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Astrology is a symbolic language that Astrologers speak fluently. If you want to learn about astrology you will find free resources on this site. Below are some FAQs you may have. Feel free to Contact Me if your question is not answered.

Using your birth date, time, and location, your chart is calculated. Most astrologers use the circle type chart, though square was used in ancient times. It is divided into 12 areas of life called houses. The planets, moon, and sun are plotted inside the circle, which represents the sky around the earth at the time of your birth, to be interpreted by sign, and area of life (the house). It is also called a Natal Chart, Horoscope, Astrology Chart or Nativity.

Astrology can help you better understand what is going on in your life, give clarity on your past, and to be prepared for the future.

Most people know their sun sign, it’s based on your birthday, like when you say “I’m a Leo” it means the Sun was in Leo’s part of the sky when you were born. Sun Sign Astrology is what you read in the newspaper, magazines, and online blogs by sign, which is really a Sun Sign. To get more accurate information from Sun Sign Astrology, it’s best to read about the sign of your Ascendant, also called Rising Sign, as well as your birthday sun sign. These readings are fun and entertaining, but cannot give you the depth and individualized perspective that an astrological reading with an astrologer can.

Think about what is going on in your life right now and the areas you really want to focus on in the consultation. Share your specific questions when you schedule the appointment. At the beginning of our session we will review your questions to be sure I understand your priorities. You can certainly change your questions from what you wrote when scheduling. We will always focus on what you want to talk about. The more clear you are on what you want to talk about the better. Take some time and think about this in advance so you get the most out of your consultation.

Before our meeting make your space calm, quiet, peaceful, and comfortable. You want to be mentally and emotionally present in the Consultation by clearing your mind and opening the inner space to receive. We may talk about very personal things, so try to find a spot where you are alone and will not be disturbed, overheard, or interrupted. Make arrangements ahead of time with your family, kids, or work, so you can have this time all to yourself. It’s like self-care. Use the restroom, burn some sage, fill the air with essential oils, or stretch, whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready.

  • Planets: The “what” in your horoscope. They are the movers in the sky, the wandering stars, the energy at play. They represent people, events, skills, self, the “what” and “who” is doing. For example the Moon seeks security, how depends on the sign she is in, and where depends on the house she is in and the one she rules.
  • Signs: “How” the planets express their nature is though the 12 zodiac signs. Rather than saying “I am a Libra” it’s that the Sun in my chart is expressing through Libra.
  • Houses: “Where” things are happening in your life. A horoscope represents life through the 360 degree band of sky that goes around the earth, divided into 12 spaces called houses. For example the 2nd house is about money, finances and self-worth.
  • Aspects: Give more clarity on how the planets, sun and moon “relate” to each other. They are a mathematical measurement of the distance between any two points.

The sign rising at the moment you were born is called the Ascendant. It is one of the most important points of your chart, and it changes degree every 4 minutes. Yes, you read that right, the movement of the earth changes the rising degree roughly every 4 minutes. That’s why astrologers really need your exact, to the minute, time of birth.

Most people can find their time of birth on a birth certificate. Oftentimes memory does not serve well for identifying an accurate birth time. However, if a family member can give you a time within a few hours, chart rectification (see below) can be done. Please be sure and consult an official document if there is one, even if your mom gave you a time, because often times memory can be flat out wrong, rounded, or off by 15 minutes which could significantly change your house signs. If your chart shows where a few minutes would significantly change your ascendant or moon sign, a rectification should be done to ensure we are working with the right chart.

If you don’t have your birth date, there are other types of astrology you can access beyond your birth chart such as Horary and Electional. Horary is when you ask a specific question and a chart is cast at the time the astrologer understands what your question is, no birth information is needed. Electional Astrology is when an Astrologer helps you pick a date to start something, like opening a business or choosing a wedding date, no birthdate needed.

If you know your birthday, but unsure of the exact time, try to get a ballpark within at least a few hours. With that information, a chart rectification consultation can be scheduled (see below). 

Rectification of a chart is a process where an astrologer uses techniques to determine the likely time of birth. The most common techniques include comparison of your personality characteristics related to the possible rising signs in the timeframe you know for your birth, and characteristics of the two possible moon signs if it is changing during the timeframe in question (the Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days roughly). Astrologers can also compare the timing of important past events in your life to transits and progressions of the birth chart in the same time frames and see when they sync up. 

When a person does not know their time of birth at all, rectification is very difficult. When a person knows the time of birth within a few hours it is highly recommended to schedule a rectification consultation. Most professional astrologers will insist on using a rectified chart in order to provide the most accurate natal reading if the rising sign and/or moon are on the cusp, or if you have a window of time like a few hours, but not the exact time. 

It can often take hours of investigation to rectify, including advance preparation by the astrologer, and then a session with you to answer questions that lead to identifying the most likely rising sign. The more narrow window of time you know, the more likely an astrologer can identify the correct rising sign. If you only know the date, it is very difficult to rectify.

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac and each degree rises each day, so there are 360 possible rising degrees in 12 possible signs. This can become a lengthy process the greater the time window of an unknown birth time. You and the astrologer will discuss multiple possible charts covering the unknown birth timeframe. Because rectification can be time consuming, the cost can be higher than a natal reading. It depends on how small the window of time is, and how much date specific history you have that can be compared with important astrological events from the past. 

I will do rectification if your ascendant or moon is on the cusp and your time is from a reliable source like a birth certificate. If you birth time is unknown, or you know only morning, afternoon or evening, I will refer you to an astrologer who specializes in rectification.

The planets and Sun are unlikely to show much difference if the time of birth you gave turns out to be different, but on the same day. This is because of how fast, or slow, the planets and Sun move. Your ascendant could change none, some, most, or all of the sign rulerships of the areas of life (the houses), depending on how great the difference is. The Moon could also be changing signs on your birthday. This is why it is important to rectify the chart if you are unsure of the time, or you were born on a cusp when the ascendant or moon was changing signs. 

If you gave the wrong date and/or time, it’s best to re-cast the chart and schedule another reading to review the correct chart, and important differences from the other chart. As stated before, most planets will not change sign due to the speed, but the house cusps and rulers could change. This is to say that the differences can vary and sometimes there will be no difference at all.

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It’s interactive. If you have specific questions or topics you want to talk about we will focus on them. The time we are together is all about you, and the information I share will be in the context of astrological information gathered from your birth chart, and any other charts created for our meeting like progressed lunar phases, secondary progressions, and transits. 

It’s important that you share what you are most interested in talking about. We will talk about how the energies reflected in your chart are manifesting in your life, and how you can best use this information.

I utilize these techniques in The Year Ahead Consultation:

  • Progressed Lunar Phases: Based on the phase of the Moon at the time of your birth, the lunar phase, which is the relationship between the Sun and Moon, continues to progress through your life. These phase changes are like the backdrop of your life and give important long-term information to be kept in mind when looking at any point of time in your life.
  • Progressions: The Planets, Sun, and Moon continue to move after you are born. This technique considers where they have progressed to during the time period of your consultation and how that relates to your birth chart.
  • Transits: The current place of the Planets, Sun, and Moon make relationships with your birth chart placements. This technique considers the relationship formations before, during, and after the time period of your consultation, usually covering the year before and year after.

Generally online through Zoom.

Yes, if we are located in the same city I am happy to do a face to face reading. I will also make announcements in Astroblog emails when I am traveling and offering face to face readings in your city. Contact me by email for further details.

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You must be at least 18 to book a Consultation with me.

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