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Goal Setting with Astrology

Road to Success:
Goal Setting with Astrology

Research has shown that when you write down your goals you have a higher chance of achieving them. Astrology will help clarify and refine your strategy. You will walk away with realistic goals for 2022 when you work with me.

In three consultations we talk about your values, desires, passions, and vision of you experiencing success over the next year. Then we mix in your individual strengths and match how they will help you achieve your goals. Astrological timing based on your chart will help set the 12 month roadmap to success  into action.

Consultation 1

Imagine your life one year from now, what do you want to be different? If you could jump ahead in a time capsule and land in your dream life, what would it look like? What would you have overcome, and how did you get there? In our first meeting we set realistic goals around how to get you there without a time capsule.

Consultation 2

All of us have innate strengths. Some come so natural we don’t even realize they are a strength and we think everyone naturally has these capabilities. But they don’t. You have unique strengths that can be boosted and purposely called on to achieve your goals.

In our second consultation we focus on what your greatest strengths are, how to boost and match your strengths to your goals, and how to get rid of self-limiting beliefs like not having enough time, experience, or confidence to manifest what you want. 

Consultation 3

In our third consultation we get out the calendar and write up your 12 month action plan using astrological timing. Rather than throwing a dart at the calendar and hoping the stars are in alignment, we will actually look at when the stars align for you. You will learn the best dates to plot your action plan to achieve your goals.

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This special offer is perfect for you if:

  • You want to make a significant change in your life direction or career but don’t know what you want to do or how to start.
  • You want to set your 2022 goals to be in the flow with cosmic timing.
  • You feel like you are going through the motions of life, but not really living in a way that brings you joy.
  • You are tired of being an employee for someone else and are ready to go freelance or start your own business.
  • You are retiring and looking for what has meaning and purpose for you to devote your time to.
  • You are struggling with strategy as a solopreneur or new business owner.
  • You have decided that you are going to take action toward change and want a coach and mentor who uses astrology to help you get clarity on which direction to go, set out on the right track, and plan for the milestones where you can celebrate your wins along the way.
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The road to success starts here. Reserve your spot:


Value: $360
Individual 90 minute sessions are $120 each.

Your Road to Success: Goal Setting with Astrology package includes:

Three (3) ninety minute (90m) sessions.

I recommend weekly or every other week, your choice. I will need your birth date, birth time, and place of birth to create your astrology charts. You will be asked to enter this information during the checkout process. Start by selecting a date in the calendar below.

The Scheduling Process:

Below you can schedule the first consultation. We will schedule the others when we meet. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to our first online meeting.

A note on scheduling:

Your consultations will take place after the new year. We will focus on a twelve month period which will spill over to 2023. It’s okay if your goals are in place after January 1. What is important is that you set them, they are realistic, and you use your greatest strengths to achieve them.

The holidays can be hectic and busy leaving you with little to no spare time. Goal setting requires focus and mental energy. So relax and enjoy the holidays. We will get at it after the holiday season.

You can schedule your first appointment below.

Payment Methods:

If you prefer to use a different payment method than PayPal, please contact me. I offer Wise as a bank transfer option in either US dollars or Euros. You will be asked to pay in full when you check out.


You will receive a promotional code that entitles you to a special rate for 90 minute consultations for the entire year 2022. The usual rate is $120. You will receive the bonus promotional code after completing the ‘Road to Success: Goal Setting with Astrology’ program. 

This bonus offer is perfect for scheduling follow up consultations on your goals and action plan, and to go deeper into astrology timing. Get coaching and feedback on your progress towards achieving your goals, increasing happiness, and bring more joy into your life.

Special Rate: $99 per consultation

Value (regular rate): $120 per consultation

There is no limit to the number of consultations you can schedule with me at this bonus 2022 rate. Valid through December 31, 2022. This bonus is not transferable. 

Thank You!

I am excited to be a part of your journey. My purpose and joy in life comes from helping motivated people like you achieve success by setting realistic goals, using your strengths, and applying timing strategy through astrology. See you soon!