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Leo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Leo is coming as we finish up the first month of 2021.

Thursday, January 28 11:16am West Coast, USA 2:16pm East Coast, USA 8:16pm Rome, Italy 9 degrees of Leo

Leo Full Moon

Leo is a fire sign, and those born under his sign have a passionate nature. Leos have a flare for the dramatic, and can be tremendously generous. Give Leo due recognition and he will graciously favor you with his generosity. But disrespect or ignore him and you may hear his roar. The sign of Leo resonates with self-expression, generosity, and creativity.

Leos can be very mothering and protective of those he/she cares for, especially children. Leo creativity under a Leo Full Moon can really shine.

The Moon receives the most amount of light she can from the Sun during a Full Moon lunar phase. Full Moons are about culminating, releasing, blooming, completing, and being wisdom and maturity. The Leo Full Moon has a youthful nature, is full of passion, and follows his instincts. Learn more about the Full Moon in relationship to the 8 phases of the Lunar Cycle here.

A Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, in opposing signs. The Sun is in Aquarius.

Aquarius Sun

Aquarius is an air sign, and will always have a social and communication aspect to it. Those under aquarian influence often have a cause they are fighting for. They walk to the beat of their own drum and have characteristics that are eccentric, different, or even ahead of their time. They fight for an ideal, work well on their own, and can be aloof and withdrawn as they enjoy their freedom and independence.

Aquarians are known for their reformative natures. But as eccentric and forward thinking as they are, there is also a fixed quality to the manner in which they bring change. It’s calculated chaos, with an end result identified, and the social and communication skills to make it happen. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, so there is a disciplined and serious nature behind any chaos that Aquarius engages in.

Aquarius symbolizes the social change and reform movement we are seeing take place in the world. Especially the recent events in the US around the election, equality, and reform.

Planetary Configurations this Leo Full Moon

Aquarius Stellium – Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury

Aquarius is the sign of the moment. It made astrological headlines mid-December last month when Jupiter and Saturn both moved into Aquarius breaking up the group of planets in Capricorn. This group of planets in Capricorn was descriptive of the difficulties we faced in 2020.

Not only are the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius now, but Mercury is there too. That’s a lot of Aquarian energy. In February we will have Venus there too. It’s an Aquarian party! Mercury will have an extended stay in Aquarius because of the upcoming retrograde, starting January 30. The Mercury pre-retrograde shadow has already started, so when you read this, you may already be feeling that energy.

This month’s Moon in Leo has a number of other planetary combinations adding flavor to the energy of a Full Moon. Notably the four planets mentioned above in Aquarius giving more weight to the quality of that sign.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

This is a great combination. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and opportunity. With the Sun, it’s about self-growth, confidence, and allowing the uniqueness to flow out in the world. At the time of the Full Moon the Sun and Jupiter will be in the exact same degree making this combination extra potent.

What you do around the time of this Full Moon can bring some luck or opportunity with it. There are other combinations to take into consideration, so keep reading for the full picture.

Saturn conjunct Sun and Jupiter

The Sun and Jupiter are in the same degree of Aquarius, while Saturn in Aquarius has been passed by both of those planets and falls around 5 degrees behind. This means that the Sun and Jupiter are moving away from Saturn. This is a good thing.

Saturn represents limits and restrictions, plus structures and boundaries. These last two things can be helpful, and life without Saturn would leave everything in a chaotic mess. Because Saturn and Jupiter are separating, the difficulties that Saturn represents are lessening.

Saturn is also the ruler of Aquarius, so Saturn is very happy in this sign. That means he also has a say in what the Sun and Jupiter are doing in his sign. Saturn’s influence will insist on taking a disciplined approach, step by step, do the hard work and no skipping or rushing through the red tape.

These three planets in Aquarius are all opposite the Leo Full Moon. The emotional nature of the Leo Moon, which can be generous, charming, and creative, but also self-focused, egotistical, and childish pushes against the objective and rational Aquarius stellium calling for social change that is just and humanity focused.

Mars and Uranus square Jupiter, Sun and Saturn AND the Moon

Whew, that’s a busy one right? Well the sky is quite busy this Full Moon. Mars and Uranus are a powerhouse of energy. They are located in Taurus, at the 90 degree Square in the middle of the Full Moon in Leo and Sun group in Aquarius.

What makes this super potent is how close in degree this Planets are. Mars is the planet of action, aggression, and energy expression. Uranus is the planet of disruption and sudden change. And they are hanging out together challenging both the Sun group and the Moon.

A Full Moon always means the Sun and the Moon are in opposition, that means in opposite signs and 180 degrees apart (the zodiac is 360 degrees).

The Opposition aspect is two sides of the same coin, two viewpoints, or choices that need to be made. As the planets in this opposition express their energy, it may explode out through this Mars and Uranus placement right at the middle point.

If you have planets in the fixed signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, you will be feeling this energy the most. Especially if your planets are around 9 degrees, give or take 5-6 degrees before and after.

Venus conjunct Pluto

To add to the intensity, Venus, the planet of relationship, is in the same exact degree as Pluto, the planet of intensity, big change, and power. Relationship power plays may be taking place in the background of this Full Moon energy.

While Venus and Pluto aren’t plugging into the Opposition and Square of the Leo Full Moon by degree, but the intensity of their exact conjunction at the same time as the Full Moon cannot be ignored.

If you have planets in the cardinal signs Capricorn, Libra, Aries, or Cancer, you will be feeling this Pluto/Venus energy the most. Especially if your planets around around 25 degrees give or take 5 degrees.

Wrap Up

All seven of the visible planets have a significant aspect happening at this Full Moon. Expect intensity, sudden outbursts, social reform and justice issues, creativity, solution finding, and power plays. There’s a lot of different energy being generated at this Leo Full Moon. It seems fitting for the first Full Moon of 2021 after the chaotic 2020 and after the inauguration of a new President in the USA.

There are great potentials possible starting at this Leo Full Moon. While new power partnerships are formed and social reform is at the heart of it all. I know most of us are all hoping for things to settle down into some form of ‘normalcy’ but I don’t think it will be this Full Moon. Not to say it will be destructive, violent, or chaotic. It could be. And I’m sure in pockets of different places in the world those energies will manifest.

But I think on a grander scale, this Leo Full Moon represents the wheel of social change moving. It’s a beginning, but it’s also a step in a broader history that spans centuries. Remember that this energy manifests on the world stage, and in your personal life. Where these planetary connections are happening in your chart will better reflect how you experience this Leo Full Moon.

Also remember that many of these combinations are with planets that move fast. These alignments will last a few days. So if you do experience some stress during the Leo Full Moon, it will pass quickly. As always, how it will directly affect you depends on where these planets are transiting, or moving in your chart.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, get a free one here at this website.

I hope you are all off to a great 2021.


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