Functioning to Flourishing, Goal Setting with Astrology

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8 Week Program

Small Groups
up to six

We meet in small groups so each person can receive personalized attention, feedback, and support in a safe, compassionate, and supportive space.

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Individual Astrology Consultation

In addition to the eight workshops, you will have a private astrology consultation on your birth chart and timing for your goals. This individual session will help finalize your goals.

Personalized Journal and Vision Board

At the end of the program, you will walk away with a personal Flourish journal, complete a vision board, and an uplifting community to support you on your path.

Give yourself the gift of looking deep insider yourself to decide what you want out of life for yourself. Get clear on your goals.

Put your personal Well-Being first.

Learn how to foster a Growth Oriented Mindset to manifest what has Meaning and Purpose.

Write your Authentic Story based on your personal Core Values, Top StrengthsResourcesAstrology Chart, and Astrological Timing.

Walk away with your Personalized Flourish Journal, Vision BoardResources, and an uplifting community that you can use Right Now on Your Journey.

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Functioning to Flourishing is for you if…

You are ready to trust in yourself to make a change.

You believe that you can make changes in your life that will will make you feel like your life has meaning and purpose.

You want to feel excited about living your life.

You feel like you haven’t achieved what you were meant to do in life yet, but you have every intention of doing so.

You feel like life is passing you by and you want to make a change but don’t know how.

You feel depleted, empty, stressed out, or angry with your current life situation.

You want to set off on the greatest journey of your life with like-minded people.

You want to bring your actions in alignment with your values and you know that if you don’t get them in alignment soon you will waste time, be exhausted, and experience needless stress, anxiety, and guilt.


Workshop 1


Program Introduction
Foundation and Compass
Core 5 Values


Workshop 2


Using a standardized test developed by the pioneers of Positive Psychology, we uncover your top strengths and how to develop them.


Workshop 3


We take a look at your current life age, phase, and stage, and look to the future. Through exercises, we develop your top three goals.


Workshop 4


Learn practical ways to foster a growth oriented mindset right now. Learn how to navigate the common pitfalls of a negative mindset.


Workshop 5


Develop your Goal strategy by planning ahead for your human, material, and non-material resources needs.

Timing with Astrology

Workshop 6

Timing with Astrology

We talk about fate, free will, the law of attraction, and astrology. Your personalized astrology consultation happens after this workshop.


Workshop 7


We bring it all together in this workshop and create your personalized and editable digital Flourishing Journal.

Vision Board and Celebration

Workshop 8

Vision Board and Celebration

Create your own vision board and share it with the group. You will get feedback from the group in a supportive and encouraging environment. The we celebrate!

Imagine That…

Every morning you wake up excited to take action because you know you are on your right path.

You love what you do and you are excited to tell others about it.

You feel deep in your soul that what you are doing in life has meaning and purpose right now for you and your life.

You feel like you are living your dream life.

You know what to do next to fulfill your vision of happiness, peace, and joy.

You live your unique life, not someone else’s idea of how your story is supposed to unfold.

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Functioning to Flourishing is not for you if…

You are looking for a program to watch and is not interactive.

You do not want to write in a journal, go deep into your thoughts and desires, and complete the writing exercises needed to complete your personal Flourish journal.

You are not willing, able, or ready to take action toward your goals.

You are already living your dream life full of personal meaning. 

You are looking for psychotherapy.

You do not want to set goals and take action to reach them.

Street lined with purple flower trees in bloom with purple petals on the road.

After completing the Functioning to Flourishing: Goal Setting with Astrology Program you…

…will have a set of core values that work together like a compass to steer you in the right direction with choices and decisions.

…will know what your top strengths are and how to put them in action to broaden your possibilities and achieve success faster.

…will have solutions that are tailor made just for you.

…will have a plan to conquer fears and self-limiting beliefs when they pop up.

…will have specific and achievable goals with an execution plan.

…have a Vision Board and a digital Flourish Journal with all your goals, strengths, resources and your support tribe to cheer you on everyday.

…will be equipped and ready to be the hero of your personal  journey.

Here’s What’s Included:

8 Individual Workshops (value $150 each / $1,200)

Astrology Consultation (value $120)

Workshop Workbooks (total of 7, value $20 each / $140)

Flourish Journal: A digital generated from your responses in the workshops (value $30)

Bonus: Personalized computer generated Astrology Report (value $15)

Total Value: $1,505


Join the waitlist to be notified when the next round of workshops will start.

The dates and times vary because they will be set by each group. Thank you!

If you have questions about the program feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation. I am happy to answer your questions.

Once you join the waitlist you will be informed when the next cohorts start and choose the dates, days, and times that suit your schedule. All workshops are conducted online.

Replays are not available and no recordings will be made due to the personal nature and sharing that happens in the workshops.


Hello! I’m Lori Barnes,Your Guide

Putting together this workshop has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I am excited to share it with you. I have a unique background as a licensed psychotherapist, astrologer, and marketing professional.

This workshop is for motivated  and curious human beings who see life as a journey to be discovered and savored to the maximum. If this sounds like you, we will get along swimmingly!

As your guide, I will combine the skills I have learned to help you move along your authentic life path. I know what it is like to take a chance and follow your passion. Even when it goes against the grain, or what other people think you should do.

I believe we each have our own unique and individual purpose to fulfill in life. Sometimes our purpose in life fits right in with our family and social circle. Sometimes it doesn’t.

In this program, we are not considering what others think you should do. We are going deep into what makes you unique, what your core values are, and your top strengths.

We tap into your passions, face fears, and slay self-limiting beliefs by using your astrology chart, mindfulness approaches, and a strengths assessment.

If it wasn’t intentional on my part, it would be wildly synchronistic how my background has provided me with unique experience and education to provide the different activities in this workshop.

As a business, astrology, and psychology professional, I combine them in this fun, hands on, and personalized journey. 

My experiential background includes almost 15 years working in marketing and promotions in the entertainment industry.

Then I switched careers and became a licensed psychotherapist working with schools, education, and families for 14 years. My education includes a BA in business, MA in psychology, and MA in marketing.

But who am I really? I am a person who loves freedom and independence. I value my amazing friends and family. I love to travel, cook, and play my piano.

I look at the stars daily and write astrology blogs. I want to work with people who want to live the most authentic life possible.

We are a good match if you want to intentionally work towards what has meaning and purpose in life, and want to go on a self-development journey that will set you on a clear path toward fulfillment.

If that sounds like you, let’s do this together. If you aren’t sure, I am happy to jump on a call with you and answer any questions you have.

If you would like to read more about me, check out my about page on my website.

‘Watch your thoughts: They become words

Watch your words: They become actions

Watch your actions: They become habits

Watch your habits: They become your character

Watch your character: It become your destiny’

-Frank Outlaw

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