you take the time to reflect back, you may find that some amazing and creative ideas start coming to you. These creative ideas are likely going to refine and improve the important things in your life right now.

Mercury Retrograde Cycle

This upcoming Mercury retrograde is happening at the end of the year where you can use this time to get some great insight for visioning your future, both for 2024 and a longer vision for the years ahead.

The first half of Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Capricorn, a Saturn sign, that is associated with the long-term. Do some long-term visioning at the beginning of Mercury retrograde.

The second half of the Mercury retrograde will be in Sagittarius where you can refine and realign what you are working on to best match your value and belief system.

Combined with the Sun and Neptune square, this Mercury retrograde cycle is a time best used by leaning into your instincts as rational thought and what is in front of you may not be as it seems and may lead you off track.

Here are the Mercury Retrograde Cycle dates for your calendar:

  • November 25 Mercury entered its pre-shadow phase at 22 degrees Sagittarius

  • December 13 Mercury goes retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn

  • January 1 Mercury will go direct at 22 degrees Sagittarius

  • January 20 ends its post-shadow retrograde phase at 8 degrees Capricorn

The new moon phase is a good time to slow down and try to refocus before kicking off or launching any new things you have going on and instead, reflect and refine what you have already started.

The second half of December is best used to catch up on things that have already begun and resolve anything from the past. Since Mercury will be retrograde over the holidays, keep this in mind as it could be a good time for you to resolve any old family issues or relationships with people in your life.

The Capricorn and Sagittarius houses will give you more information on the topics themes and people highlighted in the Mercury retrograde.

For example, if Capricorn or Sagittarius occupies your 7th house, there could be some resolution that comes to your committed relationship, if it’s the 3rd house with a sibling or co-worker, 4th house with a parent, 6th house with an employee, 10th house with your boss, and if it’s the first house it would be related to yourself.

Your Natal Chart

Knowing the houses the signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces occupy in your chart will provide details about the part of your life that are activated by the moving or transiting planets.

For more info about the different topics, themes, and people associated with each astrological house, click here to read the ‘Astrology Houses’ blog.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get a free one online at either or

For a personal astrology consultation to learn more about your chart, how to find your true purpose in life, or how to build your personal brand, please schedule a consultation with me.

Sagittarius New Moon Activity Ideas

Here are some suggestions for activities to do during the Sagittarius new moon phase:

  • Do A new moon ritual that includes fire, the element of Sagittarius. Be careful with Mercury retrograde, use extra safety measures. Use my free New Moon Intention guide if you would like some ideas for new moon intention setting.

  • Remember to do your new moon ritual in the new moon phase, not before.

  • Reflect back on 2023 and Start writing your vision for 2024. Use my end-of-the-year Journaling and Vision Board exercise:

    • List the things you are grateful for from 2024

    • List the things you are happy to leave behind in 2023

    • List your 2023 accomplishments

    • Review last year’s goals and your progress in achieving them

    • List your major goals for 2024

    • Do a vision board for your major 2024 goals

  • With the application of Sun Neptune square, some things may not be as they seem. Tap into your instincts, your gut may be more reliable than logic or what you see in front of you.

  • Get a copy of your natal chart and find the houses that Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces occupy to better understand the areas of life that are activated by the Sun Neptune square and Mercury retrograde.

  • With Mercury retrograde, time is best spent reflecting, refining, and realigning over starting new things.

  • Sagittarius is a dynamic and optimistic fire sign. To enjoy the energy, do things that bring you joy. Find some holiday spirit and enjoy time with your loved ones and with your favorite hobbies. This can be a time to envision what you want to manifest in 2024 and beyond if you take the time to allow your creative mind to wander and daydream.

  • Sagittarius likes to play and learn, let yourself follow the threads of what interests you. Do the things you ‘want’ to do, not the things you ‘have to do,' 'should do,' or ‘need to do.’ Listen to the words you are saying. Watch for ‘want’ as a green light and take caution when using the words ‘should’ ‘need’ and ‘have to.’ That will help guide your way to getting the most out of the Mercury retrograde, Sagittarius new moon, and Sun square Neptune.

Sagittarius New Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Savor every moment, for each step, is a brushstroke painting the masterpiece of your life.’ - Lori Barnes

Wrap Up

The new moon in Sagittarius is a dynamic time with the Sun, Moon, and Mars all traveling through this mutable fire sign. Mercury goes retrograde the same day as the new moon and a square between the Sun and Neptune is building. Things may not be as they seem.

Follow your instincts and plan for plenty of buffer time in your schedule. The rest of the holiday season is best spent by reflecting, refining, and realigning.

New Moons in General

New moon symbology is about new beginnings, planting a metaphorical seed, growth, rebirth, taking action toward something new or a fresh path, a refocus, a new cycle, and preparation.

It’s also a rest and quiet time as the new moon is born out of the end of the last moon cycle called the balsamic phase, which is about endings. The New moon shares the dark sky with the balsamic phase, when the moon isn’t receiving light from the sun and the nights are at their darkest.

A new moon eventually appears out of the dark sky. On average, it takes around 18-24 hours before the crescent moon is born in the new moon phase.

This crescent new moon represents a seedling that is in the process of sprouting. It is young, new, naive, and a bit otherworldly as it gets adjusted to the new environment it is born into.

Do your new moon ritual in the new moon phase, not before, in the balsamic phase of the previous cycle. The time of the new moon is included, so you can figure out when it is in your time zone.


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