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Electional Astrology

1 Hour $100

Electional Astrology: Road to the future

Congratulations on your new beginning! Astrology is a great assistant to help ensure your new start kicks off at the best possible time. 

We will have a 10-15 minute call to discuss the event, the timeframe, and for me to understand the most important qualities you want out of your new endeavor. Then I get to work looking at the planetary positions in that time frame. 

After selecting one or more charts that best fits your criteria, I will take a look at your natal chart to see how well the charts work together. For marriage elections I will look at both partners charts. 

We will then meet online at the time you scheduled for 30 to 45 minutes to review the chart. If there is more than one chart, we will discuss the options to see which is the best fit. 

Examples of Questions

Planetary Energy of Natal Chart

Your natal chart, a snapshot of the sky at the exact time you were born, is your life blueprint. We will look at how the Electional chart brings out the best potential and minimizes the most challenging part of your chart. In cases where two or more people are involved, we can also consider their natal charts, especially marriage or a business partnership. 

Hey there, normally my automated calendar booking application would be here. I am in the process of changing platforms so for a short amount of time, I am scheduling via email.

Please contact me at hello@loribarnesastrology.com or click on this ‘Contact Me‘ page. My new calendar booking scheduler should be online early this summer. Thank you very much for your patience.

The Booking Process: