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Mercury Retrograde 2022 Dates

About Mercury Retrograde 2022

Mercury retrograde happens three times a year. Below is a quick reference for the 2022 dates including the shadow periods. The shadow periods are the pre shadow before Mercury enters the cycle but isn’t retrograde yet and the post shadow after the cycle ends and gradually fades away.

If you want to learn about Mercury retrogrades in general, including a detailed explanation of shadow periods, go to the Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. To learn more about a specific Mercury retrograde, I write a blog for each Mercury retrograde going into detail about the particulars of that cycle. You will find those articles in the Astroblog. They are released around the start of each Mercury retrograde cycle.

Remember that Mercury retrograde energy can be quite potent around the start and end date of the retrograde. For example for the January 2022 Mercury retrograde cycle, be most watchful of the energy around 14 January and 3 February. Here are the Mercury retrograde 2022 dates:

Mercury Retrograde 2022 January

Pre-shadow Begins: 29 December 2021
Retrograde Begins: 14 January 2022
Retrograde Ends: 3 February 2022
Post-shadow Ends: 24 February 2022
Signs of Retrograde: Aquarius and Capricorn
Degrees of Retrograde: 10 Aquarius back to 24 Capricorn

Mercury Retrograde 2022 April

Pre-shadow Begins: 26 April 2022
Retrograde Begins: 10 May 2022
Retrograde Ends: 3 June 2022
Post-shadow Ends: 18 June 2022
Signs of Retrograde: Gemini and Taurus
Degrees of Retrograde: 4 Gemini back to 26 Taurus

Mercury Retrograde 2022 September

Pre-shadow Begins: 20 August 2022
Retrograde Begins: 9 September 2022
Retrograde Ends: 2 October 2022
Post-shadow Ends: 17 October 2022
Signs of Retrograde: Libra and Virgo
Degrees of Retrograde: 8 Libra back to 24 Virgo

Mercury Retrograde 2023 January

The first retrograde of next year actually starts at the end of December 2022 and the pre-shadow period starts in the first half of December. I am including the dates here so you will already have them for your calendar as the new year rolls around.

Pre-shadow Begins: 12 December 2022
Retrograde Begins: 29 December 2022
Retrograde Ends: 18 January 2023
Post-shadow Ends: 7 February 2023
Sign of Retrograde: Capricorn
Degrees of Retrograde: 26 Capricorn back to 11 Capricorn

Schedule a consultation with me if you would like to learn about how Mercury retrograde 2022 energy is active in your chart. We will talk about the areas of life the three Mercury retrogrades in 2022 fall in so you can plan ahead and fully utilize the introspective and renewing energy of the cycle.

Mercury astrology glyph crescent on top of a circle with a cross below.

Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap for wreaking havoc on life around communication, contracts, and technology. While all those things may happen, there is a deeper meaning to Mercury retrograde that helps us all slow down, reflect, evaluate, and look backwards in order to move forward in a more strategic way. We can learn from the past when we take time to reflect every once in a while.

Mercury retrograde is nature’s way of reminding us to slow down and take a birds eye view, reassess, and prepare to move forward again. We are given a chance to check for errors, miscalculations, evaluate how well something is working or isn’t, do a tune up, and refine our plans. When we return to forward focus we are informed and prepared.

We can greatly benefit by working with the cyclical flow of time rather than continuously trying to push forward in a linear way. Mercury retrograde is one of many cycles that we are constantly in, weaving our way through life, and spiraling upwards to higher, newer, and greater levels of mastery and clarity.

Rather than dread and try to escape Mercury retrograde energy in 2022, embrace it for the helpful qualities that are symbolically represented by slowing down evaluating your progress, and how it will propel you forward. To learn about how to do that, check out my ‘Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide‘ and/or schedule a consultation with me.

To learn more about a specific Mercury retrograde, tune into my astrology show on Facebook released at the new and full moon each month. You can receive information on Mercury retrograde delivered to your inbox free by signing up for my email below. Thanks and have a great retrograde season!

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